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GXP 8 is now revised

Sorry for all the delays I've been busy I just wrote and published two books on well... something that is a completely different subject then Tenchi... I haven't really been in the head space for reading and correcting my translations lately, but I really want to finish this series up in time for OVA 5.

I never read it sequentially, I got so much done by only translating the easy and important chapters first and GXP 12 and 13 just kinda were messy so I never got around to translating them fully. But I promise once I revise what I have translated I will finish up those and move onto the rest of the Renza saga... even though that is a whole can of boring boring worms.

GXP 6 and 7 are revised

bye bye spelling errors  and word fragments!

GXP 6 lost episode revised

I have recently finished fixing up my translation of the first two chapters of GXP 6, It wont show up as an update because I used the old pages to host it, This is a complete episode in and of itself and can be read without the rest of the chapters.

For those who don't know I have gone and revised volumes 1-5 and am working on revising ova 4's novel after I'm done with GXP 6, the translation project is on hold until I finish these revisions, because honestly I am 100% sure that at the speed i was cranking them out towards the end, there damn near unreadable due to editing grammar and spelling errors impeding the flow.

I'm super dyslexic, and the way I translate often leaves fragments that I can't see need to be deleted upon the first re-reading.

Also I jumped to random chapters to get the last few books done and two books are partially left not done cause I found them to be the least important parts…

GXP 5 chapter 5

5 "Loss and determination"

Orbiting the main star of the academy was a medical treatment facility. there was a beautiful garden at the top of the GP advanced medical satellite.

Many people came to see it and enjoyed relaxing at it's entrance The rest of the floor was filled with information desks.
As if to break that silence, Amane jumped out of the elevator. her beautiful face instantly gathered the eyes of everyone there. Amane had clearly been overwhelmed with tears, still no one was able to look away until she disappeared from their view.
Amane didn't hesitate to come into seina's hospital room, she went in without knocking.
The interior was surprisingly silent, as if there was no one there.

Seina leaned up in the sofa-shaped bed, that looked out over the wide garden, the usual noisy NB was sitting casually next to him. it looked like a toy placed in a child's room casually.
Amane visually confirmed that Seina was ok, and she sighed with great relief…

GXP 5 chapter 4

4 "Baptism of peace and madness"

In the president's office of Galaxy Academy, Airi and Mikami were facing each other, and they were holding a conference.
"... ... I heard that you're controlling NB and making it do questionable things ...."
"What, from who?"
Mikami launched a monitor.
"It was awful, Ms. Airi! I was so scared! Suddenly I lost control of NB, and it began to do strange things and show sexy images to Seina ............ I am so ashamed that I let him be exposed to such things ... I'm sorry. "

 Kirche reflected on the monitor cried. however, Kirche didn't know any better and blamed herself, not Airi.

"It's not your fault, don't worry Ms. Kirche, it's all because of Airi-san."
"What!? ... ... But I thought only I could control NB ..."
"Nevertheless, Airi-sama helped Seina get out of a serious crisis, so no action will be taken against her."
Airi suddenly got in front of Kirche…