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GXP 11 Chapter 3

3 " The tree selection Ceremony"
 At the Academy 's board of directors, Airi, Mikami, and Seto were sitting down tired on the sofa.

"... ... Because of those damn luck ships, the economy has completely tanked."
 Economic data on the monitor was all falling.
"Traffic and insurance companies,have all experienced negative revenue starting last week, half of them are on the verge of bankruptcy.The damage to the defensive fleets is also rapidly rising."
"it's not the damages that's killing us, it's that all resources and important goods are becoming so rare.
"at this rate the transportation industry of the entire galaxy, and every other part of commerce and industry will cease completely in a matter of months ..."

"maybe if we beg hard enough we can leave the federation and join a pirate Guild"

"well that's what we get for our reliance on Seina, an eyes for an eyes, bad luck for bad luck ..."

 With a sigh…

GXP 10 Chapter 11

------------I as of publishing this haven't translated the rest of this for everyone, not that it was ever really all that jumbled... if you want to read this book i suggest the google translate as it is very easy to grasp, anyways the girls are on imuim, the resort planet mentioned in GXP 2, as a sorry for ruining your vacation gift, the planet however has special plants that release an aroma that is anti-inhibitory and makes people act more like their true self/be more open/easily aroused... there seina is told he has to interview for the crew of the new kamidake now that the ship is officially being given to him, seto tells kiriko that this means seina is officially now considered an emancipated minor/ provisional adult and that she needs to jump into the fray for his love now or risk loosing him forever, and he soon finds that the interviews are actually one on one time to get to know his partners better in the even that a political marriage with them is arranged this is The…

Seven Sea's Jurai out now!

GXP 9 Chapter 8

8 "To the Masaki house"

---------------disclaimer as usual, adlibed and abridged all over the place-----------/

"... .... Miah, Miah"  Early in the morning, Fuku awoke, she went to wake her husband Seina, when she got to his room  a breeze blown from the window rocked the yarn at the end of the fluorescent light over where seina was sleeping. "..................... Miah!"  Fuku jumped at it instinctively . the cat in her was tempted.  Boom crash !! the weight of fuku broke the light off the wall and it fell onto seina's face "Mya! ... ... Miah?"  fuku said "... ... Good morning, Fuku"  Seina said gently
---------------  Seina went downstairs and peeked into the living room. the fallout from the party last night had been cleaned up  Seina headed to the kitchen, and found a box lunch there with a note. "We made breakfast for you -Kiriko." "I am hungry, should I eat it now?" "Mya!"  Seina took out the green tea pot fro…