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Cut OVA 5 scene translated

backed up from useless tenchi

Frank White wrote:
> leo86@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> <snip>
> > In the first OAV ep., Ryoko chases and attacks Tenchi with the desire
> > to get revenge. Yet a few eps. later she's fondly recalling Tenchi as
> > a baby and a little boy visiting the shrine. If she knew who he was and
> > so fondly recalled him, why is she attacking him so hard in the first
> > ep.?
> There have been a variety of explanations as to why Ryoko did
> this, some of them quite entertaining (eg, Ryoko doesn't know
> Earth mating customs. So she was taking the straight forward
> route of pretend-fighting Tenchi, losing to him, and then insisting
> he ravage her as spoils of war! That's why she was in Tenchi's
> bed after the fight, and if Ayeka hadn't shown up, things would
> have gotten X-rated pretty fast...) The real explanation appears
> to be that the writers started out the OAV pl…