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GXP 9 chapter 14


14 "Provocation"

------disclaimer: as usual this is an rough adaption of the google translated text------------
"how do we keep on missing!" 
a certain commander of a certain fleet said in a video "How is this happening!"
she kept firing at a pirate fleet and it kept missing against all odds.

  the board of directors of the academy watched the footage while wrapped in a secret wall with Airi and Mikami giving the report.
  "They encountered this fleet and despite the immense odds against it, and the thousands of opportunities they took that should have destroyed them, our fleet was annihilated."
  "Indeed ... ...and the other ships escaped unscathed?"
  "... it's definitely an unusual situation, but the military should be able to take care of it, I see no reason to send Seina!"
   Airi said angrily.
  "From the level of anomaly experienced and the other reports of damage we've received from various departments here and there, I think it is best to do that so we don't make this  thing look like any it's bigger of a problem than necessary"
  "He isn't even supposed to be on call right now! especially not for something like that, and don't forget is still just a student! And he's finally getting to see his parents for the first time in a year, How can you even think about calling him back! "
  "and The Kamidake is still under construction"
  "Well, it's Washu-sama, if anyone can do rush something out quickly it's her!"
 Airi couldn't argue with that.
  "I had hoped I would be the one to announce Washu's survival to all of you, but hoho well... I see you seem to already know." mikami said
   It had already cause big uproar to those in elite positions.
  "I will not let you rush her masterpiece, Don't make me go on vacation for the next ten years!" airi said
  "If you do that, everyone will hate you again"
  "I am not afraid of being hated, So you better let that philosopher do her work!"
No philosopher would ever consider the first release of their work to be the final version, once something is put into use the changes and upgrades that can be made naturally spur a philosopher to make  valuable improvements.
  "well that might not be a bad idea, if we look at the example battle with the fleet, it's also a fact that  the indirect hull damage rate was abnormally high due to multiple causes such as defects, lacks of maintenance, and precious accidents, all of which caused more than damage then usual when hit by a direct attack."

"Also, there were also human errors .... but  as you know, this whole situation obviously due to a bias in probability, so that's why I want to make sure the Kamidake  is in as best of a state as possible and we need to have as much info on the fleet before sending them in there, unless you just want them to fail... you don't want that do you?"
  "Certainly not,  I guess there is enough time to wait for her to do a bit more work, don't you think?"
  "Well I suppose, I'll allow it."
  "Airi seems to have everything handled for us... .... But i swear that isn't their usual meeting location, is it? "
   Washu asked seto over through a video chat.
  "No, that's the first fleet commander's home."
  "Oh, the First fleet commander that I heard was assassinated by you, Seto?"
   The first fleet captain was a beautiful woman who was shrouded in mourning clothes, showing  she took a vow as a wife that when her husband passed away she would never marry another man again. And because she wore mourning clothes, there was no one who knew her face or it's features, no one knew,

but in Jurai she had overwhelming popularity due to her competence and neat atmosphere.
   However, a long time had passed since a certain event,in which she has ceased to make an appearance at all, there were rumors saying that she had been assassinated by Seto who was jealous of her popularity.

----her ship was blown up in battle----- 

  "shit uhm... sooo... ... ... when will the maintenance of Kamidake be over?"
   Seto brushed off Washu's question with a smile.
  "Hmmm.... so Speaking as Seto Kamiki Jurai, do you want to the Kamidake to try to take out that experimental fleet? "
  "The damage their causing keeps on coming and I want to strike them down before this problem gets any bigger."
  "Certainly ...It's like what happened to them with Seina, I can understand how bad of an idea it would be to leave it alone. You thought you'd be the only one able use a probability bias like seina's ... do you feel now that the tables have turned? "
  "Airi isn't afraid, why should I be?"
  "ahahahaha ~ ~ aaaaahahahahaha! "
  Washu unexpectedly burst out laughing.
  "I saw the results of the Daedalus' analysis, it's pretty troubling, isn't it?"
  "Hmm yes. the Shank Guild created a ship that destroyed a 3rd generation ship, didn't they? who knows what they could have done... ... if properly replicating Ryoko's jewels was possible. "
  "I really shouldn't have sealed my memories. jurai did an inspection of those jewels a long time ago, right?"
   about 20,000 years ago when Washu came to the Royal Academy.
  "Yeah. The data from that was carelessly disposed of, but ... but to keep this short, there replica's are a piece of junk. so there's is no real problem ... .... "
  "It may be junk but when it is used to power a general level ship, it's the best to use as a general energy source, that's how the Daedalus gets it's overwhelming power."
  "So you want to get rid of this movement to manipulate probability before they get to incorporating the replica's into their ships?"
   Even with seina and the Kamidake, there was no doubt that the pirates would be a threat if they could mass produce that.
  "Hmm ... ...  well in that case, the maintenance of Kamidake will be finished tomorrow morning"
  "Oh, please give it a lot of thought - most of us know that the data from the Kamidake is like a mountain of treasure, so we know how you feels ... ... we know it will take you some time to think a bit about this."
  "Are you thinking about incorporating a royal Tree? you must be scared. "
  "You made the Kamidake to support that from the beginning didn't you,I remember you said it was made from a concept different from Ryo-Ohki, wasn't it?"
  "If you're going to incorporate anything, a first generation is ideal, but we need at least a second generation"
  "It is impossible for us to know what generation will be acquired ............ ......"
   any contract with the tree's required the trees' will. However…….
  "I would like to try that as well. It's a big opportunity. I want to do as much as I can here. "
   Washu broke off communications pleased.

  "Oh, where is Ringo?"
   at lunch time , Aiko, An office worker for the yamada grocery shop noticed she was missing.
  "she decided not to take her break so she could work, she is a really serious person."
Aiko went and made some tea and took her some food
in the office where ringo was working the only sound you could hear was Ringo typing.

she was busy at work, mostly thinking the math over in her head because she could do the math faster mentaly then she could input it into a computer.

  "Ms. Ringo, would you like a cup of tea?"
  "Thank you, but why did you bring me tea? is there something you want to ask me? "
   Ringo stopped working and smiled at Aiko. 
"yes I wanted to ask you about seina. I hear when he used to live here, `people treated him like he was cursed."
  "……I'm sorry to hear that."
  "There is nothing to apologize for."
  "still it's a pitiful thing to be hated for something like that, but ... ...."
  "Yes, I don't think that I can blame those people, it's dangerous to be around him. But he doesn't seem like bad kid."
  "well ,he's not, but seina's bad luck has influenced things throughout his everyday life. from what we've recorded thousands of events which seem to be influenced by his luck everyday, There are also usually dozens of incidences each day that have been confirmed to be life-threatening. "
  "r-really? and he has managed to live this well?"
  "Most of them are unconsciously avoided, some of them can't be avoided."
  "he avoids unconsciously ... that's amazing, isn't it?"
  "He had to. from the moment of birth, Seina's bias is inherently difficult for him to live with, but he has many people keeping his spirit strong. "
  "well, I know If it were me I would have probably committed suicide ... but ... well...I also think that you're amazing Ringo for dealing with that.  I know that I can't say that I'm not scared by it."
  "well without people like me his spirit would have been crushed long ago."
  "oh like kiriko?"
  "Yes, those who have chosen to support Seina, both in public and private,"
  "so does that technically include both of us?"
  "Yes, both public and private, if you'd like you can consider your self a small part of it.."
  "Wow, I guess I am ... ...."
  "The more people who support Seina, the better off he is, so many people are needed to support the burden that he carries."
  "... ... Ha, yeah, but I ... ... well, how does one prepare for that?"
   "you just do it..."
  she smiled silently.
  "Did that answer satisfy you?"
  "Yes, of course, I'm sorry, I'll let you get back to things."
  "I enjoyed talking to you. Thank you very much."
  "on no, the pleasure is all mine I just hope things go well for seina."
   aiko cleaned up after her and ringo and left, just as she did their break ended and the  other clerks came back.


this previous chapter elaborates on a mystery from the early early days of tenchi


who is the woman in the veil.
the text in the cd with a special disk that came with the a later doujin says

The crazy eyebrow woman is Kanemitsu hirata's wife previously the commander of the 7th Imperial Defense Fleet(kanemitsu was leading it while she was on maternity leave.)

The Veil lady is the commander of the 1st Imperial Defense Fleet then next to her is Seto; and Minaho and Airi from the time they were being sheltered at the Galaxy Academy.

The commander of the 1st Fleet is wearing a widow's mourning attire. Covering the face indicates that she remains faithful to her late husband and refuses to remarry.

She perished in a decisive battle with the Pirate Guild (caught in the explosion of her Royal Ship  , her body was never recovered).
(translator note"皇家の船ご It's not necessarily a tree ship its a a royal fleet ship)
She was extremely popular on Jurai, even to the point of surpassing Seto, so rumors circulated about whether jealous Seto had assassinated her.

This is the cause of my theory that there was a second set of true tenchi novels that never got made.

There is clearly meant to be a novel about Seto's life, her time with mikami at the  academy (mentioned in GXP 10) and the epic war that jurai had with the shank guild where they finally managed to wipe out most of the Daedalus and the shank guild.

I now personally theorize  there is also a high likely hood that this story might involve the balta guild and possibly tie into space ship aggaruter.

this would explain why both taiyo and ryoko's parents were killed by the shank guild. if they were searching for kei aggaruter and virginia it would make sense that it was to procure weapons for a war.


here's a detail you probably never noticed about Kei

the things that keep her hair  in a ponytail... here's an illustration of them separated oh those look familiar...

and there are 3 of them here... an odd choice to show.... although from other drawings you can see there are 4 so... who knows...

BTW if you've seen aggaruter, I shouldn't really need to point this out, but Janus is clearly from a species that survived the great pre-prehistoric war started by the bioroids and Tsunami's first round of royal trees that end up in renza and in zinv...

also it's been confirmed in the doujin that Kei is a cheaper version of the  lost ancient technology that is Zero , her sister in a sense, Kei can't do a full copy only copy their looks, but zero copies everything since it's the more expensive model.

my personal theory at the moment is that commander balta or ryoko balta's father  or ryoko balta's brother is taiyo. at the very least I suspect there is a relation. but it's all just a pretty baseless theory.

However both Kei and ryoko can transform into other forms, ryoko is confirmed to be able to alter her dna on a cellular level, and both her and kei have those green forehead decals.

also commander balta, and Taiyo , have brown eyes and balta's got black hair.... well commander balta's is grey but from ryoko we can assume it was black...

and aggaruter was said to be 500 years before tenchi, 200 after ryoko attacked jurai which should line up pretty well with the time line if you consider that... yosho took 200 years to call kanemitsu and see his daughter.

also  shank pilots a mecha similar to what i believe was described as their guilds mecha in yosho and kei slit shanks throat in the unfinished last episode ... not a part of the theory but something i just realized looking at aggaruter ban.

but I'm ranting.... Thanks for coming to my ted talk.