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Gxp 13 summary

this is episode starts at 14:10 of episode 23 and goes up to part of episode 26

14:10 of episode 23:
---- Seina  arrived out of the jump to find the Hoystoke landing on blue planet.

Kirche Scanned it
"this planet has been designated a Non-invasive area ......" "The owner of the planet has already passed away and his foundation has administrative ownership of it, but in reality it seems that this is a land marked area that has been designated as an important heritage site for the Galactic Federation since about 10,000 years ago." "A land marked area?" "There seems to be a considerably old civilization's ruins in existence here. From the original owner's surveys, it seems to be an important site filled with remains from the prehistoric civilization ... ... "
"The money budgeted for research that was left in the former owner's estate seems to have completely run out. So this research site has been left completely untouched, it is …

gxp 12 summary

gxp 12: episodes 21

chapter 1: The gaurd of dr. clays jail cell watch him futily try to re assemble his antique vase.
thats it.
chapter 2:
*are we really allowed to se the bridge of the royal tree ship!? *if you want to know where the story is its right at that point in this chapter where amane and ryoko talk about how they are amazed they can get on kirikos royal tree ship.
*ryoko makes an interesting observation that the indise of a royal tree would basicly be paradise for ppl who have lived their lifes on ships and pirate since its self sufficent nothing needs to be done to run it and its just unlimited space greenery mansionous shelter and food and more luxury clothing and resources then they could ever imagine.
* "Well, next time asking Washu, would you like me to make a moving terminal like Honoka or Kyoko?" "Sounds good……"
chapter 3:
*not a note a rant... if you watch the anime this scene and the episode before illustrate just how much making shit up nabeshin had t…

Gxp 11 summary


GXP11: this novel is GXP episode 20-21 Chapter 1:

it's translated just read it
Chapter two:
*The entertainment planetoid ship rasepshy is in orbit around the daluma. it is normaly brigt and flashy its like space vegas, but to hide the daluma it is dull. seiryo rented it out .
*Ekushito · Le · Sepushi is the general manager of recepushi he thanks daluma for his bussiness with their booking business was dead that day due to mikumo's death.
* "It was a pity for me, but it is a good news for us."  The GP that lost the strong charisma of Kuramitsu Mikumo will erupt various internal problems that were suppressed by the existence of Mikumo until then.
that is why the whole gp army conspiring at the end happens in gxp... CONGRATS NABESHIN YOU FUCKING OFFICIALY CUT EVERY DAMN PLOT LINE THAT EXPLAINS THE END! YA PLAYED UR SELF.
*recepshi has accomidations for up to 300 million people…