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GXP 11 Chapter 4

   4 "The name is ... ...."

  some rookie space pirate recruits were walking down a hall in racepshi
   A heavy door opened with a heavy noise in front of the two
   There was a sparkling luck ship and Seiryo and his crew along with president Daruma.
some party poppers went off.
  "Welcome,  new lucky warriors!"
  president Daruma said
  "We were waiting for you"
   Makihi and others were watching the recruiting from the observation room of the racepushi.
the fortune fleet took a short distance jump, and  racepushi moved to keep up with the big daruma.
  "ahaha. No matter how you look at it, this whole display of theirs is so flashy."
   Washu spoke out from behind makihi. Makihi's other girls bowed left the room they Maito out with them.
  "Oh my, I guess they didn't like it?"
 They seemed pretty traumatized from the scan she did with "Mr. slimey #3". Maya who remained there was concealing herself from behind Makihi and her legs were trembling a little.
  "I don't blame them that was quite an... ordeal."
   Makihi said calmly.
  "yes but I got some good data from it."
  "speaking of why did you have me keep maya here ... Do you have any news about Seina's compatibility results?"
  "It's too soon for that, but I'll let you know when I know."

  "Then what is it?"
  "You're daughters genetics are fine I see no sign of any  future mental problems developing and it seems like they all have a very high stress tolerance. when dealing with seina that is a good thing. "
  "oh how wonderful to hear."
   Makihi gladly looked at the data being presented by Washu.
  "their kids with seina might be born with a biased probability too, but that is a difficult thing to predict, but I don't see any anomalies happening with seinas dna."
  "Is it possible to check probability fluctuations?"
  "well with a group like a big family it is, it's advantageous that you have so many people to check."
  " but do you have to use mr slimey number 3? ,"
  "uhuhuh no it's just a fetish of mine, I'm using" Mamoru-kun "for Maiko-chan, I could have used it for all of them."

-----mamoru kun is the ball with a face she puts on the tenchi households heads------
   By the way, Maiko is Maito's twin sister.
  "Please do so!"
  "By the way, Ms. Washu, why did you call Maya here?"
   Makihi kept laughing and pushed Maya forward as maya protested with watery eyes.
  "Oh yeah! I told you that there were girls who cause Seina's probability to change didn't i?"
  "... ... Maya Is one of them?"
  "What we now know is that they reverse seina's probability vector in groups of four... apparently it seems that there was an incident with his original astral in the past .... Now, Because it has melted into the astral sea, I don't know exactly who the original was, but something happened back then in days when they existed. "
  "What do you mean?"
  I can't tell but it has been said that once an intense change on astral sea was caused by four women and one male, and the three-dimensional world was reshaped as a result of the intense change?"
  "Is it tied to destiny?"
  "Uhuhuhu... ... if you want you can put it in such a romantic way"
  "Washu, Actually I ... ...."
   And Maya who showed interest in the story came out from  hiding behind Makihi .
  "... Occasionally I have a strange re-occurring dream, which is painful to talk about, but in it i become a certain person and have various experiences ..."
  "Maya has told me about such a story from long ago, but I thought that it was due to her being raised in racepshi. you know how we get people from all over talking about everything."
 racepshi was a place privy to many stories from all over. All kinds of plays, movies, books, scenario data, etc. are were gathered from classics to Scifi. Maya had lived in that enormous data library from the moment she was born.
  "That's why I am concerned about the material on the earth that Washu brought me. I feel something really nostalgic ... ... I have seen some of those places, but honestly, I'm curious why up to this point i have never remembered them. "
  "Do you think it's because i told you those stories?"
  "As a result of comparing the original astral structure known at the moment with the astral configuration of Maya, they are 34% in agreement, there is a possibility that it will be even higher if she learns more about it.
  "what does that mean is that number high?"
  "Memory feedback begins to occur from the astral sea when it exceeds 10% It is said that causes a feint feeling of dejavu about a previous life, but in the case of Maya, because that number is so high, The possibility that memories will come back from the feedback is very high. "
  "Seina, is my ... ... destiny ......"
   Maya mutters with a look like euphoria on her face.
  "Hey, look i get that she's been interested in this for quite a while, but as a mother, should i be applying the hand break?"
   Washu approached Makihi.

 " It can't be helped  like she said "it's her destiny" ... Even so ..."
  "Even so?"
  "... What if it were me? If It were, my husband or son I would abandon my current position and I would be going to stop them."

"Well if anything ... i don't think she's fallen to hard for Seina ..."
   makihi said with a shaky face, Makihi had never seen maya look so euphoric. . Washu, who spewed a small sigh, remembered the other  women who were around Seina.
  "uhuhu ...... speaking of falling heavy for seina, there are plenty others, Airi-chan, Mikami-dono, Seto, etc. it might be ok to send her after him ...  with Seina There are  always excellent watchdogs in the room. "
   Washu said
  "Well then ... ... i guess you can go after him as long as you come back here soon, I need you to brief you on the new renovations we will be doing to racepshi. "

this is about 7:30 into the anime episode 20:
   Finally things had settled down, Seto took Fuku back to the Kamidake bridge. the Kamidake, was going to the space where it first performed the first short-distance jump and link experiment with the Mikagami.
  "... .... Galactic Federation is then going to search for the daruma guild base ..."
  "are the lucky ships that much of a threat."
  "As a result of detailed investigation, I found that the existence of the lucky ships is amplifying the biased probability of the entire daruma Guild, it is still not known how or how much, but it can be said that GP income  and expenditures are already About 3% lower and higher respectively then last year."
   That number was comparable to the annual budget of a few medium sized nations.
  "Are you serious? ... ... Are you serious?"
  "Well, beyond the GP, there is no doubt that more serious damage has befallen the various general corporations, so it's an urgent matter."
  "gaaaah ... ... this is all because of that idiot"
  "Well ...... What is Tennan Zaibatsu doing in this situation? aren't they in a position to recall Professor Seiryo?"
  "No and its useless to try to get them to ... they are feeling no economic pressure over there"
  "well i have it on good authority from a source that tennan zaibatsu is hurting the most from all this" amane said
   Seto looked with a bitter smile so as to affirm Amane's words.

 The fact that Seiryo caused a lot of damage to the Galactic Federation meant that tennan zaibatsu's expenses for exporting were now much higher as much. and all their shipments were exports to the daruma guild after all.

  "... ... i feel a little sorry for them ......"
  "don't waste effort sympathizing with that idiot... "
  " well the GP has already given top priority to shoot the fortune ship down, but no one has been able to find it yet. Of course the damage caused by Space Pirates is increasing, but I expect the Kamidake will put an end to this before that happens. "
  "The Captain's bad luck VS Mr. Tennan's good luck who will win ...."
  "what the ...?"
   Seto noticed that Kiriko was suddenly starring at the monitor and was silent.
  "what's wrong with you?"
  "...... Seto-sama ...... the captains bad luck has won."
   The main monitor showed the wave forms seen from a hyper space jump out.
  "There is no mistake. that is a lucky ships judging from the energy mass ratio"
  "... .... Ohoohohoho the federations hardships are over ... ...."
   Truly Seto could only laugh at this situation.
  " what was i even worried about..."
   the Mikagami was stored in the Kamidake's subspace. they prepared it to leave for normal space,  A few seconds later, the fortune ship that led the fleet had jumped out.

  "we meet again seina yamada! are you ready for us to defeat you"
   Seiryo confidently laughed as he broadcasted video to the kamidake from the unko's bridge.

However contrary to Seiryo 's good mood, there was a cold expression on the faces of the crew around him
  " surrender quickly! you idiot ! "
  "Amane ...... why do we have to be enemies, oh well such is fate"
  "Seina! Sink every one of that idiots luck ships! Make them into his coffin! "
  "uhuhuh ...... this is no ordinary luck ship? No! Nope! Negative! uhuh! Let me unveil this ships new name!"
  suddenly the crew looked afraid
  "Hey, stop it ...  you don't have to tell everyone ..."
   Komachi said in a hurry to stop him  the Other crew members greatly appreciated this.
  "What are you saying you told me its proper for combatants to give their names before a fight!"
  "That's true ... but ..."
  "Ha ha ha, yeah, i thought!"
  "No, wait a moment! That is true, but now is a bit different, it's different!"
   Komachi hurriedly corrected herself, but seiryo didn't hear her
  "Ha Ha ha ha! Seina Yamada! Listen carefully! Don't be afraid to hear the name of this ship!
  "Hey, get him off the line!"
  "I have no control!the Captain's seat has priority!"
   Barry  yelled with a crying face.
  "The name of our ship! That name that means to bring forward luck ... ...."
  "Wait a moment !!"
    all crews jump out of their seat to hold Seiryo back all at once. However, Seiryo dodged their attacked
   he declared loudly

----------unko means both luck bringer, and poop--------
  "It's the unko ...... unko... ... unko ... ... ... ............"
   Seiryo 's voice echoed on the Kamidake' s bridge which was silent a
  "... ............ I told you now ... kill that idiot"
  Amane frown and looked towards Kiriko who couldn't believe her ears.
  "I'm sorry what did he say? did i hear that right" she looked at erma
  "Wow, did he really ... ...."
 she looked at Neeju who looked down embarrassed, she looked away at Hakuren, but Hakuren already entered a thought loop and was muttering nonsense. And Karen turned red and trembled with teary eyes, Gyokuren hid behind Karen, Suiren lost consciousness and fell down,
  "Mya! Mya! Mya!"
   Fuku was looking concerned at the scene
   And Erma finally looked to Seto to seek help.
  "... ... The captain of this ship is Seina, right?"
   she looked at Seina with eyes that seemed nostalgic and looking far away.
  "that brings back memories, of my elementary school classroom, usually someone would find it... they would stab it with twigs or something and chase me with it .... come to think of it Kiriko-san it was usually kai who did that."
    Kiriko looked at Amane as moaning with embarrassment.
  "...... uhm ... Amane ...... You... you were childhood friends with seiryo right?"
  "The guy I knew in the past was chased by by a garuga at my house, he fell into the sea and is still missing."
   To Amane, calling Seiryo a childhood friend was something she wanted to suppress the most. she forcibly remodeled her memory and tried to make it as if that were the truth.
  "Who would name a ship that, what was he thinking?"
   seto decided to end this conversation there she looked mad
  "Let's prematurely incinerate and disinfect  this thing before it stinks up the galaxy with strange smells!"
   Everyone agreed more than usual.
  "Ha ha ha! fire an all out assault!"
   Contrary to the Kamidake's crew, the morale of the unko's crews was high, but they were trying to forget their embarrassment by being immersed in the battle.  the fleet began to  attack the Kamidake.
   Last time, the ships of the lucky ship fired into a gap in the sheilds. If the  this time all their gunfire concentrated at the gap to try to take it out all at once."
  all the focused attacks were easily avoidable though
  "Part of the shield of Kamidake has disappeared, the next shot will hit tem!"
   However, the shots were all  focused on a vital point of the Kamidake's, they were guarded against easily and scattered
"What's going on?"
  "There is no energy reaction value!  the Shields should have disappeared !?"
  "But something really shiny is coming out! what's that !?"
  "That light ...... the Light Hawk Wings!"
   Komachi shouted.
  "where did it come from!"
  "It was in Kamidake! It's a ship with a high level of performance, it's internal compression space should also be large."
 "everyone fire spread out!"
  "...... Link, normal"
  "As expected, like ryo-ohki, it should reasonable that it is able to link with the royal tree ... ... thanks yosho."
   Seto stood and muttered like a soliloquy.
  "Leave defense to the Mikagami, Kamidake concentrate on attacking! destroy all the ships! Fuku-chan! Do it!
   The Kamidake, protected by the  Light Hawk Wings, improved it's hit accuracy dramatically and it's defense got better without taking any evasive maneuvers. However ... ...

  "The attack is being reflected!"
   The Kamidake's high power attacks had destroyed the shields of the pirate ships with a single shot but the armor was deflecting the shots.
  " a KZM coating is applied to enemy ship's outer armor!"
  "Are you serious?"
   KZM was an expensive material used for coating the cores of gun barrel. they had never heard of using it as outer hull armor. they had never heard of using it for outer armor.
  "they are the daruma guild, so they have the resources to do so, but the coating shouldn't be that thick"
    Seto said, so several attacks were concentrated and the hull started to detach. Nonetheless, the pirate ship was named the luck bringer. There are few boats that  were wrecked quite  a bit , fragments of KZM  created a wall that dispersed attacks.
  "the debris are making a force field!"
      × × ×
  "Captain! The damage rate to the fleet is expanding, escape will be impossible in a few minutes."
  "Retreat, retreat all ships! we can not stand to loose a single ship to seina yamada!"
  "The Enemy fleet, is entering hyperspace!"
  "Don't let them escape!"
  "Miaaa... ..."
   At that time, Fuku raised a bitter pained cry.

  Even though she heard the screams of Fuku, Seto did not stop, no, she could not stop herself.
  "Aim for the flagship!"
  "Seto no!"
   Seto snapped back to reality from hearing seina's voice she breathed heavily. Seina's ability to detect the crisis was  understood by Seto. As Seina got her attention, seto returned to sanity.
   "... ............ no... I'm sorry, I can not let this little critter be pushed any further."
  "stop pursuit immediately! Fuku, its OK"
   Seina rushed to calm down Fuku.
   Fuku who was relieved by seina's words jumped off the table and ran to him
  "... I'm sorry, it was terrible to make control the Mikagami's power  even though your wounds were not healed."
   Although she wasn't exacting much control over it, the energy of Mikagami flowed through her and was expressed through the table in the center of the Kamidake.  fuku was Breathless, and shaking. As expected, Seto was stroking Fuku with an expression that looked sorry, Fuku licking her hand gently.
   Thanks to seina stopping the battle before anything dangerous happened, Fuku got up and jumped the ship away  not long after.

  "you did great, Fuku-chan"
   the best medicine for Fuku  was to be praised by Seina and Kiriko. Fuku who was stroked by everyone was cheerful and began to jump around.
  "... ... It was an risky battle, but what we got in return was also great."
  said seto watching the plasma like space outside with a complicated expression, originally an encounter with a lucky ship was not in her calculations.
Seto quickly changed her mood when she thought about it.
  " a Link between Kamidake and royal trees ... ... now we have the valuable data we need"
   It was data that could be said to be the value of thousand of ships, it was key to jurai's defense and victory.

  the newcomer Space Pirates were at the docks talking about their situation.
  "... ... Why did they name it that?"
   For the newcomer Space Pirate, the ships name was more trouble then the kamidake.
  "It is useless that was the captain and daruma's decision."
  "my parents will be  so ashamed... ... they boasted to all their neighbors and acquaintances."
  "mine too"
  "But as soon as they heard the name name ... there smiles faded, not the neighbors have began to talk bad about them"
  "My girlfriend broke up with me, i wish we had been blown up by the Kamidake ..."
   While saying that, the rookie Space Pirates looked up again at some lucky scarecrows.
  "I hope we get re-assigned."
  "you want a re-selected of the whole crew ... ...?"
   Da Ruma and Seiryo enjoyed dinner at racepushi's finest restaurant.
  "Yeah, I have no need for those extra ships."
  "Indeed, we  should consolidate each of the luckiest members into one ship ..."
  "Yes, we need one large heap of luck,that's the key to victory mr. President!"
  "... Well ... OK, let's prompt the fleet crew to re-select immediately"
   Da Ruma smiled and lifted his glass containing a red wine-like liquid.
  "Glory, for the unko!"
  "For the unko!"
   they cheered.

  "Oh, what's the hubbub?"
   Washu came to the living room where breakfast was being prepared. This was a private space for Makihi, but for the top dancer of racepshi it was quite a plain place, like a small old farmhouse.
  "are Daruma's guys are doing some kind of athletic competition?"
   On a large monitor, a tournament  for selecting new members was being held in a large hall on racepshi.
  "well it's more luck based then anything ...... oh, excuse me, there having a reselection for the crew members of a single lucky ship"
   Washu began to eat breakfast, Makihi hurriedly made sure not to say the ships name.
  "I see, so they were hurt by the Kamidake + Mikagami combination, so there going to narrow down the number of people?"
   In the big hall, many Space Pirates we trying various kinds of games of luck.
   A stepping stone in a pond sinks and they fall in. some climbs up and run down a wall. Those who put their hands in a box and are given whats inside. A man jumps off a panel on a sandy beach and falls in mud ... .... The problem is that the expressions of those who failed are brighter than those who succeed.
  "The name must have been really important"
  "for a lucky ship, it was a bit extreme"
  "uhuhuhu...... that's what they get for over thinking it, but what if they end up too lucky to encounter the Kamidake?"
  "is Something wrong?"
  "What way are you leaning on their fate?"
  "... .... Oh, I see. well for me, it is better for Yamada to be safe, so that is goof for you i supposed."
  "well damn, but aren't they supposed to be your customers?"
  "Rasepshi is neutral in this ... and also ..."
  on the screen there was Maya participating in the games.
  "i see so you have to make sure your obligations are fulfilled, but naturally, getting on a lucky ship is an act of battle, is it okay for her to do so?"
  "i gave her an advanced guardian system so she would be ok."
Anyway, I would like to see how Yamada does in a fight. "
  "I could have just had her entered into the GP."
  "Maya is the one who decided she wanted to do it."
  "You just want to test her probability bias don't you?"
  "I do not know how you think about the situation washu, but for us it's a good reason to put her life at stake."
  " a bit Dramatic ... isn't it?"
   Makihi answered with a full smile.