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(Picture from the AIC press book doujin)

The Kajishimaverse has dozens upon dozens of  Doujinshi, or self published comics, by it's creator Masaki Kajishima which are considered to be apart of its canon.

But not all of Kajishima's Doujinshi's are about tenchi and not all of them are even necessarily stories or even plot information.

Kajishima uses Doujinshis in multiple ways. some are looks into the long off future, some are little vignettes to go with the animated work as it comes out, some are short term previews of the work, others are supplemental plot, and some are even outlines of his projects he released before the projects came out (or sometimes didn't) Here you can learn about and read the various official Tenchi doujinshi series. They will be ordered by chronological significance. This is just my own personal system for organising them and not an official one. I don't include the word ban in the the titles because well, it's superfluous. it means something like edition.

Chousen Ame Contributions:

While Tenchi was in it's early stages Kajishima made several small one or two page contributions to a  multi authored series called Chousen Ame as well as a few other doujinshi series.

These are some of the most important pages purely for establishing when certain concepts in the story were established, like Tenchi's mother being Kiyone not Achika (which is what it is outside of the OVA), and whether or Mihoshi's non OVA partner Kiyone Makibi predates her OVA partner Noike Sakazua. There is also an interesting picture of his original harem wedding ending.

Click here to view the collection of these pages

Notan Project:

The Notan Project (notebook project) is a series of Doujinshi which collect interviews with series creators and various storyboards conceptual art and details of deleted scenes.

The ones for tenchi cover mostly OVA episode 7 and OVA 2 one seems to cover Photon and another Jun's GXP covers Tenchi GXP.

There's probably a treasure trove of information in these doujinshis but as of yet they are the only main  Doujinshis which have not been fully scanned, the later ones in the series are absent from the internet, this is due to their high price and rarity compared to the other series as well as the fact that they are not friendly to english language speakers. Most of them contain walls of text in japanese and even lots of handwritten japanese which is unintelligible to machine recognition.

These have covers which were and still technically are spoilers and show that the true tenchi novels was thought up years before they were released as you can see the art for the Yosho Jurai and Washu novels on the cover as well as seto with naja ryoko and an ova 2 style mashisu and noike.
Tokimi crying while holding a fetal state Z. and Tenko tenchi and ryoko's daughter with ryo-ohki's daughter and a much more mature ryoko who has no bangs shorter hair vine tattoos 3 red gems and 4 golden orbs embedded in her (for more on my theory on this check the theories section) 

This series was out around 1993-1996.So these were spoilers for quite a long while.

  The ones available are:

The ones unavailable are:

Muyou no Hitobito 無用の人々(incomplete) (may be in souran)

Fuyou no Hitobito 不用の人々 (may be in souran i have in personal collection covers episode 4)

Tenchi Yohou のんたんキー坊 天地予報(may be in souran)

Tenchi Sokuhou のんたんキー坊 天地速報 (may be in souran)

Tenchi Gohou のんたんキー坊 天地誤報 (may be in souran)

Tenchi Ranhou のんたんキー坊 天地乱報 (may be in souran)

Souran no Tebiki 総覧の手引き

Koukairoku 航海録

Shiomiroku 潮見録

Shuppanroku 出帆録 ( i have in my personal collection appears to cover here comes jurai)

Night Before the Carnival:
The Kajishima Onsen circle publishes some of the most important Doujinshis in the series.
These Doujinshi's started after OVA2 and chronicle his various works over the years.
The largest and main tenchiverse doujinshi publication is called
 Night Before the Carnival(Omatsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru)
 it is large but can easily be subdivided by subseries.


The Heisei Series Chronicles the Development and backstory information for Masquerade,DUAL!, Spaceship agga ruter, the early designs for War on Geminar, and a few other things done Pre-OVA 3 which are still unreleased.

The 4th one is pretty but seems like it's non kajishima verse stuff.
I am not sure what it's about really.

Although goodbye 20th century bears a different name from the others it is still the same subject matter and so it is grouped here. You can think of it as a transitionary issue.

as for heisei ban 5 Aratame, aratame means revised and thus I am considering it a separate issue.

The Heisei Series:
Night Before the Carnival Vol.1: Heisei Ban #1 (translation finished on site)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.2: Heisei Ban #2 (translation now finished on site)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.3: Heisei Ban #3 (translation now finished on site)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.4: Heisei Ban #3.5 (translation now finished on site)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.5: Heisei Ban #4

Night Before the Carnival Vol.6: Heisei Ban #5

Night Before the Carnival Vol.7: Heisei Ban #5 Aramatame (NO SCAN)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.8: Goodbye 20th Century


Night Before the Carnival Vol.9
Goodbye 21st Century:

This is a standalone Doujinshi that acts as an addendum to the True Tenchi novels.
Even though there is only one, It says that it is volume 1.
Perhaps there might be another in the future?

Night Before the Carnival Vol.9: Goodbye 21st Century #1 (translated)

The GXP Series:

The GXP Series covers the Tenchi GXP Anime and published for 3 issues before they released a one off Aggaruter issue and then there were 4 more issues.

Night Before the Carnival Vol.10: GXP Ban

Night Before the Carnival Vol.11: GXP Ban #1

Night Before the Carnival Vol.12: GXP Ban #2


Night Before the Carnival Vol.14: GXP Ban #17

(it is probably named 17 because 3 issues of Night before the vacation were released before it so it is issue 17 if you consider the two series one series. Which I do not. It also covers episode 17 of GXP)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.15: GXP Ban #3

Night Before the Carnival Vol.16: GXP Ban #4

Night Before the Carnival Vol.17: GXP Ban #5

Why does it skip from 12 to 14?
Night Before the Carnival Vol.13:

This is a stand alone doujinshi which catalogs the story outline for the unproduced 5th episode of Aggaruter, due to it being canceled early. By the way there is an Aggaruter visual novel game which is the episode after this episode so this episode is indeed considered canon even though it was not animated, and so is the game giving agga ruter a total of 6 episodes only 4 of which are animated.

Night Before the Carnival Vol.13: Aggaruter


Night Before the Carnival Vol.18: Omake

The Omake Doujinshi is notable simply because it contains some of the only official hardcore hentai of the series.

Night Before the Carnival Vol.18: Omake


The Tenchi Sanki Series:

Sanki means Season 3, and while these 8 doujinshi are all labeled as Tenchi ban except for the first one, they all have to do with OVA 3 unlike the later Tenchi bans.  Most of these have been translated.

The numbers such at 9.12 indicate release Year followed by month.

Night Before the Carnival Vol.19: Tenchi #6 (Misaki Scene quasi translated by others)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.20: Tenchi 5.12 (EXTERNAL TRANSLATION)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.21: Tenchi 6.08 (EXTERNAL TRANSLATION)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.22: Tenchi 6.12 (EXTERNAL TRANSLATION)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.23: Tenchi 7.08 (EXTERNAL TRANSLATION)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.24: Tenchi 7.12 (EXTERNAL TRANSLATION)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.25: Tenchi 8.08 (EXTERNAL TRANSLATION)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.26: 

The Seikishi Series:
Seikishi is simply a shortened version of the Japanese title for tenchi war on geminar. These 7 Doujinshi have to do with that show.
These are all hosted externally currently

Night Before the Carnival Vol.27: Seikishi 9.08

Night Before the Carnival Vol.28: Seikishi 9.12

Night Before the Carnival Vol.29: Seikishi 10.08

Night Before the Carnival Vol.30: 
Seikishi 10.12

Night Before the Carnival Vol.31: Seikishi 11.08

Night Before the Carnival Vol.32: 
Seikishi 11.12

Night Before the Carnival Vol.33: 
Seikishi 12.08


The Tenchi Seikishi Series Part 1 and 2:

This series is a mishmash of War on Geminar and regular tenchi, with a small section on this one show Kajishima wants to make happen at the end.

The first part of the 
Tenchi Seikishi series, is labeled as Tenchi ban and focuses on Life  with Kenshi in the tenchi world around the time of omake ban, This is several ova's ahead of where we are currently (OVA 4). Mihoshi has her ribbon taken off, washu is an adult and so is ryo-ohki.
The second half  is labeled Seikishi ban and has Tokimi in Geminar and may be set after War on Geminar.
Night Before the Carnival Vol.34: Tenchi 12.12 (EXTERNAL RAW)
Night Before the Carnival Vol.35: Tenchi 13.08 (EXTERNAL TRANSLATION)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.36: 

Night Before the Carnival Vol.37: Seikishi 14.08 (Translated by others)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.38: 
Seikishi 14.12 (EXTERNAL RAW)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.39: 
Seikishi 15.08 (EXTERNAL RAW)
The Tenchi Yonki Series:

This Series covers OVA 4 or so it' seems really the unifying theme of this series is that it provides character profiles for the characters of OVA 4 Paradise war and The Novels.

Night Before the Carnival Vol.40: Tenchi 15.12 (EXTERNAL RAW)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.41: Tenchi 16.08 (EXTERNAL TRANSLATION DONE BY ME)

Night Before the Carnival Vol.42: Tenchi 16.12 (EXTERNAL RAW)

------------------web admin is lazy--------

Night Before the Carnival Vol.43: Tenchi 17.08

Night Before the Carnival Vol.44: Tenchi 17.12 (on site done by me)


Night Before the Vacation:

The Kamidake Onsen circle publishes this 11 doujinshi series. It originally started out being 90% fan porn, with production art and notes from Kajishima at the end but after about 5 issues or so it became all Kajishima.

I don't run a porn blog so the useless fan porns been cut out on all these uploads.
I can best describe this series as the replacement for the Notan Project doujinshi.

However these are much smaller and we know much more about what is in them and some of it is just as important to the series as Night before the Carnival if not more so.

Not only that but the covers include possible story spoilers
(read the theory section's what 2nd set of true tenchi novels theory for more on that)

Night Before The Vacation 1 (translated)

Night Before The Vacation 2

Night Before The Vacation 3

Night Before The Vacation 4

Night Before The Vacation 5

Night Before The Vacation 6

Night Before The Vacation 7 (external) OVA 3 episode 6 pics

Night Before The Vacation 8 (external)

Night Before The Vacation 9 (external)

Night Before The Vacation 10 (external)

Night Before The Vacation 11 (external)

This series appears to have ended around 2013 and seems to have been replaced by -IF-
Speaking of...

The tenchi -IF- Series is published by Kajishima onsen and It's volumes contain mostly wordless storyboard comics of what kajishima wants to publish in the future.

There are 3 subseries so far:


This series covers Tenchi's progeny.

It's rumored to have originally been started when they asked him what his take on Ai Tenchi would have been for the 20th anniversary and they passed. But rumors in this fandom should be taken as fictitious until proven otherwise.

all of these are currently externally hosted.


-If- II



-IF- OVA 4

This is a one off special showing his plan for OVA 4, if it got made not specificaly an if, but it's an if... Anyway you cut it.

-IF- OVA 4 (external)

-IF- Nanika:

This is a sort of pilot comic for another show he wants to do. Not much is known currently.

all links external (for now)

1.-IF- Nanika Osodateru Nante Shogakko Iraida (Kari)

2.-IF- Nanika Osodateru Nante Shogakko Iraida (Kari) Sono San

And That's all for now! But there's typically a few released every year in august and december so check back then!