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GXP 3 Chapter 7

7 "New residence"

The first thing seina saw when he woke up was a fully white room.
(... am I in the hospital again?)
In the Seina's life, white ceiling's meant hospitals.

"Oh did you finally Wake up?"
"...... Amane!?"
"Please call me teacher."
at the word teacher, Seina's torso reflexively shot up.
"Sorry, I was sleeping!"

"Huh? ............ ahahahaha ~ ~ ~ Ha ha ha"
Amane began to laugh with excitement. it didn't suit her appearance.
"uhuhuhu This isn't a classroom, Seina don't you remember?"
"oh ... ............... uhm ...... I was getting Bio-Enhancement done wasn't I ... ...?"

Seina looked around and noticed that this wasn't the Bio-Enhancement room.
"... Where are we?"
It was a spherical room with floor and ceiling consisting of hexagonal blocks. And Seina also noticed from the feel of his hands and butt that the floor he was sitting on was made of a soft ela…

GXP 3 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 "Teacher, Older sister, and lover?"

The next morning, Seina woke up faster than usual. It wasn't because today was the day he was getting his bioenhancement, it was because today was the day he finally got to be with kiriko. He woke up and split ways with his roommates and went to kiriko's classroom that overlooked the P.E field.
"Good morning" he said
as expected kiriko was in the corridor waiting for him.
"Good morning, Seina, How about we go look at the ocean for a while?"
seina nodded in agreement.
The seto scouts monitored seina and kiriko on their way to their destinations. as the two walked the monitoring probes and surveillance cameras all malfunctioned and they lost track of him.


"Wow! ...!!" seina exclaimed as he ran up to the railing on the hill overlooking the sea.
He watched the beautiful blue waters and the waves below him with amazement.

"It's beautiful ... ...."
"When I…

GXP 3 Chapter 5

5 "Lessons and teachers and senior students · Second day"

The next morning,
seina got up and got off the bed and moved around his body to see how he was feeling.
"... ... Wow ... amazing"
He wasn't in any pain and all his fatigue from the other day was gone.
He noticed someone was calling him he sat down at his desk and put up a privacy wall before he took the call.

"Good Morning Seina"
It was Kiriko that was displayed on the monitor.
"Oh it's you Kiriko-san ... Good morning!" he said with a happy expression
"Hey Seina, today, after school I have something I want to talk about. Please come to this place when classes are over. "
A map of the GP Academy appeared, and the place designated by Kiriko was displayed.
"Well, I'll be waiting for you"
"Uhm………" but the call cut out before he could say anything..
(Talk ... .... Of course she wants me to go back... but I'm not going back to Earth no matter what.)…

GXP 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 "Lessons, teachers, senior students, the first day"

Seina stood outside in the long corridor that spread from the auditorium where the entrance ceremony had just abruptly ended.

A row of three Freshman led by a senior student walked out from from the auditorium

"... Oh man... I sure managed to get everyone caught up in My bad luck today."
 Seina muttered out loud to himself as he thought of the incident that just happened.

"You sure caused quite a commotion" The senior student who was showing the freshmen students to their classrooms said in response to seina's whispers.

"I'm sorry for making your entrance ceremony into a giant mess." he said.

"No, no, It was a masterpiece, an absolute masterpiece! there is no doubt that that ceremony will go down in the annals of GP history" said the senior student.

"But some of the students are being carried out in stretchers..." seina noted

"It's alright, they on…