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GXP 17 Chapter 8 machine

8 "To everyday again"

"The spirit yarn point and range designation are totally vacuum cleaners. If dust builds up, it will become a mountain, but you can not just scrape "

Natori showed its abilities to the fullest, gathering medicinal herbs that caught himself from the city, and besides that, unknown weed trees that were noticed by visualization of sorcery were gathered from one end. But if you can not organize, any valuables are the same as garbage.

"The lady thread storage is not a rubbish house"

"There is nothing I can do if there is no funds, so it's just a waste of mind. Since there is a component analysis of the magic scan, if you collect classification data variously now, it is easy when you start activities in the forest of the Magi tree "

Analysis of the same component by magic scan is possible, so we are collecting various samples anyway.

What kind of ingredients are contained in what kind of things?

What is it used in this world?

I make use of my favorite museums as much as possible, around the town's drug stores and so on, the data of the main object is pretty complete, and it seems that I am in the process of handling things that I can not handle without qualification.

"And data analysis and classification is my specialty? While Seina is sleeping, work is proceeding properly and anyway please concentrate on those who gather Seina "

It is already that vitality , it seems to see Kiriko at full opening .

"I am worried about what you are doing while I am asleep. Every morning, I am surprised when I wake up, the amount of magic is increasing, but "

When I wake up in the morning, once the magician is fully charged, the maximum amount of it is steadily increasing steadily every morning. Although it is not as explosive as expected when making polar crystals, it still has more than 60 million. In other words, while Seina is sleeping, Natori uses magic like a crystalline sorcery organ, using donkey in the shade of the forest without intervention.

"It is the success of internal help ♡ "

How long will this original young wife be innocent? It seems like I want to joke about, but there is no point in escaping the reality anyway. Also, when I use expressions such as young wives, Natori is scared of being broken in various ways.

"I am afraid of the evolution of the magic figure body and the organization system, and the things I do not know are increasing more and more ... .... "

Fortunately the quality of Seina 's demon element became frighteningly advanced, and instead of walking standing, I began to have enough mobility to do simulated war with Seina. Although it is not even a living thing, it has led to an exterior that is not noticed even if walking in the town normally. Indeed it seems that Nana had a feeling of incongruity, but Barry Gull did not notice it either.

"Then, finally in my figure! "

"Sorry, it's dismissed! "

Indeed it is noticeable if you walk outside with the figure of Natori. Anyhow I managed to keep my mind at once thought that it is impossible now, but the reaction folder or dissatisfaction is resolved, or the classification folder of the spirit string storage has been growing rapidly by Seina. As I saw things scared of Seina before, I tried opening one but as soon as I decided not to close it, I do not know for a moment, I am afraid to know, a lot of dubious witch's houses It was there.

─ ─ If it is still "the success of internal assistance" you can not help it, right?

And just as Seina stopped snooping, turned off the monitor, trying to erase from memory.

"By the way, what is the investigation of the sorcery organ? "

"In the analysis of the data obtained in the previous search, I do not know any more things anymore, but you can definitely look at Mr. Seina's personal data. The problem is what level it is, but at least the deficiency of the body at "regeneration" will be able to cure if it is below the neck if there is sufficient magical volume. However, for more precise investigation, it is necessary to analyze the sorcerer organs at another level higher than what should be done. "

When it comes to the level of analysis above the aristocratic plant garden, it will not go on for a while. Even in that survey, the upper limit of the amount of magma has increased by about 3 million, so there is a high possibility that the amount of magical matter will increase by ten million units if you do not do it.

"I will not be bothered by playing down from the neck ... ... Well, there is not a hurry, so please give that extra effort to another side"

"Kusu" for the success of internal help "is not it? It is understood ♡ "

"Even if I say nothing, as I'm asleep, I can not stop it, so recently I have to think that it is good because there is no curious behavior ... Well, today I should return to Barry Gal as soon as possible I was told that. "

I confirmed that no one was watching Seina and raised the running speed a little.

"Go home, Ms. Seina"

"I found about 30 this morning ... totally ... What did it happen if I take it everyday but I do not reduce it at all?"

"Thank you for your hard work. I'll check it later and check it out."

Seina who entered from the back door where he got into the kitchen gave Nana brought in his basket to Nana who picked up the plate that recorded the location of the trap, the vegetables that he got on the farm this morning, and the meat purchased at the market. This is breakfast or dinner.

A lot of stew is the main meal in this world, because it is difficult to preserve perishable goods. There are refrigerators using demonic crystals, Magic Box store, etc., but they are not very handy for ordinary people. Of course, Seina has a spirit yarn storage, so you can preserve it indefinitely as it is, but you can not use it in a big way, it is also secret to Nana and Barry Gal.

Barry Galle's house has a large magic box store, but the reason for many stew-related menus is that Barry Gal is a human who wants to finish meals in a short time. However, Nana is good at cooking, and there are abundant menus, so the laziness of the master seems a little dissatisfied.

"Please negotiate to get a magic bag that you do not use early to go to sell herbal medicinal herbs"

"As for debt, there is no need to hurry to that. Besides, because the capacity is small, "

"It may be possible to analyze and increase capacity. If time can be added freeze ... .... "

"C'mon, if you do that, you can not use magic bags in public. Rarely recognition misunderstanding ring on your own ... ... "

"That is ours, and I told you that Seina was good, did not you? "

"I just said that I can use a certain function now. I thought that it would not be such a fancy ... ... I thought I should sell it in case of emergency "

Nakato analyzed the magic recorded in recognition misperception artifacts, organized useless spells, added various functions and increased the performance. Moreover, the demonic crystal was made to crystallize pure, the capacity also exploded, and made it even better. Of course I do not intend to sell for now, but if repayment of debt should be delayed by any chance, I intended to sell it.

"The content that has to be disguised has increased considerably, and the capacity is not enough as it is, and I will not let it happen! "

In fact the material of the spiny thread storage and the herbs are considerable. As far as you see the drugstore in the city, if you release it as it is, it is an amount that is likely to cause a slight price collapse. The biggest problem is how to safely sell the amount safely and make money. However, it would be safer if you thought about wholesaling to a place like a wholesaler than a retail store.

"If possible, if you can get some more demonic crystals, I am thankful for everything"

"If it does not become a hunting adventurer , even if it is not even in the sales department of Guild , the demonic crystal is the highest equipments ...... Although there is a hand to make a pure crystal by acquiring a poor quality thing, In that case it will not sell again, the problem of money to buy it is the most hurdle "

Magic crystal relations are valuable items sold only to members such as nobility and privileged hierarchy, and to humans with certificates of hunting adventurers. Of course, there is a route of darkness in this hand, but it is not necessary soon as soon as it is, and there are neither such a place nor gold with such a place in the first place in the first place in the first place. And it is obvious that it will not be a serious thing to do with such a place.

"Well I do not have a magic bag yet, but I can not use spirit string storage in public, I can use it for stockpiles, so it can not be helped. It is best to go straight to "

In addition to severe wildflowers that Seina also found in the middle of delivery, we also stock vegetables and meat etc. Vegetables mainly contain items that Barry gull dislikes and things Nana can not eat, and besides that it also captured eggs and fish from wild birds.

"Oh, have you come back. How do you feel about your body?"

The back door of the house is also underground in Barry Galle's smithing workplace. Barry Gal who finished work before breakfast was using moistened throat burning with the heat of the furnace with cold prepared water, that is, sports drink mixed with salt and fruit juice.

"Yeah, I was not originally sick, because my appetite has stabilized."

Especially I am pleased that the number of times I have passed down has decreased. There were times when there were more times to give out at one time than to eat.

"I feel familiar with people in town"

"What's more, if you get used to it.

"Thirty doubtsful"

"Yoshi Yoshi: That just means that you have picked up a small monk ... By the way, if the situation and the life of the body cease to be a problem, I think that it is time for a small priest to start training as a hunting adventurer soon Is it? "

"One, finally!"

A big event of the fantasy world. It is the most important factor that it will not begin without this.

"It is really disappointing. Although I have an appointment of "Woman is a waste for waste" if I was a substance "

"I promised you that! ...... Well there may be promises of saying "It's like that bean sprout"

"Fuhu, Bio-Enhancement and Enchantment Enhancement ... I 'm looking forward to it"

It is the volume of the rampage of Seina, strengthening double enchantment. Well I can not do such a prominence in fact, but it is the moment Seina has waited so long, so I want you to forgive a little delusional position.

" ... .... It seems to be happy, but the boy will be half a half before half of a hunting adventurer"

It seemed that he was on the face firmly, Barry Gal gave a cold water of words that would not be able to beat with a little grin.

"Huh? Half half?"

"It's an apprentice apprentice, although it's also the first step of hunting adventurers, let's have a magic bag at this opportunity." Gahahaha! "

Barry Gar laughed a fun laughing while striking the shoulder of Seina which is shocked and shrugged .