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GXP 10 Chapter 10

10 "Interview / unexpected disturbance"

"Don't you think you should go look for more good luck items?" komachi asked seiryo

"really? do you think so... why Komachi!" "Do i really have to explain why? The quality of the lucky goods is worse than I thought,  there are a few lucky items, but not nearly enough. " "Well, that's a problem ..." "Then go out and find more!" "I guess there's no choice but to go" "Can't we just buy more" alan tried to weasel his way out "Do not be foolish, we are going on a mission. The higher the risk the higher the reward!"  that being said... seiryo was practically a cyborg he was practically invulnerable.
The others, not so much.

─── Interview · For Hakuren and Suiren ───

"Thank you for your time today."  Hakuren bowed graciously and smiled.  "a always see you together with the others, it feels a bit strange to talk to you one on one." "Is…