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GXP 4 Summary

Ringo enters the slums of the outer ring of the academy and finds herself dodging muggers with ease as she traipses through the ghetto. alan's group, now homeless after spending all their ryoko cult money on wine and women and going into debt, now find themselves in one of the ghetto alleys that Ringo moves through. they decided to try to appeal to her for help but are chased by wild dogs. Ringo arrives at the office of Ian northern. she arrives and persuades his company to give over the rights to handle dismemberment of widows estates assets. she gives them a recommendation to join the MMD. ian figures out that the recommendation is a test and destroys it, seto getting notice of the letters destruction decides to do business with ian's company. ringo later as a favor for getting the account requests that washu tell her what MMD stands for and is surprised when it's revealed to mean basically, "LISTEN EVERYONE! REMEMBER, DON'T WASTE MONEY!" and actually