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GXP 9 chapter 10

10 "Masaki family disturbance"

-----------disclaimer; as usual lately: this is a fast and sloppy adaption of what's going on here not a direct translation. I'm not wasting time on figuring out the exact details of these conversations. AT THIS POINT THE EDGE OF THESE PAST FEW BOOKS IS KILLING ME... IT'S LIKE KAJISHIMA IS JUST TRYING TO SEE HOW MUCH SHIT HE CAN GET AWAY WITH I SWEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR.-----------------

   Ignoring the battle between Ryoko and Ayeka, Tenchi headed for the stairs leading to the Masaki family home. Katsuhito them just before they descended
  "If you are going to stay on the planet for a while, please tell other girls to come to see me for a bad luck exorcism, ha ha ha"
   He laughed while seeing off Seina.
  "... ... What about me?"
  "Your troubles are hardcore, there made from a special alloy, it's just a waste ..."
  "Severe ... ... Oh, speaking of hardcore trouble, Grandpa....Airi, Airi!"
  "What about her?"
  "What's wrong with her!? please do something! Airi is your wife grandfather! how should i put this ... I have ... uhm.... various complaints."
   it was embarrassing to have to tell him this. 
  "It's impossible"
  "What! how can you say that?"
  "She's not exactly stoppable once she puts her mind to something."
   he laughed, but he could understand seina's feelings
  "can you at least try to step on the breaks a bit ... .... maybe slow her down...."
  "Okay! maybe I'll settle down with her and help her raise the baby once she's done with you."
   Seina's froze at that horrible thought. 
"How can you say that so casually! she's your wife!"
Katsuhito took off his glasses with a huge smile and Then ... ....
   In front of Seina, he turned into the young figure of yosho.
  "it's been 700 years since I met Airi, even even though we were apart for a while, we've been back together for what... 550 years now.... what do you think happens to a couple after 550 years? relationships change, we have to make sure we don't get bored, our relationship isn't like that of a brother and sisters, it's a relationship of higher magnitude than that So, no matter who she's with to keep her entertained it doesn't bother me, and separately she doesn't mind me having a side girlfriend of my own. She knows that no matter what peaks my interest at the moment I will come back to her after a while. and of coarse we have different niche preferences....  she's a philosopher after all... they are by nature sexually devious. I think it's rather cute don't you? "
   "... .... No! She's terrifying."
  "Of course, I don't encourage her to go off and have children with other people. but I'm not about to go stopping her from getting what she wants in life "
  "uhm... ... so In other words, she's doing all this with your support"
  "Yeah, that's right."
   Seina was unable to say anything to that, he just cried just silent tears.
  "I see... so you can't do anything ..."
  "Yes, it is impossible,"
   Tenchi and Noike who were watching the exchange with Seina and Yosho from a distance. the place where Seina was talking to yosho turned into a world where it was completely white and silent, time stopped when suddenly
   Gon!  A bucket that flew from above and hit Seina square in the head. Time resumed.
  "aah Seina!"
   Seina  fell down the stairs, seina Tenchi and Noike hurried down the stairs and ran over to Seina.
yosho tuned back into katsuhito and looked to see where the bucket had come from. Ayeka and Ryoko stood there with an awkward look.
   At that time, at Washu's laboratory, Kiriko lumped herself on top of a cushion-shaped "Mr. slimey #3".
  "gaaaa! Unnnn ..."
   she felt a vortex of complex pleasure and disgust, Kiriko was too exhausted to attack washu who was laughing and smiling.
  "Thanks for your hard work.. and i mean hard... work! No but serious, I got some good data ... yay!"
   Washu did a little dance
  "now that your all sticky from left the gel from mr. slimey what do you want me to do about it? ... (1)" I can have it licked off by "Mr. proby No. 1"
② Wiping it with "mr. gropy No. 5"

"③ ...... "
  "③ Ill just take a bath, thank you!"
  "What? ③ is being vacuumed by mr. sucky No. 4 ..."
  "③  Ill just take a bath, thank you!"
  kiriko said sitting up as much as she could and sending a glance at washu. Truly Washu felt goosebumps on her back.

  "Oh oh ok, OK, OK! ③ take a bath it is, OK! alright everyone, let me guide you to the bath!"
  "Eh! Kya! Ayaaaaaaaa!"
   Kiriko who tried to hit Washu was thrown into a transfer gate still on top of Mr. slimey.

--------------------To clarify something, often the text refers to groups of people in the singular, it will say kiriko but it means all of kiriko's group ... some times its the Amanes... and hakurens.... so this this confused me , it seems that it  happened to all of them

What is interesting here is that Ringo is not measured or mentioned, but she is there in the picture, and neiju is mentioned and inspected, but she is not in the picture.

Kajishima actually states at the end that just like with GXP 15 and 16 with this one he saved and it got corrupted... man he needs to use a better program or computer... really... and learn to make multiple saves...

so I think this is legit an oversight from him having to redo the story after writing it once over... he says this version came out better though according to him....
  "I am truly sorry,"
   Ayeka was truly apologetic. ryoko was embarrassed she diverted her line of sight as she floated beside Ayeka.
  "It's okay, this is normal for me."
   " please apologize Ryoko!"
  "Uhm... my bad... but you have some really bad luck, I didn't even aim at you with that bucket, I just flung it up into the air."
  "Hahaha, yeah that sounds about right for my luck..."
  "Seina, How about you take a hot bath to make it hurt less?"
   Noike seemed to hesitate to say so. Seina's clothes and body were so dirty due to the various troubles he had encountered so far in the day.
  "Well, ok but ... ...."
  "I wouldn't mind a nice bath... how about we go together?"
   Tenchi said 
"I'll clean your clothes for you so they will be nice and dry by the time you get out."
  "Yes, come on! Don't be shy. Let's go!"
   suddenly Ryoko hugged Seina and lifted him up in the air towards the bath.
  "What do you think your doing?"
   Tenchi chased  after her with a bitter smile as seina screamed about being lifted into the air.
  "wow ... ... you somehow I managed to defend my pants successfully ..."
   in the changing room, Seina had been undressed by Ryoko and she was about to pull down his pants when Tenchi came just in time to rescue him, but it instead noike took them off and carried them away to be cleaned."
  "but... I wanted to keep my pants and underwear on.. ... ...."
  " Noike is a demon with housework, it's better to just let her do her thing."
   Tenchi said with a distant eye. he also felt the same about his own pants.
  "Ha ... ... Even so, this is a great bath, when did you guys build it?"
   The floating large public bath of Masaki family had a large bathtub in the lower layer and a small bathtub slightly higher. For the most part only the men used the small bathtub.
  "a while ago, It's been here, you just can't see it from the outside."
  "Oh ... ... that makes sense but why is this tub so much smaller..."
  "Well, I am the only man in the house."
  "...... oh right i wanted to ask you about this earlier, but did uncle move back to Kurashiki?"
  "Yeah, he remarried his office worker, they live in a apartment in kurashiki."
  "and grandpa is living in the shrine's office ... ...."
  "... .... so....Tenchi-senpai your here alone.... there no other men here?"
  "Well, yes ..."
  "hmmmm Oh really ............"
  "yeah well i heard from Airi, your living with Kiriko? and lots of other girls too right?"
   ─ ─ tenchi countered
  "Oh really is that what she said ..."
  "Isn't it a pain in the ass?"
  "I understand all too well"
  "Hey seina, would you like me to help you get your back?"
   ryoko materialized next to seina like a ghost. seina fell over in fright into the water.
  "Hahaha! you sure to fall into water alot"
  "... Ryoko, don't sneak up on people like that."
   Tenchi who was accustomed to it didn't move.  Ryoko poked his legs which were sticking up in the air. 
  "but it's so fun"
   However, Tenchi told Ryoko something he knew would quiet her instantly.
  "... ...  recently, you're becoming more and more like Washu"
  "... ... aaaah!"
  "Now can you leave us alone for a while"
   Ryoko who was shocked reluctantly left. But a real crisis for seina was brewing  in the bath below.
Kiriko was transferred to the lower large bathtub by Washu suddenly as if she were illegally dumped garbage.  Ryoko and the others  followed her.

   Ryoko was jolted by the sudden feel of hot water
  "Uuuuuuuuo! HOT!"
  She  jumped out to shake it off 
  most of the other girls went back in after adjusting to the water but Kiriko who was on mr. slimey was bounced off the bottom of the bathtub and flew up to the small back where Seina was.
  "What, what's wrong ...?"
   Tenchi  tried to look down to see what the trouble was, but realized that the bottom was for women, and stopped moving. if he had he would have noticed Kiriko, and might have caught Kiriko reflexively.  But Kiriko, instead flew right past him and landed right on top of seina.
  "Seina, What are you doing here!? ............... aaaaah!"
   seina was awkwardly pressed against him. Tenchi looked away cause he didn't wish to see his relative in such a state.
  "Kyaaaaaaaaaaa !!"
   Kiriko picked up something and threw it at tenchi reflexively it hit him and he was knocked over face first into the tub
  "Tenchi ............?"
   Kiriko finally grasped the situation, and started to hurry to help him, but she noticed something uncomfortable beneath her butt.
  "Ah ... ... ah ah ah ah! Nasty ah ah ah ah!"
   it was  not certain at the time which part of seina was touching Kiriko's butt  However ... ....
  "... Seina, are you OK?"
   Tenchi's expression was looking anxious and complicated.
   Ryo-Ohki, came from behind and noticed the huge red mark on tenchi's head and put her hand on it to measure the size of it.
  "Ryo-Ohki ... that hurts."
   Tenchi gently told Ryo-Ohki softly before checking on seina again. He poked seina's face with is forefoot
  "hmm where am I? the last thing i remember i was in a garden sniffing flowers..."
   Fortunately Seina didn't realize that was actually Kiriko who had fallen on his head.
However, Kiriko had returned to the  bottom bathtub and seemed to be dying of embarrassment.
  "Don't worry about it Kiriko"
  "......... I can never look Seina in the face ever again!"
  "Oh don't be like that, you were going to show it to him some day anyways."
  "Amaneeeeeeeeee~~ !!"
   amane pissed off kiriko which got her out of her depressive slump
  "What it's not like it's my fault ..."
   ryoko came in from above
  "I can't believe he said i was turning into Washu ...."
  "Haha yeah, no doubt about it... Oh what's up with her ..."
   Ayeka noticed Ryoko · Balta  looking at ryoko like she wanted to say something.
   Ryoko looked towards Ryoko B who bowed deeply.
  "Ryoko, I am Ryoko · Balta, I used to be a part of the daruma Guild before joining Seina's crew. my mother actually named me after you "
  "after me? ...... Oh, I see your mother has good taste in names."
   Ryoko's mood improved suddenly.

In the Masaki family, most of the people were from Jurai's  bloodlines.
 Both Washu and Mihoshi were on the academy's side, that is, in the middle, but she was on the enemy side. So it was rare she got any respect or admiration .
  "It's an honor to meet you Ryoko, You are very admired among us pirates, were were all deeply impressed by what you did."
  "Ha ha ha! Hmm what was that, could you say it louder? are you listening, Ayeka?  Ryoko respects, and admires ME!"
    Ryoko was ecstatic
  "Well, considering what you did, it would make sense that the pirates would admire you ... but  ms. Balta....."
  " If you want to keep respecting Ryoko, then I feel bad for you because you're going to think less of her after  being around her her directly."
 Ryoko got as mad as when she was told she resembled washu!
  "once you get to know her she's not that great."
  "What do you mean by that Ayeka!"
  "exactly what I said , It is better to see the stars from afar in the night sky."
  "I could say the same for you!"
  "Of course you would say that, but would the rest of the people here? I don't hear anyone making such statements."
   Ayeka and Ryoko glared each other. However, contrary to their words, there was no atmosphere between them that seemed hostile. On the contrary it seemed like a friendly play fight between friends.
   The relationship between Washu and Ryoko and Ayeka felt strange and peaceful. The identity of those gathered at the Masaki family home was complex. The Academy, Jurai, the Kuramitsu's, and space pirates, that was the make up of the entire Galactic Federation itself. However, it's political complexity was not seen here. Perhaps it was due to Tenchi Masaki 's presence.

 (hmm but we are almost the same)
   Just like the Masaki family, seina's crew consisted of people from the academy, Jurai, the Kuramitsu's, Space Pirates, and Melmas as well. they all gathered around the SeinaYamada.
   ─── it would be amazing if the whole galaxy were like this.
   Seto, Airi, Mikami, Mitoto and many others had noticed the vast variety of those around Seina and this warm atmosphere.
---------------  "Seina, I've dried your clothes, I'm leaving them right here."
Noike called from the entrance to the upper bathroom.
  "Oh, thank you!"
  "lunch time is almost soon, let's hurry"
   Tenchi said as he headed for the the washroom.
  "Please wait a little longer,"
   Sasami who peaked her head out from the curtain on the entrance to the kitchen said. to Tenchi who was in the living room, she quickly withdrew her face.
  "Fuku-chan likes watching the dishes be made"
   Fuku was watching them cook.  the combination  of sasami and noike helping each other prepare the meal was amazing to watch  the two completely knew hot the other cooked their food and would switch off with each other. It \was similar to  juggling, and it seemed like they made multiple dishes at the same time.
  "It looks great……"
   Before they knew Kiriko and Karen were also fascinated by their brilliant skills like Fuku.
    Seina, who had gotten up from the bath, was sitting on the sofa and had something  like a ball with a face on his head.
  "uhm ... ... what  is This?"
  "I am doing a personal data check on you Seina,  please be patient for just little more."
   Washu smiled and ─ ─ ─, and soon after, Amane  stared at  Washu in an angry manner.
  "Wow, Ms. Washu, is that ball able to examine his all his personal data  or is it just a simple instrument?"
  "Yeah, I can measure everything perfectly with just this."
  she said with the innocent smile of a child.  If there was a devil, amane made the face that could only belong to him in response.
   in Amane's temple, a blood vessel was emerging clearly.
  "Oh, why Amane  do you want me to show  Seina the video i took of you being analysed by it? you looked stunning in it."
   she took video partially to keep them from doing anything to her and partially because she wanted to, and also 
  (one day I have to remember to give seina a copy as a gift)
   But not until after he was a proper adult. Before that, she was afraid of  upsetting Tenchi.
  "washu ... ..."
  "Hahahahahahahaha ~ ~ ~ !"
   Except for the two who were fascinated by the cooking of Sasami, all those who were touched by Mr. slimy gripped their fist firmly. However, the delicious smell drifting from the kitchen calmed them down and made them forget.
  the ball made a pinging sound, suddenly a small data monitor was displayed on the ceiling of the living room.
"Well, what is it !?"
   Ryoko balta asked
  "... .... uhuhuhuh Ahahahahahahahaha! This is a masterpiece!"
   Washu laughed loudly.
  "What, is this?"
   Amane also asked.
  "according to this data when i put it into a simulation Seina attracts pirates unconditionally within a certain distance, 23 percent of Space Pirates are attracted ...  I'm not sure why Ryoko isnt! "
  "Do not be foolish! why would i ever fall for such a stupid thing!"
  "in your case you probably too attracted to Tenchi,"
    Ryoko could not object to Washu 's opinion.
  "Ryoko's that's a good lie, but your face is saying otherwise,"
  "nuh uh shut up!"
   Ayeka and Ryoko's interactions made Amane laugh hard.
   Meanwhile, only one person, Tenchi, gazed silently at Seina and moved his eyes to Washu. That expression was serious.
  "Everyone, please prepare the tabletop!"
  Sasami said. Neither Ayeka nor Ryoko kept talking, Tenchi also started moving. all of them moved the sofa and prepared the tabletop. Sasami's orders were absolute when it came time to eat. Otherwise they would have to go without any more meals till breakfast.
   The table was ready in a blink of an eye, and dishes were brought out in rapid succession
  "miyaa ... ..."
   Fuku got wobbly at the sight.
  " Seina's older brother is sit over here."
   When Tenchi sat he pointed out the seina's seat. Kiriko and the others were  already seated neatly.
  "alright everyone eat up!"
  "Let's eat!"
   At Sasami's signal, everyone dug in
   The Seina said unintentionally. Kiriko and Karen, especially experienced chefs, seemed impressed.
  "wow ... ... Although I had expectations from watching you cook ... ... I never expected it to be this good."
   Karen was shocked by the perfection of the food.
  "Sasami was officially trained in cooking, for her it's like a kind of martial arts."
  "Indeed .... It certainly is."
   Watching sasami cooking reminded them of how a professional dancer danced.
  "well also we have very good crops we get locally, Tenchi's carrots and the ingredients used here are also the same ones used in royal dishes."
   Noike said a bit embarrassed.
  "Sasami and Noike there's no need to be so modest"
  "really, it is been a long time since I have eaten something this good."
   Ringo was from the Imperial Family, Amane was from the Kaunaq family. They had plenty experience with royal cooking. Especially since Ringo learned the same cooking techniques,  she could understand just how skilled Sasami and Noike  were from the taste.
  "Oh yeah, Kiriko-sama! How about letting Sasami-san, Noike know about your idea for the store's dishes?"
  "Oh, that's a good idea."
  "What are you talking about?"
   Sasami looked at  them with glittering eyes.
  "well...Actually ..."
   While cleaning up the meal in the kitchen, kiriko told sasami about they were revamping the menu of readily cooked items for the yamada's family store,
" but we can't use any fancy ingredients we need it to be easy to make and affordable."
  "we just need to find a golden combination."
  "A golden combination?"
  "It is a combination of  ingredients that makes it delicious no matter what it's made into."
  "Oh I see, I supposed that would be the simplest approach."
  "If there are any dishes that you liked in today's lunch, I can teach you the recipe."
  "Noike, I'm heading out again."
   Tenchi, who wore his work clothes called out

   Noike chased after Tenchi to see off Tenchi as he went out to do field work. And Sasami and Kiriko also followed. And outside, was Seina and Amane who changed into work clothes just like Tenchi.
  "Oh, are you going with him?"
  "yes, but I don't think they're really much left to do ..."
   Seina said
  "Actually we recently decided to increase the amount of carrots we make to sell to your families shop."
  "oh I see .... so is that why he's headed back out?"
   Noike saw Ryo-Ohki standing next to Tenchi.
 Most of the field carrots were for Ryo - Ohki.
  "well now that Ryo-Ohki has grown she can control her appetite better and it's for Fuku's husband so it's worth it. Isn't that right Ryo-Ohki?"
   Ryo-Ohki cheerfully raised her hand to respond.
  "Sorry Ryo-Ohki, but thank you ... ...."
  Ryo-ohki smiled at Seina. Tenchi gently stroked Ryo-Ohki's head.
  "why are you going Ringo ... ..."
  "I may be royalty but I'm not lazy, I also want to help Seina's family out."
  "... .... well then... I guess we will see you again soon"
   Finding a break in the conversation, Tenchi headed for the field.
  "Do your best! I will take you some snacks later!"
   Sasami returned to the kitchen
  "Well then, what should we do?"
  "Kiriko-oneesan, what about we think up desserts to sell at the shop,and today's snacks can serve as a prototype?"
  "oh that's good idea!"
    Sasami, Kiriko and Karen began thinking up dessert recipes happily.


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