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GXP 11 Chapter 7

   7 "Run away and run away!"

  kanemitsu was climbing tenju with the girls.there were lots of  vines and branches to grab onto, but the wind was raging.
  "Alright, be sure to support your body with three points!"
  "Is the weather usually this unstable ?"Amane complained 
  "It's actually quite calm right now, and it's not raining, and thanks to the harsh wind, we wont have any brittle plants to accidentally grab onto."
  "Why are we doing this ...?"
   Ryoko looked like she was about to start crying.
  "When we get back up, I'm going to find your wife, AND I WILL  BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER!"
  "Ha ha ha! That spirit!"
    Kanemitsu laughed,

Neeju was tied to Kanemitsu's backpack,suspended in the air floating without any foot hold or anything,  It was physically easy but psychologically like torture. Neeju, who was enjoying the scenery at first, closed her eyes at around a hundred meters, finally after 500 meters she fainted.

   About five hours after they started climbing, Kanemitsu crossed the most difficult point and finally reached a place where it would be easy to get up. From this point on wards was a well-organized plant group and only a few places where climbing is necessary. Of course it was a steep slope but it was still much easier to go up then climbing.
  "Ah this feels good"
   Amane  and the others where sitting around a small fountain in a big cave resting. The cool wind and cold water were comfortable.

  "we need to get back to climbing as soon as were done eating ... hey where's the shrine maiden?"
 Kanemitsu looked around, but didn't see Neeju."
  "I need to find her"
  "Wait a moment!  she's out for a walk with Nene and Karen,she's fine."
   Amane hurriedly stopped Kanemitsu 
  "But ... ...."
  he made a strange look, but from the standpoint of an escort, it was bad to be away from his escortee for a long period of time. 
   ─── Kaaaaaa!
   Neeju's scream was heard from a place a little while away.
  "What was that!"
  "don't ask me!"
  The girls rushed up the vines which wrapped around like a spiral staircase on the big tree, until  they encountered what looked like a backwards ant with huge red eyes. amane and the others were much faster, but because the ants were able to move without any concern, they weren't far behind.
  "Why weren't we warned of these beforehand!"
  "maybe there not carnivores?"
 Hakuren said, they relaxed a bit but still tried to escape.
  "But if you get caught, it will take at least three nights to get out of it's nest while it cares for you."
  "I don't understand is that good or bad ... ...."
  "There are quite a lot of benefits. they call them nursing-care ants, they take care of the animals they find with extraordinary care and the gel-like honey secreted by them makes for a good meal. it's a nutritious and full meal, if your incredibly hungry, it seems that the amount that you get is considerably increased..In the past, nursing care ants got a hold of scholar who studied the ecology of elephants here, he seemed to think that it wasn't half bad living with the ants. "
  "someone must have felt it was bad to take 3 days to escape such a thing ... ..."
  "With our current medical technology, the response to the various problems of aging is handled well, but if Jurai had a civilization in the early stages, it may have been incorporated into the retirement care system"
  "Let's do our best and run away!" 
  "Why are they so persistent!?"
 It had been more than two hours. 
  "Can't we just fight them off and drive then away?"
  "They have been designated beneficial insects, hurting them is against the law"
  "You don't think this is a reasonable exception !?"
  "Not for these creatures ..."
  "then we just have to figure out why there chasing us right?"
  "Well  to that extent i know.. ...."
  "Then why haven't you done anything about it!"
  "It is a matter related to the dignity of the shrine maiden.. "
  "The dignity of Neeju? ......... oh"
   the ants cultivate mushrooms they eat from animal manure they use as fertilizer. In other words, it responded to the smell of Neeju reaction to being suspended miles up in the air. they would have to remove her underwear─ ─ ─.
  "I think i see a transfer gate to a residential area up ahead,  if we keep at it we should get there soon"
  "there wasn't supposed to be one for quite a while!"
  "it seems we've made to our destination in under an hour."
  "You're joking, right?"
  "Ha ha ha! Thanks to being chased we were able to arrive earlier than planned, I guess that's a good thing isn't it?"
  "Tomorrow I will defiantly be in pain"
   After 30 minutes,they made it to the transfer gate.


  "Our Victory is here! Don't you think so Captain"
   Da Ruma shouted with excitement. In the large dock in front of him,  the good luck ship which was remodeled was anchored. Its appearance was now exactly like a treasure ship, it didn't look at all like a pirate Battleship. But it was a battle ship made by the daruma Guild with the best possible technology.
  "Of course, the president! It's the strongest lucky ship  with the strongest luck items!"
  "It is a masterpiece,"
  "Yeah! The new unko will be unstoppable! Wahaha Hahaha!"
   Komachi had a complicated look on her face as she listened to daruma and seiryo.  One of the reasons was, of course,  the two of them, but another was a monitor that reflected the state of the bridge  just past them.
  "Daruma, captain, I'm going to check the state of sailing preparations now."
  Komachi bowed without listening to their response and quickly left the spot.
      × × ×
  "How is the progress of the departure preparations progressing?"
   Komachi called out to Barry As she entered the bridge.

The operator's seat had been taken away from Alan and switched to Barry  or Cohen when Alan was caught on the surveillance monitor a while ago doing lazy work with a dissatisfied expression.
  "We will be ready for departure in about an hour."
  "Okay ... ... I'll leave it to you while i look around."
   Komachi said turned her eyes towards Maya sitting in the spectator seat behind the bridge.
  " let's go for a tour of the inside of the ship, please come along."
 Maya stood up gracefully she ran out of the bridge with Komachi.
  "Hey, Alan. Where are you going?"
   Barry asked Alan, who stood up to follow after the two suspiciously.
  "to uh the toilet ... yeap... the Toilet! Do I have to report each and everything I do like like that?"
  "You just went there a little while ago?"
  "that was something little, this is big! ah! I think it's about to come out!"
Alan held onto his butt and jumped out to escape from the bridge.
  "I wish he would at least pretend to be going to the bridge's toilet.."
the two who were now unraveled from the spell of Alan  were not interested any more in his shenanigans, they resumed their work.
  "So what can I do for you?  deputy director Komachi"
  "Who the heck let a dancer like you onto this battle ship, were they drunk... Why are you here?"
  "couldn't i say the same for you?"
  "I'm going to tell mother and she will have you removed before we set sail. "
  "I am here of my own will, and she gave me permission,  just like you big sister."
   Komachi looked surprised for a moment
  "Wait... Does mother know you're here?"
  "Of course she does!"
  "Figures, it's not easy to get out of the palm of her hand now is it...?" maya said
   Komachi's arms sank and she leaned against the wall as if the thought of it it made her weak.
  "Of course it's impossible, even for the daughter who ran away because of the pressures of having been he first born Daughter of a great woman like Makihi, I hear though you exceeded mother's expectations"
  "Mother said that this would give me precious experience"
  "she sure is full of all kinds of tricks ... hey... who's there !?"
   At that time, Komachi  felt alan hiding in the corner. he came out crying and panicked.
   Komachi diverted her eyes from Alan as soon he came out.
That attitude spurred Alan's confidence.
  "Hehehehe ... ... I heard quite a funny story.Well, how much do you want for me to keep it a secret, hehehehe"
  "What do you want?... wait...Maya! ...!!?"
   Maya smiled at Komachi and approached Alan.
  "You're in luck,If you keep quite, first we can remove this unpleasant collar then we can exile you to Racepushi ... ... Hehehe"
  "I understand... but first of all, could you show me what kind of entertainment Value you have?"
  "What? Entertainment Value?"
   Alan who was proud of his victory was stunned at Maya's surprising answer.
  "If yes, if you wish asylum on racepushi, You can not be accepted unless you can prove to be a sufficient entertainer"
  "Wait a moment! what about keeping your secret? Doesn't that mean anything ?"
  "My sister ... How much is that secret worth?"
   Maya asked Komachi behind her with a strange look.
  "I'd loose my room at my mother's house,  but it's already as good as empty, and I might get some weird eyeballing for being Makihi's daughter."
  "What so you're trying to trick me!"
  "you should go back to the bridge instead of continuing to talk.I'll over look this because we haven't departed yet, but as for the fact that you abandoned your work, I won't overlook it."
   Komachi  glared at Alan.
  "so it's ok for me to know that the daughter of Makihi of Racepshi  ran away and now leads Space Pirates?"
  "There are various people in racepshi, both rich and poor, both men and women, thieves, cheaters and massacres.Me being a space pirate is hardly an issue."
  "and you're a Space Pirate  for the Daruma Guild which is currently our customer"
   The reason for Alan's threat had disappeared, and his advantage also disappeared.
  "but does racepshi accept asylum unconditionally?"
  "Are you stupid or ... ...."
  "Mr. Alan ...... We do not want unnecessary conflict with the outside, but as I mentioned earlier, if  you are an entertainer that is no longer an issue. "
  "Then give me an act to learn, I will desperately memorize it!"
  "should i put my faith in your uncertain future as an entertainer? ... hmm well you are my sister's colleague, so i guess i can at least see if you develop a special talent."
  "Oh, thank you!"
   Alan put his head on the floor bowing repeatedly
  "Maito did you get that?"
 Maya said, Maito was immediately displayed on a monitor.
  "What do you think of him Maito?"

    Maito, however, shook his head with a glance at Alan. However ... ...
  "That woman! "
   Maito said Looking at Komachi.
  "Maya sister,That woman, she would be very good"
  "Thank you, Maito ... ... ... I will make a note of it"
   While closing the monitor, Maya looked at Komachi who seemed embarassed. Since Komachi left Racepshi long before Maito was born, Maito didn't know that Komachi was his older sister.
  "Alan, sorry, Racepushi will not be needing you"
  "What !?" What does a child know of my tallent...... "
  "He is my brother, Makihi's son, he can see a person's talent, if he says that  there good, that person will be scouted no questions asked."
  "...... Huh, please I'll work at the slots ! I will do anything and have mercy!"
  "If you would like to work at Racepushi, please return to apply after your debts are settled then they might accept you."
  "But that's not right now! please have mercy!"
   Komachi picked up alan by the scruff of his kneck as he tried to cling to maya's leg
" go back to the bridge and work seriously or I will fire you!"
  "Ack! ok ok ok ok, I'll go right away! I'm going now!"
  Komachi let go of him, Alan ran to the bridge.


  "Welcome hom..........aaaaaaaaaaaaaah"
   Yuzaki ran away as nursing care ants stampeded at her from behind Kanemitsu who had reached the residential district.
  Amane glared at Yuzaki and laughed as she fought them off, she was unable to even stand up. Ryoko had fainted, Neeju mentally collapsed, Hakuren was in an upright and immovable posture, but her breath was rough and her legs were trembling. And ... ...
  "Well, as Ringo is waiting on Nene,  i must go to her now, I must sold that Todo."
   Nene,  still had plenty of physical strength, she immediately rushed to the transfer gate.
  " Hakuren-chan please go help kiriko" yuzaki said after she had defeated the ants
   Hakuren saluted to Yuzaki, bowed to Kanemitsu and Amane, and headed for the transfer gate.
  "she looks tired"
   Yuzaki smiled at Amane 
  "Don't say that like it's someone elses fault!"
  "I didn't expect that nursing care ants chase you - that route is a pretty popular athletic course,but there are restrictions on the number of people who can use it for environmental conservation reasons, it's a rare privilege to be allowed to make that climb. oh well, there's a little time before Kamidake's fusion test, you should rest until then."
  "Wait a moment! I'm not done with y ... ...."
   Amane's desperately reached forward to go after yuzaki when one of her officers poked a thick syringe in Amane's ass. And  the other girls were also injected in the same way.
  "would you like one too?"
   Yuzaki smiled at Kanemitsu who was hiding up a pole. Kanemitsu shook his head.
  "No i'm fine, my nanomachines will handle it, is Mikage doing alright?"
  "Of course, he looked after her carefully, Ringo also got involved."
  "yes, and she told him the" diaper "story "
"... Well ... you tried ... .... "
  "She ruined the joke"
  "you know not everything needs to be a joke ...."
   Kanemitsu pointing to the girls who were being put in a wooden boxes similar to coffins.
  "I know that"

  Seto rushed out to get Hakuren.
  "Oh your Here! Hurry up!
   Seto hurried her, the other three panicked and followed.
  "Ms. Seto, what on earth is going on?"
  "Kiriko's in a bad mood, This could be trouble"
  "Kiriko-sama? ... ... why? over Seina sama?"
  " we were suddenly suddenly transferred to the basement by Ms. Yuzaki ....  what happened we heard something happened with ringo?"
  "tell us all the details!"
  "Oh, did something happened?"
  " oh she blew a gasket when she learned about ringo spending the night with seina"
  "But it's not like they were alone
  "Fuku was also there"
  "i tried to explain that but she wouldn't listen."
  "... ... so what shall we do?"
  "Yuzaki just poured oil on the fire by having amane and the others delivered in coffins. i figure she wont listen to me  but she might listen to Yuzaki's victims."
  "so you want us to take care of this?"
   seto began walking off

  "Excuse me"

   Kiriko gazed at the mirror with a silent mind as the make up artists applied makeup to her face. But they backed off of her as soon as she wrinkled her brows.
  "... ... about what i told you this mourning"
  "I don't want to hear it ...."
   she said to Seto.
  "If you don't believe me then here's the victims themselves."
    Seto said pushing Hakuren forward from behind her.
  "... Kiriko-sama, were back now."
   Kiriko stared silently through her in anger.
  "Do you really belive seina would do anything like that, Kiriko-sama?"
   To Hakuren 's question Kiriko gazed up and down at the seto scouts bodies. Although they were standing she could see they were clearly run ragged and very tired. 
  "... ... what about amane and the others dont you believe them ... ..."
   Kiriko 's wrinkles slightly relaxed
  "i would but i haven't seen them. where are they ... ....?"
    Hakuren  pointed towards the entrance and Kiriko glared at it ... ....
   amane and the others in coffins were brought in. as expected, Kiriko was stupefied.

  "...... packing people into these cryo coffins is  quickly becoming a classic gag isn't it, anyways it will be a while before they're up, but nene was with us. right now she is complaining to Todo, Ringo-sama's butler but when shes done she will say the same thing as we will, and so will Ms. Ringo and Seina why didn't you just ask them? or fuku its not like they were alone. "
   Kiriko made a big sigh as if she had been defeated. knowing that Seina and Ringo weren't alone, and seeing Amane' and the others in the coffins worked like shock therapy to snap her out of it,  the wrinkles between Kiriko's eyes were now completely gone.
  "Oh and Ms. Kiriko, i heard you've became the master of  second generation tree, congratulations."
seeing that the atmosphere of the place had returned to normal, Hakuren gathered together a celebration.
  "Thank you"
   when kiriko thanked her, the beauticians who had waited nearby  gathered around Kiriko and started dressing  her up again.

   Seina who had finished breakfast  was looking out at little the scenery of Tenju while looking after Mikage in the living room.  Mikage wanted milk early in the morning,  so Seina had decided to make breakfast early.
   he hadn't been able to get much sleep anyways. soon ringo came into his view.  when combined with the sight of Tenju at sunrise and the refreshing morning air, she had an extraordinary beauty to her.
  "...... uaaa"
  "Ill take over watching mikage, if you like you can get some rest in the acceleration space."
   Ringo told Seina who. However, Seina knew that Ringo was tired too. he shook his head.
  "No, it's okay, I try not to use  acceleration spaces if avoidable."
   Actually, if you become too accustomed to using the acceleration space, there are various adverse effects. The most serious of them is dependency and withdrawal. Even if you don't initially stay a long time in accelerated space, its possible to slowly get addicted so that the length of stay in the acceleration space slowly gets longer and longer, eventually affecting ones life span. it's also the same for thought acceleration. it also causes aging in the spirit, which also affects the body, there are many cases of abnormalities in the body and sudden death in worst case scenario. Seina often used accelerated space for work, time adjustment, and because he was still dominated by the sense of age of an Earthling person, he was trying not to use it often in everyday life.
  "Okay, then in that case ill make us some tea."
    Ringo stood up,
   ─── ding dong.
  the doorbell of the entrance rang.
   Seina and Ringo got up at the same time, holding Mikage they headed for the entrance.
  "Good morning"
    Yuzaki was standing there with Funaho. Seina and Ringo stood there dumbfounded in front of the Emperess of Jurai.
   Only one person, Mikage, was laughing gladly at seeing Funaho.
  "Oh hi there Mikage, you're looking well today "
  "F-Funaho-sama .... Why are you here with Yuzaki-sama?"
  "Yuzaki and i were going to wake up Amane's people, originally we planned to do that first, but they arrived earlier than expected, so instead we came here to take mikage off your hands... "
"take her off our hands? but your the empress"
"well ...i didn't want to have to say it but I also really wanted to see you, so it was more of an excuse then anything."
   Funaho looked at seina with a big smile.
  "Oh, both of you... stay still just like that.
    Funaho launched a monitor for taking pictures.
  "say cheese"
   She said casually Seina and Ringo smiled reflexively.
  "Thank you for the picture. the two of you look like such a cute couple."
   Seina and Ringo have become red at the same time. funaho used the opportunity to take a pic of them blushing.
   Mikage laughed delightfully, and Fuku also jumped on seinas head. funaho took another snapshot. 
  "Ringo, please let me hug Mikage-chan"
  "oh! uhm.. yes"
   Upon receiving Mikage from Ringo, Funaho shook the body of Mikage gently as she held held her up. like a mother in law who came to visit her grandchild.

  "did you sleep well?"
  "yes she did, Ms. Funaho"
  "Seina-sama, Ringo, I'm sorry for the various inconveniences you've been put through, so I will arrange to make it right the best i can, please except my apologies and a thank you from yuzaki and please forgive us for anything that may have happened."

  "It's okay, it was kind of fun ... ... Anyways I'm just glad the responsibility is off my shoulders"
   Fuku said uneasily.
  "Fuku, it's time for work, say good-bye to Mikage"
   Seina embraced Fuku and gently stroked her.
  "Miaaa ......"
  "you'll see her again"
  "... Miah!"
   Seina embraced Fuku and took her closer to mikage
   Fuku looked  at Mikage  as she slept and gently booped her nose against mikages while being careful not to wake her up.
  "Good-night, Mikage-chan,"
   Seina said to Mikage and then he slowly retreaded.
  "Funaho, I will help clean up, so please go ahead without me"
  "Oh, what's wrong?"
  "I think that dealing with Nene is probably going to be troublesome ... ...."
  "Oh, I see. I see. then Let's go."
   Funaho smiled at Seina
  "Seina-sama, here take this, Yuzaki has given you permission to have direct communication with Mikage anytime, this is the calling address."
   One of the girls who had been nearby them called Seina over and operated a monitor. Immediately before Fuku 's eyes, the address monitor started up,  the address was sucked into the crystal of Fuku' s forehead.
  "Good, now you can talk to her anytime."
   Fuku 's expression was bright
  "Well then, let's go"
 waving to Ringo and the officer 's , Funaho, Seina, and Fuku headed for the transfer gate.
   While traveling, Fuku was hugged by Funaho and petted.
  "wow she must have made friends with mikage."
  "she makes friends very easily."
  "Oh, is that so? you're a friendly little thing aren't you ?"
   Fuku looked up at Funaho's with very charming eyes and gentle voice.
  "yay ... I'm glad to hear that. sorry but please excuse me for a moment"
   Funaho stopped at the entrance of the Masaki family palace.
 The servants and officers who were there bowed deeply to Seina and Funaho all at once.
  "we have to act official right now."
   Funaho handed Fuku to Seina.
  "Thank you for waiting, I look forward to seeing Kiriko-chan's sunny and cheerful appearance"
  "Yes, thank you so much for coming to pick her up."
  "well were family now aren't we?"
   Smiling with a smile, Funaho accompanied  the women and  the escort fighters and left down the central aisle. A woman came close to seina as soon as he looked at funaho walking off.
  "Seina, please come here"
  "Seina ...... I've been looking forwards to seeing you again"
   Amane said to seina as he came in the room
   Fuku jumped off his shoulder as soon as she saw Amane, climbed onto her
  "... .... Fuku!"
   Amane and Ryoko gently rubbed Fuku's head
  "Fuku seems to have had fun"
   Neeju hugged Fuku and grinned, but she still felt a bit tired.
  "Hey ... are you okay?"
  "Do we look ok?"
  "... No, by the way, where's Hakuren and the others?"
  "It looks like they were taken to Kiriko's place, somehow they aren't entirely wiped out like us ... ...It's a true estimate to what it means to be that crusty old shit hag's subordinates"
  "oh is that so? I'm glad your all ok."
  "Seina you look good, I hear you had lots of fun with Ringo, why don't you tell us about it, ho ho ho"
   Amane who failed to take out her anger on Yuzaki, for the time being, was willing to settle on seina's melancholy.
  "things were serious, I had to take care of my baby by myself, if Ringo hadn't come, I don't want to even think about what could have happened..."
  "... ... wait, that's not what i heard from Kanemitsu and Nene ... Seriously?! That's unreasonable ... Is that woman crazy what kind of mother would do that?"
  "Anyway I am relieved to be able to give back the baby safely, Amane-san, what happened with you?"
  "... ... I'm going to get angry just thinking about it, I'll tell you about it when I feel like talking about it a long time from now."
  behind her Seto ran up. Amane got a wrinkle between the eyebrows and gazed at her.
  "Oh no, what's with the terrible face!?"
   Amane glanced at Seto.
  "I'm sorry were you bored spending time together?"
  "not even for a moment but that's not the point."
-------this line was given to seina in the anime.. --------
   Seto burst into laughter. Amane's anger is in Max state. 
  "well no point in dwelling on it not, its not like you can do anything about it byyyyyyyyyye ___ _"
   Seto poofed as amane began to swing at her and in her place were two two big marshmallow like sack dolls with Seto 's stature. Pictures of Seto and Yuzaki were printed on each face.
  "ooooo you haaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!"
 Amane started swearing furiously as she beat down the dolls. it was a strange sight.
  "That's something Washu-chan's made. it hypnotizes people and makes them see what their object of frustration is, and then replaces the dolls as their destroyed... there should be like 2000 of them before it runs out"
 so all of them but Amane could see what was really going on
  "oh is that what's going on ......"
  "Seina are you ok, you seem a little tired."
  "I couldn't leave the baby alone, I would be exhausted if ringo hadn't come ..."
   Seina seemed to be sleepy.
  finally amane had blown through the 2000th doll, she was sweating and breathing heavily with her shoulders drooping next to her as she panted 
  "... ... It is about time"
   Seto struck Seina's from the back with a light tap of her fan, he looked in her direction towards the front of the door. the soldiers raised their spears at her signal, the huge doors heavily opened to the side.
  "... ...."
   Karen and Kanemitsu came with Kiriko was wearing a hood as she came in quietly. Hakuren and Gyokuren took off the hood and the eyes of everyone concentrated on kiriko.
   there was Kiriko dressed in the formal clothes of jurai. For a moment, her adult atmosphere made her look exactly like Tsukiko. her appearance was like that of Minaho and Funaho, neat and dignified as a royal of Jurai.
   seto giggled at the appearance  of Seina who has stuck with his mouth open as he gazed at kiriko. then seto remembered the banquet she had planned for them
   Kiriko's banquet was held with the presence of both the Juraian Empress and the emperor,  as well as the principals of each emperor, their wives, and various others witnesses. It was a major incident that gathered a great deal of all the people involved in the Grand Imperial Palace, they were there to welcome to the royal family those who got a second generation tree although originally it should have been relayed throughout Jurai. At this stage, however, the people who gathered today had to keep it confidential, so it the banquet was held in secret behind the Masaki family estate's mansion.
   the room  used was the place known as "The room of the founder".
 The founder of the Juraian royal family was from the Masaki family.
Naturally, the furniture there was that which he inherited from his ancestors it had lot of high historical value, and it can be said that it was the oldest room left over from the founding of jurai. It was almost like an exhibit in a museum, or a picture in old historical imagery. There were no such old things anywhere else in the Imperial Palace. And although the menu itself was commonplace, the material on which it was served was the finest quality the kind which was only used for the guest who were the head of other nations. By the way carrots used in the meal were those grown on Earth by Tenchi. 

  "It sounds like things are pretty complicated with Katsuki isn't it?"

   Seto, sitting on the witness's seat, gently talked to Syūzan next to her.
  "Katsuki has had a difficult time accepting the story of the Masaki family and of Kiriko's family, and the irony of how Seina Yamada  became affiliated with  the GP  frustrated him the most, I know the feeling. "
   Syūzan was more in tune in his son 's mind than Seto.
in the past Syūzan was in a position similar to his son, so more then anyone he painfully understood what was going on in his mind. 
  "Well, everyone settle down, we will now introduce her."
  funaho said The entrance door opened, Kiriko came in.
   A roar broke out in the room. Seto was satisfied with the reaction.
 Jurai's best imperial craftsmen were all mobilized.
  "I was surprised, even though I've met Kiriko's before, this is more than I expected."
  "Ho ho ho, we had the best staff we had carefully polish her from the top of her head to the toes."
  "But there's still no lack of dignity ... ... It seems that everyone's gaze has gone straight to her outfit."
   It was a wonderful outfit too and undeniably dignified.
  "It is impossible to sew something new in this short of a period of time, so I modified an old item of Funaho a bit."
  "Oh, i see .... It certainly is familiar to me ... It's nostalgic .... Although it is an old-fashioned thing, it's a special offerings from Imperial Family, which has been perfected, even so It seems that ladies are particularly curious about it even though it is a top of the line product that can not be obtained. "
  it was as syuzann said, the main stewards' witnesses were gazing at it with enchanted eyes. However, he noticed something soon.
  "Apparently they seem to have noticed that the color of the cloth and and color balance were perfect for her appearance, it's as if it were made exclusively for Kiriko, in spite of it being Funaho's outfit.
   The impression an outfit gives off changes with the color of the person's skin and hair color. Imperial-level clothes are carefully custom made to  take all the elements of those wearing them into account. In other words, the eyes that were concentrating on on the outfit were really directed to Kiriko herself. And everyone's eyes soon moved to compare her with Funaho, Minaho.
   Katsuki's piercing glance was quickly aimed at his father, Syūzan.
  "Oh ... ... You seem to have noticed, my son,"
  "Don't think I've been swayed .  but well, it's certain to me that Kiriko doesn't intend to stir the pot."
  "That's good to hear."
  "I am relieved that this wont also expose the bad reputation of the Amaki family ... ... and i guess the key of  mizuki was pretty amazing to see. I was worried about how they planned to cut a key from that young tree, put it came out with some very splendid crystals ... I was surprised. "
   It had unbelievably sized sap crystals for such a young tree.

   The witnesses there knew the fact that Kiriko had gotten a second generation tree, definitively fixing her position as a royalty. there was no room for arguing her legitimacy. Especially when Syūzan who was an Amaki was actively supporting Kiriko.
  "she will make a lovely addition to the family, so we must cheer her all the way."
   Syūzan said with a full smile.
(this is a different scene but the text doesn't indicate it)

   Because there was no sense of tension like there was at last night's dinner party, Kiriko's attitude was dignified.

she had a feeling of confidence, dignity and a sense of duty now that she had joined the ranks of the empire. Of course, those around her, Amane, Ryoko, and even Neeju were without words. Naturally, Seina was stunned and stood stunned.
   Seto stood beside Kiriko satisfied with their reaction,
  "From today on she is Masaki · Kiriko · Jurai. what do you think of that?"
   Seto introduced her proudly.
   At that time Seina was staring at Kiriko's glossy appearance, remembering when Kiriko had left the village for "employment reasons".
  (... yes, It's just like back then)
   Kiriko in her outfit looked really grown up, and it reminded him of a long time ago . her remembered the loneliness that her felt when she went to where he could not reach her. he felt the same feeling at that time.
" what... isn't anyone going to say anything?"
  "Ohhh ... uhm ... that's a terribly fancy kimono ...uhm ... when did you have it made?"
  "Amane ... ... why are you talking about her kimono?"
   Ryoko and Neeju asked
  "I'm just surprised it's tailor made for her, look at the hand-woven stitching. that takes time,  it's not something that you can get in such a short amount of time."
  "that kimono is amazing."
  "actually it's Funaho's wedding dress, they had it altered."
  "I see, because you two look so similar, they were able to made it work in such a short time ..."
Minaho came along behind seto with a quick pace, and gently whispered something to her
  "... ... That was quicker then expected."
   Seto's calm face slightly tightened after she received minaho's report.
  "... .... Well, I hate to ruin the occasion but..."
    Seto turned towards Seina's formally, and Seina and every one corrected their attitude accordingly.
  "The fortune ships have begun their activities again, the damage seems to have increased more rapidly than before, or perhaps it should be said that it has grown even stronger"
   But there was no sign that Seina was frightened by seto's words.
he knew that was the reason for the tree selection ritual.
  "In that case, It's time to drain the waste with the water" amane said
  "... ... Well i guess you could say that"
   Seto unintentionally giggled a bit and immediately smiled the usual unfriendly smile.
  "Let's get the linking work soon, we will set for  launch as soon as possible and we will show them who's boss!"
  "roger that!"

   【Tenchi useless! GXP Volume 11 · finish】