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GXP 17 Chapter 7 machine

7 "What is the bird in the basket?"

Barry Gal's house ten days ago .

"Because of the heat being settled, the flesh is getting better, is not it?"

After finishing breakfast and quickly finishing tidying up, Nana told me to be relieved to look at the forehead of Seina. Seina 's appetite, the amount of which is still much more, was three times a day, and meals were to be taken in the dining room.

"Is there no change in physical condition or mood? Although it has been strengthened magic, I was bedridden for a long time, so I need to be cautious about getting up."

"Well, I worried about various things, but it seems better to have moved the body, so it's okay to move with the same feeling as it was before," he said.

"Is that so ...... Oh, it's my master, you excuse me."

, Nana bows to Seino and quickly head towards the entrance with pleasure. It was a few minutes later that the opening noise of the door indicating Barry gull's home came.

"You really do have ears, do not you think?"

"That made me struggle quite a lot"

It is a relatively quiet residential section, but in the morning it is surprisingly large in number of crowds and there are plentiful crowds, so it's a lot of hearing as it distinguishes Barry Gall's footsteps from several tens of meters away.

─ ─ You love this too?

As saying, of course, it is likely to be a sacrifice to Mr. Hentai, so do not say it.

"Oh! While not seeing it for about two days, the face came with flesh as it was, how does the body feel?"

"Like this"

The arm which exposed the sleeve is improved, it is feeling like a boxer whose weight was improved considerably and it was reduced. Even though I was wearing clothes in the past, I had a sense of incongruity, but there is no problem with watching it.

"But the neck is a little thin ...... The face still seems a little uncomfortable, although it is probably because I am looking at it everyday"

"Since the number of meals has settled down, I would like to introduce the town in small steps with Nana's cognitive disorder artifacts?"

"Gahahahaha! Will not you get bored only in this house? Well, if you do not have any problems with your physical condition, it will not be long before you get used to it.It is a good opportunity just because the details about the boy's debts are complete. Let's talk in the room "

"Oh, before that, to the toilet"

"Gahahahaha! You seem to be doing well, I'll be waiting on so please take your time."

Seina listens to the voice of Barry Gal on his back, goes directly to the toilet, goes up and goes up to the second floor.

Barry Gal was waiting waiting with a booklet and a small box on the table.

"This is a measure of the flow of a sorcery, first try to take it with your finger"

Barry Gal took out of the small box and handed it is a ring with a small demonic crystal.

"I taught about some magic, but have you tried it a lot and could you use it?"

"Well, well, it's about life magic."

Truly the sophisticated magic of the soup relation is a secret, but if it is easy thing, you do not have to keep it secret to Nana, so I experimented extensively in the bathroom and so on. Especially after bathing became possible, Seina 's favorite training was to control hot water in a bathtub and make it various shapes.

"If you pinch it and fill it with sorcery"

In the small boxes presented by Barry Gal there were five devil crystals that were cautiously kept like jewels. Indeed, within the yellowish transparent layer, a demonic crystal like a high-grade dark red coral ball is treated like a jewel or more.

"Once you measure how much sorcery you have, otherwise measures can be taken as to how you can deal with it. If you are an ordinary human you can fully enrich the first and you have the potential as a wizard. If it is an eye the first grade wizard, the third grade middle class, the fourth class, the upper class, five if it is a five grade class, bring an image that puts a sorcery into that guy, using magic. "


Seina pinches the first demon crystal and makes it flow into it. , The demonic crystal of the ring began to glow red and thin.

"A cheek, is it a success with a single shot, good to go, keep on charging as it is"

Barry galle acknowledges graciously, and begins writing somehow to the booklet.

" ...... Huh? Hey, are not you finished yet?"

"Yes, I'm still going in. I feel a bit heavy, but .... "

"Ooo! Wait a moment!"

Barry gal was stored in the lid part of the small box, when the table took out a yellowish plate, it hung on the ring and solidly opened with open mouth openly.

"Well, what's wrong? Is something wrong?"

"Here, a little boy ... will you tell me what you did ?"

Seina cried astrayly to Barry Gal of disgusted face . I guess from the background that the ring is a thing to check the amount of magic.

"The boy has raised the value of this demonic crystal by about twenty times"

" ... ... Eh? I raised it, did not it?"

"The amount of magician that enters this guy is about twenty thousand, which is the amount of sorcery put in by a boy is two hundred thousand, ... apparently many."

"There are so many ... .... Ah, maybe you crystallized it purely?"

"Even if it can be crystallized in any case, troubles will increase ...... The boy, who who became a child born of a noble family can earn more?"

"Wow ... ... I'd like you to forgive me .... "

"If already only at this stage magician amount is upper rank ...... It is a third grade or second grade witch, this is a magic tool not needing to know, it is necessary for the monk himself also to be filled in public and magic In any case you need to know the amount of magic that an ordinary magician can use and definitely doubt the high ranking wizards and hunting adventurers unless they are able to moderate. "

Barry Gal adds two items to the brochure. Of course it is Seina 's debt.

"We are sorry to trouble you a lot ...... "

"Although I was saying that suffering became heavier earlier, in the next demonic crystal, try to stop at that point."

When I tried Seina with the next demon crystal, it turned out that the time when the influx became obviously heavy was the upper limit of the demonic crystal.

" Hmm ... ... Anyway, I carelessly overcrowded with this I no longer worry about crystallizing.The devil witnessed the pure crystallization of the pedigree is prepared for substitution, so I will relieve the difference from debt properly Shiro "

" ... ... or more, is not it that those who have crystallized all this completely repay debts?"

"That is a really attractive proposition, but .... The transaction of pure crystals is treated as military goods.As usually there are those who can make it crystal, so it will not appear to the extent that individuals have apparent appearance, but distribution I am monitored and I need a certificate to buy and sell.When I can somehow make a mistake in this small one place, I will find the source if I become a whole or will I go to the place of aristocracy? "

Barry gal is serious. Perhaps it is the best shortcut for debt collection.

"Give Up"

"Gahahaha! It was disappointing ... that's it."

Barry Gal puts the booklet in front of Seina.

There are detailed expenses such as treatment cost from Seina transportation cost, compensation compensation for work while doing care for Seina, part of purchase cost of this house, expenses related to camouflaged work, bribes to related parts, etc. It's written across pages, but none of them are quite expensive figures. At first, I heard various price relationships with Nana, and I am converting the numbers to Natashina with rough guidelines,

"313.44 million En, is it ... ? "

It is desperate, a number that is said to be life salary of salaried workers on earth. If this is Galactic Federation and Kiriko is there, you can pay the money instantly, but it is impossible, and Seina does not know the amount of her savings in the first place.

"Gahahahah! It is a good news to such a desperate face boy, and the prediction of the lowest bid amount has come out as the appearance of Large Chimera decided."

"Is it still made into stone?"

"That's overwhelmingly expensive, so it's a monetary amount, but it will start at 120 million, which is to say that 300 million will be exceeded by the forecast, at least 32 million for taxi and other materials If you include, etc., you get about 50 million, and if you anticipate the maximum limit it is about 90 million. "

"Although the debt total is amazing, I do not really feel it, but ... it certainly is amazing, but it's a special bonus this time, so I'm glad it's a sad thing ... "

It is shallow to think that if you defeat a few Large Chimera. It may be as long as the unit price is fixed like gold, but as the number increases, the scarcity value falls. Even if a few bodies hunt, perhaps next half is a good half price.

"Such a firm place of a small priest is a good quality, but as I am regret that the estimate was cheap, it may have been good to add another 102 million more in this case, Gahahahah!"

"If that amount goes on, I can not really return."

"This demonic crystal in which the pedestrian is purely crystallized, 4 million will fall if the selling price at Guild "

Barry gull smiles and smiles at Seina, which confuses her face .

"What ?

"Of course, it is about 60% when it comes to buying, but as we said earlier this area becomes military, large commercial area, as we said earlier.The lord of the lord's house, the extraordinary waste of light, The place is kept.When only filling up full of magic, it is about 2 million. "

"Well, is the lighting cost of the moon 16 million ?

By the way, this star has 40 days as a month and ten months, only last month as 22 days fraction, 382 days a year. In other words, the yearly light-up illumination cost is about 150 million.

"Did you understand the meaning of asking the small priest to become a noble family's child? Because it is that kind of thing so well, could you understand why the debt of the boy is so, the meaning of saying 102 million extras?"

"Ha, it is true."

If it is a demonic crystal, it is the same as gold, there will be no price fluctuation. The same is true if there is still more consumption of aristocrats and merchants in the future. Regarding here, if you release features, you will definitely have a good money earnings.

Seina 's salaried worker Although the debt of the lifetime wage level is calculated in about two years, the freedom after that is gone. However, if you are a hunting adventurer, you have freedom, but you can not imagine how much it will cost your debt repayment. Still it can not be helped if this amount is considered as the price of life.

"Well, now the boy will receive a spell of the contract.This is a type of debt slave we talked about before, but freedom of action is guaranteed, obedience to the contractor is arbitrary, hence debt is returned As long as the subscriber acknowledges that they are willing to pay back on a regular basis, there is no restriction on behavior as well as ordinary people, and they are not subject to location identification.When they do not know at all what they are going to do Of course, if you are a kid, you would not need such a tie, but on the contrary think that this is to protect the boy's bodies. "

"Do you want to protect yourself?"

"It is also troublesome to go around, without having to do with the will of the boy, if you get caught up in trouble you have to go to help ... Because the kid is anything to me for anything, Gahahaha ~ ~!"

"Because it is a high debt, it would be natural to worry about running away. You can say that there is sincerity to explain in advance "

"It feels like embedding GPS in dogs and domestic cats"

Even so, I can certainly understand the feelings I want to do, and I can convince that it is a natural course.

"I understood, OK."

I do not feel bad for Seina's bad luck sensor. I got OK without hesitation.

"OK, OK, we finished the contract with a little hanging blood on the last place."

I thrust my finger with a needle, and if blood comes out as Nishini, I put it on the sign of the contract. And things like magic team emerged and disappeared as they wrapped around the hands of Seina.

"this is?"

"It's dangerous to leave the contract as a form, I moved it to the body of the boy and my boy.When the mutual agreements are linked and debt repayment is made, the numbers will decrease at the same time. It can not be misrepresented, and there is no memory mismatch. "

And all the letters on the show broken out were gone.

"Well the amount is also forehead and it's comfortable because you do not have to calculate each time. Well do your best and pay off, Gahahahah!"

In this way, Seina had debts of 100 million units.

"Since the contract is established, I will respect the will of the boy as much as possible, I will spiritually pull barges here as well, so I will add the necessary magic to the demonic crystal for demo by tomorrow and hand it over."

"What ?  !"

"Because I will show you where Nana has been turning, I hope to see it in various ways"

The next day, from the Barry gull who made a break in the morning , Seina received a demonic crystal ring for camouflaging. And along with that day's money and extraordinary identification.

Clothes for going out are prepared by Nana on the previous day. It's a very common second-hand costume from top to bottom, with a slightly tired feeling, it is inconspicuous. However, Seina is excited to the extent that it does not matter too much. Of course, as I wander outside, I have to be careful about the bias of probability, but I have taken various measures with Nasuta the night before.

"In the case of a small priest, unlike Nana, the height is the same as it is, and the voice is the same, so the magic of camouflage is quite strong.It is not worried that even if a fine physical examination is done there is no worry, come and enjoy it comfortably. I did not have any problems with entering the library. "

It is handed over to the demonic crystal rings for camouflaging, and it will crank it, change to the state of Seina of the former state when conscious of startup. I check the outfit with the full-length mirror and try visualizing the sorcery.

"Surely it is a pretty solid feeling"

Even when looking at the face, the part disguised is quite dense, which is a mistake from Kisha's camouflage. When touching with hands, there is a proper feeling and there is a touch feeling.

"Thank you. I will see you variously."

"Let's go round the place I was always turning around."

Seina, who went outside with a guide from Nana, stretched and breathed deeply first. It's the sunshine and the morning air that touches the whole body after a long interval. It was just like I was taking a bath when I caught a cold and just wiped my body.

Started walking with Nana and walking down the quiet residential area to the main street.

"This is the other world right?"

The main street is a road that goes up and down spirally along the outer circumference of the mountain, various aristocrats, merchants, various carriages of meetings operate.

The horse-drawn carriage is a rubber wheel with a firm suspension, and almost no sound is made of stone pavement. Body cars also vary from wooden frame only, decorated designs, decorated with paint shiny paint like lacquer of many colors.

"That is an advertisement or a shop name, is not it?"

There are things attached to things like signboards with pictures and letters written on them, and things like simple patterns are drawn. This neighborhood is different from the medieval European fantasy, but the variety of the horses is different, there are quadruped animals and biped animals. Some of the legs are similar to a horse, a line similar to a dog, and some that resemble a turtle carrying heavy objects. Biped is a dinosaur type close to a bird. There are also various kinds such as long hair short hair, things with carapace and hardened skin, and there are also decorative cloths and some with armor in part. This is also common in aristocratic and merchant type carriages.

"I hear that you become ferocious when turning into a demon, but listen to what people say exactly"

"Oh" cow beast "Is it thing to do from the time of larvae, the collar of the slavery, the Ancient type pretty well get used to people, only female, only when it is a child, individual differences are surprisingly large. There are truly diverse secrets of the teacher, so there are quite a lot of things to be ramped out and torn down, of course. "

" Well , that's ... quite there."

"It is called a beast. I wonder if the car that is hauling is a knight car? "

"There is nothing rare if it is a coward that is celibate in such a town, but if you leave from the center, it is easy and powerful, for reasons that it is cheap and powerful for those who are out of training, on the way, Runaway accidents come out because there are many bad quality contractors that use only slavery collars.There are some cars using demonic crystal power, but here is a slope and there is not enough torque to carry heavy items is"

" Oh I see ... Wow !

And the men who walked suddenly started cheering and whistling. They are watching a man who is wearing a large cow car that is flashy decorated like a parade of an amusement park somewhere and a uniform like a butler clothes that followed a coward beast It is reachable.

"Oh, that is a propaganda of the hall,"

The large type cavalry is an open type, where beautiful girls with a chest and a shoulder opening crowd like wearing nearly 10 teen night dresses are waving to the people who come and go with a smile. Every race is various, but all are colorful beautiful ladies who all have eyes.

"It's like walking around Karaki"

"Whatever you think, I do not think it 's something you can show off in the middle of the day ... .... "

"But quite enough, people in the city feel friendly. "

Of course there are people who seem to dislike the advertisement cars, but there are also many women who look back at the hand like many people see it even with a little parade.

"Is not advertising in such a town problematic?"

"The Seokan here has evolved and now it is a comprehensive entertainment facility. As expected, children are not good, but women can also enjoy it."

And, before Nana gazed at the line of sight, next time the cavalry where the men 's women riding is approaching. After that, even a bit of the stage actor 's riding car and the advertising parade of a comprehensive entertainment facility certainly feels like it.

" What?

, Seina looks back and feels two lines of sight. However, it came unexpectedly, it is considerable crowd, I do not know who the gaze is.

"Seina. Spirit thread "

When visualizing a sorcery, there is one unusual thread in Seina 's body indeed.

"Did you do something !? "

"Do not panic, please look at the parade car cabin"

As Natori said, we will move our eyes to the parade chariot again. When,

" ...... What is it !? "

There were a great number of spiritual threads stretched from the viewers to the beautiful boys and actors who ride the car. It's like a paper tape to use as a ship's off-the-shelf, it's repeating itself and disappearing.

"If you have a strong interest in that impression, it seems that the spirit yarn is sticking to that subject. I think it is probably unconscious ... ... "

"Spirit yarn until at such time ... . Indeed, is "magic is an image"? This is exactly "red thread"

"Spirit thread attached to Seina, opponent is Kicha. There is another man who was watching over the tree, near the other, but the spirit thread has not stretched from here "

"Is it it that felt two lines of sight ... But is there only one spirit thread? "

"Perhaps it is making sure that the spirit string does not hatch. Of course it does not mean that it is visible, the point is that it is the same as a technology that professionals kill signs, and consequently the spirit yarn does not hide. Considering, Nana did not extend the spirit string "

"Nana scared! But ... if so, visualization is not a panacea. It is dangerous to reliably depend on reliance "

There is a mistake in visible information, which is really dangerous. Because it tends to blind the information if it is visible. Because its ability is cheat, the pitfalls are deep and fatal.

"It is amazing to have felt two lines of sight among them. I guess it is experience because of a bias in probability "

However, the target is a negative emotion such as maliciousness or a dangerous place to the last, and it is a sad thing that the experience value of favor and emotions is surprisingly low.

"If you have Kicha, you need vigilance. Especially if the action route of Nana is always the same course, you better think that it is known. Something may come to me "

"roger that. I am responsible for monitoring witchcraft. Seina 's usual aspiration, let us vigilant on that side "

Originally this is the ideal cooperation between people and NB.

" ... .... Nana, shall we go now?"

The parade is still going on, but resumes moving with Nana.

Surprisingly, on the main street where the riding cars pass, there was a wide underground passageway for crossing, headed to the opposite side through that. The streets of the cars are sparse and it is not a pain to get through between them, but sometimes consideration is given to being blocked for a long time at large commercial battalions and troops, rush hours in the morning and evening.

The next street is the luxury shopping area. The mountain city is building a house with a shape like a rice terrace. For that reason, the flat part is about three houses, but this is rare and quite wide flat, it is a little park. The fight between people and demons, the appearance of Dragon Sley, the fountain and waterway of the statue that imaged it, the flowers blooming. A bit of tea and meals are not shops like food stalls, but there are several proper open cafés, and pass through the waitress of "face-knitting" maid's clothes and greet.

"Mr. Seina, please also to the waiter who is far away"

Of course they are Nana 's familiar face that I turned into Seina. If I meet you there is no acquaintance to speak in various ways, to the extent of bowing. It is shallow and wide.

But this is actually the biggest problem. Seina has been avoided more than originally not to make friends with each other, so she came to live not to be involved with people. But it is also equal to persecution for children, sometimes hating that person at will. That's why the ability to distinguish features of other people's faces at first glance is low because of efforts to not remember people's faces.

"All right. Because it's me for that "

Previously, such an assistant was the role of NB, but now it is Natori. However, I will not go to it any more. I will also try to remember the other 's face as one of the training. Of course I will not forget the warning against danger.

"A small bridge in the waterway in front, I feel bad"

"Correct. I think that it is a trap of something. Because the spirit thread is caught, it will be a type that controls not automatic activation "

"Well, it's natural that people go through. But what do you do? "

This seems to be the way of Nana, he is steadily moving forward.

"In order to impress the people my appearance, but the same location is seen that there is a need to go through every day, I wonder because it is the same as giving a great opportunity in it I decided to trap the other party ... . It will be suspicious if you change the course suddenly, and it is difficult to explain to Nana "

"Let's use the garbage storage"

"Hey, that kind of thing ... .... "

And the specified trap disappeared.

" ...... I get in. Really? Is there no resist? "

"It might be such a surprising thing? It may be a matter of the degree of people who are using it, but Seino 's ability has also increased in the first place, and we may be underestimating the deterministic strength of the image that can be seen by the eyes not"

"Surely ... it may be able to say"

"By the way, the traps of a while ago ... "

"Wait a minute! Did you analyze it? "

Seina originally does not like the magic of "appraisal" type very much. Of course not everything, if it is for people, it's close to a little dislike.

If you come to hurt yourself, it is not uncommon for you to aggressively appreciate your opponent, trying to catch a bosom and looking at your identity or coloring the wallet. There is also a problem in magic analysis. Such as artifact magic, so for a human to the business, analysis act Madashimo, the act of changing to gold and freely copy it is the same as theft.

"I know. But you do not mind if you want to explore the other's intention? "

"Try to be careful as this tends to become insensitive gradually. Especially keep in mind that the library to go later. Please do not make a complete copy of the contents easily "

Just because the gray zone is wide, if you get accustomed you do not feel doubt about the appraisal itself, but on the contrary it tends to make a terrible and arrogant self-rule to justify that act. Of course, that danger also applies to Seina itself. Seina is afraid of it.

"Yes, I will be careful. That's why the previous trap was a thinking-inducing type that tells his true heart. Whether it is the purpose of letting Seina 's true character blur around here,

" ... That's" king of the ears donkey ears "if put a name to the trap. But it's housed Nante trap, inadvertently You're also likely to cause unpleasant in an accident "

"Release processing is possible. If the analysis for that is OK? "

"Oh, this time it's an illegal trap"

"But let's do this a bit differently ♡ "

And the next moment Natori had a very bad face,

"Koko, Coco Coco, Cornelia, please marry me!"

So young man's voice came from the open cafe.

"what? "

Something young man who was sitting in the cafe of the table, it was a proposal rushed to the woman who was a little distant seat suddenly stood up. View and example to the young man, "the king of the ears donkey ears" trap ... .

"No way, you !? "

"I think it's quite a good recycle? "

"wait a minute! Is it a pattern that a man is unrequited love for another seat? "

Even though it is a real intention of a man, I do not know the situation of the other female side. If it is a couple on the verge of proposal it will be a seat together, if not, if you imagine with severely unrequited love affair to Kiriko , imagining with a really scarce love knowledge, a man is unrequited love, Only the pattern of the stalker, the state of just looking at me is remembered.

"If you suddenly propose to an unknown partner, the women are ... .... "

"I am happy! I finally got a voice, and moreover, ... and a bit surprised, but of course I will accept it!"

And it was said that it was said. And, of the men of the same purpose who were in the surroundings, focused lines of sight concentrate, of course also the spirit yarn. Well, for others, it got out of the way and it went well, so "explode! Stop it! "Will.

"Ah ... that one? Love each other "

"Both of them have confirmed that the bad spirit threads were attached to each other? Otherwise there is no translation to such violence "

" ... Yeah. Well, then it was good ... was it? "

Two men who became happy couples and men who cry. The fact that has already been done can not be erased. While feeling an indescribable thing, she tried hard not to express it as much as possible, and she took herself with Nana and crossed over the small bridge.

Then Seina was taken to Nana, and it went around the town. After entering the downtown, there are many shops, stalls in the town, many craftsmen shop greeted surprisingly. In Japan, there are fewer things to see, disposable daily necessities repair shops that recycle sale, clothes from hats to shoes, socks and gloves specialty shops. Yakan in knives and pots, camping equipment used by hunting adventurers are also being repaired.

"Is the equipment of hunting adventurers here?"

"Weapons and armor are another place.The camping equipment is not for hunting adventurers but it belongs to the category of daily necessities and there are things that this person is earlier and cheaper for a bit of repair, so some people who do not have money , I frequently go around here and try to give it cheap. "

Such craftsmen are comfortable to fit their face as they are working with the large windows facing the street and the board lid fully open, and will also give greetings gently.

"Even craftsmen who retired to it, there are people who keep on hobbies, and there are a lot of ridiculous masters, so I can not judge it."

Many fairly old craftworkers who are doing work while raising a large chair and ceiling in front of the apartment, while working on sunny days and sunny days all day long.

"Even if you do not work as a whole, if you are a sword you only need to adjust the grip on the handle, or attaching the base of the sheath, more detailed, even those who specialize only a specific letter when engraving the magic character on the blade welcome"

"One letter? Is that quite important?"

"It is said that it is difficult to engrave while leaving durability well.It is exhausted by the blade of the sword and it will inevitably get scratched.If you crush that part, it is said that the magic effect halves, There are also craftsmen who ask for hunting adventurers as much as they appoint. "

Incidentally, Kicha persistently chases after, traps are charged, it is being stored in a spirit string from one end. It seems like a rice cake D movie anymore .

"Really" King's ears are donkey's ears "" Captivity "" Confession "" Conversion "" Emotion "? And finally it is "crime" ... Is it sane in such a city? "

The contents of the trap gradually become radical. It seems I am angry about the failure.

"I asked Nana somehow, although it seems that trap magic can be ordinarily bought, it seems that it is illegal to use in the city as a matter of fact. You have recycled various things "

"King's ears are the ears of the donkey" is an open cafe proposing man and a waitress who was being bullied by a man who is not a guest who closely wants companionship. "Captivity" is a classic of Seina, a flowerpot that has fallen. "Penance" is a fighting child. "Conversion" aimed at children's store number, Ohbasan that he was rich with irresponsible price. There was a pervert horse who sniffs the small water and smells a little water and does not move on the spot, although the "embarrassment" is licking the coward, but it is the way that Nana is seen I was excited a lot at the end, it was dangerous to rush while dripping, so to the horse and the man.

"That Jobillo horse should be rewritten as" castration "

"Who says good things? "

"No problem. As expected, "crime" will be rewritten to another thing, but since we are not the one who bought this trap in the first place, there is no problem. Is he going to train himself even with "a confession"? "

"You ne ... "

"Oh, what you did with me ... If anything, you should have made that" drunk "opponent of that Jobillo horse to that man"

"Cookie !?  It ...... it but it is really attractive proposition, but rejected because it will take the trouble to coachman of people! Anyway, ban on recycling to others! Just because the human emotions can be seen with spirit threads, it is not good to interfere there! "

If you become obstructed by your own actions, you do not know what impossible to say to the owner of the owner. Others seemed to have done well, and I do not know what disadvantages later. " Fuuku Fuku is like a bare rope" The actions of good will also bring ridiculous misery to that person. The interference of humans who do not know the other party should be refrained, and the belief on the surface is also dangerous as the spirit string is visible. Especially concerning Seina is the easiest thing to do.

However, Seina also imagined the scene that Jobiljo horse is getting intoxicated with Kicha, desperately pushing for laughter.

"Seina, are you possibly boring?"

"Ah, no, that ... ... It 's a little weak to memorize the face of various people, I was arranging with a little head."

"Since you are being told that you will go out with me as many times as you can remember to a certain extent from your husband, please do not hesitate to me from my husband, and the people I met only at that place There is no such thing, I think somehow it is fine. "

"I understood, it is troublesome but I beg you to do my best."

While saying that, Seina breathed a great deal of breath to calm the feelings. Kicha's pursuit and traps are also a problem, but nervousness is more exhausting than I thought, in order to avoid the bias of probability, which happens by moving around and around in unfamiliar land.

"Soon it will be rounded up around here and I will show you to the library."

"It seems they are not all yet, is it okay?"

"I think that it seems a bit tired, so I think that it is better to sit down and calm down, and I also got some errands to do, so tomorrow I wonder if you plan on the way back home ? "

"After the library, if there is no problem with that circumstances, I'd like to try a little around myself, I am not good at memorizing people's face, but I am good at memorizing geography."

"Yes, there is no problem, a coffee shop in the library is recommended for lunch"

Nana said that with a smile, but from the sorcery concentrating on his ears, it can be seen that Kikachi is captured firmly. First of all, his errands are probably Kicha relations.

" ... ... this is also"

Seina exactly looked up at the building, precisely its foundation. I was anticipating an old stone luxury building, but the place I was guided was going far above that expectation.

"It's a huge Kiyomizu Temple"

"It's OK if you do not have a flat ground" It is such a feeling that you may be able to hear some queen's voice. Buildings and gardens are built on the foundation that Roman aqueducts are lined up many times, those who are said to be palaces for their size and luxury are convincing. From Barry Galle's house, it was near the opposite side of the mountain, so it did not look at all.

"Is this a library?"

"No, what was originally a royal palace was a warehouse where various unwanted items and other items were placed in relation to the capital, etc. However, it was troublesome that the budget was troublesome After that, it is not necessary, after that, there is no necessity, taking the place and saying sorry for the ancestor through the ancestor has become a place where illegal dumping is steadily increasing ...... Those who are in front of the fifth generation of the current lord who was assigned the management afterwards said, "Let's make it a museum instantly, if you have complaints come to pick me up ... "

"So what is it like this?"

"There are more kinds of collections than we thought, there are also things called former royal palaces, it has become one of the best museums both in Japan and abroad, and it is also an eye for sightseeing.In the collection there are also many books There is a library as a corner of the general museum, so this is also the largest in the country. "

× × ×  

Seina broke up from Nana and was an identification card prepared by Barry Gal, passed through the entrance gate and headed into the museum. Indeed the front passages are off limits and can only be opened in the New Year. In the first place it is pretty luxurious to say that you can use the main gate for the time of the events of the king, state guests, or the nation and the others were using the gates.

When entering inside, there is protection of the exhibits, too cool, it is quite cool.

"There are many surprising hunting adventurers"

Of course, we do not wear armor and armor, but dagger etc is allowed to possess, clothes and face feeling is clearly different from ordinary people. It is obvious even in the shallow Seina which came to this world.

The interior is quite large though it is a former palace, but the decoration is unexpectedly frugal, a castle to fight a rather old age. Perhaps it's a type that decorates with various furnishings and wood interiors.

"It is truly the biggest in Japan ... wide.

It is a library that I thought from the building construction and divided the huge hall into two stories. As expected the number of collections is tremendous, there are librarians in the counter and the arrangement is easy to understand with the guide board. To avoid deterioration of the book, there is only a window in the window, direct sunlight does not hit the book, the location of the library is opposite the sun's orbit. And the biggest feature of this place is the translation barrier set up throughout the museum. In this world, the official language of the basic, Konza is used, but various languages ​​are used for old literature. Even those who automatically translate it and who can not read the letters can understand all the characters here.

"It seems impossible after all"

The first thing I looked on was a map. However, since a properly wide map of the country level is treated as military-related, there is no place where ordinary people can browse. The old map is a cultural property and can not be viewed from the viewpoint of protection. Even if geography also hits the history of the city, it is like a memorandum that can not be described as a handwritten map, with only a sentence, if any, at some place and where at some place where the battle fought at the place.

"Because it is not a medieval era, I thought there was something, but ... surprisingly there is a fairly detailed map of this city"

However, by division of each section, it is also out of the vicinity of important facilities. Basically it is hard to understand the whole picture.

"If you think about it, maps in a wide area are unnecessary and not necessary for ordinary people. For example, when were you in Japan, when would you like to use Seina? "

"Hmm? ... That's right. In the case of me special ...... cycling, driving, transporting luggage ... ... that? "

"When going to an unknown place, it is limited only when there are feet that can travel long distances. If you are going to work, you will be developing new places, and if you are seeking certainty, hire people who are familiar with the geography. Maybe you ask people in the land "

"If so, surprisingly, if you put it, hunting adventurer Guild ? But I guess it can not be said that there will soon be ... .... "

"I should have studied variously with magic ball, but ... .... "

"It can not be helped at that stage. I would like to see more herbal related materials than that. The data of the magic tree acquired above is also gone, and hunting adventurers are still the first request for collection of medicinal herbs "

"I am sorry for you"

"Fuhhuh, that's a line that I always tell people. But it's a good idea to collect such data with your feet. Besides, when I actually compared the fruits that I gathered at that time, if you compare it with the data, you did it a lot, were you breeding? Then you have to investigate in the end is the same "

"The Magi is easy to mutate and because the vegetation also changes depending on the planet, depending on the land, it is difficult to say complete data, but if it is still there it will be helpful"

"There is no point in thinking about things that are gone. To find out where there is nothing is an important opportunity to know the land and people, there are things that are overwhelmed and swayed around "

" ... ... That's right. It seems that a proper specimen is quite substantial here, so I am looking forward to it "

"Me too. Every once in a while we can not scan copy. The identification card is shared with the admission permit but it is free, but ordinary people need an entrance fee of 500,000 en "

Barry Gal 's identity provision was of a semi - privileged class level, if it was a state - controlled facility, it was a thing that could be used preferentially if it was vacant, even if it was a reservation - needed place.

"In general, why do you think that is why? "

"If you think that money is used to keep this place, you do not care what the later human beings are. If people before us are thinking so, if you do not do it well you do not have a place here so you can not do irresponsible things "

"I certainly think that Seina 's theory is correct ... .... "

"If you go live for you, that" smart "way would be nice. But when I see the sea ​​and Kenneth , I am worried about various things. Information is important to how to use it after obtaining it, but the way you get it is important "

The information knows what it is at the stage of getting it. However, instead of being able to gather a lot of materials at once, the way Nakuta takes, it takes a huge amount of time to select from there. And it takes time to judge how you need each one and how you can use it. And the most terrible thing is the feeling that you've got everything and you know when there is a missing information in the scene that needs it.

Especially in the case of Seina, since it may be directly linked to life, it is necessary to acquire one by one surely and surely wear it.

"But is it me for that? "

Originally, NB is the function of gathering such information, and its speed and accuracy is not a ratio of people. Yet Nasuta is Washu Respect. Even if you can not link with Washu 's data bank, the basic ability is preeminent.

"I guess so, but I still feel that the partnership with you is not interlocking well. So even if there is little information to obtain, I'd like to share it properly. I leave it to your "way of doing" since it was confirmed. I know I care about various things, but at least I survived doing that. It is not deftly enough to change its way "

" ... Well, maybe,"

"I am biased in probability, that is causing inconvenience to people, but there are still people who will help me without loss. Thinking about those people, I can not be irresponsible ... or is it anxious? "

"No, it is exactly as Seina said. Because the internal exchange type makes information exchange more dense than the previous external terminal type. It is certain that mutual trust is more important. Just ... ... If there is something to worry about, is it still that Kikuchi's spirit strings are still attached? "

× × ×  

"It's kind of easy to not have people follow you for viewing books because it is letterpress printing but, as expected, the kind of photograph books is still technically impossible"

Ignoring the spirit thread of Kicha, Seina studied the basic medical herbal book, which will be necessary, then moved to the room with the specimen.

Even though Seina 's purpose is to become a hunter adventurer and it is in the story that the first request of "adventurer" is medicinal herb gathering, medicine is essential for Seina It is not possible. For the sake of money saving and collection profit of collected objects, I would like to obtain knowledge so that we can collect usable medicinal herbs. Of course it is food as well.

"But it was interesting that the level of illustrations varied from book to book. I was surprised to see that some of the items were very high in level ...... Well it was surprisingly wonderful, but I was not good ... .... "

"But I felt the feeling of telling the feature. Surprisingly, it seems that discoveries of handwritten clothes are higher than realistic objects like photos. There were also interesting things as a picture, so I want it if you can get it "

"It's like a book collection rather than an illustration"

"It seems that Kiriko likes it. Even here as a library, I do not get tired of being fulfilled variously. However, the number related to magic truly was truly small. Regrettably Barry Gal's identification card is unfortunate that it was impossible to enter the rare book room, but there was an unexpected harvest from surprising books "

It was a bit of a light-based book called "Funny Magic / Hundred Mysteries".

"That was an interesting book, is not it? It was an entertainment book that gathered little anecdotes and considerations, but the idea was strange and seemed to be seeing his mother "

"At the stage of imagination, there was someone who thought of the same thing as the spirit string storage"

There was a corner like a convenient magic tool that used magic in the book, there was an infinite storage box using the transfer gate.

"There is no limit to fancy things, right? But ... ... The magical book for beginners was an interesting thing as the same entertainment? "

Natashi's tone is a mischievous mouth, and the mouth is a feeling of laughing.

"It was a story about entertainment? Fancy stories and textbooks are different. I'm something like "What's this ah ah ah! I was about to shout at the old criminal drama ribbon. Seriously, it is the world of Nakaji disease. Yup! I, impossible! "

That book is for beginners, but it is a proper textbook. In the book, along with a small explanation of the difficulty, a spell collection for magic activation and a diagram for activating it were listed. For example, there are tens of spells in the magic that only causes one wind, any of which can cause the wind and sometimes it can not happen, it is written seriously.

── Wind, windy.

From this degree of simplicity,

─ ─ Creates the heavens and the earth and creates a life with Genesis God, Canukat na Athleona Galligarusstoa Barry Ca Metalmas, ravishing, blowing, raging. Respond to my wishes, birthless sky blades. Fulfill my wish! I will ask!

With such a long feeling like this, I do not understand that the end is a petition. Besides that, there are many words such as coined words that are meaningless, seeking help from the ancestral spirits, thanking their parents.

"There were some poems that imaged the wind, but I stopped reading on the first few letters. It is already no magical spell already. There are various poses to imagine the wind if it is an explanation of the illustration ... ... Is it magic that it makes a fanfare fan by hand? "

Others are strange dances. Various poses expressing the wind. Breathing in the octopus or various costumes with a full streamlining, a variety of avant - garde dances that you can not understand.

"It sounds like a prayer rather than magical"

"If you say that you can do such a thing without knowing anything, you will give up magic with haste. Even a small child is still too hurdle at my age! "

If there is a school for magic, where high school students are receiving such a class, they will drop out with haste.

"Kusuk Su. It is probably how difficult it is for ordinary people to imagine and activate magic. If you clarify the image clearly by hand, it might be surprisingly effective? "

"Is this it? "

When Seina lightly fans with the left hand, suddenly a bunch of winds blew through the corridor.


It flipped up the skirts of the long skirts of the women who were walking in the front and exposed the area around the calves. Though they shyly looked at the Seina, they saw the Seina, but this place was an open type corridor, and Seina sharply deflected the face, so that it was a natural windbreaker It was calm.

"It was disappointing not to be a mini"

" ... ... the person who wrote the book, I am sorry really,"

After that, it was a secret that I thought whether I could "vacuum off" suddenly.

× × ×  

"I was surprised ...... It certainly is worth paying a proper admission fee. I am convinced that there are many hunting adventurers "

Actual specimens of plants were seen only in the presence of staff in the reading room, specimens of rare plants required special permits, but the collections of hundreds of thousands of points were the largest in the world when the items on other continents were combined .

"The surprising thing is that general class samples are on sale. Moreover, there are one hundred kinds of one hundred kinds, there are almost the main kinds to be used everyday even just that, even specimens of quasi-rare species are also included ...... "

According to the librarian's explanation, this specimen is a staple material that is always reserved for local hunter adventurers and magical pharmacy guilds , and when it ranks further, it enters quite a specialized area considerably. They are powerful drugs and toxic substances, addictive narcotics, collections themselves require expert knowledge , and qualifications higher than the fourth grade of Magic Pharmaceutical Guild are required to handle them in compounding etc.

"It is amazing to have a greenhouse growing various herbs. About eight hundred kinds are used, but in addition to being used at a high frequency, it is precious that it is possible to actually see the living thing even if it seems to be difficult to find out if it is actually to collect it "

"A collection of monsters, a collection of weapons and armor, exhibits of traps and clothes are good as well. Especially in the past, the famous hunting adventurers and the magician's equipment exhibition at the time the magic box was rare will be helpful "

It is apt to neglect if there is a spirit string storage or a high level magic box, but it is a very important opportunity to be able to confirm the necessary priorities of equipment. Besides hunting adventurers who can not have a magic box, their knowledge is helpful not only for hunting adventurers but also for high-level people. Especially for Seina, it was great that we could match with our own knowledge.

"I got a little late, but I will eat and go out to the city. I will be going here several times in the future and have something I want to check in a hurry, right? "

Seina headed for the dining room that I confirmed on the guide board.

× × ×  

The cafeteria is separate from general and privileged hierarchy. The library also has a special reading room called a special reading room, a room where a librarian brings us a book that requires a librarian, and Seina's permission was a thing that could use the place, but indeed it is impossible to borrow treasured books, did. Of course, even though it enters the eatery of the privileged class here, the meal is a little full course, and it is also necessary to change clothes. It seems there are also costumes, but such meals were dismissed.

I am glad that thanks to the large magic box being installed in the cafeteria, the opening hours are from opening to closing. Hot cooking is served at any time without waiting time.

"Hi, it's been a long time. Do you remember me? Oh, I am a special three course."

Aiming for the moment Seina tried to settle at the ticket office, Kicha came in. It is the timing to push the settlement to Seina, apparently as acquaintance. Moreover, I ordered the highest set meal here.

"Sorry, are you up to where?"

Seina paid a perfect amount of money for himself, received his own ticket, and immediately went to the counter.

" ... ... I canceled it a little while ago, please make me a tea"

With a busy look, I changed to the cheapest menu and chase after Seina.

"No, no, at that time you were injured and feeling stupid. There is no choice, I'm the mainstay party member who killed the barry gal and that large chimera.Oh what's not going to the special estate room Even if I look like this, I get a lot of faces. "

"Oh, I remembered that you talked to Barry Gal variously. "

" !?

Seina moved to a scenic place on the window, in the gap where Kicha was frightened.

"No, it is a misunderstanding"

I momentarily distorted facial expressions, but immediately comes with a smiling face. And at the moment of sitting, Seina casually tried to disgrace the sandwich from above the tray of Seina, Seina moved the tray and hurriedly.

" ... ... I know a lot about you.

Raising his waist and bringing her face closer, whispers in a loud voice for a while and then returns to her posture again. Meanwhile, we reach the sandwich softly, but of course Seina prevents it from crushing the sandwich before that. Of course, casually.

"I am also under Barry Gal and suffering from various unreasonable steps ... so it is worrying about yourself.I am not a citizen of the aristocrat but I am not a legitimate child ...... There is no doubt that it has much more power than commoners and others. "

" ............

"Are you alarmed? But I certainly know your identity ... So you can help us return home, and you can do a lot of things when you get something. You take my hand Just do it, and you are free. "

Kicha hands out with a serious look that is truly serious and sincere. Its naturalness is familiar to deceive people. Seina pretended to think a little,

" ... ... I do not quite understand what you are saying"

I will answer. Of course I will not take that hand.

"The mouth and action do not match ... ... rather than Seina Mr. Is not it fun? "

As usual It is under the battle against a sandwich battle under the water. Although it seems not to put out the stew indeed, it may be because Seina once took a mouth or a cat tongue.

"If my age of catching a cold is slow, the reason is easy, because it's the second time."

Seina made the last sandwich, and its battle tournament was Seina 's victory. Next is the battle for dessert.

"Second time !?  C'monalso white to irresponsible"

"It is true, the first time I heard that it was still a baby Well, I was not convinced whether it was a witch's cold, but in this library, I read a book with the same cases as me Have you found it ...... Can you tell me more than that? "

"Is it true?"

"Do not you want to talk about the distribution of large chimeras?"

To Seina 's question, this time Kicha was silent. By the way, Seina won the dessert match.

"Maybe you are trying to put off talk? The cause is the spirit thread attached to Kicha? "

"Can you use magic of cognitive disability? "

Look at the ring with a glance.

"Can I use it? "

"The ring of this artifact is something I bought with money. Just use a part of that function "

"OK. So you do not want him to recognize the approach of a person monitoring Kika? "

"The story is early and it will be saved. ask"

" ... No, I still have doubts, is your package a bit strange?"

"Oh, that seems to be on the continent on the way up, it's a memento of a dead grandfather"

"Your grandfather ... ... Is it a person over there or is it a forced repatriation?"

It seems that he seemed to be interested in that, and he looked like a bite.

"Come on, that's all I heard, did not you investigate me?"

" ... ... I know a lot more, but that's no secret."

"Okay, then I'll do it."

"Well, even if you do not panic, the story is about to come."

Kicha desperately presses Seina to stand up.

" ... .... I am fighting at the risk of being, even though I got the end call and it is over"

"If it is a complaint for distribution, I can not do anything - I can invite you to Barry Gull's house, is not it?"

"I know that such negotiations are impossible now, but how much do you take out of you?"

"It is 30%"

"If it seems to be small ... ... Thirty percent ! Is it  true?"

"I also got a witchcare nurse and I was attacked by Large Chimera and I got a blank sentence besides some luggage.Bought debt and equipments .... It was about offset."

This information is a little bread roll.

"Its, so? ...... Thats still. Barry Hey have been deceived by the Galle ...... 'm being cheated. He was taken off of you without consultation to party members. It knows the value of Rajikimera So, it is aiming for your share, no matter how much we take care of you, it will not go away due to debt and equipment. "

I am glad to find an excuse to join, Kika began speaking happily.

"As I said earlier, I have a tribe in a nobleman and I can speak to you so that you can receive proper rewards."

"Of course ... ... Does that need compensation?"

" Once in a relationship with Barry Gal, it is troublesome after a long time. Even if it is cheaply used as an apprentice, even if it becomes a single person, I receive disadvantageous treatment by allocation.I am an experienced person, Many people are there, and in fact it is necessary to have a lot of money to pass through the party. "

"In other words from the share of Large Chimera?"

"That's where you are lucky, you need a reasonable amount of money before you arrest your aristocracy, but it's better than having to keep paying for a long time, and the auction price of Large Chimeras is quite expensive. Is not there a return? "

" How much is it ... ?"

"There, there is a nice way, because I am a possible way out, is it a possible way out? If you normally need about 80% of your earnings, but if you transfer your rights, 30% is fine"

" ... ... ?"

"Of course it is natural to think suspiciously, there is a curse - that is, the nobility negotiates with Barry Gal if you give the rights to the nobility , your contribution to the suppression of Large Chimera is I If there are testimonies of others, the value will rise.When trying to make you a monopoly, if the party member complains, the barry gal's share will also be here.Well if you do it will make your debt even chara ... ... would be convinced can talk if you listen and size? so? "

It certainly is convincing logic. If possible it is precisely executed, a is but ... .

"Kicha gets that right, or resells another right and it's going to be a tossra ...... It will not be long enough "

"I understand, please let me think a bit with that proposal."

"Do not miss the opportunity if you do not hurry like this?"

"It's like a customer to Mr. Kicha, so I am with this"

She stood with Kika with her arms folded down, and she got up with a tray.

"Please, please talk slowly because my story is over"

"Oh, sorry about you"

It appeared from the shadow of the implantation that the muscular ridicule is durable. Besides that, a variety of men and women, about ten people already surround Kicha with a full smile.

When I noticed that Kisha had a spiritual thread, I imagined who it was, but it will not take time to reach the conclusion that it is a victim of Kicha's fraud from the behavior against Seina. If you are looking at the action of a spiritual opponent, it is not difficult to find and understand until you find a kicha in a museum and collect a group.

"Hey !

There is no need to worry about the future of Kikuchi who quickly turned blue. If you infer from the story you heard from various people, including Kikuchi himself, it is only "when paying a yearly pension". It is a matter of course that you have discussions here properly. It is something that Seina must not talk about in the other things to discuss with each other afterwards.

Seina kept his back on Kika, left the tray back to the counter, left, and headed straight from the museum to the city.

Seina headed for the highest possible place for him to go in this town. If the owner's house at the top is a touristized castle, you can climb the tower there, but you can not enter the aristocracy as well, not to mention the unfortunate and near the summit. Although it was a charge, there was a garden of the aristocrat who was open to the public, and it was handled as an annex of the museum, so it was possible to use Barry Gal's passage test.

"After all ... seems to have hit an unpleasant premonition"

It is the observatory which became a terrace like the most tip of the garden. It is a place where you enjoy elegant tea while watching the view overlooking the eyes. However, it can not be a feeling to enjoy the scenery in Seina which can visualize the sorcery.

"Is that the detection system barrier? "

"Yes. It was quite concealing ability and I also did not realize it until I let it touch the exploration magic bulb. But even visualization ability, I can only see that degree ... "

Natori combines the revenge for the Nodamma, raising the sight of the demonic ball to the sky, and I realized that the way the seires are seeing the barrier. But the boundary thing is not visible even when it comes to the hill like this, it will be for communication and transfer to the outside, the boundary reacts to that spirit yarn, and it is only because it is slightly swaying like a water surface. And the biggest response that got to notice the barrier was the great main road leading to the city.

"It appears to be responding to carriages and people coming and going"

Three places can be seen from the terrace, but all are responsive. And, besides that, when observing the surroundings frequently with a super telephoto image by a magic ball, it seems that it reacts not only to people's entry but also to a bit of a flight-based demon.

"Apparently it seems that there is a hemispherical barrier with the feeling of covering this city. Perhaps it may continue to the basement "

Looking around, there are similar buildings dotted at regular intervals around the boundary of the barrier, and there are also figures of several soldiers there. It might be like a police box. Of course there is a large building similar to the Arc de Triomphe near the highway, and you can see the figure of the soldier there.

"It is natural that this guy does not notice the night when traffic does not go out. Even in the daytime, if you are from the house of Barry Gal you can not see it "

Actually there are few activities of people at night. Even more if visualization is difficult to this extent.

"I'm sorry. It was truly extravagant "

"No, even I do not think there is such a huge barrier. Well, if I do not actually touch it, I will never notice it "

"But it has become difficult to send out the witchball out of the barrier with this"

"In other words, there is a castle wall called the monitoring barrier in this city. So, is it possible to locate this place with the scenery from here? "

"Yes. Identifying that river, the topography, the building of the museum as well, the identification is easy "

"After the problem of data that can not be accessed"

If it is a precision picture from high altitude, it can be seen that if it expands at night it can be seen as ants. The scenery from here is only a part, but that former palace is also quite distinctive. If there is such information, there is no feature that the philosopher's stone specifies the place.

"But I guess, I think that it is not far apart than I thought. Transportation of a sick person is pretty tough, and considering Seina 's magician' s cold period, if it takes too much time it will have to be healed at the time of arrival "

"After secreating me in the house, is it safe to start camouflaging ... if it is about two days at most? "

"If it is a carriage, it will be within 60 kilometers. Perhaps it may be shorter "

"Two hours to a protected place, seven hours to ZINV there from there ...... It will not be bad if you touch the barrier to that extent indeed"

"Can you give permission to analyze the barrier so that you can go straight? "

"You already are doing it already? "

" ... Sorry"

It is an analysis that does not conform to the meaning of Seina, and in some cases it is an act of exposing Seina to the reverse detection. However, as a stone of the wise men, it also did it as a matter of course as a role of myself. This is the part that "Seika says" cooperation is not going well ".

"Okay, allow it. But I will ask you carefully ... So what kind of feeling is it? "

"It is quite tough. The composition changes every few seconds, and it does not even activate unless you touch it at all. Points that I inadvertently touched and spirit threads are also known. Just because the point that touched the barrier was moved to the top of the mountain where the lord's house is located, I think whether that is a problem ... .... "

If you are raising a fool honestly above the house of Barry Gal, you are over.

"There is a top on top. So, since you touched and sensed, is there any feeling that you received something like that? "

"It is not as far as I can perceive. Maybe Ms. Seina feels something? "

"I do not feel strange. Besides that, it is a question what is the purpose of monitoring for the first place "

"If it is for monitoring purposes, who is going in and out when? I guess. Of course there will be monsters there, but if you look at the place where you are reacting also to the communication and the contents of transfer, the person 's check is still considered as the main "

"Who? Then you must be able to identify individuals, right? It is also highly likely that there are things like internal magic pattern. But surely did you protect my point and spirit thread? "

"Yes. It is not used by other people. So I think that it will not be possible to identify Mr. Seina so easily for this barrier "

"Hmm? Wait a minute! specific? You took my pattern, is not it? "

"If you are checking in and out, it means that when Seina was brought here you are caught in that barrier"

"Wow! Well, my magic pattern is also known as "

Seina thought for a moment but raised his face with a look that would not be understood at once.

"Hey ... ... At that moment, during the cold of the magic, a magic organ is being formed. Is it the same even after completing its completion? ...... Oh, but can not I know about it now ... ... "

"Better yet, do you want to investigate whether the process is recorded in the sorcery organ? Since the pattern detected in the barrier is the beginning of the magic cold and after the formation of polar crystals, there may be some differences "

, Natori confirms neighborhood. There are many people but their interest concentrates on the garden and its flowers, and there are few people near the terrace. Nobody cares about Seina.

"Just try and try. I'm also interested in it "

"Excuse me ... "

It seems that Natori began analyzing, the magician began to be consumed with considerable momentum. Seina considers breathing and replenishes magic, but consumption is overwhelmingly fast. As it is not a situation where external exorcisms can be diverted in practice, we will enforce enchantment enhancement and combinatorial technique of that Bio-Enhancement and magic reinforcement. However, this is to accelerate the conversion to the internal demonic, and it suppresses the absorption of the surrounding external demonic. Otherwise it will explodely absorb arsenic and create a vacuum state of sorcerer in the neighborhood. If you do something bad, people in the surroundings will be in a state of magic suffocation that can not be absorbed by magic, and humans with small magical capacity can cause depletion of the magic. It will be a fuss if we do so.

" !? "

Then enough time passed, suddenly consumption of sorcery ended, Seina also lifted enchantment strengthening. Seina 's internal magician was about 10%, but since the amount of magic in the first place is enormous, there is no problem with the remaining amount. Moreover, with this magic, there is also a feeling that crystallization advanced.

"There was a record, but the amount was enormous and it took time to read"

"How was it? "

"From the conclusion, the pattern of the sorcery has changed before and after. Although it turned out, it seems that there is also a rank like that of demonic crystals in the converted internal magic substance itself. It seems that the conversion efficiency to an event increases with the growth of a magic organ "

"That means that the patterns registered as myself are already different things ... ... Do you think you can understand the same thing by comparing the patterns before and after that? "

"Although we can not make a conclusion, assuming that the longest magical cold is a week, there are few differences in that pattern. Again we are making a drastic change with the long-term formation of the choroid organ and polar crystallization "

"That is, if known my Mamoto pattern of current, rather difficult to identify and remove the protection ...... and, Ee' !? "

Seina suddenly hugged her head.

"Where are you? "

"Even if I just know my sorcerer pattern of now it is not bad! "

It is the same as registering Seina 's biometrics and its biometrics are different. That means that the seina is a different person.

"Since I know the initial pattern of Seina, impersonation is possible. Just use strong magic, the original pattern will appear, so be careful "

" ...... What is magical attraction so far? "

"I only pray that it will not be checked"

"Ah ah ah ah, secretly and steadily ... .... "

"But as Barry Gal is involved, he should have done some concealment work in some way. I do not know exactly how the demonic crystals doing every day is doing, but I think that the possibility of hiding the source of those who have suffered is high. It is the same as publicly announcing that it was enough to alone that amount of money "

"It's also wishful observation"

" If you are at least as much as Barry Gal, you will not know about the sorcery pattern. And I also know about Mr. Seina 's chaotic organ "

"Is it already checking? If so, the disguise of the sorcery pattern is a dovey "

"Then the biggest problem is contact with that barrier. If the features are balanced, it will be possible for both the lords here and the Barry gals to turn to enemies "

Outside contacts in secret are suspected of course in many ways, but also in Barry Gal if there is a will for escape.

"Hey ... how do you see the access to the sky at night? "

"You can imagine how bad it is. To the sky is also considered to be the universe. Although the speed of moving a point is slow, you can go out into space for as long as 4 hours "

Of course if you have knowledge of points and spirit threads, there is a possibility of getting in touch with space pirates.

"If someone believes Kicha's words, there is a possibility that I will be a suspect, but ... it was salvation that I did not raise the point directly above Barry Gull's house. If I was doing that, I would have been bald by a single shot "

If the coordinates of the grounding point are determined and Barry Gall House is located right under that point , excuses will not work.

"Since we needed to look over the whole area including the mountain side, we decided that the top of the mountain is the best if its conditions are satisfied, but it was fortunate"

"If it was me, I should have done it ... no, I do not know here, I have no choice but to be quiet. In order to go out of the barrier in a natural way, there is no choice but to become a hunting adventurer again "

"You will have to wait for ZINV"

"There 's no choice but to apologize. Radio communication can not be used for obstacles except urgent only, and ZINV also has a master key like Kiriko 's Rui Shi ...... "

"I think that communication is unexpectedly a blind spot ... ... it is certainly not feasible in this situation. Totally ... only demonstrative acts are diligent "

In the sky, I can see that Weak Knight of the Five Vowed Cross has formed a formation and crossing it. It's flying at regular intervals, just like this in the daytime. It is a threat to show that it is themselves who dominate here.

"That haste, Barry Gal was complaining that he would not come at all upon the raid of a pirate at the very end. Well, it is reasonable that people in the sky will be disliked. Both of us are the same sky people for these people "

The sky battles here striking against the planet's night side. It is empty of the continent, A of the same name as the star Barry Interview anarchy is, he has to intercept is delayed excuse of air pirates attack.

"Take a point over the night, so. Certainly disgusting conditions overlap "

"If the lord side knew about Mr. Seina, there are two choices whether to escape or be like a child. Depending on the opponent, it will be quite troublesome to become a child. It will be even more troublesome if it is an empty man and knowing why he came here "

"Even if you escape, beyond being bound with the curse of the contract, you will be able to locate the place soon? "

" If you turn the lord side and Barry gull at the same time to the enemy. As long as Barry Gal continues to repay debts, it means that Mr. Seina is willing to stay anywhere "

"To do that, I have to do something about this barrier, but is not that the whole way over? Did you come up with something? "

"If that traffic goes around the frequent roads, analysis may be possible because there are many situation samples. The point and the passage of the spirit thread are conversely said that it is possible at that place "

"Because there is frequent entry and exit"

"Points and spirit threads are not detected unless they are activated. Of course you will be aware of it while you move the point, but it may be gentle if the change in composition is at that place. If you can read the pattern, move the point before it changes and erase it before it changes. Points will be fixed to the destination ... ... "

"Or move it steadily followed by ...... . Certainly the instantaneous movement will be for a moment and I am likely to go. Although it is a story if it can analyze, is it okay? "

"There is a possibility that" it is visible "than to analyze in places where there is nothing"

"I understood. However, because it is a troublesome high-ranking opponent, you should think that you know the weak point of your own barrier. Let's ask you not to become "jabu". Because it is insurance when you balanced, you do not need to impossible "

"Yes ♡ "

For Natori it is an opportunity to recover the honor and it seems to be glad to be useful for the saina.

"If you decide so, it's a big garden. Let's enjoy a little "

This is treated as an annex of the museum because it is a flower similar to the orchid cultivated by the aristocracy of this mansion, crossing the thing brought from space with the witch and creating a new breed.

It seems that Earth orchids and roses, for example, are so diverse that they can not be regarded as the same flower, and crossing with the Magi has further complicated its shape. Naturally, colors, shapes, patterns and the like are obvious, there are things blooming underwater, things making fruits, things developing transparent petals by sorcery, lights, things moving like living things.

And above all, most of them are delicate, with the beauty that they want to sigh. In this fantasy world, it is a funny beauty that fairies can gather together. Although it seems to come when the night when the person gets lost, it seems that it will come soon as people's signs come, so that only people in the pavilion who are growing flowers can actually see ... ... ,

"You can see it. It is cute.

When you visualize a sorcery, a human type less than ten centimeters like a light light is flocking to flowers.

"It sounds like a butterfly"

Although it can barely see something like a face shape, it looks ambiguous as if the whole has blurred. When a person gets closer, it keeps a distance, and when it passes by, it comes to flowers again It comes back, but occasionally there are children, it gathers there, the child is feeling something, I am sorry.

" ... ... that that is amazing"

Especially when a couple with a baby comes, they are gathered like that of a huge dandelion to the baby, to a pregnant woman and to its stomach.

"It would seem like 'Ooh, huge mold' in the case of the sea"

"Think about that, Mr. Seina is the same kind"

Nuri is truly a disgusted wind.

"But it is beautiful when it is flying fluffy, but ... too much gathering, ne"

It is beautiful in flower gardens, such as butterflies, but it is a kind of fear when it comes down to the number that branches of trees are broken due to their weight, sometimes making large groups like big birds.

"Well, let 's return soon. Although the sun is still high enough, the falling shadows have become longer and longer "

"On the way back, if you avoid the road this morning, you do not have to say a greeting? I can record it because I am recording it, but ... .... "

"I came up with a nice way. Well look at me "

Seina is not good at learning people's face, but I am good at memorizing the way. Following the way I came, I learned the people taught by Nana at that direction and the position of the building.