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OVA 4 Initial Plot novel

OVA 4 Episode 4 came with a special pre-order bonus, an exclusive limited print novel version of the initial plot for OVA 4 written by kajishima. It was never digitized and seems to be a limited collectors edition product. Luckly user Ricin Got his hands on a copy and sent it off to be scanned for me to translate!

This translation is complete!

This novel and OVA 4 and Occurs right after GXP Novel 4 except the last few chapters take place at various times in the future that don't line up with gxp in any significant way yet.

Tenchi Muyo! OVA 4 Initial Plot novel

Late summer

It was Morning at the Masaki family house. The dark sky began to whiten slightly. Ryo-ohki was always the first to wake up everyday in the Masaki family home.
"Myaaah ... ...."

Ryo began to yawn as she woke up but she closed her mouth in a panic so she wouldn't wake up Sasami. She then snuck out to the corridor trying not to make a sound as she stretched her sleepy body. She s…