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GXP 5 Chapter 2

2 "Hope and peace"
Hiroshi was brought by Tsukiko to one of Airi's tens of thousands of studios.
Even Hiroshi, who had a doctorate in the academy, had never seen a research facility as advanced as hers. But in the midst of being awed by it, he immediately recognized some important things.

  "……this is?"
  It was an NB that had been brought into the workshop when it changed into a female form.
  "Seina's NB"
  "Seina's? ... .... No way, Miki !?"
  Hiroshi ran to the NB and looked at it. It looked like a rough engraved sculpture so it was hard to identify, but Hiroshi sensed Miki in there.

"Hold on I'll explain everything."
  The man who was with Tennyo earlier ran in from a nearby passage wearing a lab coat
  "I am sorry for being late."
  The stubble faced man grasped Hiroshi's hand gladly.
  "Nice to meet you, I am Hakuryo Masaki. I am deeply moved to meet the inventor of an A…