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GXP 11 Index

GXP 11
When Washu's son dies, and the good luck fleet starts to overwhelm the federation, Kiriko is made royalty and given a royal ship

episode 20
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GXP 11 Chapter 6 | GXP 11 Chapter 7

GXP 11 Chapter 6

6 "Is your child a king?" ---------as usual abridging----------

"Wow"  Syūzan who entered the royal tree selection chamber stood as if he was deeply impressed by the sight. Inside the huge hollow trunk of tenju, it was like the inside of the mother's womb. And  the  planted trees were floating in dish-shaped like pots. The placement,size of the tree and the shape of the bowl were erratically inconsistent, there were places where they were stuck together to form narrow passages, and there were ones floating alone.  From somewhere in the sky, gentle sunshine poured down, the smell of the  tree's fruit drifted in the room. this entire room was nothing but second generation trees.  Unlike Syūzan who was impressed by the sight, Kiriko was really nervous and was repeatedly breathing deeply.  the Tree's were the real rulers of Jurai. It was in a way the same as being brought to the throne.
"Come, greet them"  Funaho but her hand over Kiriko's shoulder …