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GXP 17 chapter 2 summary

chapter two starts with a fake book excerpt thats a first for kajishima:

── Manufacturers involved in armored knock development exist to the extent that they can be counted in large numbers. However, there are three manufacturers dealing with things that used descendants of the original five-sacred machine, which is also the brains of the Armored Knight and also the energy generator. Its predecessor was a research organization under the jurisdiction of the Five Oya. However, when the kingdom became enormous, and it became almost the current form of the criminal controversy, their anticipation and interests became complicated and maintenance troubles became many obstacles. For that reason, it separated from the royal family and made it independent as a private company.

At first, what was an independent manufacturer of Kaisei, Suika, Flaming Flame, Flame Mirror, and Polish was consolidated into three companies at the end of consolidation. After the integration, manufacturers of flowe…

gxp 17 chapter 1 read through summary

GXP 17 : first chapter read through impressions:
souren and sajyu are in awe in as they watch the end of the battle with amane and the others in the kamidake.

wormwood wolf also apparently copied the ancient relic weapons that the renza mechs used against it and kiriko used those to just fucking decimate them.

later after words kaguya crys because she is terrified by kiriko and amane comforts her, the two apparently behave a lot alike and have quickly become good friends, is kaguya actually a yayoi? that can't be right sajyu is the yayoi.

i think kaguya has been training against kiriko to learn to fight better... yeah i would be crying too...

washu calls to say here investigation is complete and they are confused as to what she means

she analyzed one of the cores of one of the knights. it was exactly like zinv's core

when asked why she neveer got zinvs core open its because it looked like it had been sealed 3 times over and zinv activly was putting up a fuss about it.

"what is it…

GXP 17 Chapter 12 machine

12 "The world has nothing in all"

Separating from two magicians, Barry Gal headed for a personal office in a corner of the Guild market. When locking the entrance door, you pass through the reception room in front and enter the office in the back. And I opened the door of the costume dance in the back. There is almost no empty box and only one work clothes is hanging. Once you confirm it and close the door once,

" ............

Casting things like spells and opening the door again, it was a dark space. Barry Gal entered a step without hesitation, and came out of the dance in the Helleras' study in the lord's house on the hill next moment.

"Did you go well?"

So it was Lord there, Elrera, who called out to Barry Gal.

"Of course, of course, both of them were completely emptied, of course, that's why they have that reimbursement expenses?"

"Evidence .... No, witness ... All the aristocrat involved if there is even it, you can do a thief,…

GXP 17 Chapter 11 machine

11 "Conspiracy of Fools"

"I see ... well ... I understand the story, but it's awkward to be Barry Gull's family . "

Interior decoration decorated with gold leaf slightly more luxurious than the bar in the dark semi-underground, interior decorated with old trees and planted trees, women with a woman who plays music and a staircase further behind it, There was an office in.

Men with good physique work for card games and board games, youths that seem to be a falling edge are constantly monitoring the state of the tavern from small observation windows, it is a feeling such as hangouts of rogues together.

"Is there a return for just one pit boy in the first place to use the guys at home? It certainly will be a good story for you if you become third place."

A senior middle-aged man who faced the back of the office, a fur-covered reception set, a body like a wrestler with thick fat, and a man who grew a little unpainted beard in the late twenties.