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Character Charts

to clarify on the ova one chart. obviously we all know what characters premiered in ova 1. the ones that look out of place are linked to the ova 1 characters. for example seto and noike are there as variations of kagato. kei is a variation of zero who eventually ends up fused with ryoko. so i put them all on the same chart because it made a nice rectangle and because it let me show the association on one chart.

note: amane's brother doesnt exist. and it was his brothers fiance... and also that was a mistranslated dubline thanks funimation... i need to edit that one out and i also forgot kaneaki hirata... but busy at the moment

There's still more to come...

How is masquerade linked to the rest of the tenchiverse?

Answer: we might never know.

masquerade was supposed to be an anime only segment of Wakamono choi or Caution: Fragile.

a hentai game with a whole assload worth of script and plot. It was one of kajishima earliest planned works, but it never panned out, it entered development hell probably because it was too much to program and it was canceled permanently, the anime was still made though.

Theory: Z was reincarnated as kenshi

This infographic does a good job at stating most of this theory.but honestly i don't even think it should be considered a theory. its so obvious.... it's like the naja is seto theory.

Why does airi have the hots for Seina and Tenchi (and why is mikami after seina too)

A Lot of people might be initially confused by airi's odd attraction to tenchi and even to Seina. after all, she is a married woman, and tenchi's grandmother and clearly a lot has been lost in translation.

These are my personal observations on the subject and honestly nothing has ever been said point blank about this but this is what if figure makes the most sense.

on the subject of tenchi: Tenchi looks like a young yosho. Aeka noticed. it in episode 3 it is safe to assume that airi noticed it too, Tenchi also looks like his mother/airi's daughter Kiyone when she was young. Airi had sex with yosho once and got pregnant in her very early 20's it's entirely possible yosho was her first. and then didn't talk to her for about 80 years or so...

also the way tenchi talks in Japanese when she swoons over him is well... accented very handsomely.
but more than that just like yosho, who made the mistake of calling her Magma-dono the first time he addressed her tenchi messed …

Z is at least a 5th dimensional being

Pictured above Z in a higher dimensional space watching time progress in the masaki household

so i was curious about higher dimensions and watched a few videos about it on youtube when i realized that Z being a 6th dimensional being explains a lot of the weirdness of his plot line.

like the picture above and how he got Misaki from the future.

humans are 4 dimensional beings although some people often mistake them for 3rd.

length ,height, width, those are the 3 spatial dimensions the 4th is time.
humans experience the spacial dimensions and also the flow of time making them 3rd dimensional beings able to perceive the 4th but they can't move through it freely.

to move through a dimension freely you have to be a dimension higher.

in this case Z is in the 5th dimension.  he is in a depiction of the fifth dimension outside the flow of time of the 3rd dimension. from here he can observe time going forward and backwards without making alterations and he can go into it at any point. if he was a…

How did the previous emperor of jurai die if lifespans in space are nearly infinite?

above: the emperor before azusa.

this is something that becomes a real nail biter in hindsight as the series goes on.

The easiest theory i have on this so far is the simplest guess: his son in law was syuzan. syuzan wanted to take his place. do the math.