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GXP 1 - 16 done Zipable Compilation Now available

After 3 years I'm so happy to announce that I have finished translating  GXP 1-16, the true Tenchi series, the ova 4 novel, most of the doujins and the first and last chapter of paradise war.

The entire series has been proofread and corrected so they no longer read like a dyslexic unspellchecked nightmare and I've added translated illustrations.

GXP 17 will not be recieving a full translation, I find most of it very dull and essentially filler. Instead I will provide a summary of what happens scene by scene.

Now I know it's really hard to read any of this shit on this site so I've made some adjustments to the font... but most importantly I plan to release another edition of the e-book collection soon so y'all can read it however you want. I'm also working on writing summaries for the entire series so you don't have to commit to reading through all of them. I know some people are just not up for that.

Thank you all so much for putting up with my half assed non editing these past few years,
I was more interested in extracting the lore as quickly as possible then as neatly as possible but now that I have it doesn't hurt to make it nice.