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GXP 3 Chapter 1

This chapter takes place before episode 6 of the anime

1 "Earth · Masaki House"

One morning at tenchi's house Ryo-ohki woke up and went to tenchi's room to wake up tenchi. She was always the first up in the morning. she woke up and turned from her young humanoid form into her cabbit form and woke up sasami and then she snuck into the hallway so she didn't wake up Ayeka who was asleep next to Sasami.
She passed through ryoko's "room" which didn't have a door or wall separating it from the hall which overlooked the living room. She climbed the stairs leading to tenchi's room very quietly. Not because she didn't want to wake anyone up, expecialy ryoko who was sleeping on a beam in the rafters, but because she didn't want to wake up tenchi before she got into his room.

she jumped through his door using molecular permeability to phase through it and snuck up into his bed quietly. tenchi had sharp intuition and woke up easily if snuck up …

GXP 2 Chapter 7

i hope u like body horror cause spoilers, there's body horror.

7 "Past ─ ─ The Kiriko case"

when Kiriko arrived at the hall where Erma and Seina had been it was after the equipment was removed by the swat team. she was hot and sweaty and her shirt was sticking to her back. she desired to go home take a bath and go to bed.

At home after she had called Seina and hung up. she took off her clothes and threw them into the washing machine. she went past her kitchen and down the stairs that lead to her basement. she got in her tub and and let out a big sigh of relaxation.

It was a japanise style bath made of natural rocks and juraian wood similar to japanese cypress. it was as large and gorgeous as the house she lived in. She stretched out and relaxed.Her bath was her only luxury in her life.

she reached out to grab a glass of cold tea she had left by the bath for herself with her right hand and she heard her hand speak to her.


She remembered a time long ago w…

GXP 2 chapter 6

6 "Hunting for humans"

Amane took Seina to building on a cliff. there were stairs leading to a basement that were located just in front of its normal entrance that was decorated with plants and monuments.

Inside was a mood lit bar with private booths filled with ring shaped sofas. Amane pointed to one of the booths that was full of lit candles. there was a couple in there kissing passionately

Rajau looked around and noticed a lot of that going on... they wondered why Amane had brought them there. Seina felt something was off.


karen had captured a human hunter and was taking them to an armored gp prisoner transport vehicle. karen (red) and gyokuren(white) were with her. Kiriko tried to run off to go find Seina. they stopped her. they needed her help still. Kiriko told them she had to find Seina.

"I saw him run off with Amane."

"Well, then doesn't that mean he's safe now?"

"It's not safe!"

"Huh?"Gyokuren and Karen faced…

GXP 2 Chapter 5

5 "Widow"

Seina felt a small shake on the terrace of a coffee shop that extended out from the hotel where the imium party was.

"What was that?"

 it was seiryo. but the blast was very far away so he hardly noticed it.

he was mostly just uneasy about being where he was.

Seina was worried about going inside. if he went inside it could bring bad luck to those around him. there were no other people on the terrace where he was. He wondered how long his roommates had been in the bathroom.

Once they were notified of the counterfeit ticket the manager of the hotel gave them a free coupon for the coffee shop inside it. Rajau and kenneth stayed and decided to eat.

Seina also went outside because he really didn't want to be seen with two crying weirdos with paper bags on their heads. It seemed that their food upset their stomachs though, because they had both gone to the bathroom at the same time and had been in there a while.

a woman came up to seina  

"What are you…

GXP 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4

4 "Malice Attracted - Again"

"Emergency call from 030440235 code 1 !" a female control center operator screamed out at the academy central control center.

"No way ... 1, That means a large battle has broken out!" The tense face of the control director Tensed up even further.

"Quickly confirm the location of the code and confirm the situation" a calm looking commander said

"What the heck ...... In the thousands of years I've worked here,we haven't had a single code 1 call at the Academy."

The Academy, often had troubles such as conflicts between various races, tribes, religions, customs, or social clusters, and even collective or personal feuds were common. They had a department always on call to deal with these situations.

one of the control directors suggested that this particular situation might have been a form of retaliation in response to the mass space pirate capture that seina had recently been responsible for.…

GXP 2 chapter 3

3 "My thoughts have gotten away from me."

 In a place not so far from the dormitory where Seina was located there as a place with long stairs, giant mesas, and dozens of lakes, large and small.

 Originally the lakes were created by an experiment in the past done to raise and lower the the elevation of the area but a lot of the experiments effects had eroded away and a lot of it was overtaken by vegetation. It was a scenic landscape that had been transformed into a resort with many small villas. On the top floor of one of the mesas that had multiple elevations, which was called a "broken mesa", there was a small lake whose source was a hot spring with beautiful spring water, and a small and old traditional house that was illuminated next to the lake .

"Ms. Minaho, please give me the items on the list."

 In the center of the room kiriko and funaho were sitting face to face on tatami mats. they were having a business meeting to negotiate a trade. They had…

GXP 2 Chapter 2

Chapter two

all of this takes place before the beginning of episode 5

2 "Black shadows"

Airi's ship circled the academy looking like some sort of greenhouse, the trees inside it occupied most of it's hull except for the large obsidian plate that stood out inside it. it was used as the floor of the president's office in the daytime and on the floor below it the obsidian rock also doubled as a roof for Airi's house below. Her house was surrounded by a pond and trees. Inside she took off her uniform revealing night time negligee and sat on her sofa.

She brought up a terminal screen and with a pen held behind her ears she began reading a report that her secretary had submitted to her. Mikami came in with a pot of tea and a tray of cups and cleared her throat. She called airi's name but airi was concentrating so hard that she didn't acknowledge her. Mikami decided not to break her concentration and instead poured a glass for her and left it on the table. S…