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GXP 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4

4 "Malice Attracted - Again"

"Emergency call from 030440235 code 1 !" a female control center operator screamed out at the academy central control center.

"No way ... 1, That means a large battle has broken out!" The tense face of the control director Tensed up even further.

"Quickly confirm the location of the code and confirm the situation" a calm looking commander said

"What the heck ...... In the thousands of years I've worked here,we haven't had a single code 1 call at the Academy."

The Academy, often had troubles such as conflicts between various races, tribes, religions, customs, or social clusters, and even collective or personal feuds were common. They had a department always on call to deal with these situations.

one of the control directors suggested that this particular situation might have been a form of retaliation in response to the mass space pirate capture that seina had recently been responsible for.…