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GXP 10 chapter 14

 14 "Fortune ship launch"

   Shortly before Seiryo communicated to Seina,
  "Please,deputy director  Komachi !"
   Alan was begging Komachi.
  "Everyone is paid and they are fulfilling their obligations with rare goods discovery, so it's not a problem for me to give you  money if you bring me goods... "
  "so you want us to find rare goods' for money, fine by me. "
"I thought that you would say that, so  i had the guild accounting office draft up an invoice"
  "Huh? ......... What the! What the hell, what is this?"
   Alan who saw the invoice got mad
  "This is the invoice for the cost of what you spent"
  "Why! Why!?"
"if you want any money beyond living expenses your going to have to find something that pays off your debt first"
  "but that's too high a debt!"
  "Then why did you spend it, That's only the exact amount you spent.
  "...  well everyone else spent it too ...."
  "did you hear what he said Barry,Cohen?"
  "Hey i was just joking... I wasn't serious ...... Hey !?"
   Kanachi thrust a gun to alans head
  "I advise you to shut up and start looking ... ... unless you want to go out this way. don't forget that we're Space Pirates."
  " I understand"
  "now like i said for your earnings they will go towards living expenses and paying your debt"
  "hrmfrfhrhrhmf!" alan kicked the wall
  "you had to ask her it's really your own fault isn't it?
   Barry said.
  "This has to be a joke! an elaborate joke! that makes no sense right?"
  "Komachi was pretty serious."
  "there has to be a way around this! who's her superior?"
  " our boss...."
  "Huh! well the... barry..... cohen.... ... ... you guys get bonuses for this right?"
   Alan suddenly undergoes a strange change, and his voice sounds sneaking
  "Oh, that's right."
  "Well, then we are teammates, we have shared all this time of pain and fun together, right?
  "Our debts are already paid off."
  "What !?"
  "To be exact,  Komachi paid them off for us"
   Barry said Cohen hit him with his elbow.
  "hey you weren't supposed to tell him that ..."
  "How come you guys get your debt paid off? why dont you need to pay it off yourself."
  "well we interviewed to be Komachi's underlings."
  "We won't let her know what you said though."
  "hey, I should be able to say something like that too..."
  "you can ask but she might put a gun in your mouth again."
  "uhm... then... I uh...I have a bit of urgent business to take care of... ...."
 Alan ran away quickly.

seiryo touched the plate part of a door, the large armored door opened without a sound.
  'isn't this your private room, can I come in? '
  "it also serves as an office, it's quite a big place, we should put your office space in here as well."
  "good idea." seiryo said to komachi
  "Well come on it and sit down I'll pour some tea tea now"
   I Komachi headed to a small kitchen after seiryo sat on a couch
  "There is nothing to worry about"
 "what do you think about maybe attaching an extra container to the lucky ships to store our loot?"
  "then mobility would be reduced! right now our ships are small and highly mobile we need that advantage... What about advanced compression space technology?"
  "that is impossible were not the academy, and it would be impossible to provide that technology as a part of the Tennan conglomerate, but wouldn't it be possible for the federation to do so"
  "i think we would need to improve our quantity of good luck items before we try that don't you .........?"
   seiryo took out a luck meter, it vibrated suddenly. the needle went off the charts
  "What's the matter?"
   seiryo Ignore the question from Komachi and looked around. There was a decorative shelf in the room,   small pieces of antique items such as wood carving dolls and dishes were lined up.
  "what are you doing ...?
  "I'm picking up something strange."
  "Oh, I see."
   Komachi looked a little happy.
  'haven't you realized these are extremely lucky goods!'
  "You don't you have a luck meter! Look closely at this! "
   Seiryo showed Komachi a luck meter with the needle going off the charts
   Komachi was speechless
Start of episode 19

   The lucky ship 's secret dock was a mobile ship disguised as an asteroid. it was Originally made to be built the big  daruma's dock. on it was a good luck ship wrapped up with good luck goods.

 measures were taken to avoid  anyone knowing it's location but even so it still had proper shielding around it to be safe.

   The Lucky ship's flight was slightly lonesome, as it was a confidential one.
   There was no fanfare or send off, as the new ship of the daruma guild code named "the good luck ship" sailed off.


  "Confirmation of enemy signature! It seems to be a lucky ship that must have survived our last encounter."
   Kamidake quickly recognized the lucky ship when it jumped out. It was a flashy ship like a treasure ship, it didn't look like it was a Daedalus class ship at all . Seiryo had already sent the message to them on imuim challenging the kamidake to a dual.
  "It's so tacky ..."
   ryoko murmured
  "To be honest, when I heard that it was made using the Daedalus schematics as the base, I was worried... but ..."
  "... ... Can I shoot?" amane said
  "I know how you feel  ... ... Captain?"
   Kiriko left the decision to Seina.
  "were getting a communication from the enemy ship ... ... ... ... Do I turn on the monitor?"
  "Ha ha ha ha! "
   A monitor opened, Seiryo was displayed.
  "I know that you are there! Seina Yamada ............ Ooooowch! "
  Suddenly the picture of seiryo swayed greatly.
  "Amane !?"
   The reason was that Amane attacked him with Kamidake.
   Ignoring Seina, Amane began firing  rapidly while remaining silent.
  "Hey! I haven't even finished my speech!
  "prepare to retreat!"
  "No, wait! I'm Still speaking!"
  "this is happening because your speaking! you're just pissing off your opponents!"
  "What did I do !?"
  "Think of your crew's feelings! our lives are at stake!"
   Komachi knew Amane's feeling so painfully.
  "I wonder what's bothering komachi so much?" alan said
  "somehow i understand her feelings,"
  "you can say that again"
   Alan's friends said in a loud voice
  "Hey! you guys don't just stand around do something!"
  "yes mam!"
   some spot lights shined on the bridge facilities such as casinos emerged from the dark.
  "It's a showtiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeeeeeeeee!"
an Android who was wearing a bunny outfit declared, a crowd cheered. The crew of the lucky ships was of course, the audience.
  "to flee we need the luckiest co-ordinates possible!"
  "roger that!"
  "Why are you trying to escape!? victory is ours!"  seiryo said
  "This ship is still in the test phase! we don't need the Kamidake to be our first opponent!"
   "but i worked so hard to arrange this!....fine....Ha ha ha! but we should at least have some fun"
   Seiryo took several cards from an android hostess and distributed them to Komachi and Alan.
  "how about a Bingo game?"
  "the winner will receive lots of prizes!"
    a huge bingo machine began to spin.
  "First up, B17!"
  " what !!The enemy is moving!"
   The behavior of the lucky ship, which stood still until then, changed dramatically and it began to counterattack the Kamidake.
  "has their mobility increased?"
  "this is different Different! I cant predict their movement!"

  "Ha ha ha! What's wrong? Seina Yamada. can't hit us?"
  "D 21!"
  "Oh  bingo!"
   Seiryo declared raising his hand.
  "... ... r- Really?"
  "Obviously! Look at this!"
  "hurrah for bingo! It's so easy to avoid the Kamidake's attacks ..."
  "maybe you just need to have a little confidence in your own work?"
  "You are fortunate on your own. most of these objects are quite common!"
   Although lucky ship project was the most important project for the Guild, lucky merchandise was not easy to gather. Of course there were many people who came along for the gold, but there were many Space Pirates who wanted to have their own lucky goods to cause probability fluctuation in there favor. That is why the quality of the lucky items was much less then the quantity.
  "It was impossible me to say this when were originally enemies, which is not fair, but i was always impressed by your work."
  "Well... enough of being sentimental...let's get to attacking"
  "there attacking us now too?"
   Amane and Kiriko looked pretty impatient. It was because every trajectory for evasion was blocked off. 
  "Mia! Mia!"
   while Amane's maneuvering and shooting assistance had helped her so far. Fuku who was still inexperienced began to panic as she sat at her usual fixed position on the table.
  "do a super space jump at once as far as possible!"
   Seina saw her panic and immediately decided. Both Amane and Kiriko have a sense of despair , especially Amane who was disgusted by Seiryo, so to speak, she had found a cockroach in the room in the middle of the night. she didn't want to ignore it and leave. she couldn't sleep unless she killed. However, Seina felt something else entirely .His danger signal was ringing.
  "Emergency jump!"
  "Enemy, torpedo 8,  exjected! It will hit us before we jump!"
  "Fire Resonance bombs ... ...!"
  "I'm sensing a Gravity wave !
   It was a Space Pirate ship jumping out from hyper space at a close range.
   Since Seina was there, they should  have thought about the possibility that other Space Pirates would be attracted. However, he was distracted by the fight with the lucky ship, and didn't take it into account
   the Kamidake shook with a tremendous shock, the shields interfere with each other and sparks flew out. Of course the strength of the shield was overwhelmingly high with the Kamidake, but it still had spot sized holes in some places. And in those holes torpedoes launched by the fortune ship flooded in continuously.
   Even though the Kamidake,receive a direct hit from the torpedos without a shield, it was not enough to destroy it. The outer shell was broken, and then the next bullet came into it.
   a screaming Fuku stopped moving.
  "Main system down! Did it Hit the core directly?"
  "Fuku !? Fukuuuuu, Fuku!"
   Running to the table, Seina shook  Fuku who was convulsing. Fuku got up in a stupor, as if she was totally drunk, she leaned against Seina 's hands.
  "Humia ~~ ......"
  "Switching to the sub system!"
  "Emergency jump!"
   The Kamidake escaped to hyperspace by manual control while receiving the  attack from the fortune ship.

  "Gaa ~ ~ ~ Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ~ ~ ~ ha ha!
   Da Ruma was smiling a huge smile. It brought him more  pleasure then when the luck fleet escaped the Mikagami.

  "Come now, don't hesitate to party."
 he beckoned to the few people in the room with him
"We have not defeated the Kamidake yet"
   Seiryo said so in disagreement.
  "true and that is a shame but the test was a massive success wouldn't you day!"
  "Huh! my bad i thought we were celebrating the defeat of the kamidake."
  "I am a greedy guy, but I know when to take my winnings"
  "There is no doubt that they will come up with some kind of countermeasures they have the academy behind them."
  "Well .... it is as you say, but we know that.Of course I don't intend to send the ship out again as it is, we will increase the luck items, and of course the bingo prizes will be upped too. "
  "so you plan further power-ups?"
  "yes, so today to celebrate you should drink up! your the guest of honor!"
   Seiryo gave a cup to alan's trio
  "Come on, have fun and enjoy it! to victory!"
  he declared 
  "Oh ~ ~ ~!"
  Alan, Barry - and Cohen cheered and they were surrounded by hospitable companion girls.
  "I'm glad we became  Space Pirates!"


  "No way the kamidake cant lose ... ..."
   At the president's office of Galaxy Academy, Airi and Mikami had a face to face talk with puzzled expressions on their faces.
  "Besides that, it seems that Seiryo-kun is their captain ... ... the daruma guild must be desperate ..."
  "well the Tennan group sure will do anything to make a profit"
  "it's amazing really, aren't they worried what will happen if they win?"

  "their profit is guaranteed even if they lose ... ... Because the rest of the federation is remaining silent on the matter, so there is no problem, ... they are just truly enthusiastic about  business, they don't care who wins or loses,were just lucky seina got back safely we need to do whatever we can to help him. "
  "...... Ho ho ho, that seems to have already been done, hasn't it?"
  "well the Kamidake is Ms. Washu's work, so it's top of the line"
  "were going to have to think outside the box."
   The damaged Kamidake was in a secret dock Washu owned in the Academy and was undergoing renovation and restoration.
  "wow i'm speechless"
   seto said but Washu was immersed in her work.
  "I told you it would give them a nice handicap, I knew this would happen I did it with this assumption."
  "for what reason? "
  "Accumulation of experience, eliminating the weaknesses, I was able to actually see the competence of Seina, well, its quite a splendid place to start from"
  "But thanks to you, Kiriko is depressed ... .... if was defeated by the lucky fleet id feel depressed to. "
   Kiriko regretted nearly wrecking the Kamidake and that Fuku was injured from her misjudgment of the situation.
  "well that's just the fate of my child named Fuku, she knew it was her fate when she was born with to her husband Seina as a battle ship. She had no objections so she should be ok don't you think?"
  "you don't plan on bringing any more things difficulties like that against seina do you?"
  "Uhuhuhuh,  But It's fun and the experience values ​​accumulated come with such tremendous momentum, thanks to Seina, oh and i cant forget to thank  Kiriko's team, their experimental subsystem was very useful this time"
   When Fuku 's control became impossible, they were able to escape  by activating the subsystem built by Kiriko. Of course there was an evacuation program in the event of an emergency, but if a lucky ship was their opponent it would take more time for the initial move, it could have caused more damage.
  "Oh yeah! Another thing, from this battle, I now understand the details of the probability correction of Kiriko's team"
  "Is that true? "
   The data monitor stareds before Seto . The expression of Seto who confirmed it quickly changed to that of surprise.
  "Isn't it interesting?"
  "...... i see so that's the case, but this could be a problem.i wonder how having Hakuren's team around changed things... .... and the holes here... and what do i do about the mirror...
   As a mirror of Seto, she couldn't reveal her existence to Seina, neither could she be with him. Just watch from a distance.
  "It will  clear itself up, I have no doubt that Seina's biased probability attracts these people to correct itself. The rate at which it happens is speeding up. Regardless, the correction should work without them. "
  "I hope so"
  "It's evident that Kiriko and Hakuren's groups he already has two pairs, we should expand our range of people to check, I'll thank you for your cooperation"

  ─ ─ ─ Masaki Kiriko, Amane · Kaunaq, Ryoko · Balta, Neeju · Na · Melmas.
  ─── Karen, Gyokuren, Suiren, Hakuren.
  ─ ─ ─ Masaki Tsukiko, Kuramitsu Mikami, ※, Mirror · Seto.
  ─── ※, Fuku, Kirche, ※.
  ─── ※, ※, ※, TatsukiRingo

   Seto's was looking at a list written like this.
  "...... Airi-chan is not on here"
  "Oh, luckly for us Airi-chans's not a part of this"
   when she was put into a girls body on earth "Airi-chan" became the fixed nickname to call airi between Seto and Washu.
  "That's good.  the thought of her being a part of is terrifying. "
  "As for Airi, it seems that nobuyuki is finally taking responsibility. Well, somehow, it seemed they both enjoyed their time on earth, things might get interesting if they do it again next year. "
  "Ho ho ... ... what kind of fun are they having? "
   Seto came close to washu's face intriguingly.
  'Uhuhuhu, well Minaho might end up with a brother or sister.'
  "That's more terrifying than anything you've said yet. well, at least Airi would be a little more grown up about it now. "
  "Keekeke, I'd feel sorry for Minaho."
  "that's a pity. I hoped that airi's trip would resolve some of her depression as well. "
  "you should hurry and find someone to marry her, other wise the rest of her family will beat her to the punch"
  "...... It's already close to that, though... but were getting off track, when will the Kamidake be ready? "
  "Oh, yes, right ...... Because It received a direct hit at the core, I'd like to spend a lot of time reinforcing and repairing it this time. Fuku is still growing and i think it might be important to well...... hurry that... maybe we could put her in an acceleration space?
  "Good, thing i asked. right now is perfect for that, the lucky ship is in the testing phase, so it will not move any time soon.but Im worried that Seiryo going to be seina's opponent ... ... . I don't want to rush them into a fight with him. "
  "you might not have a choice"
  "Is there any other solution?" "
  "over-protection isn't good, the essence of wisdom is ingenuity, effort and guts! victory is just the matter of a simple power up, if you keep trying the same thing your going to get stuck. You should know that. "