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Tenchi Muyo is a series that originally Started out as a direct to video animated TV show.

However, It eventually expanded to include dozens of Novels and Doujinshis most of which are required to understand large portions of the plot of the story.

There are many reasons for this such as the expansiveness of the show's mythos, the popularity of novelizations, the need to correct executive meddling, and even possibly unwillingness to remove explicit content.

In this section is an index of all of these and my slightly abridged and commentated adaptations of them, which i put together from a mix of machine and manual translations

The Kajishima-verse novels:

These are the novels for the original Tenchi muyo OVA canon, these include the following:

Tenchi Muyo 101 Facts
And don't forget to check out The Prototype Drawings from it.
The True Tenchi Novels
The True Tenchi Novels Companion Doujin: Goodbye 21st Century
The OVA 4 Initial Plot Novel
The True Tenchi GXP Novels Part 1 (volumes 1-14)
The True Tenchi GXP Novels Part 2 (volumes 15 - on going)
The Paradise War Novels
The Photon: Idiot Adventures Novels 
The Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar Novel


The Hasegawa-verse:

These are the 13 novels written by the original Scriptwriter for Ova 1.
They are an alternate version of the OVA Canon

The Hasegawa Novels


The Negishi-verse:

These are the novels for the Tenchi Universe canon, these include the following:

The Tenchi Muyo in love! Novels


The Okuda-verse:

There are no Okuda-verse novels, Unless you count Visual Novels as novels but regardless the Okuda-verse (The tenchi manga) Deserves an honorable mention. If you haven't read it before it is one of the best parts of the tenchi series and an alternate OVA timeline that incorporates the OVA into it.

The Okuda-verse Page


The Pretty Sammy-verse

These are the novels for the Pretty Sammy canon:

The Pretty Sammy Novels


The Tokyo-verse:
These are the novels for the Tenchi Universe canon:

The In Tokyo Novel


The Ai-verse:

These are the novels for the Ai Tenchi canon, these include the following:

The Ai Tenchi novels