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GXP 10 Chapter 15

 15 "Fashion Show"

there's a scene before this all starts with airi and mikami and one of her secretaries coming to tell her something, I think she may still be in her kid body and basically they deem that a bit inappropriate for work but its all just gibberish to me... I don't even know if that's what's going on there and honestly i don't care nothing of value was lost
  "Miao ...... Miah"
   in a Medical building floating around in the large environmental zone in the compressed space of the Kamidake. Fuku was in the hospital, but for fuku who was a baby , the superb view was enough to distract her from that fact. Fuku was unhappy with karen checking her arms and legs and moved them away.
  "No, stop it."
  "Mia ......"
   Scolded by Karen, Fuku backed down.
  "shit even if i try this never gets boring."
  "but she can't function like this, Gyokuren. It will be impossible for us to do anything until the core is  repaired ... we need to use this time to make her experienced."
  "that's a cruel thing to say it's not like she doesn't feel pain or get tired, let her rest, she's just a little child, or did you forget that karen?" Hakuren said,
  "i uhmm ... ...."
     Karen blushed. the Especially active Karen was the type to get out of bed as soon as she got better.
  "Fuku, were going to let you rest for a bit ... ... If you are a good girl, Seina will be happy."
   Suiren said gently.
  "Yeah, so be good ... ..."
   Suiren said , Fuku stopped flapping her limps
  "that's s good girl ... ...alright then Karen her  about the reward."
   Fuku looked at Karen with hopeful eyes. something began making a loud noise.
  "what? Hey Suiren !?"
  "I get tired when I talk a lot, I'll make it up to you later, please do take over for me."
   Suiren quickly turned and headed for the sofa.
  "Hey. ... Hey ...!"
  "why don't you tell her a story karen?"
   Karen liked thigns such as old stories and fairy tales, and everyone knew the Kamidake had an extensive library.
  "Miaa Miah"
  "... sure thing Hakuren"
  while looking at Fuku's glittering eyes, Karen breathed heavily and calmed down, she started talking with a gentle tone.

   At that time Seina was in the briefing room they were examining the fight against the fortune ship.
  "Looking at this, we were fairly careless in battle. Of course it is certain that the enemy's avoidance and attacks were not ordinary, but ..."
  "In most cases, it would have been possible to combat with with just the Kamidake's performance and Amane's shooting and maneuvering skills."
  "but with a lucky ship that's not enough."
  "Shockingly, it is unlucky to lose to an idiot like Seiryo!"
  "But that makes us even dumber then him"
  "I know, I know, but ... but ... Ah ~ ~ ~ I am irritated! I need to blow off some steam!"
   Amane went out of the Briefing room with furious and a gaudy gait.
  "Amane !?"
  "Amane is going through something, she will come back once she's worked it out"
   Kiriko stopped Seina who was about to chase her.

"Even so, Seina's withdrawal timing was truly exquisite, it is understandable only because we are looking at it objectively, but at that time it seemed like everything was going right on the Space Pirate's side It's similar to the situation when they were first drawn to Seina, if seina hadn't made a judgment call at that exact ... you wouldn't have stood a chance ... "
  "still I'm upset that its my responsibility to drive Fuku into crisis."
  "you know she chose to do that and your not responsible. don't you remember what seto said to you? we know you feel that way because of your bad luck. but it's more constructive to discuss how to deal with it. "
  "That's right."
  "Hey, big brother Seina what do you do when you get in such a situation? What kind of coping mechanisms do you use to try to cope your with bad luck?"
  "I have never really done anything consciously about it ... ... well... I reset my head and repeat the basic steps ... Is that what you mean?
  "the basic steps ... ...i understand the words your saying ... but ..."
  "the variation of how to do things is infinite, after all, every process is just an extended line of basic steps, so if something goes wrong, it means that skill is not enough ... I forgot that I was often told that by Mr.katsuhito. "
  "katsuhito-sama,you mean Airi-sama's husband?"
  "In Masaki village, Mr. katsukito taught me the basics of martial arts, hey, did you learn from him too Seina too?"
  "Yes, in my case it was mainly emergency measures, or how to escape from a crisis"
  "When Amane comes back, let's set up various types of training and train ..."
   At the time when thar conclusion was made , a monitor wit Hakuren's picture was launched along with a call sound.
  "Hakuren !? What happened to Fuku?"
  "No, Seina you just have a visitor."
  "for me?"
  "Long time no see, everyone"
   Behind Hakuren, next Mikami was Amane's mother, she bowed.
   Seina and Amane's mothers were talking on the bench of Kamidake's staff's residential area's central park.
  "you want Amane in this fashion show?"
  "Yes, as you know, this show is a new uniform release for GP and Academy officials, I really want Amane to appear in it"
  "Heh ... but, Amane ... ..."
  "Well, I  honestly don't think she will " yeah sure. "So I'd like to ask you for your help."
  "I do not mind, but ... as it is now ... ...."
   it seemed impossible to persuade her.
  " I must be honest... I also want her to quit such a dangerous job, but if that girl has decided ... ... then i won't try to change her mind, she's stubborn like her father."
  "well Amane has said," I liked modeling "before."
  "Is that so"
   he could see the pain of a mother who's heart hurt due to her child. Especially cause it overlapped with Seina's own memories of his mother.
  "I understand how you feel, I will help you as much as I can"

  "This is an outrage! I am a member of the GP, I can not be expected to be a model right now."
   Amane who was called in with Seina into the principal's office of the GP Academy turned and folder her arms and walked away
  "Ho ho ho, I'm telling you to join in as a member of the GP ... and that's an Order ... what do you think about that?"
  "I will do no such thing! and why is Seina here?"
  "Of course, he is here as the captain of the Kamidake, of course,seing as you Amane are on the crew of  the Kamidake, it is natural to ask the captain as well, and of course have him he'll convince you."

  "Besides that isn't it tomorrow?"
  "Sudden changes of plan aren't uncommon, for you are they?"
It's okay, this time were using pre-made ready-made items "
  "Ugggggghhhhhh ... Seina! No, Captain! captain don't you know about the relationship between me and his father?"
  "... Hey, Seina she's asking you something"
  "Seina, don't you want to see Amane's model?"
  "That is ... ... well.... of course I would like to see that."
  "I was told by my friends she was very beautiful before .... In fact, when i went shopping when I got my first salary , I was given a promotional video by the store i went to ……"
  "a promotional video... form that Lingerie shop?"
   Amane raised her voice unexpectedly but covered her mouth in a hurry.
At that time, it was a secret that she had stalked Seina.
  "a promotional video from a shop,  was it a long version of a lingerie show?"
  "... ... Even now I find myself watching it from time to time"

  "Oh, i see, so what do you think, Amane?"
  "... Well, well ...... if its the Captain's command ...... It can't be helped ..."
   Amane thoughts that particular video was the best among her career. she didn't feel bad being told that he had watched it over and over again. and she wanted to continue to open herself up to seina like she had on imuim
  "Ho ho ho,well that certainly is how things go around here, I'll get things set up for you soon."
  "Please let me go! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   The NB fixed with a powerful constraining gel was screaming while struggling stupidly.

  "I heard, Airi-sama, is trying to make things difficult for a GP costume's new unveiling, she doesn't want to to be such a high-exposure event"
  "her secretaries are running themselves ragged trying to keep her out of the way."
  "either way Mikami has ordered us to keep a tight eye on NB and make sure it doesn't get free."
  "............ But i worry about master Wont you release me ms. kiriko?"
  "What do you mean?"
  "Why do you think she went to the trouble to get her daughter into this show?"
  "Because Kaunaq is in charge of the uniform design of this time, that's why Amane's mother  had Seina persuade Amane ... ... are you saying there other intentions?"
  "I have nothing to confirm it, but  I think she is trying to match make her with master."
  "What? What!?"
   The expression of Kiriko was stiff.
  "This time, the models selected  to model are top models, and there are rumors that Vega is one of them."
  " Vega ...? That model Amane was always fighting for the role as top model?"
  "If she can lure seina over to her amane will probably come back to Kaunaq."
  "Seina is not the kind of person to be misled by such things!"
  "but he watches that promotional lingerie video he got from the shop all the time."

  "Have you ever seen  it  ms.Kiriko? Amane is in it, there's a rumor its a pretty famous video ... but ... well yeah ... The problem is that other model also appears there. don't you think that should make you a little anxious? "
   Kiriko's began to shake with feeling. If he was watching it over and over, he liked what he saw, there was something about the models in it. If he got to meet the real thing ... .... amane's mother nature could be playing match maker after all
  "This is a serious situation!"

   Seina, who headed to the outer ring by way of transfer gate, got into a limousine-type car with a black finish, which looked like a high class limo. Amane immediately began to check the time table of the show, Seina seemed a little restless, looking at the luxurious car interior and the outside scenery.

  "Oh, uhm ... .... Are you mad at me? I feel like something's .. ...."
   Mikami rushed to quiet him to stop him from disturbing Amane. In any case the car was a luxury car that the royal family or the like was likely to use, the place where it arrived at was a prestigious place in the finest business district.
  "Oh you look impressed,  you've seen the imperial residential area of ​​Tenju, the room of the Emperor of Jurai, and residential district of an Imperial ship how are you surprised by this? "
  "Well yes but that was all for my job ... ..."
  "This is also fo your job, as the Kamidake's Captain, you'll get used to such places trust me."
  "Heh ... ...."
  "well this is good opportunity, I'll explain a bit about the correspondence of the mass media in the future"
  "What does that mean ...???"
  "There is a mass communication system in this world just like on the earth, you've watched our TV system before haven't you?"
  "Ha, ... yeah"
   Galaxy Academy also had a news program. Of course it was as diverse as the earths, from serious things to gossip.
  "Seina you're the captain of Kamidake, you attract attention with your talent, I haven't said anything, but there have been a request from the mass media for interviews for quite along time."
  "I never would have guessed that."
  "Since the Academy is a place that deals with various secrets in general, there are quite strict regulations on media relations, regardless of professional status. Seina your security level is getting raised slowly one step at a time, eventually you will be top secret and the highest degree of information regulation will be done.It is Seina you are still a minor and there are already parts of your life that are top secret such as Kamidake and Fuku chan and the existence of Washu and so on but there is always going to be the problem of your bad luck, ho ho ho "
coverage of him was intense, there was the possibility that it could cause a catastrophe from his bad luck alone.and gossip was just as bad as legit coverage, there was a possibility that  those rumors would be communicated to the Space Pirates.
  "……I apologize for causing such an inconvenience"
  "well, instead of having them cover you, we instead disclosing information on a regular basis, so we have rumors abounding."
  "I heard such stories from my friends ... ...."
  "but those only apply to places in the academy and other co-operating areas int he future  i will have to teach you how to deal with places outside of our control. "
  "I understand .... I feel somewhat complicated about it though"
  "on that subject, but since Seina is a minor now, there are places that are subject to entry restrictions, such as adult entertainment areas and so on, although regulation will be removed once your an adult, Those places are also places where our press agreement is invalid, so in your case Seina, in order to avoid troubles, special behavior regulations and restricted area restrictions might be set up "
  "so that mean that  there will be more places that i wont be able to go eventually?"
  "There will be more places to go, but the places you can not go will also increase,"
  "Sounds complicated, isn't it?"
  "Inside the academy circumference ring, there will be no problem, but in other countries and stations it won't be possible to go out freely. If it is absolutely necessary, you must apply beforehand to get approval. I feel sorry for you, but because of the issue of your security and your biased probability, it's a needed measure. "
  "Please, if you don't mind, I don't mind, as I've said, when i was on earth i couldn't really go anywhere, so I don't mind that there are still a few places i can't go, and that will always the case."
  "Thank you, I'm glad to hear you say so"
  "ugh! are you ever going to quit talking!"
   Amane  raised her head and looked at Mikami and Seina.
  "Are you finished, do you know what to do"
  " it's just a basic style show, it's a place I know the stages I've used before, the directors are familiar, and I don't have that many turns on the runway. Well, other then my stupid father being there, I think there's no problem. "
   The limousine went into the basement of a building had a large garden, that doubled as the event hall and the basement the light descended from the gap in the garden above.
   When the limo parked an employee of the hotel rushed over and bowed beside the door.
  "Seina, please stay in the limo." mikami said
  "Hey, I'll be back later"
   Amane waved to Seina, and left the limousine with a sudden and elegant stride. At that moment Amane was wrapped in camera flashes.
   When seina peeked out from the back of the moving limo, he saw that Amane was surrounded by a large number of people.
  "Oh wow, Amane is truly amazing, That's a lot of reporters."
  "I realized somehow when I saw that."
   The limousine arrived at the place one level below,. it was a gorgeous place much more lavish the the previous level. Moreover, the numbers of employees who were lined up was more than the upper floor.
  "The top is for showing your face to the press, this is the entrance for the VIPs"
   When the employee opened the door, Mikami got out of the car with an elegance tantamount to that of Amane's, but Seina looked down in shyness as he got out of the car
  "Hoho, are you nervous?"
  "well ... Even when i was at Tenju and the royal ships were much more amazing places than this but they had no mysterious and intimidating feelings to them. ... ... In them i felt a comfortable feeling somehow ...... "
  "I can understand it, so to speak, this is a place to satisfy the visitor's self-esteem, so appearances have priority and it's very artificial  even if it is just as beautiful. Tenju was essentially a place for everyday living. "
Mikami said, Seina nodded as if he had been convinced.
  "even with that said, you're still a guest of honor."
   Amane said as after she descended the stairs into the hall, she had heard Seina's conversation and noticed Seina's uncomfy appearance.
  "Thank you for your early arrival, thank you for being graceful about being surrounded by press reporters for the first time in a while."
  "It's annoying! It's been a while since I had to last do that, so I got pretty fed up with  being asked lots of questions, especially because I can see  half of them were given to the press by my fucking father, those ones are the worse."
   Amane  looked mad.
  "yes, I bet they are, but don't forget that this is also for the promotion of  the GP, and for Seina's image"
  "Amane!"Amane's father cried out from the stairs opposite the ones Amane came down while Amane was talking to Mikami.
However, in contrast to Amane's father, who was in tears, Amane distorted her face  with disgust.
  "I am glad that you came back."
  "For my show,  you quit the GP ... ... what a happy occasion!"
  "Hey, hey... hey!"
  "You came back and now the Kaunaq family is safe."
  "Hey listen to me for a second!"
    Amane's mother had on a smile to hide her desperate desire to take her husband away from her, Seina came around next to her so as not to get caught up in the impending violence.
  "We appreciate your cooperation."
  "Hey ... ... uhm Amane's father, hasn't he accepted that she is in the GP yet?"
  "Yes, of course I've accept it."
   Amane 's mother smiled
  "...... Amane's mother ... Are you sure?"
  "Yes, of course.

   Amane walked angrily on in the hallway afterwords, Seina and Mikami stayed behind he a bit so as not to get caught up in  Amane's anger.
  "My father's that bastard ~~~!"
  "Um ... ... I'm sorry ...this is all because i said I wanted to see you as a model ..."
  "That's right! I did this  for you Seina, you better be grateful!"
  "Oh, yes,  I already am ... ...."
  "well, then I'm just sorry this wasn't a lingerie show .... Oh yeah! I have to get changed, the time i have to change clothes is unlimited, so please come with me."
  "Oh no, no, I was going to look at you from the audience ... ..."
  "Because of security problems, we can't have you enter the audience seats, tomorrow is an intro viewing day for executives, so we aren't allowed to enter the audience seats then either."
   Mikami cut off Seina who was trying to escape.
  "Well, then, I ... ...."
   Looking at the puzzled appearance of Seina, Amane wrapper her arm around seina's neck and began to drag him.
  "Okay then, let's go,  and let's go quickly!"
  "Please don't pull me so hard"
  "Ho ho"
   And behind the three people walking, the cleaning staff who were masked and wearing the bottom of  glass bottles as glasses polished the floors and the wall, and watched amane and seina, It was a disguised Kiriko and Erma.
  "this is bad, isn't? .... The models in the back are pretty and they are pretty much in a naked state there throughout the night, how can she bring Seina into such a place."
  "Ms. Kiriko,it seems everyone is just getting here. At present, there is no abnormalities. except the model Vega seems to be a bit late. "
  "OK, hey Karen, Seina seems to see it in the backstage area, how is the situation over there?are there dividers or a waiting room for the officials?"
  "its an open floor, I don't see anything like a partition,and a lot of male staff can be seen. "
  "alright, if there is anything that comes up let me know."
   Kiriko let out a small sigh as she broke the communication.
  "I'd doubt that amane will leave, but i'm worried about what airi sama told us/"
  "Maybe we should first check the truth of Airi's information,"
   In Kamidake's medical office, Neeju was sitting in front of Fuku's medical capsule.
  "Neeju why aren't you going? Do you worry about Mr.master?" NB said
  "Well, unlike those two girls, I can not be misled by such a silly lie"
   Fuku said as she sharpened her claws on an unsealed part of NB.

  "please don't sharpen your nails on me!"
   Neeju stared at the interaction of Fuku and NB with a shaky face.

   Amane went into the waiting room of the show venue and went round about the inside. with her appearance in the venue, the bustle of the place turned instantly into silence.
  "Ah ... ... how nostalgic, this atmosphere brings me hack ..."
   As soon as Amane said that she noticed her father in the corner talking to the directors

  " yes this is my amane's comeback, as you know, she's cosmically cute girl, the cutest girl in the cosmos if i say so myself. so i need you to give her the very best spots and the very best outfits"
 . The director sent a gaze of confusion  towards Amane, and as Amane sent them back a signal to get out of there
  " Seina, let us take quick tour of the place" mikami said
  "yes...I understand."
   Mikami and Seina headed to a place away from Amane, who was on the verge of exploding with anger.
  "Hehehe ... I am glad you came back, Amane"
   a girl distracted amane as she began to walk towards her father, she recalled the girl from the bdsm club when she was tracking seina durring his "first paycheck" purchase.
  "Yumino ... i mean... Jun, your doing well."
   Amane hurriedly switched names. Her real name was Yumino · La · Jun. Yumino was for in private and when she worked at shops, and Jun when she was a model.
  "everyone was thrilled when they heard you would be a guest, Hey are you coming back to the modeling world again? "
  "This time it's special,  it's a order from my job."
  "oh ... sorry to hear that ....  so amane I haven't seen you since last time... are you ever coming back to the shop again?"
  "I told you I'm not interested in S&M play"
  "By the way,  that beautiful long haired girl who was with you that day  where is she?"
  "It's just me and these two people with on today's trip"
   Amane pointed to Seina and Mikami with her line of sight.
  "Oh! is that Ms. Mikami Kuramitsu  ... oh, is that girl rumored?"
  "yes she is with my boss at the moment."
  "I see so that's who you were looking for that day, he was hanging around my shop."

  "yes, i wouldn't have been there unless i had to be."

      × × ×
  "Ms. Mikami, Seina yamada, I apologize for having troubled you."
  "Er ... Um ..."
   Seina suddenly was puzzled by the appearance of an unknown woman, but Mikami was familiar with her,
  "Oh  Nanami, I apologize for not greeting you sooner."
   they shook hands
 seina looked at her closely and tried to recognize her
   looking at Seina's puzzled expression, Nanami finally realized first that she had already met Seina.  she sent him a silent facial signal
   Seina who saw the face she made how he knew Nanami

   she was the clerk at the Lingerie Shop NB sent him to.
  "Nice to meet you, Mr. Seina, I am Nanami · Tatsuki." 
  "oh um ... that...uhm."
   Seina turned red and  looked down. 
  "I will be in charge of model fitting today, I can explain how that works if you are interested, please feel free to ask me at anytime."
   Nanami bowed and, and gently approached Mikami.
  "Kiriko-sama is here"
  "Well, that is no doubt airi's doing."
  " how about asking Kiriko-sama to participate?"
  "That's a good idea, can you collect them for me? "
  "Leave it to me"
   Nanami and Mikami  smiled.


  "Are you looking for Vega?"
   Jun asked with a bitter smile. 
  "She knows that you're in a hurry so i think she's wasting time ."
  "So, she's pretending to be late so she can show up already looking dashing, she will never change."
  "well you came earlier than anyone else, I'd say you're more enthusiastic about work than anyone else."
  "It's just a habit"
   amane exhaled as if fed up.

Vega came into the room and everyone focused on her. she had a dignified appearance, and a presence with presence that was suitable for a top model. The place was transformed into a show for Vega.
  "Oh, you're here, I heard you retired ... ...."
    Vega came up next to Amane
  "I heard you were of being compared with myself and so you ran away to GP ... did you come to see my performance?"
  "I'm modeling this time as a special request"
  "Oh so it's true!?oh ...... they must have invited a guest from the gp for the battle segment. Hey, what is with your hands !?"
  she looked at amanes hands and made a steep expression.
  "oh wow you'll never make it back on stage with such rough looking hands you look ridiculous!
    Amane hid her hands and looked awkward. Vega looked disappointed to her response 
  "well do your best. luckily for you it's only for one day."
   Having said that, Vega turned went away from Amane.
  "... .... I ... I have no regrets ... ...."
   Amane said looking at her hands with a slightly sad smile c
  "I ... I like your hands amane."
  "huh...... !?"

  "The hands of my father and mother and Tenchi-senpai's hand are also rough, it shows they have been hard at work, well ... there like a tree stump with lots of rings it shows that you've accumulated something for your time..."
  "Seina ......"
  "I think they are very beautiful hands."
   Seina stared at straight as he said that
  "... .... Oh, thanks ... ...."
   Amane and Seina both blushed. Mikami looked while smiling at the two of them,  she approached slowly and silently, and placed her hands on both their shoulders.
  "Ms. Amane, it's time to present the clothing designs for the GP staff, I can't having you imitating a moving mannequin ... show them how the real thing would wear it."
  "roger that!"
  "Ho ho, we will be cheering for you, won't we?"
  "... ... cheering?"

  "Well, let's start the event!" a director said
  "As I understand everything is still happening the same but we've had to make some changes"
  "Suddenly, in the battle simulation, six people in addition to Amane  have been added from the GP."
Jun gently approached Amane,
  "Vega seems to have trained quite seriously for the combat simulation,"
   Amane  looked over at vega

  "Let's introduce our performers"
   the director, said to those who came up to the stage ... ....,
  "... ... I knew this was bullshit, but she still got me to take the bait."
   Kiriko, Karen Hakuren Gyokuren suiren and ryoko balta, who were supposed to have infiltrated the venue were up on stage.
  their appearance gave a lot of shock to those in the venue. All the models in the event were top models. However, not only were kiriko and the others comparable with those girls, Gyokuren was a person so beautiful she surpassed every model there. Moreover, if the girls were amateurs they had a tremendous presence, it was impossible for the crowd to believe it wasn't their main job.
 No one in the room could speak.
  "Amane, Do you know them? isn't that your acquaintance?"
    Jun asked
  "isn't that the beautiful woman who was with you last time? do you know the others too?"
  "... ... they are my colleagues"
  "wow they move do dignified, its amazing, I can't believe there amatures."
   Amane thought so in her mind. Certainly Erma often got on the runway as Ryoko · Balta, so she didn't know how familiar she was with the process, but Hakuren's team were pure amateurs so to speak. Even though they had received advanced education in men from Seto, they definitely didn't get this.
  (Oh, but they are accustomed to appearing as a guests of honor ... ...)
  "Wait, are they here cause of that old hag?" amane said
  "old hag?"
  "Oh, oh, oh ... nothing, I have to go check on something for  Ms. Airi... see ya"
 amane hurriedly left and went to kiriko

   Airi's name was just convenient to use at such a time. 
  "What are you guys doing?"
   Amane said to the girls who had on disgraced faces.
  "Airi said that this show was meant to lure Seina over to the models ... ...."
  "they were trying to seduce Seina to get you back to modeling for Kaunaq ..."
   Kiriko and Elma erma said
  "We were set up by airi. We were such fools."
  "I can't believe we were caught by Nanami ..."
  "Amane, didn't you know, originally she was one of Seto's female officers"
  "Oh, I knew that Nanami originally came from Jurai, But i didn't know that.... now I'm convinced this was a set up."
  "... ... No doubt about it"
   Kiriko said
  "oh well it can't be helped."

  "Ok rehearsal is through!"
the room was filled with models changing clothed, Seina diverted his eyes. In the absence of any partitions, the models were undressing all around him . Despite the large number of male staff, it wasn't difficult to under stand this was a women's changing room.
however as seina diverted his eyes he ended up looking right where vega was changing
she noticed him looking at her and seemed thrilled by it
  "Huhuhu ......"
   she suddenly faced Seina andgot undressed. Seina hurried to look away but her body was burned into his eyes.
  "Hey you"
   Seina  looked back reflectively at being called, but Vega standing there naked and she  seemed to be very cranky.
  (oh no? Maybe she's angry at me seeing her naked?
   Seina was in a hurry to turn his eyes, but the words he heard from behind him contradicted what he thought he would hear.

  "Why are you looking away from me!?"
  "You! Amane's brought you right!? then that means that my nakedness must be intolerable to you compared to her, are you saying I'm ugly compared to amane?"
  "Well, uhm ... ...."
  " Hey I'm talking to you,have the decency to look at me!"
  "If you want too talk, then please put on some clothes ..."
  "This is the first time i have ever been so humiliated as the be asked to put on clothes! Just say it clearly you think I'm inferior to amane!"
  "That's now what i mean at all ... ...."
  "Vega, can you try not bullying such a young child"
   It was Nanami who broke up the conversation.
  "I have done no such thing, Nanami! I am only talking to this child normally."
  "Vega, you are confusing a young child's confusion in shame modesty for something you should be ashamed of ."
   Vega was puzzled by this.
  "What on earth are you saying !?"
  "it's too complicated to explain now! your on soon go get ready!"
  Nanami got frustrated at vega's misunderstanding of the situation
  " Fine...I understand ... ... you there!  you better explain your self  later!"
  Vega left with a rough gait.  amane came in after her, and beat him over the head. 
   he sent a signal to Nanami not to intervene  amane began undressing in front of him just like vega. It goes without saying that Seina, of course, diverted his eyes from it.
  "wow you look amazing"
   Seina looked at Amane who  had changed clothes, with admiration.
  "you don't seem like the usual Amane I know, you're  like a real model ..."
  " but i am  a" real model" what do you mean?"
  "Oh no ... ... well uhm..."
  "Well, I'll forgive you for that expression, I guess I'm just feeling a sense of tension in this place, its making me nostalgic ... ... its odd... somehow... I'm happy
  "I guess ... I really don't hate this job after all ......"
  "Well, I have to go!"
   Amane left to go to model and her father whipped up the room into an applause

   ─ ─ ─ But as long as I am a Kaunaq, I'll never know how far i can get on my own abilities.

   seina recalled Amane's words that she had told him the last time her father visited her penthouse, Seina watched her leave with complicated feelings.
  --- "It seems that things have died down back here"
  Nanami came up talking  him with a monitor of the show
  "What do you think of her Seina compared to the images  you saw before?"
  "i don't get what you mean... ...."
  "then what do you think of amane when compared with Vega?"
   Compared to the other models, Vega's presence was overwhelming, he could  not deny though that her movement lacked little bit of precision. It seems that Seina was able to tell something was off.
  "... ... is there a problem?"
  "The fundamentals of how to use your body are different in the modeling world and the and GP, Oh, please do not get me wrong, the model's are all special and talented, but unlike them, Amane's movements are natural .... "
  "……that's true"
  "I'm  looking forward to watching the fighting simulation, please excuse me I have some things to do to set up for it."
 nanami rushed off in a hurry

  "At this point the runway segment is over.
The battle simulation will start after an hour break.Thanks all for your hard work. "
   the director announced back stage.

"Now would be a good time for a light snack, are you hungry?"
   Mikami, showed  out of nowhere and asked seina.
  "that sounds good thank you. I didn't see you for a while, where did you go?"
  "I had to do some meet and greets with stakeholders, afterwords i ran a check on the battle simulator, are you having fun seina?"
  "i have a painful feeling that i am a little out of place, but I've learned some things today too."
  "Hoho, so you haven't been enjoying the eye candy?"
  "Waaaa! .... well it just feels kind of awkward,  I'm trying my hardest not to look ..."
  "You lived with Kiriko and the others aren't you use to it?"
  "Kiriko and the others do not get naked and change clothes in front of me"

  "Oh, but the show you watched on the monitor was fun wasn't it"
  "yes, I'm definitely  eager to see the combat simulation."
  "That said, the director told me we can stay and watching the battle simulation, amane and the others are going to put on one hell of a show its a shame we can't show it to the general public"
  "why not?"
  "We cant expose Kiriko-san and the others to the public yet because the Kamidake is confidential at the moment and you are still under age Captain Seina. but think of this as reference material to show to you. "

   A red field appeared on the floor and began flashing. the models started moving out.
   A red field also appeared  where Seina was, he stood up reflexively.
  "Seina, stay here"mikami said
   Seina back down.  the inside of the field was covered with a privacy wall.
  "Battle suits are very confidential"
 a loud noise was made and a container rose from under the floor. It contained a the battle suits in it.
 Kiriko and the other girls  stood in front of each container, the container opened and the suits and acessories came out from inside. Specialized accessories were in  each container, they began dressing and adjustment them. It looked like an F1 races pit scene.
  "this feels quite strange,"
  "Because the new models are almost unchanged from the military ones, and since  Kiriko's people were inserted last minute,  they fit might be off from the initial adjustment"
  (ooh its Like a mecha anime)
   Seina thought as he looked their costumes. probably due to what  Karen told him on Imium.
  "i understand a bit looseness as a margin of error but these are practically a whole size larger then they have to be! you'd think they would fix such a thing wouldn't you?"
  "it's about Mobility rather than appearance, that is the purpose of this" amane told vega
  "but what about trying to improve the appearance?"
  "I will leave that to you Vega"
  " Everyone is ready!"
   the staff announced
  "Okay! Battle simulation start!"
   First off was Vega.
  "Ho ho ho, she seems to have done some full-scale training"
  "Vega was especially enthusiastic,  she even received a certificate from her training instructor"
  "Yeah, but there are things you cant learn from training you know."
  mikami and the director bantered
vega came out to the stage and did her thing
 Mikami and Nanami noticed that, and ironically it was Vega who had trained most enthusiastically for this event
  "she isn't joking,"
   At this time Vega realized that having Amane away from the modeling world, made her sad. For Vega, Amane someone to be jealous and at the same time she was an exciting rival that gave her motivation to push her into getting better, and in a way she respected amane. That's why Amane dropping out of the model world made her sad and angry with her.
  "it's amazing how much she has learned in a short period of time."
    then they turned and watched  Kiriko and the others who where working in tandem.
  " you know, that's all ad lib."
   The director was surprised to see that. Kiriko and the others were destroying the enemies with splendid cooperation.
  "This is  latest  shooting training program we have, those who can deal with it at first glance are as skilled as those in the GP special forces, they are super class, just like Vega."
  "I see……"
  The director radioed Vega who had stopped to watch them
  "Vega, is there any problem?"
  "no there is none"
   Vega answered in an expressionless manner.

  "I haven't had a good workout like that in a long time ~~ ♡"
  "What? ... What?"
    Amane responded to vega.
  "It was disappointing at how you preformed in the show, but during the simulation you were pretty good, i see now that you gave up on being a top model and aimed at the top of the GP, I'm sure after tonight your father will realize that too."
   That was Vega's praise and her declaration of separation.

 vega turned and walked away.
  "Oh! That's right! There, you!"
   Vega noticed Seina  walking past her towards Amane  she ran over and glanced at him.
uhm hi? how are you?"
  "Come on! There's all the time in the world now !I would like an explanation as to why you wouldn't look at me naked!"
  "Oh uhm!"
  "... .... oh Geez, what mess did he get him self into now."
   Amane was amazed, but headed to support Seina.

   Amane's father was watching the limousine drive away from the venue sadly
  "Do you accept her decision now?"
  "after seeing such a thing, there is no way i could not now is there ...? ... my child has already begun to walk her path ... ..."
   her father was deeply moved and began shedding tears.
  "Hey now, please don't cry"
   amane's mother wiped his tears with a handkerchief, she slowly snuggled amane's father.
  "Amane's left the nest... so why don't we have another?"
  "... i guess your right... I want a boy this time"
  " if amane was a boy  I wouldn't have had to worry about her leaving like this."
  "Haha are you sure about that?"

  "I can't believe that's finally over!"
  "Congratulations, Amane-san"
  "uhuhuh, Seina barely made it out alive,"
  "I was saved thanks to Amane"
   amane managed to convince Vega that Seina was just shy and finally she let him go.
  "It's been a day, I just wanna go home and take a bath now... ... Hey Seina, will you join me, I need a massage too if you can manage it?"
   Amane said holding Seina by the shoulder
  "Well, but, I have to get back ..."
  "It's okay to keep Kiriko and the others waiting, besides you made me happy today ... ... when you said i was beautiful ..."
  "Amane!he has to go to bed! we have things to do tomorrow! " kiriko video phoned in
  "So? that reminds me you aren't even supposed to be here, are you going to pick up Neeju and Fuku?"
  "Gaaaah! ......... fine but your going to take him home and put him to bed right? "
  "i'll think about it."
  "Amane.........! "
  "Hey, calm down Kiriko-san, it will be alright I'll be with them, ho ho"
  "I don't know if that's supposed to make Kiriko feel any better, you might join in in your younger body."
  "Mi, Mikami-sama! are you going to allow this? 
   Mikami blocked communication.
  "Bless her heart, she sure is a worrisome girl"
  "ahaha ... ... well i don't want to stress her, so maybe we should hurry back... "
  "Ho ho, yes indeed."
   Mikami sat deeply in her seat she looked at the situation of Amane and Seina.
  (this was a nice change of pace after their defeat by the fortune ship, especially since Amane got to blow off some steam and re-evaluate how she feels about modeling. I'm sure we can fight the lucky ships now.)
   Mikami closed her eyes satisfied.
   【Tenchi useless! GXP Volume 10 · finish】


  Note: We recommend that you read the after-mentioned theater after this text.


      Concluding Theater Part 7

   When Seina was informed of the holiday on the planet "Imuim", Kenneth and Rajau tasted despair.

   After the end of working hours they tried to peep in on people on earth, but learned the equipment was protected ... it took them two days to realize it though
  "Well, that ... ....!"
   Kenneth smashed his head to the observation equipment with a shock,and crumbled to the floor, hebegan to cry. Rajau could not any words to comfort Kenneth, he only looked at him lay there.
  "Kenneth, I feel the same ... But You don't see me laying like that, it's not good to put that strain on your body"
   Rajau gently placed his hand Kenneth's shoulder.
  "Rajau ...... waaaaaaaa ..."
   Kenneth jumped as rajau's stomach made a loud grumble
  "Ha ha ... ...  I'm hungry even in this desperate situation ... ha ha ha"
  "well at least were alive, let's eat ."
   Kenneth wiped away his tears and runny nose with a handkerchief.

   It was during meal they began to learn about seina's trip to "imium".
  "is this serious? Kenneth look!"
   Rajau, who was checking the status of his friends on the net, stood up.
  "this info comes from Fingu · Fox, apparently Professor Amane purchased summer clothing and bathing suits."
  "Fingu her fan club leader, why would he make such a big fuss over the fact that she bought summer clothes and bathing suits?"
  "That information starting linking with various  other kinds of information.Elroy Egasu, also found Ms. Masaki also bought summer clothes and bathing suits at the same time ..."
  "something stinks."
   Kenneth put down his fork and started checking the net.
  "Well, that ... ... No way ... ...."
   After tens of minutes, Kenneth was shocked in front of the monitor.
  "No way Seina's headed for a vacation" ... "
  "Why, why didn't he try to bring us, aren't we teammates?"
  "Oh, it's probably because we are in training."
   Rajau said 
  "Why! We were training during t important time! Why can only Seina take a vacation !?"
  "Seina, how can you take time off while were training!"
  "kuuuuuu! ............ uhhhhhhm, was there anything else?"
  "you're unexpectedly calm ... ...."
   Kenneth suddenly griped
  "Oh, I see. David · Doma got his destination."
   David · Doma was Ryoko's fan club leader. according to him, seina was headed to"Imuim".
  "Seina's guy,  and Ms. Masaki are headed to Imuim!"
  "our team mate is going to the Holy Land! one of our team mates has been to" Imuim "!"
  "oh! we  can brag about this the other guys! Ha ha ha!"
  "That's right!
   were they jealous or envious? Kenneth and Rajau kept laughing while watching the blue earth.
  "Ha ha ha ha ...... Gahahahaahahahah!

   the end