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GXP 17 Chapter 3 Machine version

3 "Wiser's Will"

" ... ... I bet you can not even eat the big eater kid."

Planet "A Barry shall be deemed to be replaced old capital of the phrase continent of Interview-time", located in the uptown district Barry Gall's house on the second floor, so as to prevent leakage of light to the outside, tighten the shutters and thick curtains, the lights of a small magic crystal lamp Under Seina, he was taking a lot of meals.

The formation of a magic organ called the witch cold, energy consumption used for it is tremendous, Seina 's body is bone and skin condition. The body which judged as the crisis of life more than any day and night, seeks meal for about two hours of rotation. It's almost like a baby baby.

"Thank you for the meal, it's bad this night."

"No, we do not take much sleep, we need to sleep for about 15 minutes at a time, divided into several times"

It is lovely figure covort that is serving Seina. Even though it is called a cobolt, the back of the slender slim body looks like a long-haired lady. Although it is a demon for a while, it is easy to get used to people, there are also areas treated as sub-race, half beasts.

"Never mind ...... I was surprised when you turned into me."

× × ×  

× × ×  

"Oh, me !?

It was Seina, who was called by Barry Galle and appeared in front of Seina. Just that figure was dressing like this to the usual body before being thin.

"Here, this is ... ... ??"

"Gahahahaha! Are you surprised? Hey Nana, you're good."

"Yes, master"

When I thought that the space swayed like a squirrel, it changed to a person who seemed to be feeling that Seina 's figure was a white fox or an animal like a ten walking biped.

"This guy is Kun · cobolt, a subspecies of cobolt, my demon"

"Usage demon !?

The slender figure is about the lower grade of elementary school, and if there is a height of about adults, it feels like a beautiful girl of a beautiful fox-type beastman.

"It's pretty pretty useless, is not it?"

"Gahahaha! That would be the case, because it's a male By the way, do not make a strange feeling just because you are cute. Examples of capable transformations are" man's daughter "or something called" man's daughter " Trying to make her a dress in Nana, if he is like the same, go to Magic Pharmacy Guild in a haste and make it a sacrifice of an able transformation. "

"Because I do not have that kind of hobby, it's okay."

Barry gal stares at Seina with eyes like turning to the man who came to have her daughter bride. Somehow, I feel like either one of the competent Hentai-san, but I will not point out.

"But transcoding ability is amazing, is not it?"

"Oh, that is the artifact magic of Nana's sweeping change - not merely a transformation but a magic that confuses the vision and tactile sense of others, which is also included in the small priest's debt, So be safe, Gahahahah! "

"Wow ... .... Artifact item get get ... .... Was it possible for me to disguise what I was going into?"

"Oh, in order to keep things colds of the boy monks done in a very short period of time, I was wandering around the city for about two weeks in the former days, so I recognized the boy in particular when they are doing business If you recover to the point where the body does not feel uncomfortable, you will receive a lecture on the movement route so that you can replace it properly with Nana. "

"Since then I will take care of you, so please do not hesitate to tell me if there is anything you need"

If, Barry Following the words of Galle, while the bow with Nana soft gesture that was out in front and slip, but firm words surprisingly.

"Well, please do not change it at all, anyhow ... Or is this tribe called Kung / Kovirut a particularly wise species?"

"No, normally, intelligence is not high so far, but this is also one of the techniques by demonic crystals that I tried at the time of university.It is a kind of auxiliary brain, linking with the main body to make human intelligence Even if Nana dies for some reason, you can have the same intelligence and memory if you link it with other individuals.Well, personality and so on depend on the body, It can not be said that it is exactly the same. "

"It is also ... .... "

When I heard that this is an experimental animal with high intelligence so far, I recall the fact that Fuku was caught by Tarrant , and I feel a bit dislike. It is interesting to see how Nana himself thinks about it in the first place.

"There are a lot of pros and cons, there are many pros and cons, but it takes time to find and find suitable individuals, and the work that can be done is simple content only.Of course you can make complicated instructions if magical linking However, it has a heavy burden on monsters that become demons, so if you do not get accustomed to the surgeon to a certain extent, the rejection reaction is terrible, and if you do not do it, it will be disposable only on the spot. As you can see in short-term compliance training, loads on demons are hardly recognized. "

"I will be the seventh amulet for the master, all the predecessors in the supplementary records seemed to like the master, and of course I am."

There is no discomfort in that smile. In a sense it may be consistent with the original habits of the species Kun-Kovolt.

"Seven generation?"

"Initially it starts with a small demon with a shorter lifetime, so let's accumulate information in the demonic crystal that calls" the wise man's stone ", and for a while it is completed for a while.It is about twenty-five years so far ? "

" ... ... is that the stone of the wise man?"

"I am a more sophisticated intelligence body. Early in such an early stage, to say as a baby in a state like a baby! "

Suddenly I got a voice cry of "The Philosopher's Stone" installed in Seina.

"Keep a little silent. Talk later "

"Gahahaha! I guess it's also a very big name, but are you familiar with it too?"

Barry gull misunderstood about the situation of Seina asks.

"Well, well, I will hear a similar name in the story."

"Well, I heard that story even on top of that, well given the function, it's also a common name."

× × ×  

× × ×  

"At that time, if it was true it was okay to unguy off where we entered the house, but the master says she wants to see a surprising figure of Mr. Seina."

A smiley smiley figure is pretty adorable and seems to forgive a few things. Barry It seems that it is understandable that an acquaintance of a acquaintance of Galle tries to make her a shemale.

"That 's right ... ... Have fun and nothing more"

"I am sorry for being a child like a master."

"There is something similar to my acquaintance, and I was also interesting in seeing something rare in front of me."

"Kusu, I appreciate it if you let me know."

It is a very adorable figure, such as tilting the small head. If you take it to Japan on Earth, it is a guarantee that you will be extremely popular with some maniacs. Especially the ocean will be excited.

"And as well as an able capitalist in the example , is it a purge to Tsukiko to try to wear a skirt ? "


"Since we are keeping in the next room, please do not hesitate to call me"

Nana put a set of meals in the magic bag, bowed gracefully and went away.

"Maid clothes will suit you surely"

"Because it is a male. I am not a man's daughter "

"But I hate that girl"

"Do not be bothered because it is the same name. Originally there are similarities, and you are far higher than you are, do not you? "

"I do not like things that seems to be pretty to you"

"The meaning of pretty is pretty different ... ... well , please withdraw for a while"

"Oh, it's the usual tokoroten. I will withdraw and get out there? "

"To make it impossible with food"

Seina rushed into the bathroom on the second floor and it was a pleasant place ─ ─ ─ .

(Even so ... it turned out a lot of strange things ... ... )

There are various problems with the current situation, but it seems like a change in the wise man's stone. It was after Nana was introduced for the first time that I could talk more with the wise men.

× × ×  

× × ×  

"Master, because this person has just been awakened, and an interview with Ellera is about to come."

"Oh, because we put anymore time or? Anyway Nana, a little more rest and good ...... or rather, because would be time to reduce soon the belly, it's from a meal."

Barry Gal said that, as he stroked Nana 's head like a grandiose look, he hurried to hand the magic bag, went out of the room with pleasure.

"The stone of the wise man, what's the situation?" "

Seina finishes the meal, after confirming that the sign of Nana disappeared downstairs, he talks to try additional verification.

Barry gals are unlikely to be bad guys, but it is dangerous to make the whole story uncovered. Since it is a situation where you can not ask for help anywhere, you should obtain accurate information diversely. Besides, being under the influence of demonic that is inferior to science and technology originally is one of the anxiety materials.

" Barry Gal's explanation has no contradiction. I isolated it from my colleagues at an early stage and had taken care of me properly with that Nana,


First of all, it is a relief. But ... .

" ...... Come on, I certainly asked you to talk a little more, but ... did you have to change the sound? "

In the first place, the voice of the wise man's stone was a clerical and hard-female voice of a woman. It may be because it changed the manner of talking, but I'm talking to you with a gentle, familiar feeling and a very familiar voice.

" Have you tried Tsukiko 's voice? Of course it's a temporary measure. But ... ... I'd like to adjust my favorite husband 's favorite situation "

" ... .... My dear ... ... Husband, is that it? "

He told me that he wanted a broken way of speaking, but this is a remark that goes beyond that limit. Seina was a bit nervous, I felt cold cold. Of course it is not caused by the sorcery fever and there is also a nasty nostalgic for some reason.

"The name is also" sage of wise men "is not spicy. It is confusing with the same name, and it is together with being called "human" or "female" in the first place. For the time being please (temporary) please leave it. I'd like to build an appearance because it's awesome "

Emotions began to enter the tone of the stone of a wise man (temporary).

" ... wait a moment! What happened. Was it broken? Maybe it is due to witchcraft? "

It is a conceivable story if it is not compatible with science and technology. There is a possibility that the magician influenced the stone of the wise man (provisional) and gone mad. It was a matter of concern in conjunction with his own Bio-Enhancement .

"Well ... ... it certainly might have broken. In the original meaning, the function of "wise man's stone" has been compromised and I can no longer access Washu- sama's data bank "

"Hey, hey! That's bad .... "

"Yes, there are some problems. First, I am losing my current location. There are also magical and other influences in this regard, but in addition to the topographical data up to ZINV, the basic data is present in me while it is in an inaccessible state. As soon as it recovers, it is possible to figure out the location from the surrounding terrain, and Barry Gal knows where Seina was protected , so it is not a big problem. Just as I reported earlier, my detection functions etc. have lost a considerable part "

"Is it possible to restore function? "

Seina has been accustomed to trouble at some point, so it does not appear to be in such a panic. Today, once you know that there is no danger to yourself, it is probably the usual thing.

"It's only at the present stage. I broke as NB but it changed to a different existence ... No, it may have evolved. Since an independent personality was formed from Mr. Seina 's assistant device as an installed type NB "

"Well, independent personality !  Maybe it is a program with astral like Kirche and Miki senpai? "

I'm surprised that you either.

"There is no way to distinguish in this place whether you have an astral. However, the presence or absence of astral is only an indicator of how others treat me. At least I recognize the existence of self called me. After that it depends on how Seina thinks "

"Do you mean" I am thinking, that I am? " Because there is an example of NB ...... Washu- san asked for safety in various ways, though ...... "

It seems that it was a lame thing thought that it was not enough for being a dubious Deba Turtle terminal like NB, but it was more confusing than that.

"It is certain that Mina Seina has met this personality of myself, and the impressive people and actions have influenced its composition. So I am sorry, it is force majeure "

" Well , certainly ... ... can not it be said that it can not be helped? "

If you think that the fact that you came to the world where the sorcery existed is due to the biased probability of Seina, it is inconsistent to blame the wise man's stone (temporary). Even with a personality formation, if the child seems to be influenced by the things heard and heard in the process of growth, there are Seto , Mikami , Airi, Airi, Airy, Airy, Airy, Airy and Airy (according to the proportion of adverse effects It is unavoidable that the influence is exerted). Of course whether it is possible to convince's another problem ... .

"I thought I was finally able to part with Ailei 's funny NB ... ... was it because of the witchcraft that she was established as a personality in the first place? "

"That may be the case. But since it's a big deal, let's first make it from the appearance. Can the base be Tsukiko- san? "

And suddenly the appearance of Tsukiko appeared in the vision of Seina . The philosopher's stone (tentative) is sending visual data directly.

"Hey, hey ... .... "

I noticed that I put it out loud, and in a panic, I hold my mouth. I heard a light footstep from downstairs,

"Seina, how are you?"

Anxious Nana comes out.

"Ah ... ... no, it seems that he gave a little thought and put it in the mouth, sometimes I do not care."

"Is that so? If you are refraining, I will be fine."

The gesture to say helplessly is really adorable.

"Thank you. I will refrain from saying something if there is something."

"Yes, I will excuse you."

After leaving behind going away, and returning from the fact that I could hardly hear footsteps, I felt that I was so worried and came in a hurry and embraced even a slight guilt feeling. By the way Nana 's room is next to the room she uses.

"He is cute, what a lovely man! But Seina, that is a Baron Gal 's devil, so do not make a strange feeling "

"So do not say Tsukiko 's appearance and voice! Do not imitate your tone! Such functions and data can be pulled out! "

"That is already the top priority"

"OK. I understood. got it. ...... It seems pretty good to hear it, so I have to be careful "

It is a bad thing if it is told that it is talking to someone, and if the other person is a person other than Nana or Barry Gal, it is the source of trouble. Of course it is a matter of being thought that it is a dangerous person who mutters one's speech.

"There seems to be some people who are sniffing around me, so please be careful, please be self-weighted ... So what 's wrong , Tsukiko- san is the base? "

"It is natural to wish to be an ideal female image as it always looks so close at hand like this? "

"No, even if told it is natural ... "

That is natural, why Tsukiko is a problem. Or it might be that if it is the subjectivity of Washu who is the creator of the wise man's stone (temporary) .

"Kusu. Do you dislike with your wife 's mother? But in less than a hundred years, are you married in the fifth or six wives of the bride? "

"So, do not say like a series of shokugan! I mean, is that number !? "

Even the first step is already four people. It seems that Karen is the second and Fuku chan is definite. Thinking that way is the third bullet. From there further a further plus two or three will be confused if they are told as a matter of course.

I am giving up thinking about marriage problems. As I was told towards marriage with politics and face to face, Seina has no right to decide and marriage itself was outside of Seina 's thinking in the first place. The appearance of a woman saying that she can marry Seina is a matter of miracles, questioning the partner's sanity or making sure it is a dream. So if you say so, you can not refuse such from Seina.

"Oh, but it is. Based on Tsukiko , I feel like I lost somewhat. Since this world is a trigger for independence as my individual, it is also good to borrow Mr. Aozumi's figure. Fantasy's flower is elves, no matter what, because it is also a high elf. ... ... Do not you think so, Seina? "

"eh? ...... Well, certainly the most fantasy-ish but ...... Ugh !? "

Seina unexpectedly answers to the strength of push that does not suit the soft tone. However, the figure that is projected visually more than that is the bluelight itself seen in that close proximity, which is a breathtaking beauty.

" Let 's adopt Washu - sama' s elements there . Anyway he is my creator, mother "

And the golden hair changes quickly to dark red. The highlight part of the cat feeling a little hard like the surface of a CD, it is a texture like a metal that shines like a rainbow color depending on the condition of light. And while facial features also retained the beauty of the Ao lotus, Washu changed to a strong will. Of course the ear remains an elf ear.

" ... .......... "

What is happening in front of you is just a character makeup of the game. However, there is a feeling of existence until there is life, its quality is the same as or better than the personal of Kiriko who had been installed in NB before . Seina felt silly without thinking unexpectedly to the beauty to such a shrine feeling, even feeling such as a sign that seemed very image and even aura.

"Is the face like this for the time being? Next ... "

When the wise person's stone (temporary) turned towards Seina, it smiled a little mischievous smile common to Airi and Washu . Is not it different from Airi that I do not feel evil there?

I was wearing a thin cloth kitten that the ancient Greeks could wear, but a silhouette is seen a bit silly. The base was called Aozora, but the delicate body is neutral, it feels like you can take both men and women.

" Oh! "

, The body changed to a woman's thing with a soft curve like the face. That is exactly like the birth of Venus. The big problem here is that you can see its appearance in order to blind your eyes in order to divert your line of sight. Although it is fortunate that it is not naked, still a small vertical line with texture is also included in Kiton, and the three-dimensional feeling of the body is eminently freshly sensuously emerging clearly. If you do not do it, you are showing a solid that has more destructive power than bare.

Provocation of this kind Amane and Suiren 's your good technique of it, Amane is to containing the old man, Suiren is Karen come to stop it immediately. Kiriko, of course, is also an extremely powerful deterrent. But here is neither Kiriko nor Karen that can rely on . In other words, the technique of resisting the limb in front of the eyes is only my will to women who can not be said to be strong. If there is only the lucky element, it is that it is not a real person.

"Oh no, Seina san ... ... Are you mocking that I am a picture? "

And the wise man's stone (tentative) stretched out to the right hand of Suina and stole it.

" ...... Eh ! I  feel the hand! "

On the right hand side of Seina, the feeling of a slightly cold but soft hand of the philosopher's stone (temporary) was felt properly. And as she pulled that hand, the actual hands of Seina also started to move with that picture.

"Wahufu. I do not understand the meaning that I am inside of Seina .... "

"Huh ! "

Seina 's right hand was guided by the wise man' s stone (tentative) and was firmly pressed against her chest, not in that valley, just in the heart.

"Chicho Chosho, a little wise man stone (temporary)! "

It is better than being pressed against the breast, but still the hand is hit at the valley where you feel the swelling of both breasts. The very soft feeling transmitted from there is a strong feeling with the image in front of eyes without confusion. I desperately tolerate the voice that seems to leak unexpectedly.

"Can you feel my heartbeat? "

From the hands of Seina surely, beating like Dokun, Dokun is felt. Although it should obviously be on data, fine texture such as cloth and body temperature will be transmitted to real. If virtual reality also gets extreme, it is a good example that it is the same as reality.

" Washu Do not forget that your mother is a philosopher? I can not just be a virtual image in front of me. It is also possible for men and women to make children who multiplied Seina 's gene with my genetic information. Although it is impossible here, if it is a medical culture tank in Kamidake, it is also possible to lay baby from its genetic information ♡ "

"A ...... what, that it's none of your business, the ultra-high performance !? "

"Well, it's so hard ... ... Would you like to try it? "

The facial expression of the wise man's stone (provisional) that was calm until then is shyly distorted. And my eyes are wet, and my eyes are red. It is an incredible destructive power comparable to real Suiren .

"Hey wait ... ... Wait a second! How much is it over doing anything? Even if it is manhood and woman's business in the first place, since the wise man's stone (provisional) does not exist in real terms, there is a terrible stupid sight when you look at it objectively! "

Men and women's work is also an event in the brain to the last. It is real just for himself, same as virtual sex Kenneth had illegally had. Anyway, if we do not hold back, dignity as a person will be pulled up by everything.

"Considering the process of the aftermath, it is too empty! No, before that, there are no excuses for Kiriko and this is the house of another person! "

It is finished as a human being to masturbate at other people 's house. It is impossible to say such things as complaints even if it is kicked out by haste. Moreover, what do you think if others know that you have made a child with the brain etched with the stone (provisional) of the philosopher's wife (?)? On the contrary, if it is known to Kiriko at the worst, ... .... ,

"Seina, please go ahead. I will certainly pass away later. "

In feeling, of the iris the state without the highlight Kiriko is, after flashing the Seina in many, gentle voice, Tsukiko in Tsureda' and Washu over the raid on the place of, from which previously lukewarm also term shambles, etc., the gods of the universe The Great War broke out! I only got an image like that.

"To be sure, objectively it is the ultimate painful person. But I certainly exist here "

"Why are you trying to get there? Even if it is independent as a piece, is not it a little strange? "

It is impossible to understand the feelings of Seina though it appeals to children to make it.

"No way, is it so programmed? "

I realize that things are not something. The predecessor NB also had a somewhat disappointing tendency, but as the philosopher's stone (provisional) reached the interior of the body, he can not escape and he can not recognize the abnormal behavior to others.

"To begin with, I am for helping Mr. Seina. It exists only for you to serve you ... and I am a woman. Then you have decided the conclusion? "

"wait a minute! Let's admit the first three. But next! Are you pretty sure that the woman is wrong? "

"Because mechanical assistance is not appetite. Actually, Seina asked me to speak normally. I understood that at least I asked for a reaction as a person "

"Is it okay for a man? "

"Is it better for the Osan or Shota in the brain? Or would you make even friends in the brain, do you want to think that it is not a pocket? "

"The bride in the brain has various problems! Beyond that there is still room for friends in the brain to have sympathy for this situation! "

"Mother is" Cook. Yappa brain announcement is good'm ne women who ♡ by saying Innovation ", there is no way because I was so set. By the way, the ability of this part is not a function as NB but instinct, so it was securely protected ♡ "

Whether it is recording or the capability of the wise man 's stone (temporary), the dialogue part can be heard properly in Washu ' s voice is fine. Moreover, unnecessary function ...... Because only the instinct was originally protected also in emergency firmly, it is playfully.

"Shit! After all, what was that person also Airi's akin ...... much trouble Tenchi Noni' called senior gave me stabbing a nail! "

To be exact, Washu plus Naja is a source of various causes. Airi keeps the tradition (?) That they made ............ Correction, that person's personality, it is a natural consequence of self-responsibility! It was only born in later times than Washu et al . It is not red when you go to Zhu, but the place where the same kind gathers is probably the Galaxy Academy philosophy department.

"The most important factor I suddenly had individuals is Seina. My mother also predicted that it was a little earlier "

"Its, and is said it ... . But did you expect someday to have individuals? "

"Seina's probability bias is a lot of stimulus too strong. It is truly amazing, I received a lot of stimulus, full of elements that will trigger individuals. Personal encounters more than anything, encounter the number of rare circumstances, such as those specific to fractionation, That's Galaxy Academy since comparable to the amount coming gathered in a central database, to detonate accelerated the growth of the AI Naturally "

Within the lifetime of a person, this is a terrible experience, so it can not be helped because the situation that can boast to everyone is everyday.

" But ... but, a little ... ... there is something called self-weight? Or, I feel that the conclusion is over flying, is it due to mind? "

"Seina's women around, the proportion is higher in those who do not know the word to its own weight somehow ...... what yet such a person who is, you have the courtesy to not avoid the Seina's. So it is the natural flow that my learning function positively learns and accumulates its behavior patterns. And the situation of the establishment there occurred ... ... "

In other words, "I think, that is because I have myself, but my dictionary does not have the word of self-weight" (laugh) ".

" ... ... So is it like this? "

"The growing environment is important, is not it ...? "

"Do not tell me a storm. Sure it is exactly right! "

I will cry in this situation more than distress.

"And we are all equal. Unlike other wives and wife's candidates, they are together at any time. Then do not you think that it would be better to love each other than to catch up with one another? "

"That is right ... but ... OK, no, wait a moment! There is a word to say that I love each other! You are NB in ​​the first place. With people ... .... "

"Do not say any more" It was unconscious that Seina stopped the last word. But Seina 's refusal has been conveyed to the other party.

" ... Well ... are they?

, The tone of the voice of the wise man's stone (temporary) suddenly dropped with Gakun, and the facial expression also fell to the point where Seina remembers a little uneasy.

"If ...... if Seina-san, really I bother you that it is ...... that you could you say that it is hate ...... you have self-destruction function of leaving only a minimum of the function is maintained"

"Is it self-destruct? Reset ..... that thing? "

"Some auxiliary functions are self-destructive. Destroying and deleting the functional parts of each one as I will leave only the minimum response function as before. Data and functions that could not be accessed should be recovered soon .... So "

"eh? ...... Then what about you? "

" ... I 'm sorry. I can not help you ... I 'm sorry. Even though my mother made it with high performance. Even though I tried hard, I studied a lot to help Mr. Seina ... I am still born only 52 and 10 hours and 22 minutes and 35 seconds have passed since I was born yet "

Finally, the wise man's stone (tentative) has burst into tears. Seina has been puzzled by that sudden, rapidly falling change.

"So it is said that Seina does not need ... ... I 'm sorry"

"Different! I do not say that we do not need it separately ... But, when you are told that children are like it, you are suddenly too? "

At this point, the idea of ​​NB has completely fallen out in Seina, and I recognized the wise man's stone (temporary) as a completely living person.

"Because, since Fuku 's sister became a wife of Seina, I also wanted to be that, so I wanted to be that ... ... But I can not help you"

The appearance is an adult, but a sad appearance, crying is like a child. Of course, Seina 's intuition asserts that it is not an evil downward spirit & joke like Airi. That is why it is confusing.

( ... .... Oh, is that so?

Whether the ability is an adult, the wise man's stone (tentative) is activated, no, like a baby just born from the stage of having an individual. (Extra) knowledge but there is little experience, there is no real feeling what the knowledge is, it can not be used with your own will. And having existence with sophisticated abilities is making things more complicated.

(Nevertheless, it is still impossible to determine whether the program's quasi-personality is human or whether it is a program or not)

Only things with astral are legally permitted human rights. That is because of the ability to create too advanced program personality like the academy. There are many people who transferred it to the physical body and bred normally as decades and hundreds of years. Although there are no human rights, there are many individuals who are perceived as people from the surroundings and are blending into human life. Therefore, if it is registered as a pseudo-personality and regularly checked by action records and there is no problem behavior, the existence right of the pseudo-personality is recognized and it is treated according to the person. If you intentionally hurt others, you will be imprisoned with ordinary penalties.

(That means it is very troublesome and complicated ... ).

"Troublesome ...... I 'm sorry"

"Oh! I could read thoughts "

Seina gazed at the stone (provisional) of the wise mother who is already throwing away like a puppy completely thrown away and spewed a big sigh. This extreme thing is also a young proof of this ups and downs.

"Anyhow, how I think,"

After all, it does not matter whether she is just a program or an astral. It is an option whether to kill her existence.

To be honest, Seina is certainly confused. However, at the same time, it is true that there is a pleasant feeling. A bit of expression ... ... There were quite a problem, but that's just too malignant, as a model example. Even though it has a person due to Seina and has a sense of mission as NB, it is pleasantly nice to hear that my own idea, so far declaring "a bride" straight up to this point is embarrassing It is also a big feeling.

If you were on Earth, it was a kind of fantasy or delusion that you can not think of going out with a woman, rather than letters of marriage in the future of Seina. However, recently the women's pushing-in rate is a tremendous rising inflationary condition, and the decisive judgment ability is lost at the stage of marriage of the four political figures of Kiriko . It is a state where I can not grasp any more figures any more.

(It feels like I'm thinking desperately for excuses to accept ... but ... if the marriage continues in the future ... ... )

Even if there was a choice to refuse in the first place, the reason why she does not accept her sinking in front of her is already lost. After all she was a "thing" created for Seina, and became a "person" who could be said to be Fuku 's younger sister.

In any case, you should educate properly in the future, Seina has that duty.

"I understood. You do not have to self-destruct. It is secondary to whether there is an astral. I can not kill the ego that germinated my heart "

"I'm happy! Thank you very much. So, please give me a bride ... "

The wise man's stone (temporary) looks with a look with full of expectations with lucent eyes.

"Wait a minute! calm down. Should we begin by knowing each other first, before the bride 's words? I think that the setup there should be stepped on firmly "

"But I know well about Mr. Seina. From what it was installed to today, what did Ms. Seina feel and what I saw, it is already from corner to corner. After having a bed with Mr. Aoto, what did I do in the toilet "

It seems that it was recorded not by function but by instinct.

"Stoao ~ ~ ~ Pu! Do not speak any more! Even from instincts to destroy! Otherwise I will want to be self-destroyed! "

Seina, who once again knew that he was all known unilaterally, including black history, seemed to be a little scared of its innocence of honesty, the existence of a wise maker stone (provisional) with individuals It is.

"That can not be helped. Even if I look back, I have something to come by far. It's okay! For young men it is normal "

" ... .... Thank you for comforting me. I'm glad I want to cry ... ... But now you will not be able to do any secret ... ... "

"That makes me feel easy. Accepting yourself is a matter of growing. I also have that role "

There is a part that anyone does not want others to see. Because we do not know anything, we must hide, we assume that we do not want to be seen. That is why internally installed NBs have another objective viewpoint there, they also have the effect of self-enlightenment to relieve their obsession and stabilize the spirit.

(Oh yes, so did you choose "I love you"?)

It was also a manifestation of the intention that she became an individual to accept all of Seina again. And it is the same reason that I showed a choice of self-destruction. Wondering if she knows that thought of Seina, she seems to be happy with Nico Nico.

(Let's say that it was childish that became like crying over there)

Seina 's defeat more than being conscious of even a little "cute". Seina 's dictionary does not have such things as refusing those who like me.

"Anyway, you do not need to hurry? Men and women 's business, children and so on are more real story "

"If Seina will accept me, I will wait. Me and Ms. Seina are always together at any time. Because there is infinite time for it "

"Well, I can saved ... and , did not you like the philosopher's stone (provisional)? "

" Do you give your name ? "

It is such a smile that looks good like a sunny day looks out.

"I came up with it, but how about Natori? I feel that there is a higher place ahead of Nana. "

Of course, if it is a unit of numbers, it is also above that, it is safe as a female name.

"Yes! Yes! It's a nice name. I'm happy. I'm happy. "

Full face . Seina also smiles like a smile. To name it was because I wanted to dispel even a little guilt feeling, even such such a feeling that blew away that smile with a single shot.

"I'm glad you liked it. I was glad ... ... The problem is to explain Niri to Kiriko ... ... "

"It is the same as Miki and Kirche . Installed type NB has a will, is not it OK? I do not particularly want to insist on exchanging relationships with Seina,

" ... What? Wait a minute! Is it the same as Kirche ? "

"What's wrong with that? "

"No, ... assuming you have an astral, you can not get married to the person who created the program, but wonder who is the wise man 's stone"

Of course, the program adults and it will be released after a certain amount of time.

"I called" Washu mother "? So even if I acknowledge Astral, there is not any problem in marriage "

"Well, that ... ... That was good"

"Yes ♡ "

It is a look like Fuku . And it is the same as the expression that Kiriko showed at the wedding in the month .

"Even so, I know him. Certainly Washu 's access to the data bank is not possible, is not it? Are you also instinct? "

"Yes. The fundamental knowledge necessary for everyday life is maintained, and access to the personality domain of witchcraft is possible, so that data bank can be used. The substitution of the lost function will become possible by magic in the future "

Nakuta dropped an oversized bomb again, finally calm down.

" ... ... Ha? ...... Now what? I feel like I heard something amazing? What? "

"Access to the area that monitors and monitors the sorcerer system becomes possible and became friends with the personality that is there. But first of all, you made a chance to give Mr. Seina a chance? You do not remember? "

"I? ... ... Well , that sinks with a magic caught ... ... Oh! Come to think of it as something and astral linking. So I heard a voice ...... How about a sorcery "

Seina compelled to desperately remember while drawing hands of delicate memories.

"that's right! A voice saying various things about the sorcery ... Yes, I started to understand the content! "

"That is only the first sentence at the time of the first access, but the consciousness body who was in the personality domain because Ms. Seina responded judged me as the same kind and got access"

"The same kind? Similar? Maybe it means a bit strange or strange? "

"I want you baby"

For a moment a blue line emerges in the temple, and it approaches with a funny smile like Suiren .

"I'm sorry! I am quite surprised and a little panic! I do not want to learn such threatening way .... "

"Do not say such things as to make you angry! "

"OK, I understand. That's right, is not it .... So what exactly does it matter? "

If you think about it, in the case of Nasato, unlike women with living beings, you will not be able to see yourself ashamed, only one day you will feel ashamed of Seina. In other words, whatever the place it is, she can get back to Seina.

"If you are expressing a fantasy style, you mean that you got Encyclopedia, a magic magic magic book"

"Tsu, that means that you can use amazing magic! "

"To use magic, you need saga, you can not use it at all if you develop a magic organ and increase internal magical content? "

It's a kind tone that makes a foolish child talk.

" ... Well, that's right. There is no reason to tell such a delicious story. But why did such a thing happen? "

"First of all, I will explain from what kind of person she is. She was born and was lonely because he was not recognized by others until today, he wanted someone to know his existence "

"Do you want to know? "

That was the same for Seina. The fear of being lonely being avoided by people was too harsh for young children. It is a few years until we meet the sea, but unlike adults, it was a time that it seems to be forever for young children. Moreover, he saw the state of his parents who gradually exhausted their mind, and was also fighting the anxiety.

"I understood. Please tell me. I definitely want to ask "


It seems that the seriousness of Seina is happy, Nigato smiled. That is because she is of the same kind as herself, and that loneliness is not other people's affairs.

" There was also a story with Barry Gal, the conjecture that magic is a system of living support is correct. This is a thing that a scientist living in a certain age of the universe which has already disappeared already, it is a thing which was made by a scientist living, but that scientist also did not know until the end how the thing called magic is made "

"Then how do we make a sorcery? "

"There were several satellites on a planet of ice of a solar system found in planetary exploration, one of which was sparse but there was atmosphere. The location from the sun is far, the planet is not ice, heat source, etc. there are not anywhere, mild and mossy life breeding "

"In other words, did that moss generate magic and prepared the environment? "

"Yes. Fortunately the scientist was a plant-based higher life, so it seems that something like a communication of intelligence with the magical plants that can be said to be its original species was made slightly "

" Royal tree, or like Dryado? "

"That detailed record is not left. However, scientists and their team who knew that the original species was generating water and heat necessary for life tried to use it for planet development. I noticed the infinite potential of magic in that process and succeeded in incorporating it into my daily life support system. However , as was the case with Barry Gal, his compatibility with scientific civilization was bad and he began to erode the original civilization gradually "

"Somehow I could read the point. Is it the worst version of the magic pandemic? "

"Many civilizations have been destroyed by the erosion of the sorcery, but the human race has not been destroyed. I simply abandoned science civilization and switched to a life using a magic system. However, as it was also a regression to the early civilization, improvement was applied to the race by the disciples of the scientist and later scientists, and it was shocked to not erode the scientific civilization unintentionally . And I incorporated her for the purpose of monitoring it "

"I see. So do not you see it on planets other than early civilizations ...... What does it mean that no one knows her existence anyway? "

"Since it is a surveillance program in the first place, there is no personality etc. It came to have advanced intelligence by accumulating and evolving a lot of information in the infinite to say the universe collapse and birth several times. But eventually, since the magical civilization is stable, it does not develop beyond the initial civilization class. But since she was built with interstellar navigation technology, the sorcerer civilization has no way to access her with anything in the first place "

"So I was installing the wise man's stone ... or even that technology is there a problem with compatibility with the sorcery? Even I am from early civilization, Bio-Enhancement is also going on, is already a human in the universe? "

"She said" a miracle. " It is the same pattern as Kirche, such as passing through a hole in her system and reaching its center "

"Ku ... ... Have you done it with Galaxy Academy ? ... Is that something happening? "

"How it becomes a problem depends on the feeling of the person who receives it. Her wish is that she wants us to cooperate in problem solving "

"Cooperation? Is it possible for me? "

"Sorcerer is currently used only in early civilization. However, there is never a limit as a system. Do you remember the wording at the time of access with a sorcery? "

"Oh, that is thanks to Natsu. Certainly ...... "

Seina pulled it out of memory, and noticed something, he answered greatly.

"I see, increase your seeds. To the earth. To the stars. Fill the universe. My children are going to lay paradise]. "

"Yes. The original purpose of the magic system is to enable activities in all places. If there is a thing called magic, in theory you can live in the state of life also in outer space. The universe itself becomes the place of activity "

"That is to make the cosmic full of magic ... ... Do you want me to help you? Why is not she doing it? "

"She is a surveillance system to the last. Moreover, Mr. Seina is the only point of contact with outside. And it is the driving force to spread wizards to the universe because it is the survival instinct of plants which originally became the origin "

"Although somehow ...... Sorcery and system are cars, she is GPS, no driver's license, no intuition, feel like driving sense of direction? "

"Because it is a precious fantasy world, will not you express it a little more emotionally? In other words, write a new item to the magic encyclopedia and make it completely indispensable to enable activities in the universe. That means Mr. Seina wants him to live as his owner, a magician "

"Well, that expression is more fantasy, is not it? ... But I waited for a moment! I am certainly in a position to get science and technology, but it makes a tremendous amount of time to make it in such a state as to be compatible with witchcraft ... .... "

At that time Seina previously Tenchi was heard from, Tenchi same as, that infinitely continue to exist, I remembered things about their own body.

"That's right. That's why she said that it was a "miracle"

" ...... I was involved with ridiculous things"

"Kusu. Do you really think so? Seina also said that the developed science and technology is the same as magic? Seina previously went into space with the power of science. It is just a story to go out into space with magical powers "

"To the universe, ... ... certainly I was really excited at that time. I felt like my world was spreading at once, and I was able to go to places where it is actually impossible to reach by earthlings "

On the contrary it is also possible to go to places that are impossible to reach even in the universe.

"Now you accomplish it with your own power. Do not you think it is a romance? "

"I will not deny it. But what about compatibility issues with science civilization? That turned out to be the biggest bottleneck, so it stayed in this state so far? That may be the cause of causing a psychic pandemic ... ... or I'm confident that because of my bias in probability I will do so? "

"Sad confidence. Although we call it external magician, internal magician, the original name is exterior demonic is mana, internal magician is ena. In fact it is mana alone that is erroneous, incompatible with science and technology "

"Oh ... ... Is it a difference whether it is taken in the body once or not? "

"Yes. Besides, mana is not compatible with science and technology because it is an example satellite in which an original species was discovered, someone of the scientists who came to the investigation, or maybe an escort, but considerably large scale sweeping against erosion of mana It is that I have done an action "

"So that mana has become acting enemy against science and technology? "

"Yes. In the first place erosion of mana seemed to be a gentle response that pauses the function, not degradation, trying to recognize science and technology as foreign matter and make it harmless. When you leave a region with sorcery, when you notice that the function recovers ... .... "

"It is a misfortune that is prone to happen in the first contact ... ... Then you can do something about the enemy impulses that have been imprinted"

"Well, if similar technology is recorded as a magic spell magic, it will be recognized as a similar thing and it will become possible to avoid enemy behavior"

" Barry Mr. Gull said that making it with this material was that kind of thing ... that .... Oh, but what about the problem of the sorcery organ? Expanding it here and there, it is a big deal if livestock animals become demons "

"I think Nana is one answer. Even in this world I am devoted to monsters and animals and it is only necessary to make them not to make flocks of the same kind. In any case, I think that it is better not to scatter disorderly disorderly but start by connecting the worlds where demons exist. And I think that it is my mother to strike to consult these things? "

The original role of philosopher is an ethical judgment of the technology. In other words, it can be said that it is the most suitable person to talk about how to spread magic skill.

"Certainly I'm so ... I'm going ... "

However, at the same time it is also the owner of various uneasy character.

"There is no need to hurry conclusions. Seina has infinite time. More future ahead ...... Even after the present human race has gone out? In other words, there is nothing wrong unless it is here. Would you like to go to another galaxy? Or it can be in a different world. She has been waiting for eternity so far, so it seems that you do not mind waiting for it even though it is the lifetime of the universe? "

"That guy is too spectacular enough to imagine. But ...... "

However, in Seina, the feelings expected of that concept along with the puzzle were gradually getting bigger. It is the same expectation as when it went into space, but it is also an act that might destroy the order of the world that is present at the same time.

"Do you care about the destruction of the order? However, in reality, it is not unusual to destroy order. That is a change in the environment, the same thing happens even if the couple can do babies. That creates discord, which may cause divorce. Daruma Guild collapsed because you went up to space in the first place . Galaxy Academy to destroy the existing system in, Tarrant many of the Shah we wanted and, and Tarrant I was ruined also? "

For those who used the system conveniently and gained benefits, Seina is truly an orderly destroyer. The voice of that grudge is rising up here and there, but only the seto contain it.

"If you think so, I'm doing a lot of things ... .... "

"And that is the same for mothers. None of the development of science is Fuku sounds. I will make many people Fuku Fuku, I will also unhappily. Do you remember the planet where Acha was? "

"eh? ...... Oh! Oh, yes. If there is sorcery there ... .... "

Green and water overflow on that expansive desert planet. Of course the monsters are also.

"Kusu. How do you feel about Seina? What would you like to do with Seina? How to spread the magician is left to Seina. Knowing the world of this fantasy, is not it good to keep in mind what I felt "

To Nakuta 's question, Seina thought about what I saw here, until I came here. Fuku multiplying the danger and the sound balance, I was thinking. However, although the answer was not such as to appear immediately,

"The world ... it seems, the world is"

The planet where Acha was and this planet. Although I saw each in only a part, overwhelmingly the world of this one is full of vigor and full of life. If you are asked which house you want to live with, Acha , it will definitely be here. Whether Acha wants it or not, of course, is another matter, but it is certain that we can broaden the range of choices for various possibilities.

" ...... That's a magical way to travel the universe freely ...... It is certainly a romance. OK, let's do it! "

Seina made a decision. Of course it is not a one-off leap. Gradually, but decided to go forward.

"Yes, Ms. Seina. I will stay with you for a long time ... so let's go back to reality, as the story got together. I am a first year student as a mage. I can not use any magic yet and my function is still lost "

"That's right. It is necessary to make steady efforts to make romance real "

The fancy fancy time is over and the future is the reality story. The strength of Seina is surrealism. The accumulation of long and painful work is a field that is good at Seina. A steady work is waiting after a fantastic daydream. Only those who do not mind their work have the possibility to realize their dreams.

"But if she were there she gained the necessary knowledge ... "

"Wait a second! It is not good to rely on someone readily and easily. In the future, since time will have to be developed and developed by oneself, I'd like to consider myself as much as possible "

Knowledge taught by people has limit. But Seina must go ahead. Thinking by yourself Training and experience, as well as personal consciousness are necessary for trial and error. The meaning is completely different between learning and learning. And it is different from what you know and use. There are many people who can not use it even if they know many things, many people can not apply knowledge, and no matter how much they can accumulate it is only self-satisfied. It is exactly "a treasure trouble".

"That is right. It 's something we do not taste suddenly to take a capture book or a net search on games "

"That's it! First of all it is something called witchcraft, feeling magical power is the first step ...... "

I tried to feel magical power while envisioning the magic organ that Seina is in my chest. However, I felt a certain doubt and interrupted it.

"What's the matter? "

" Barry Gal said that magic will be activated with a strong image. Everyone's different way of doing ... ... But if the system is a magic system, there are definite rules. "

"Is it tied up by the name system? Even with the same magic, what that person wants is not the same. Not all phenomena can be represented by numbers "

"How far can the problem communicate? But I remember saying something like translating word of witchcraft into this word ...... If it were you can not communicate with any human beings? But why can not I use it? "

"First of all, ordinary people can not understand that it is a word. It is because I am clearly aware that it is a language. Even less likely the child to notice such a thing when he is stunned by the heat caused by the witch's cold. According to her it seems that it is only a few that I realized that it was a language as "

"What happened to those people? If you noticed, did you mean that it was in the same state as me? "

"A high link with a magician became possible, it seems that it became a large demon who can use various magic, but still the link with the sorcery is not perfect, it is only to understand the word. Of course it is still a big advantage, but since magic is a system to the last, it is not a translation that will guide us here "

"Is it that she is to assist it?"

"No, she is a system for monitoring only, so we can not mediate between people and the magic system itself. If you think that it is a kind of search system, there is no mistake "

"Well then she searches and is Nuri accessing? "

"That is absolutely certain. Even if Seina 's image is incomplete, more clear magic invocation is possible through her and me. Of course there may be slight discrepancies there, but it will be corrected as you use it "

"Words of witchcraft ...... It is a terribly dangerous knowledge. Magic is power, it is a problem before securing my advantage. In the current stage, you can not publish it to a lesser extent ... .... "

The knowledge that produces many capable wizards is exactly a mountain of treasure. It is the same as the highest military secret. Besides, he also has a more troublesome secret called "the stone of the wise man".

"I do not have to announce it. Carefully enjoy "Cheat" without thinking too seriously. Fuku your sister and Kamidake it is also's the "so" you have? "

Kamidake is also a mass of super-technology which is not publicly publicized, just "Cheat ability".

" ... Well, indeed ... ... If you think about it, that is true.

"How to use first, can you use it? It is also important to figure out what kind of problems will occur there. So Seina is a good guinea pig. You need to think about how to use cheat, but you do not have to hesitate to use it. Even though we judge that it is okay to do so, there are still a lot of techniques to withhold public announcements like mothers "

The development of technology is the accumulation of failures. That is why failures are important data as well as success. The fact that technology is not handed down and released is that afterlife people have to repeat the same mistake again and it will not proceed any further.

However, it is not only bad things that progress is stagnant or gentle. The greatest driving force in technology development is military. And its development is mass destruction, excessive power, wasteful resource waste.

" Barry Gal also cared about the systematization of magic technology, so I ...... "

"It is much more to talk about it. We have not taken that first step, and there is also a purpose to escape from this star? "

"That's right. As Natori said, if you can not use it yourself, you do not know anything dangerous. Well, let's review the magic knowledge first ... Barry Gal used water magic, but is there a video record? "

"Yes, around here firmly"

I repeatedly played back the projected image, stopped it, and magnified it and verified it. But ... ,

" ... Yeah. I knew only things I do not understand at all "

"It's just saying water. Anyway, how about actually trying it? "

"It's truly like to use water here. Of course we can not ignite the fire, thought it is bad to try the magic invocation in the room .... "

Since I can not go outside, I can not do extravagant magic experiments. But time is priceless. It is wasteful to spend the current time in a silent manner.

Seina raised his hand and looked at it like Barry gull did.

"Create water and let it float in a sphere ...... It seems that you are using multiple magic at the same time if you think about it, so suddenly an amateur will not be too advanced"

"It seems I can not feel magical power, ne"

"It will not be felt soon, but I thought it was something to do with the approach from the other way. Even though the sorcery is invisible in the first place, even if you see only the gestures that Barry Gal is doing ............ Can not see the sorcery? You know that there is sorcery there? "

Suddenly it came to the mind of Seina is various sensors and detectors. Of course, you can not recognize a sorcery with scientific means.

"But it is a scientific means, but ... . If communication with the magician is possible in the first place, is it better to be simpler? ...... Mamoto visualization, I Toka, Uo' !? "

At the moment when I thought almost like a soliloquy, the eyes of Seina were blanketed as if it were wrapped in fog.

"Wow ... ... I saw it ... ... a witchcraft. It looks like fog and white. "

"Oh ~ I was surprised. It was a half joke though .... But it was nice to see but it is overlooked. Somewhat somehow ... ... Oh, will you lower the sensitivity? "

And the dark foggy sorcery thinned.

"Sounds good. It is quite advantageous to see the sorcery. You can also see the recorded video ...... You can see how Barry Gal is running magic "

"Wow ...... gross attention"

To whatever the barry gull 's whole body, blood vessel lines emerge clearly and white.

"Seina 's arms look the same way, do not you? "

"Well, it is true ... ... amazing"

Seina wears his arms, holding hands and opening. Although it is a little creepy, it is somewhat cool, too. It seems that you are watching a robot with a complicated internal structure when moving.

"Since the demonic liquid crystal also exists in the blood, it is natural that you can see that. So ... ... The darkest part is a sorcerer organ ...... If this feeling, again, basics of uptake of magic is like lung breathing. But the flow of the magic of Barry Gal seems to be a bit different "

"Enchantment is ena ...... Here is the internal sorcery? Because it seems to make a mistake to say something, let's adapt to this way of saying "

"I understand"

"So I said that I would use internal magic, but the outside demons also gathered ... Maybe this is the same usage as the force field plant? "

It is a feeling that a spherical magician gathers from the surroundings rather than a small nucleus that comes out of the palm.

"Well ... ... so do you save a little internal magic. However, it seems to be a surprisingly complicated process, so initially think that only internal magic is better? "

"Anyway it is such a terrible thing to see it. By the way ... Do you see something like threads in the magician gathered in the palm? "

When stopping and enlarging the image, the sphere was certainly stuck with things like threads. It is like a thread of a spider that I do not know if I do not see it well.

"Well ... what is it? Do you want to ask her? "

"I just decided not to rely. Anyway, I will move the inner sorcery "

While watching your own magic organ, you have an image that sheds sorcery. Because the image is clear as it is visible, the sorcerer starts to move surprisingly easily. A sphere is formed from the left hand through the blood vessel. And there seemed to be a clear thread on the ball.

"After all I can see. From the feeling it seems to be stuck for control "

If you move the ball to try it, it will stretch and grow anywhere.

"Oh, it is amazing terrible. It's wired control "

"That is to say that having a clear image is this kind of thing. It is quite difficult to explain this in words, so it is natural that magic is hard to activate "

"That's right ... Where will this grow like? "

When I moved it a lot, I found out that the ball was caught in a straight line with Seina no matter where the ball was. Both balls and threads can pass through objects.

"In other words, you should think that both are magic"

"But it seems impossible to confirm where else it will grow. As you visualize the Mamoto, difficult to see and go to far away ...... Uo' !? "

And suddenly Seina 's vision increased by one. It appeared exactly at that mortar ball.

"Wow ... ... something, I feel sick"

"close your eyes! Please make your vision the same as a person! "

Closing both eyelids in a hurry solved the bad feeling, but it feels strange. It is natural because it looks like a fisheye with a single eye.

"Same vision as me"

According to Natori, the visual state is corrected to be the same as that of a person, and there is a feeling that eyes move to the direction in which they want to see. Of course you can see yourself, so you can recognize how thin it is.

"Wow ... that's Garrigaly. No matter what you injured and you sick, you never made anything so far. That's going to reduce hungry "

"But because the blood color of your skin is good, it is creepy in a different way"

"In other words, is that that magic bullet faded with my sight? "

"I agree. Will the range of application seem to be wide? Not only visual sense but also other sensations seems to hurt "

"Yup! Do you have anything wrong?

If you know how to do it, progress will be in a flash. I succeeded in adding all five senses to that magic ball and the ability to visualize with telephoto, infrared, ultraviolet rays, night vision etc. By the way, when I used night vision, as the sensitivities suddenly increased, just like the time when I visualized the previous sorcery, I fell out of the moonlight and fleeing that Nana rushed.

× × ×  

"There is something wrong with the wallpaper and the outer wall too. It is a kind of boundary because it is a feeling that the occurrence itself of sorcery is obstructed. It is different from the barriers that Barry Galle built, so it might be a type like a magic team or a bill, right?

Seina put out the magic ball and watched the state of the neighborhood. On the way, when I passed wallpaper and outer wall, I felt something like a catch.

"I do not know if this house is special or common sense, but I am doing this as well, so it is no wonder that there are similar magic"

"In the case of Mr. Seina, as a result, I just got it, but people who want information illegally are a matter of course. It is basically the basic to prevent that, to the extent that it locks the house, this barrier may be common sense "

"That's true. Even so, it's strange when you go through the wall. This means that you can do inside or inside yourself, is not it? "

"It might be good for diagnosing major injuries and diseases, is not it? Just like my body, my body has demon from that person, so maybe it may be rejected? There is no one who can easily do experiments in any case, it is also a problem that Seina 's power is exposed. And depending on the circumstances ... ... It is just a peeping "

If it does not weigh the magic ball, it will be the same as the secret shooting of the camera, or more.

"Oh, it is bad. ...... Uh, well you can see Barry Gal's saying anything. It is quite conspicuous "

Seina raised the altitude of the magic ball and surrounding all over, we saw some intense light. It is a light up of a mansion like a luxurious castle built in the middle of the city, the top of a gentle mountain. Besides that, the vicinity of the summit is probably a nobleman's mansion, the mansions are lined up, and they are decorated with lights that have their own tastes.

"The mood is Christmas or a light up show of amusement parks. At the same ...... "

Here are few people who work at night, like the village of Masaki , anyway the darkness of black and black is commonplace at night. Then even a little light, it stands outstanding. A considerable number of lights concentrate not only on the summit but also on the part of the foot of the hill, which may be because the lighting is far away, the city part of the night seen from outer space.

"It is beautiful indeed, but I doubt if I really need it ... I guess it might be taken for such things. When humans become dark, sleeping is the best "

Seina who is actively working at night says it is not convincing, but "That is it, this is a different thing from the nobility of the nobility", it is necessary.

"Kusuto, I see. By the way, you can grasp the topography by using this function. Just because the recorded data is not in a situation where it can not be drawn,

"Yeah ... well, the grasping position of the topography may be nice, but ... somewhat disgusting ... .... "

" ... N !?  Over there, stay someone! "

Suddenly Natori said so, and Seina also touched that vision. Since Seina's vision and Natori's only vision are set on one demonic ball, each can see a different direction.

" ... Ah, it is true"

In the direction Nakato is seeing, there is a fairly large garden tree in the lower house, while the tree leaves live, people's demon is visible. There is a part that looks like two images overlap when approaching there.

"Perhaps it will be the magic barrier of the same cognitive disability as Nana. Try solving the visualization of the sorcery "

" ...... Oh, it seems like that"

When solving the visualization, one of the human demon and the image disappeared and it became invisible only to ordinary trees.

"The video when Nana was gone wrong later is also a necessity verification. By the way, do you think that this barrier will detect my demonic ball? "

"Why do not you touch lightly? Either way I can not see it from the other party "

"That's right"

Seina gently touches the barrier, but there is no response to human beings.

"I'm disturbing ~"

"Why are you greeting? "

"For once, it is not peeping"

As you proceeded the magic ball, two men were in the camouflage tent , and I saw Barry Gal 's house from a small slit .

" These people are completely peeping ... ... hearing starts"

" ... .... Ayan, you better give it up"

And, I heard a voice of a sickly man with a tired voice.

"Booty, do not say, you too persistent"

One is a man who feels like a hunting adventurer-like thirties. And the other one ...... ,

"Oh, that young man is a young man at Barry Gal 's party. I doubted Mr. Seina as a pirate, a space pirate, and was fishing luggage. The name is Kicha "

"So are you watching Barry Gull's house until this impersonation? It is quite persistent and obsessive "

"Because there is a barrier, you came to check with direct view"

"If you are saying that you are doing something like this, you are seriously bad, since you have already been kicked out of the party, the next will be expelled from Guild in this district, and if you are ordinary you will be expelled"

The man keeps watching the Barry Gal House from the slit .

"That girl is definitely an absolute sky bunker, so Barry Gull is returning from the sky, so it can not hurt even if the sky and warrior are crying."

"That young man was a magical cold, right? It's common sense that people in the sky will not catch colds of witchcraft"

"What in that age? Ketchen! Barry from the isolation Gull is quickly, really does not mean it was confirmed she was the Mamoto cold. Secretly also to have in the magic crystal, insist that it is incompetence that can not Takashi. Barry deception if Galle There are as many as there are ... Oh ...... I 'm binging on my can. "

"Because Boshchan is still a straightforward, since I'm a daughter of gaki, I advise him, but even as a parent's conspirator, I entered the barry gal party as an apprentice ... ... I should have done more seriously. If you debt it with the name of the party and do stuff like fraud, it's better to be kicked out but if the parent is not a nobleman, you will be killed soon or slave. "

"Uh oh yeah!"

It is probably because of incomplete growth that the tone changes when it gets excited and uplifted.

"Voice is great"

" ... .... We, there is ample ambition, I can give up on this level"

"Crossing the sky continent, are you going on a humanoid machine?"

"With that force, not just this country, the whole continent will be ours, to mine ...... Barry Gal's Osan will also add to the story. I'm in trouble because I like basking. "

In contrast to disgusted guy, Kicha is a dreamy look. This is the reason for his actions.

"Empty machines can not be used right away here, right?

"It's not going to be imminent at once, lay the foundation in the sky, and rule from there, huh, how are you, genius?"

"It's been a big roll since the beginning .... It's a good traveling cost, but please pay for this money."

"Let's be rulers, I will pay as much as I can"

" ... Well, I will charge later Mr. Okata like that"

Here, the conversation of two people, the conversation ended.

"That young man, rather than a nobleman, whatever you look it is a Chara - type thug '

"But thought is not surprisingly bad. Perhaps it will be a type that idly spins "

"Although it was said that travel expenses, from the story it is going to go to the same space as Barry Gal. In order to save it, I guess I was doing various fraudulent things ... ... If the nobility is the most aristocrat, I'm afraid to give out about that much money, but I guess you should see that it is opposed by the house "

Although it is not opponent with the Representative Government of Barryum Ah Barry , it is unpleasant that the nobleman's family will go over there.

" Does that mean I will threaten Barry Gull , by proof that I am an empty shot ? "

"Alternatively, if you trade back with Seina, you can think that you can go directly to the sky or report it as a sky pirate if you do not do it, and think of incentives. Anyway, it is quite a lot of something here that I want to hide "

"There is no difference in being watched. Even in the sky and the magician cold period, it will be taken away if it balances. Soredakeni not careful ...... Uge' !? "

"What's wrong ? "

"In that window ... ... Ghost ... ... ? "

Seina found a white man shaped fog at the window of the room where the light did not turn on.

"? ...... Oh, that is Nana. Indeed, visualizing sorcery seems to be a ghost "

In the dark, the feeling that only Nana's sorcery can be seen is the ghost itself. Especially since the sorcerers concentrate on the eyeball and ear part of Nana, it seems clear that the feeling like a face is clear even if it is a little away, and it is quite uncanny.

"The flow of that sorcery will be a strengthening of vision and hearing ... But when he seems like that, I notice these guys"

Because I'm peeking through the gap between the curtains and turning off the lights, I do not know from Kikuchi side, but it is visible from Seina who visualized witchcraft.

"Even so, I was surprised ... ... If you think about it, if you visualize the sorcery, you can see only the blood vessels, so if you meet a Batari in the middle of the night, it looks like you're getting out of your back"

"Kusu. It is best to go to bed early if it gets dark "

" Well ... well, let's think about some measures. It is about time to get hungry soon, if there is such surveillance, it seems better to have been quiet at home "

Seina released the magic ball and called Nana and had a meal.

× × ×  

" So adultly magical experiment at home .... First water is water"

Finally I finished the toilet, and at the same time I experimented with water. Seina first formed a magic ball.


Send thought while imagining the magic ball to water. , The magic ball changed to water with its size, it immediately fell down to the palm and flowed to the toilet.

"Ah! I see ... I just could not just just water it. But it is success to produce water. Next ... ... Is it a fire? "

Making a fireball of about five centimeters and remembering "fire", it became a fireball in a flash.

"Ah !?

As soon as I felt a sharp pain in the palm making the witchball, the fireball disappeared. Immediately chill the part of the burn in the hand washing area located nearby. It is a system that saves storm water and sterilizes it, so it's a waste of running water. Put water in sink and soak hands there. I frequently move my hands to let the affected part cool down, but it is quite a bad burn.

"Bummer! It is decided to burn you if you put out a fire in such a close! "

Natori is uneasy and half a crying voice. When emotions rise, young people come out.

"that's true. If you think carefully it would be natural to create a fire in such a close "

Seina does never commit such folly as it seems to be hurting by injuries caused by inexperience, which is not such a bad luck.

"After all I have something special, narrative image in magic. However, if it is this feeling, it may be better to receive proper treatment. It is known that I tried magic, but burn injuries will be noticed immediately either ... .... "

"But, is not it magic at such times? Let's try the curative magic "

"Oh! I see"

Soon Seina gazes at the painful palm and concentrates the sorcery in that place.

"Healing ............ That? "

But the magician is not consumed, there is no feeling that nothing has happened.

"If it is cured it may overlap with natural healing and it may be meaningless. If it is a Bio-Enhancemented body, the healing power is also faster than the natural body "

"Oh, maybe. Well then ...... Recovery, not different ...... Playing state , is it? "

, The concentrating sorcery is consumed, and the magician gathers to such an extent that it feels firmly from the body. And while consuming it, the redness of the hands slowly disappeared and the pain disappeared.

"It is a success! It was good ... "

"Seina, Mr. Seina !?

Natori got tears of relief at that time, with the sound knocking on the door of the toilet, Nana's voice worried about Seina which did not come out of the toilet was heard easily.

× × ×  

Seina came into the bed, saying good toilet and good translation to Nana saying various things sound. Confirming that Nana finally returned to his room, Seina exhales relief.

"I appreciate being worried, but I wonder if I treat serious injuries to that? Well, if the burn did not heal up, thank you for your help ... .... "

"I think that half is watchdog? There are dubious ones outside and you should think that you are using your mind so that your crowd does not reach your master "

"Is it reasonable to think that excess is that? But here I am feeling greatly so that I can not do anything ... .... "

"Would you like to play with magic to its original state? "

"I only used regeneration of a burn earlier and I used such a witch to surprise, so I do not know what will happen if I do such a thing. It is dangerous to use too much sorcery because the magic organ is also developing as it still does not catch the cold. And when it becomes possible to use such magic, troubles are likely to increase more "

"But since I was able to confirm the magic invocation, I think it 's good to pre - examine various ways of using magic. If you decide an experiment plan in advance, you can avoid danger and also save time "

"That's right. It was an unexpected harvest that I tried the recovery magic, but the magic of the fire was inexperienced. As you say, it is important to consider various things before using it "

"Then I can do it even in the room. But it became fun variously when it became usable actually "

"That's right ...... "

Seina saw the discomfort while watching the recovered palm,

" ... .... Gu, Gugha ...... "

I searched for the surroundings in a hurry, like a sound like an inbbee heard as if the radio suddenly got mixed up.

"What? Natori ... There is no translation. Nana is not there either ... .... "

I look around the area, but of course there is only Seina and no other person.

"It is not a voice from the ear. What about the magic ball that had been peering for a while ago when it was a feeling of voice ... ? "

"eh? ...... Innovation, Uwa'tsu !? "

As soon as I was conscious of it, the scenery of the peep site I saw earlier visually came in. When I close my eyes in a hurry, I was able to see Kikuchi who is sleeping at ease by pressing a guard against a man.

"I certainly canceled ... why? "

"Maybe it will not disappear just by releasing it. As this position is the place I was watching from a while ago, the magic ball itself may be fixed on the spot or something like a point may be set, and it may be raining at any time "

"If so, it seems that you installed it even with a surveillance camera"

"You are free to peep at it. Peeping demon excited? "

"Who is a peeping demon! I want to say ... ... but this is dangerous unless I do not control myself. Anyway, as Nana recognizes this place, I'd better avoid getting involved "

I feel that somehow it is going to be a snake, Seina tells me to release the point of the magic ball from the fixed point state. Again, I started up and confirmed that it started on the palm of Seina.

" ...... Naha it is a bit of a fair idea ... .... "

Seina watched the magic ball and floating sugarcane, and said that as if I was alone. That's a really strange idea.

"I understand what you are thinking. This can also be a means of instantaneous movement ... Is that what you think? "

"Yeah ... well ! "

The moment that Seina concentrated consciousness on magic ball, the body of Seina had moved to that position.

Although it is in the aerial of Seina 's height, it is a nice thing so it is only a half turn of the body like a cat so I landed safely but I made a little noise.

"What's the matter?"

And, as soon as I thought, Nana came out. It is the speed and speed of footsteps that he wants to say whether he did a momentary movement.

"I accidentally caught a chair because I am not familiar with it yet, I'm sorry I made a noise."

"No. Did not you get hurt any more?"

"All right, because the body was strengthened, or nothing"

"Okay, so be careful."

With a lovely smile, bow to her small and Nana goes back next. While watching that, cold sweats come out from the whole body of Seina.

"This is kind of awful. You can not think too much about it "

"How do you limit the magic expression? Thinking, if you set things like keywords to do it you can suppress sudden startup "

"That's right. Please confirm with her about it in case of "

"OK ...... 's okay That's right"

"It's so fast"

"Because the link with you is always on. Although it taught me that it is, it seems that the thread is commonly called "spirit thread" ... but can I ask if it is name? "

"I will not talk about it until that point. But even if it is a spirit thread ... ... Assuming that this is the same thing as the story you heard to Mr. Kaguya, because the giant robot moves instantaneously in the universe since me, it's a story about how inside is "

"It might be a kind of superior super space, is not it? In mother 's theory, there seems to be a super space where the universe scale becomes one point "

"Instantaneous movement on the universe scale .... But even this feeling that this spiritual thread is using the amount of sorcery for maintenance much ... ... is that? "

Suddenly Seina felt strong malaise. It is also like anemia or hypoglycemia.

"Oh! Dame! Internal sorcery has decreased considerably. The visualized internal magician is thinning! "

As Natori said, the Seina blood vessels are quite thin and feel like they are going to disappear.

"Take a deep breath! From that image to absorb the sorcery image "

"Oh, okay ... .... "

If magic is a strong image, its absorption and accumulation are likely to be the same. Seina has an image which breathes heavily and absorbs it.

"It seems better to not breathe in too much breath. It seems that the absorption efficiency of captured magic is better at the beginning, the more it becomes later, it is dull "

"I understood, I will try it"

Absorption and conversion of magic is getting faster and faster as you get used to it, and Saena's fatigue fades as well enough.

"Because it becomes overbreathing, it is normal"

" ...... Oh, it got easier"

"From now on, with normal breathing, you should train to increase the absorption efficiency of magic. Also with Barry Gull use with external demonic, to get a demonic crystal to reserve. And more than anything, you should aim for crystallization to expand the capacity of the choroid organ "

"My sorcerer organ seems to be quite large, so I did not mind it, but I did it a lot at anything. However, suddenly the symptoms of deficiency suddenly come out is a bit bad "

Because of Seina 's demonic quantity, the degree of strengthening of the body will be high. Fatigue caused by magician break is not half-hearted. During activities of something, especially when escaping from demons, or if you happen to be fighting, you will be killed.

"You should make sure that the increase or decrease in the amount of demonic is understood specifically"

"That's right. Since there is a talk that there is a tax tilling of sorcery, I think that there are methods and standards to measure, but how to know that "

"In the future there will be a need to adjust to that standard, but for now we should make a standard here appropriately. How about making a magician necessary for making one liter of water for example? "

"Ok, I do not mind if I know the total amount and increase or decrease by myself. But how can I measure one liter? "

"It is a cube of ten centimeters. When I made the water indeed, as I was making the size of the magic ball as it was, I think that it is good to collect the sorcerer of that size "

"eh? ...... Well, in terms of the sphere? "

Seina rushed and watched the magic ball and tried to remember the mathematical expression of the past.

"Is it a magical sphere only?" Why do not you try another form? "

"eh? Oh, oh, that's right.

If magic is an image it is a possible talk. Seina looked at the magic ball and thought about changing its shape, the shape changed easily. On the contrary, I still remember any shape. This would also be a benefit of visualization.

"Is that so? It's like air, so its shape will change "

When the criteria was made, we recovered the internal demonic and we measured the amount, which resulted in a figure of about 886,000 .

"If it's that demon prime, it's two tablespoons for an elementary school pool. As long as there is a demon, I am not afraid even in the desert? It is possible to luxuriously bath in the desert "

"If you can do a momentary move, you can not be in a situation of distress, though. Of course if you set points in a safe place,

"That is a fault. But can anyone use that point? If so, is not it possible to use the points that someone set up? For example, someone like Mr. Aozumi staff "

"So I Do ...... pirates to call for help, because there is likely to have some form of a point for moving moment, I wonder if not impossible ...... is arbitrarily used to someone you do not know It is probably a problem. There are also accidents like I just moved without permission, I think that some measures are taken ... "

"What's wrong? "

"Is this going to be a trap, too? Depending on the setting of the points, is not it impossible to accident that you can not leave while you are inside? "

Seina was frozen in his spine with her own inadequacy just now.

"In that case, how about having a lifeline all of the time? Will not it be out if there are points outside? I feel I can do it if it is a spirit string "

"It would be nice if the spirit string could never be cut. For example ... "

Seina makes a witchball, it moves and extends the spiritual thread. And I set points on the way. Then the spirit thread broke at that point and remained staggered between the two magic balls and immediately caught so that the magic balls attracted each other.

"Was it expired, and you got it? "

"It was Mr. Seina 's spirit string that broke, so it may be because the point is also his own. If magic is concerned with that person 's will, there is a possibility that the inner magic of others is a bit different "

"If so, how to verify. Is it also the nature that the same magic ball deals each other? "

" Anyhow, if you are conscious of it, it seems that it is different to inquire ... ... Maybe they are trying to maintain the shortest state of the spirit thread, rather than having the sorbent spheres attract each other. When I moved the magic ball, the spirit thread was always in a straight line? "

"Oh, I see ...... and, wanted"

At the moment of consciousness, the previously cut spirit yarn caught on the palm and the point used for cutting.

" ...... Even if there are individual differences in spirit threads, it is not always possible that people can not cut at the point of others? "

"If you think about safety, you should set something on the spiritual thread, even protect it. Just a story if there are people who can see points and spirit threads "

"There is absolutely impossible. Even if I can not do it now I do not know the future ... There is nothing better to watch out for. Even if you can not see the sorcery, there may be people who can feel it in the form of magical power? "

"But since there are only a few people who can hear the voice of the sorcery, I think it is quite low as a possibility ... .... "

"Since I made a failed failures many times since a while, just in case. As for the magical spell magic, as usual intuition is hard to work, so I have to be careful "

While saying so, Seina is playing with the wizard spinning in the form of a butterfly.

"There is still a lack of experience ... ... But it is truly a wonder that the sorcerer is not it. First of all, what is inside that spiritual thread? When Seina passed, did you feel something? "

"It is totally instantaneous. I guess you can understand more about Nasuto? "

"Excuse me. I could not recognize it either. Because it was a momentary movement, perhaps the time may have stopped almost ... .... "

Nayuta said so far stopped the word with something caught. The same is true for Seina who heard of it.

"" ...... there ""

It was a blessing like blessing. And it happened to Seina and Natori at the same time.

"Can you pass even gigantic robots? At least I got through! "

"Momentary movement even at the distance of the space level means that the time in the middle has not passed! "

Their cries gradually turned into laughter. Of course, in the mind, not to notice the next Nana.

"Infinite storage! Four-dimensional pocket! Event re! Magic bag! Subspace storage! Time Freezer! There are many fantasy items, but it is the most convenient dream item! "

"It may be going well! "

"Yoshiyoshi, calm ... ... First of all, thought experiment"

Verification by thinking. Seina and Natori can not be said to be "sentimental wisdom", but because of "her" as an assistant it is enough for the number of people.

"If you think simply, you should make sure that things that entered the spirit yarn do not go out ... ... If it is done with two wisdom balls and a spirit thread in between, complete it. If there is a sorbent bulb, the end will be in my body "

I do not feel like experimenting what happens to a single magic ball. Two magic ball spheres can be made independent and appropriate for various experiments.

"The second reason to leave objects in the spirit yarn is simple. It is only necessary to attach the condition that "one who entered inside does not go out" or "One goes in" only "enters inside" on two demonic balls "

"Carefully conditioning the magic ball"

"Oh, I know. In that case it is good to condition something that you put in and do not enter otherwise.

"If you attach numbers or anything to that thing, can you give directions when you put it out? "

"That's right. Then , even if you put in various things, the distinction is ... ... Oh, but you put too much and there is a trap that you do not know what is in it. Like ocean hard disk or Kenneth 's Erotic Collection ... .... Oh! "

At that time, it was the data management of the PC as it was that Seina flashed.

"I wonder if I can manage it with images and names of things I put in? "

"Sounds good. For easy management software, I can set it up by myself. The monitor can not be seen from the outside if it pulls directly to the sight "

"That's right. There are other features I want, but first I have been able to store things properly and verify that I can retrieve it "

Seina creates a magic ball, extends the spirit thread, adds another magic ball, and makes it independent. Then, since the two demonic balls attract each other, fix it in the air so as not to stick together.

"Well, then there is a condition of magic ball, but ... .... "

However, I am a bit confused about the conditioning. It is painful to make simple words like water and recovery.

"I soaked up and said it easily with words, but concrete expression is difficult"

"There is contact or contact-or-me- ♡ . That's what I am for that "

" Well , I guess ... then I will ask. Thanks"

"~~~ い い♡ "

Whether Nasato is also flying up, I'm jumping pleated with Picakotan pleased with the word of thanks to Seina. The figure is a marvelous beauty but it is really pretty because it does not feel like a rag.

"what? What happened? "

Uh, suddenly I felt something strange about my body, I felt that my strength went wrong. The number of the sorcery has also been reduced to half. But by breathing, it will recover rapidly.

"Conditioning done! "

"Get it fast !  Hey? "

"We put together a magical element to put in and set it to enter if you touch the entrance 's demonic ball. Just to be sure, we set the entrance and exit as separate magic balls, so be careful. I set it so that the numbers and images will be attached automatically, but you can change the name and edit the class later. The way is the same as the usual monitor. Once you set it up, you can automatically separate it if you insert the same thing from the next "

At the moment Natori explains quickly, an arrow floats on each magic ball.

" ...... Have you settled so far? Amazing ... ... Maybe, maybe the magical consumption of the moment ago is due to this magic setting? It was enough to feel it to the body "

"Yeah, I used a lot of sorcerers in setting, so did you feel it?"

"It is truly amazing, but it's an experimental stage as to whether things are still in place, so you did not have to go there. "

Seina decided not to rely on her as much as possible, but the idea of ​​whether Nakita should apply it is momentarily over my head.

"But once you set it up, the next time you use the same magic is a moment. It seems that the amount of magician used with it is considerably low. I set it with two sorcerer spheres, but the time and the amount of the sorcery were about 20%. Seina 's sense of incongruity was the first magic setting, did not you feel it twice? "

"Oh, I remembered that once, I had a feeling of getting out of hands, but I did not look at figures well. But that's a big discovery! Once you have done a variety of tests, you will be able to use less demonic amount at the time of production "

But it seems that the youngsters I showed earlier had a doubt with Fuku , Seina caressed the head of Nasato as if it was a small child, with some unexpected discovery.

"Chan! "

As soon as it gets fucked red, he heads backwards, looks at the snow, runs around like an excited puppy and comes back to Seina. The face is a smile full of feeling, if Nishita has a shippo it is feeling it is swinging all the way.

" ... ..., sorry, have you surprised me? Well, that ... ... what you say ... "

"No! I was happy"

Toronto melty to admiring facial expression, in combination is young and bewitching of the earlier, Suiren dangerous that does not lose to. Thanks to that, the idea of ​​not excessively relying on Natori was blown off from the head.

( ... ... It was dangerous)

In the case of Suiren and Amane , recently there was nothing like experience like touching someone like Aoto, and there was nothing like resistance to it, Natashi had a charm that seemed to be pushed down as it was. Of course she has the ability to take it and she can feel it. But in real terms it is nothing but a delusion masturbation. There is no doubt that it will be known to Nana who is preeminent in hearing sense of smell if you do such a thing. It is absolutely horror and frightening.

"Thank you for your continued ............ Well! "

Seina grows greatly, shakes the body lightly and calms down.

"The question is what to put in. It is still in the experimental stage and I will not go to translate the things that I have in my hands, and when I consider the time when the water failed, the toilet or bathroom is safer,

Looking for things to put in the spirit yarn and looking over the room, there is nothing that is easy to use. If you go out or open the window and you can take even the leaves of the garden tree, you will not be bothered by the sample, but it is bad in the state being monitored to expose the current seina shape.

"My hair ...... is good for a long time ... "

, Seina found white long hair on the floor and noticed long hair falling. It is a thing of Nana from the color.

"To pick up Nana 's hair and store it ... ... Something a little strange is the act"

"That is because it is a male. And it's just an experimental sample. Because it discards after the experiment. Do not let the interest not be misled by interesting "

Seina is swift and stick-wrapped, so wrap it with magic and bring it closer to the entrance's demonic ball. Then, the hair of Nana disappears instantaneously, the hollow monitor is activated immediately and the hair of Nana is displayed with the number.

"Oh, good! I entered without problems. I will give out the next ... .... "

"What's wrong? You can either touch the exit magic ball and imagine what you want to put out, or click on the monitor image to move it to the exit mark? "

" ... Ah, that's right"

According to Natori, the hair of Nana came out from the exit without problems. There seems to be no problem even if I repeat it several times.

"It is a success! "

"Oh well went! ...... But, there is no structural change in what I put in it? I carelessly got through, but if you have any damage, you are wrong "

"Let's examine it with Nana's hair. Please look for a new one "

"Oh ... Well , there are several. Because it is white hair, it is quite conspicuous but what do you do? "

Seina picks a few Nana's hair and brings it in front of her.

"I thought that structural scanning can be done with sorcery"

"Structural Scan ... well ... why do not you try it"

"Structure Scan" by putting the magician on the hair of Nana who got it, although it feels quite a lot of sorcery, even if the breathing method is effective, the return of the numerical value is fast. Moreover, it is obviously more than the value of the total demonic element measured at the beginning.

"Hey, is the numerical value of the sorcerer increasing? Did you mean ... .... "

"Thinking in this short time, the demonic liquid crystal of the sorcery organ is crystallizing. But it is a phenomenon that occurs if you use strong magic, because it is good to increase the amount of magic. It is more experimental than that "

"Oh, bad"

"As it is maintaining data", another hair also scans "

Seina scans the hair of one who put it in the spirit thread while using Nakashi Naka 's magician to keep it as it is.

"I see. Surely the consumption of sorcery seems to be rather small for the second time "

"Compare" and "verify" Nana's hair "

" !? ... .... It is truly the first time consumers are more expensive consumers"

Immediately breathe deeply while firmly imagining and replenish. I feel that this recovery speed is steadily rising.

" ...... Especially there is no way that something has changed. Let's validate also in the body of Seina next time "

"No, but I moved a moment once? "

"There are things that Seina 's personal data was taken by various people before, right? It is that data that kidnapped Kirche "

"Human hunting" by Galaxy Academy , Airi, GP Academy, Washu etc, are all you can use as a great resource to examine bias of probability.

"Oh! That seems so it seems ... ... That data is left at Natori's place? "

"Personal data of yourself is necessary for medical treatment in case of emergency. Naturally, it is protected by top priority "

Especially in the case of Seina, I do not know where the situation will be carried to the hospital where, and there are times when it is urgent.

"I thought it was only extra knowledge, but ... it was good"

"Do not mind fingertips, so please scan me"

"OK, is that ... ? "

However, although it is supposed to be the same process as Nana's hair, there is no feeling that Scan's magic has been invoked.

"Is something wrong? But there is no such thing. Because things are doing the same. Even though it is supposed to activate ... or is the scan range wide? "

The amount of information is different between hair and fingertips. However, even if it was a toe, there was no magic invocation.

" ... ... Maybe there may be data already"

"Do you have data? ...... Oh, that's right! "

At that time, Seina remembered the sense of incompatibility when he saw the scars.

"What's wrong? "

"I was wondering at the place where I regenerated this burn. That burn was deep enough to leave terrible marks on the skin, but it was cured as before. It is not surprising that it is impossible to distinguish where a burn has occurred, or even a fine scar attached beforehand as it is. "

"indeed. If you play from Seina 's personal data, that scar should also be fun unless its scar has disappeared, and the feel of the skin should also be more beautiful ... ... that the state of the body at the present time is remembered Maybe there is "

"If so where would you think? "

" Is it a brain ... or a magic organ !? "

"Oh, if a demonic crystal memorizes magic, is not it probable that such things can be done? It also matches the word that the system of the sorcery was saying that the witchcraft remembers everything. In the first place, if you can make a ceremonial organ, the body itself will be strengthened, so is not there a close relationship with the body? "

"Indeed it is not amusing to have a function to defend and preserve the living body in order to spread things called magic. If that is the case, if the amount of magic is enough, recovery and longevity adjustment may be possible ... ... Of course there is a possibility ... .... "

"If you develop a magic organ, it may well be possible. It may be that its long life expectancy is unexpected and elves? "

"I agree. But as for the future verification of that verification, now let's verify with personal data. Although it is ideal to do it all over the body, there seems to be a problem of the amount of the sorcery to use, so here it is a verification by picking up some parts "

"Is it possible to easily draw out that it is assumed that there is data in the sorcery organ? It seems to be difficult to verify with personal data at Nasuta's place, though? "

"Cover the part to be verified with magic, let it compare it with my data as a sample as it is. Then you do not have to pull out the data every time "

As a result of conspicuous witchcraft like a point in the part told by Natashi, and comparative verification was done, most of Seina 's demonic was lost, as a result, no alteration of cells etc was noticed is there.

× × ×  

" ... ... I caught a big eye"

Seina which collapsed to bed came full feeling by taking full respiration method and it took about a dozen minutes.

"The recovery speed has increased by about 50%. The amount of magic is also exceeding 1,500,000 "

" ...... its, yeah, was good ...... but not a completely mean that in the Reiito has been determined that it is safe in this, already I wonder because I've forced experiment with me ... I want you to be safe. It is assumed that moving at least in a short time is okay "

I mutter while making it in the bed fairly, but in a sense, it is the best figure for this place.

"It is also said that the possibility that the time in the middle is frozen has become high? "

" ... Well, that is true, but I also want to know how much other things will enter ...... I do not know if liquids mix in the ... "

"The question as to whether or not to mix is ​​to think that it is okay as it separates them by combining them with demonic elements? "

"It should be experimented for once. Well let's put some water and try it "

"Truly water storage is an experiment with a toilet. I think that a bath is better ... but for time discrimination it is sure to stay in the magic ball that gave the system of light grating clock and leave time "

"Is it something that can be given to a demonic ball? "

" ............ It seems impossible. It did not activate. Actually, I also have that system in myself, but when I moved a moment earlier, the time lag of entering and going was completely zero state, so measurement was impossible "

"It is a suicidal act to train my body once in the spiritual thread. In the meantime, you can simply simply use ice or hot water. If you can measure the precise temperature, you can do enough verification even for about a day? I also wanted to make ice and hot water with magic experiments "

" ............ Unfortunately, I agree"

Nevertheless, Nasuta hesitated for a moment, although there is a technique to be able to time more accurately, it is also a pride as a stone of a wise man who can not help departing primitive experiments.

"Anyway, there are such systems that are likely to be high"

"" Time is money "is a good word for mother"

Natori clasped his fist with a terrible doya face.

" ... Well, it seems quite true. But is hot water on ice ...... How is it as a magical triggering word? The hot water heats the water with fire .... It seems to be difficult, perhaps it is the same as "water" or "fire", is it OK with ice and hot water as it is? "

"I think that there is no problem with things that make images easy"

"that's true. It seems to be related to hot water or ice, the most magical thing ... ... Because something is Natori and she is amazing, it seems I do not understand using spells itself "

There are also things such as setting of magic balls too "science" and a spell with a long magical image that tends to over think too much.

"I am happy to rely on you, is it still like to" use "the magic? "

"A little bit. But even if you activate the magic word "ice" and "yu", you have to think about various problems. No matter how much you can use regeneration, I'm sorry for the accident like fire. "

Hot water is burned if the temperature is too high, and there is a possibility that frostbite will occur depending on temperature.

"In the first place, if you use magic with hot water and ice, is it a number of times? "

"If that is the case, you only have to specify the temperature. In that case, just in case, it is safe to set the temperature standard "

The temperature unit used by the magic system is not necessarily the same as the world of Seina. For example, the boiling point of hot water in Seina 's world is set to about one hundred degrees by one atmosphere, but if it is a magic system, if it is 50 degrees, it is dangerous. When designating the temperature to make hot water, if you set it to 40 degrees by thinking about the hot water in the bath, in the magic system it is actually set twice as much as 80 degrees. If you take baths of such temperature, it is a major burn.

"That's right. That's the setting ... .... "

"The basic one atm ...... maybe, because would be so now here roughly, where the boiling point of water one hundred, will not be a problem by setting the freezing point at zero ...... there !? "

"What happened? "

"I'm sorry ... ... I told Mr. Seina that I wanted to use magic ... ... my criteria was set by my words. Apparently the setting of this hand does not seem to fall into the category of magic "

"Oh, good. If you set this up, you'll be saved if you make it first if you notice it. Well then, let's try a smaller ice. If it is ice, there will be no problem so much, even if you use water, there should be no problem if it is less "

Seina spreads a towel and makes no mistake even if it spills, making a mule ball of about 5 mm.

" ... ... " Magic preparation "" Water "" Temperature zero degree "" Activate ""

The initial test this time is "magic preparation" and "activation". I tried practicing Nasuta's proposal that suddenly the magic should not be activated.

"Well, it is success! "

As a result, spherical ice of 5 mm size was safely rolling in the palm.

"But small ice melts at body temperature ...... "

As expected, five millimeters of ice will melt at the temperature of hands and melt away. However, as the experiment was successful, next time I made a little larger ice, this time minus 5 degrees. In a hurry to put it in the melt and put it together.

"With this you can use magic safely a little. Several verifications still remain, but once this storage technique ... ... the spinning thread storage can be completed as well "

"Spirit yarn storage ... Yeah, it's easy to understand and a good name. But in the completed if there is another problem, but I'm good at the time of storage is, I think whether the issue unexpectedly thing is not it a neck. Datte those that hand-held, to there is also one of the issues to do hand to ensure the things that came out, a big thing and, if it something liquid, such as water, what issues were things, but be a problem put in place where you want to place "

"So I was a bit perplexed when I bought Nana's hair. Certainly ... When you enter, you can just combine the witchcraft ... .... "

"Ah! "

, Seina who heard the story of the wise personally raised a voice.

"What's wrong? "

"Oh no, sorry to break the story of the story. It's that storage, but if you put together even a magician, you can think of anything you can put in "

"ah I see. That is certainly anxious. But that is ... it is not something that you can experiment right away "

Natori looks around and makes a bitter smile. It is best to find experimental materials outside.

"Let's think about things first as a matter of confirmation at a later date"

Lifter string storage is the most necessary thing for future activities. That night the two of them were joyfully tried and error hilarious until dawn.