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What is up with Washu's sleeve on the her ova 3 illustration?

Kajishima loves to hide spoilers in plain sight
in this case, he hid fuku's incubation crystal in plain sight.

The excerpt from GXP 8 that confirms seto is naja

I was asked about this and so i corrected it early it is posted here for posterity until i get around to working on GXP 8

[quote] The English corrected excerpt from GXP 8 Chapter 8 "Trouble Maker and Legend" corrected by fap_fapperson
Blue things are things which i do not have full context on at the moment and assumed green are things which i assumed but am pretty sure about.
 Komachi displayed a simple profile of Hakubi Washu, Akara Naja, and Kamiki Seto,from the data bank that her elderly informant had given her.
  "Are there any words common to these three people.... ..." she wondered 
  The search results were displayed in a blink of an eye. 
Even so, quite a few results were displayed, but only one of them attracted Komachi's eyes - the name of a planet that no longer existed.
  "... ... an explosion[color=blue] on*(or possibly of)[/color] this planet killed Akara Naja who was planning to investigate, On that same day, Seto Kamiki was rescued there. …