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GXP 11 Chapter 6

   6 "Is your child a king?"
---------as usual abridging----------

   Syūzan who entered the royal tree selection chamber stood as if he was deeply impressed by the sight. Inside the huge hollow trunk of tenju, it was like the inside of the mother's womb. And  the  planted trees were floating in dish-shaped like pots. The placement,size of the tree and the shape of the bowl were erratically inconsistent, there were places where they were stuck together to form narrow passages, and there were ones floating alone.
   From somewhere in the sky, gentle sunshine poured down, the smell of the  tree's fruit drifted in the room. this entire room was nothing but second generation trees.
   Unlike Syūzan who was impressed by the sight, Kiriko was really nervous and was repeatedly breathing deeply.  the Tree's were the real rulers of Jurai. It was in a way the same as being brought to the throne.
  "Come, greet them"
   Funaho but her hand over Kiriko's shoulder to calm her.
   With the ceremony of tree selection, one stops in front of each tree and greets them. And if the tree returns the greeting, it becomes your partner.
 If there was no greeting, they would head to the next tree. And if they went to the last trees and had no greetings, They would head to the next zone - with the first generation trees, or the zone of special trees such as the trees of Funaho and Misaki.
  "Nice to meet you, my name is Masaki Kiriko."
   Kiriko corrected her posture and bowed to the first tree.


  "Excuse me! Seina-sama ... ...!"
Ringo came into the house with seina and Yuzaki's daughter to find Seina holding a baby.
  "Oh, it's you, Ringo!"
   Ringo was puzzled.

  "Oh, Ringo-sama! ... ... Thank god, You're here to save me."
   Seina was relieved
  "What ... what on earth is going on?"
  " Yuzaki is forcing me to spend time with her child ...... ... But I'm worried about my back luck ..."
   Ringo relized the situation and changed moods. the problem was Seina had no one around to correct his bad luck, and looking after a child alone was asking for trouble. it was an emergency just not the kind todo had lead her to believe it was.
  "I can't reach NB, I can't get in touch with anyone, I cant get out of here."
   Moving large distances would attract disaster, and he couldn't leave the baby alone.
  "wow this is bad... ... Yuzaki-sama should know better ... ... Anyways,  I'll change her diaper,  is there anything else? "
  "can you get in touch with anyone else?"
  "I can't contact any of them I already tried, but in the evening the girls are going to bring Fuku, so  we will have to do something until that time ..."
  "oh... uhm hey...Ringo... why exactly are you here anyways?"
  "What's that? ..."
  she couldn't tell him why she was actually here
  "uh well... uhm it's just... ack"
   Seina lost track of the conversation as Mikage pulled at his face
  "Oh, sorry but i can't say why I'm here"
  "Well whatever reason you are here, you saved me , thank you for coming."
  (... I wonder what she's going to look like in a few decades)
ringo thought while looking at mikage, 
  Ringo suddenly began to imagine the future.  this place was a house used by those with high stature to to further develop ones relationship as newlyweds. they get to do housework by themselves, and  grow small vegetable gardens for food in the garden. It  was a house that allowed ordinary people to live a normal life. And even after the birth of children, there are many people who live there for a while to acquire an better emotional education.
  "oh ... ... uhm, did Yuzaki, tell you anything else? like why she left you with Mikage."
  "she just said she wanted to give us some alone time to get acquainted ... ...."
  (Indeed ... ... with seina's luck she probably won't come back till tomorrow .....)
ringo tried to access the transfer gate, but transfer to the outside areas was shut off . In other words, they were trapped here.


  " well i guess I will  be helping you until the evening for the time being."
she looked at the baby   
  "Seina, do you mind if i hold her?"
  "Yes, please."
   When Seina tried to pass Mikage to Ringo, she distorted her face and began to cry.
  "Oh, sorry, did i do something wrong?"
    Ringo said sadly but then a monitor with a milk bottle on it came up and sounded an alarm in front of Mikage.
  "Oh, shes hungry. I'll get her soke food please hold her for me."
   Seina left her with the baby and hurried to the kitchen. Seina brought back her baby bottle 
   Mikage took the baby bottle, she began to drink with raging  momentum as if forgetting to breathe. It's as if she were distressed in the desert, finally arriving at an oasis and drinking water.
  "luckily she seems to have sensors monitoring her to make sure shes ok" 
   There was a sensor that constantly monitored abnormalities such as needing  milk, defecation, illness, so even Seina who had no experience knew what was wrong. Seina was relieved to see Mikage drink the milk, and then he grew interested in the baby bottle.

  "That's the first time Ive seen a baby bottle in space, the shape is surprisingly similar to the ones on the earth."
  "If people 's shape and function are the same, there is not much need for a difference in shape, so I do not know what the baby bottles on earth are like, but if there are technical differences, like the ingredients of milk it doesn't effect the way the milk and the baby get together "
  "If NB was there, it would be able to tell me more about it ... ...."
the baby drank a big gulp then took a breath
   Seina and Ringo who looked at each other at the same time started laughing. the atmosphere was fun, Mikage was happy and in a good mood. she was looking up at ringo like she wanted ring to hold her.

"I'll go put back the bottle"
   Seina gently left so as not to destroy that pleasant atmosphere.
   Seina who came to the kitchen the baby bottle was supposed to be put in a special washing opening. when he came back he paused and stealthfuly watched what was going on in the room without disturbing the scene

ringo holding the baby who was asleep, she was staring at it lovingly.
  this sight was sacred and beautiful feeling. Ringo now had a different charm  about her from the one he had felt on imuim. Seina turned red to the ears.
  (Calm down, calm down)
   Seina took a deep breath and restrained himself from shaking so that Ringo wouldn't notice. He went into the living room as if nothing had happened.
  "is she asleep?"
  "Yes, It's lovely ... ...."
 Ringo said she looked in Seina's direction quickly,
  "How so what do you think of the sleeping face of your future bride?"
  she said jokingly
  "uh, about that ... ... is it a custom on jurai for parents to decide marriage like this so early?"
  "Depends on the time and the case, and depends on one's position, there is not much difference from the Earth, but if Yuzaki-sama has decided it is so, then this child will most definitely choose Seina as a companion. Of course if  you're a  disgusting jerk, it is also possible for her refuse ... but it is going to be hard to persuade her to believe that is true. "
  "Eh? But....but ... ...."
   At that time, Seina remembered Yuzaki's words.
   ─ ─ ─ Well, I'll leave it up to her   "... is that what she meant when she said she would leave it up to her?"
  "Oh, in that case, persuasion is impossible, isn't it?"
  "Someone may have already heard from someone, but in the upper part of Jurai and the Academy, consultations are being held to decide matters of both your public and private life , including women, That decision must have been made officially"
  "what ... ... me?"
  "yes and your marriage partners"
  "... ... there's multiple?"

  "In Seina's hometown, monogamy is the law, I understand that it is difficult to accept easily, but it is dangerous to give  someone like you, with a biased probability, to only one woman. "
   Seina understood that all in one  sentence. It was cruel, especially if they suffer from being with Seina. and If a child was born and Seina's bad luck was is inherited, even more so
  "Well, that's right i suppose......"
   This fact was quite a shock but one he had began to think of since he went home. However, Seina's life was centered around that fact. until recently he had never even considered getting married, especially not get married so soon.
  "As far as marriage is concerned, it is still ahead of you, so I think that it is okay to think slowly about it, but there are circumstances like that which will happen, so Yuzaki will not withdraw her nomination of Mikage."
  "I understood the meaning of the end but ... ...."
  "Oh, why did she want you to change Mikage's diaper?"
  "Well, that wasn't something i was going to ask but should i... ....?"
  "A Juraian woman does not expose her skin to any other than her husband, so it is significant to be allowed to change the diaper ..."
   Ringo blushed and averted her gaze.

----Ringo showed her skin to seina plenty on imuim... so did kiriko.... and seto.... ---
also this gives more connotation to ryoko taking ayeka's towel off in the onsen episode-------
  "But it's a baby, I was asked to do it, how can you get something like that from something like this ... ... ..."
  "we'll its just part of Yuzaki's strategy,"
  "Would you mind  explaining !?"
  "... ............ pahahahaha!"
   When looking at Seina who was puzzled, Ringo burst out laughing, she restrained her self when she realized seina thought he was being made fun of. 
  "... did you just make a fool of me?"
  "Sorry, I thought you were kidding when you said you didn't know, but ... well."
   Ringo took a big breath and tried to restore herself, but as soon as he Seina's face, she began to laugh again.

  "Actually,once a member of the royal family was forced to marry his wife all because he had to change his future wife's diaper. it's a well known story that actually happened in the past.Of course it is a story that everyone knows, so it's a classic joke ... .... "
  "oh i see so you didn't believe i didn't know it?"
  "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have laughed like that. but it was so unexpected."
it was such a well known and predictable trap that it was like expecting seina to walk into a banana on the floor. any normal person would recognize it as the oldest trick in the book. which is why she couldn't help but laugh
  "do you not want the engagement?"
  "No rather, for me marriage is a luxury option I can't afford, I would prefer this child choose a free future that is not bound by such constraints."
  "To be sure, Mikage will have her own will to do so, but there is no guarantee if she becomes an adult, for this child ...... No, for any human of Jurai to be the wife of a great hero is an honor, a happy thing Therefore "
   Seina was amazingly surprised, and he pointed at himself in disbelief
  "of course"
  "But I am a hero? like that kind of hero... ...  ... ... impossible."
  "what are you talking about Seina,you are heroic existence for Jurai already"
  "Even so, ... things just happened, because i was involved, none of it was because of my power as an individual ..."
  "We are aware of that, but it is still true that you personally have overcome various obstacles. Who is to judge that you are a hero, Seina, It is not yourself but  others, and the world has judged Seina-sama to be a hero. "
  "the world ...?"

  "The incident when Seina first came to space was  massive, but Seina, Thanks to that, the entire economy instantly boomed beyond anything anyone ever expected. "
Ringo who keeps Seto 's finances, knew about this more then anyone,tears of joy came to her eyes just remembering it.
  "And the seed of the royal Tree ....  the Juraian people can not thank you enough for protecting our precious and important friends ... that was no small feat."
  "Well, that's true ...."
  "Of course, other people can think about it however they want, but it's a well-known fact that you are the main reason that it was able to be saved, above all else, you were the Kamidake No. 1's Captain Seina, no matter how you evaluate yourself, that is an immutable fact. "
   Ringo said
  "Is that ... ... Is that so?"
   Seina decided to accept the evaluation of him by the Juraians and pledged  in his heart not to fail  to honor that evaluation of him.
  "Whether or not you accept the various multiple women being assigned to take care of you in public and private is ultimately  your decision Seina-sama's, please take time to contemplate on how you want to live your live as a private individual ... ..."
   Ringo said, she knew that decision could be extremely overwhelming.
   Seina's influence had become too strong on the world. he  already had the same influence on the public as the head of state. to protect his privacy, and themselves from Seina and  their own influence on the world, was an impossible task for anyone. Eventually he would need to be granted national asylum, or for him to have same level of defense as a major nation, at that point Seina's privacy would be completely gone.
Actually Seina was already under 24 hour surveillance,  he was constantly monitored and had secret escorts attached to him. at any moment dozens of escorts could rush in a matter of seconds in an emergency situation. but it wasn't visibly noticeable. the only way for him to ever have privacy again would be to go to a place isolated from this world or to turn the world into his enemy. If he wanted to stay in space he would have to accept being monitored.

  "... ... I will think about it slowly"
  "Yes pleas do"
   At that moment, the two became silent while looking in each other's eyes. It seemrf as though time stopped for the two of them.
mikage broke the silence. Mikage turned to face seina and motioned as if she wanted to be picked up
  "she's up again already?"
  "since Mikage is awake do you want to come with me for a stroll around the  the outside of the house?this is the ​​Kamiki's area, it gets sunny early,  the sunrise a wonderful sight."
  "I would"
    Tenju was a tremendous tree. Although the area of ​​the royal family was at the top section of Tenju, the altitude difference with the peak of the tree was about 2 kilometers.
  "In the areas of ​​the four royal families, each day's scenery is different. the Kamiki family area faces the sunset, and the sun comes first thing in the morning"
  "Let's go see it"

 NB was isolated from Seina and left in the Kamidake in a residential area.

   NB, was transformed into Kirche, No, Kirche was in the area set in spring of the four seasonal areas, commonly known as "during the spring".

"It feels good."
   Kirche muttered while looking at the scenery in front of her. The place where she resided was a small valley in the mountains.  similar to the place where Tenchi's house was, but it was a place like a small garden that was smaller than that.  it was a peaceful place like a meadow in a fairy tale. Kirche was doing the construction work to build a house on the slope facing the south side. she had conducted a ground survey, picked a firm place, cut trees, built stone walls and build a foundation. While sitting on the stone wall she took in the scenery.
  "You seem to have had some fun, haven't you?"
   Washu came to Kirche's house that day after the vacation at Imium ended.
  "Thanks to you ... I was very happy."
  she handed Washu a chilled barley tea, and smiled with a flushed face.
Seina already went to sleep and the outside scenery was restored.
  "So what do you need today?"
   Sitting opposite washu on a sofa, Kirche took a big deep breath.
Because Washu came all the way to her, there is a possibility that something special had happened.
  "Oh, don't be nervous I came because Airi is on vacation, so I'm here on behalf of her"
   Washu said 
  "Oh, is that so?"
   Kirche relaxed and breathed a small sigh of relief. even so she was in front of a legendary philosopher. he back was tense and her posture was still correct and proper.
  "... but, thanks to you, I  got to enjoyed mine."
  "uhuhuh That's more airi's doing than anything ...... seina seems to have enjoyed it ...."
she pointed to the room where Seina slept with her thumb.
  "Is there any problems with Seina?"
  "It's nothing bad. Calm down."
  "Sorry, I'm sorry, but ..."
   This life was not eternal. Someday it would end.
  "having him visit you originally was meant to fix Seina's deep consciousness as a form of psychotherapy, wasn't it?"
   Washu, Kirche nodded
  "And it has brought good results to Mr. Seina,his spirit has stabilized as expected and has grown to such an extent that a lot of big trauma has been resolved, so I'm thinking of seeing a little more of that integrated into his normal consciousness"
  "really! That's a big step....... ... ...."
   Kirche made a mixed expression of joy. That's because Seina would be gone from this virtual world.
  "What i mean is, you won't have to be Nb any more,I'm talking about giving you a living body"
  "Since the problem with your father has not been solved, you will still have to use NB when going out in public, the body design is nearly complete, and the link to your astral shouldn't be any problem. "
  "Well, really? ... Thank you."
  "Please give the thanks to Airi, I'm just doing verifications on her work."
  "Yes, yes ... ...."
 Kirche said over and over again and again while wiping away the tears.
Washu waited for Kirche to settle down and starts talking again.
  "... ... If you have a body you will also need a place to live and daily necessities"
  "That is true ... !. oh how embarrassing i never thought about it that far."
  "Well, It's no wonder you did since you have a virtual body, but that would mean you will need mone ... do you have any left over from being on television? you had human rights so they had to have paid you right? "
  "The portion I had saved was used for reparations at the time of my disappearance."
  "In other words, you're broke now?"
  "No,  I've been paid by Airi for my time,so i have some savings, but that savings being saved to build my body ..."
  "Oh,What's the point in having airi build you a body if you cant maintain it."
  "But, then ... ...."
  " don't worry about that, think of the money used to build your body as a consultation.When Airi builds it, the patents she gets on it will more then pay for whatever she had to spend to make it."
   Philosophy professionals were involved in many important projects. Naturally, their budgets were also enormous, and collecting money for the budget was organized enough to make even large projects move. Even if she gave airi her pocket money, it would be like a billionaire buying canned coffee, not even a drip in the pond. Besides, AI with Astrals were rare, this was also an opportunity to gather important data. Either way, airi wasn't loosing any money on this project.
  "If you want to live in a house,you should  build a house in a private area ofthe Kamidake, you may use a house in the space for staff, but because other people are always coming and going, something could go wrong."
  "But what about the budget to build a house..."
  "this place comes with an auto build system and all the materials needed, shouldn't you already know that?"
  "Ah, yes, there is manual data in NB,  let me look at it for a moment"
  "If you enter the data of for a house, the design of the house is easy to customize.You can use any furniture in the inventory list of Kamidake.I've added in quite a lot of variety so make use of it. "
  "... ... ehehehee"
   The items Washu had thrown were diverse and have an assortment greater then even the biggest mall in the Galaxy Academy. there were super-luxury goods and prototypes that had turned into antiques that were no longer available.

  "If there are things you want elsewhere, you can use your savings to get them so relax, don't worry about paying airi ok? "
  "well if that is the case, if the others don't mind then i don't mind ..."
  "seina would want you to use it, it's no trouble. and if you need money just sell some of these things to someone and ill give you the patent proceeds off of it."
  "But some things here seem quite expensive ... ...."
  "their just prototypes and free samples  and things i own the patents for its all storage junk to me.I went without it for five thousand years I have no use for it, and It's only normal that i have to free up storage space as the years go on, but .... "
  "But who do i sell it to, who will receive the money and manage it? Washu-sama you don't have any known heirs."
  "the MMD has a management foundation set up for it, so we will send the money to you, but you will never find out if you don't sent it"
  "... ... is it ok to do so though?"
  " I have been seen in many places recently, the amount that has been sent to me lately has increased, and if they don't want it then they will just return it."
  "Why haven't you announced your survival? Why Don't you need the money?"
  "I will do so someday, but there are still various problems ..."
  "Well, how about sending it to a second-hand market through someone?"
  "If it's a product that is popular in general, you can secretly feed it to the second-hand industry, but then it can end up getting recycled, but if it's a military item, custom-made, general goods or a prototype, you can't just go shoving in into the general market There are things that  need to be considered, don't forget scarce resources are monitored for distribution, it is troublesome to get rid of certain things. "
   It would be troublesome if it seemed suspicious and ended up getting investigated. The survival announcement of Washu would be like setting off a bomb in the Galactic Federation. It had to be done carefully and over time.
  "So do you have a big plan on how you plan to reveal yourself?"
  "well, my biggest concern is how do i do it without starting a galactic war... don't you think that's more important?
  "oh! yes that truly is... ...."
   she just hoped Washu's survival announcement would be made as soon as possible.

   In such circumstances Kirche decided to build a house.
  "Kirche, the situation of the ground is OK, it will be stable so you can start building"
   It was Airi on the communication monitor.
  "But do you really want me to do this in such a place? Washu-said you could build anywhere, didn't she? Why build it in such a wide open space? how big are you going to make it?  "
  " ... well I like it here, it's a small place compared to some other places, there is enough room, and above all, it is like the landscape of Seina's home town"
  "Oh really? you should build a secret base in the basement for seina... .... "
  "Airi-sama, id like that, please do it for me"
   Kirche quickly. 
  "Eh hehe im sure i can put it in there."
   In other words, if she built it she could enter it. Naturally, this was a private space for Seina. Seina and Fuku could approve entrants, only those who permitted could enter. Even if seina was ok with Airi  entering fuku would deny it
  "Gah it wont let me! what's the big idea? "
  "It is natural for Fuku to keep you from building a dubious secret base in seina's private space."
Kirche sighed in her mind. she got and began to work. However, there was not much that Kirche had to do besides Check that what was being built matched the digital model.
  "When the house is completed we can move onto setting up the furniture"
  Kirche was eager to get her own body so she could spend time with ----------------------------------------------------------

  "It's a small place, but it's a nice place."
   Seina who went outside looked around at the house. Although it said it was small, the lot it was on was about two soccer courts big, There was enough left over space to put a mansion. However, it was very small compared to tenju.
   The tree in the middle of the site that grew to look as if it was protecting the house is 50 meters high, but in Jurai it was just a small garden tree. The tree's branches spread like an umbrella into a huge mushroom shape.
  "I Mikage  will climb this tree when she grows up."
  "Ms. yuzaki has already climbed it"
  "oh... really?"
   Ringo's story gave seina a bitter smile.
   Other than that there were some garden trees, and fruit trees, but it seemed a bit quiet. However,the view from there was wonderful.

  " it's Beautiful……"
   It was still a bit early in the evening, but as Ringo said, the sun was trying to hide behind Tenju, as was as if there was a total solar eclipse, the inside of Tenju was dim and its outline was brightly shining. In the dimly lit places there were several streaks of sunlight and below it where the sun was unable to completely reach, the light looked a bit like stars.
  "Yes, really beautiful"
   Ringo gently snuggled up to Seina,
   When the sun finally hid behind Tenju, Fuku came running from behind seina.
  "oh! Fuku, Welcome back"
   Fuku jumped over to Seina and rushed up to his shoulder.
  "are the others with you?"
 fuku was confused, at the same time the noticed that a message probe was floating up to them.
  "─ ─ We are sorry but Yuzaki didn't want you to be disturbed, so they only sent Fuku over to you"
   A short message was played and the probe disappeared
  "…………What ? should I do something?"
   Seina muttered as if he was at a loss.
  "Well I'm here to help you so you should be okay."
    Fuku was picked up by mikage who began swinging Fuku like a rattle happily.
---------like taro-----------
  "Oh no! stop!"
   Seina immediately stopped Mikage's arms from swinging
  "Mikage, please let Fuku-chan go"
  "Fuku, are you ok? please don't hurt her she didn't mean it"
   Ringo and Seina were desperate to separate Mikage and Fuku.
  "Mya ... ... Mya Mia Mia Mia!"
   But Fuku, who had been angry at mikage suddenly burst out laughing, instead of getting angry.
   Seina and Ringo were taken aback by her unexpected reaction.
  "Miah, Mia!"
   Fuku  gave herself over to mikage
  "Oh, right!"
   Mikage started swinging Fuku again
  "Miao! Myaaaaaaaaaa!"
  "uhm... i guess ever things alright then "
   It seems that they both enjoyed it. Ringo and Seina stared at the scene in a silly manner.
   the wind got cold, so Seina went back into the house. Mikage laid down on the bed  with Fuku and Fuku laughed as they played together
  "I understand why Mikage is happy, but ... ...."
   he didn't know why Fuku who was being treated roughly, seemed to be so happy. Ringo stared at Seina with a puzzled face.
  "I don't know why but... ...."
   Seina explained the game fuku played with sand on the beach and buried, and how she jumps into weeds.
  "...... To be honest, I don't understand why things like that entertain fuku but if she's happy i have no complaints."
  "Is that so ... ... better not think to deeply about it, as long as their happy i guess its ok."
   Ringo said and then she stood up 
  "I will prepare dinner, Mikage-sama will need milk soon, can I leave that up to you?"
  "Yeah i can manage it."


   Several hours had passed since the ceremony began, they had almost made it to their 50th tree. Now in front of Kiriko was a young tree much smaller than the one before.It's height was a little over a meter, just under Kiriko's chest.
  "how pretty, isn't this Kyoko's older sister?"
   Funaho glanced at the tree.
  "It must have come here recently"
  A second-generation parent tree is, of course, A first-generation tree. The germinated bud grows up near the parent tree until it gets bigger. then it is transferred to this place. Noike's Kyoko however was budded and grown in a the same first generation unit, it was a somewhat special case.
  Kiriko greeted the tree like the others.
  she felt something that sounded like a voice.
  "well then...Let's go next."
   Funaho bowed and headed for the next tree, she went to follow when
   Suddenly a cry similar to the scream of a child sounded in the Kiriko's mind.
   It was the young tree that was crying earlier.
   The little tree hit kiriko with a delicate light nerve
   ─── Don't go, Please don't  go ... ....
  "Oh my, what is this all about?"
   Syūzan looked puzzled but Funaho and Seto seemed to notice the reason. they looked at Kiriko and the young tree.
  "it must have been shy ..."
   Seto  laughed
  "oh i see, so it panicked when she went to leave."
   Syūzan  smiled. royal trees are like children, yet this young tree was still like an infant or a baby.
   "I am sorry, I didn't notice ... it's ok now, we'll be together forever don't worry."
   Kiriko gently stroked the young tree while remembering how she did the same thing to a young Seina in the past. And the next moment the 2nd generation trees began shining nerve lights all at once like when they had seen fuku.

  the girls were taking a quick break in a simple accommodation room that also served as a resting place.besides the light coming down from the hole into the basement, there were many bright bio luminescent plants that lit the area. extra lighting plants were planted in areas where training is carried out, so there was problem in traveling in the basement of tenju even in the middle of the night.
   The resting place was near a hillside about 100 meters up on a root, and it was in a crowded area with  many facilities installed in other roots that were linked by multiple suspension bridges.
  "Kanamitsu, it's still early, why aren't we still traveling?"
  " considering where we are, It's better to rest and depart a little earlier in the day to get to our destination,depending on the time of day the wind blows either weakly or very strong, so we should go when it is as calm as possible to ensure our safety. I heard some information that worried me "
  "Information that worried you?"
  "yes ants were spotted in a nearby resting area"
  "Do you mean nursing care ants !?"
  "what a strange name for an ant, is it dangerous?" unlike hakuren's group amane's people knew nothing of jurai's local creatures.
  "they are large ants about a half  a meter large."
  "are you joking ...... you got to be kidding me right!?"
  "It's Okay, they're not carnivorous, they keep and raise animals to get manure to grow the mushrooms that they eat."
  "No way, so does that include human beings?"
  "yes but not usually, recently a group of small goats often used for breeding moved somewhere else, so now it seems they are going after people. "
  "Is not there any other dangerous carnivorous animals we should be worried about?"
  "Well, there are several kinds, but they rarely attack people."
   In a sense, Jurai's strongest creature was it's human beings. Nearly everyone is a fighter in Jurai,they could beat lions and tigers with their bare hands. If a young child was wandering all by himself, and no one was around, maybe but for the most part they were left alone.

  "In the mean time there's an open-air bath here, relax, because tomorrow is going to be a pain in the ass."
   with that Kanemitsu went out outside
  "... Well then, should we have dinner?"
  "No, let's go take a bath before that, you all smell!"
   Nene said with great emphasis.
   The bath accommodation was in the neighboring tree, they crossed  over to it using a suspension bridge.
   The Bath was spacious, there was room  for a considerable number of adults. Different kinds of trees collected water from the underground and air, and heated the hot water, purifying it and circulating it, it was a common system in Jurai. The carpet moss covered the whole bathroom. the hot water was nice and the moss in the water  was soft and fluffy like a velvet. The scent of the room calmed ones nerves.
  "why are we trying to climb so quickly?"
  "Well honestly,  if you think about it... well, it's just Seina, Ringo-sama, a baby and Fuku,  I don't think anything too bad is happening up there do you?"
  "Nothing will happen"
    Gyokuren asserted as if it were a matter of fact.
  "Seina and Ringo are both reasonable people. maybe if it were just the two of them i would be worried,but with Mikage-san and fuku there, nothings going to happen."
  "Well ... ...I agree but i don't think anything would happen even if they weren't there..."
   Ryoko agreed if there was doubt before, it could now be said that they all had the conviction about it that Gyokuren did when she asserted that nothing would happen.  And so tension in the room completely melted away.
  "Huh! But don't you think it's a little too convenient!"
 Nene chimed in. a Small round of booing came other women.
  "Everyone is always with Seina, so a little advantage now wont be any good for her!"
  "It's a good think kiriko isn't here, if she knew, she would have rushed all the way there by now dragging us along with her. but the scenery is nice here  so I'm going to relax."
  "No! Do I need to rush so i can complain about Todo! Don't you want to complain to Yuzaki-san?"
  "That's the case .... soak in the amazing scenery a bit, I'm sure it won't matter to you either when you do... Anyways, let's eat and rest up to prepare for tomorrow! "...... before you do that, everyone should clean up the sweat from today!"
   Nene held her nose and grinned

   ─── Kiriko, Kiriko.
   The young tree seemed happy, it called the name of Kiriko who became it's partner.
  "You need to give her a name, have you thought of one yet?" seto sai
   Kiriko said she looked at the young tree quickly,
  "Your name is" Mizuki "
   ─── Mizuki?
  "Yes, Mizuki"
   ─── Mizuki! Mizuki!
  "it seems to like it,  let's hurry and get ready for the transplant."
   Seto said placing her hand on Kiriko's shoulder.
  "alright, Mizuki-chan, i'll see you later"
   ─── Kiriko where are you going?
  "I will see you soon, wait quietly"
   ─ ─ ─ ok. Mizuki, will wait for you.
   "such a good child,"
   Kiriko quickly left .there was no need to hurry,  but she didn't want mizuki to get anxious.
  "Seto, I know you were planning on delaying the formal announcement of Kiriko joining the royal family earlier, but what about now? you thought she would only get a 3rd generation, but she got a 2nd generation, isn't that worth celebrating right away? "
   Syūzan spoke to Seto
  "Perhaps, i would think Azusa would agree but ..."
  "Let's consult him then and arrange for it"
  "yes, lets."
  "Thank you for everything today."
   Kiriko came close to Syūzan and bowed
  "today was one of the best days in my life."
   Originally, the ceremony of choosing trees was done, and then it was reported to the  royal family who were waiting outside the door that there is no problem in the process by the trees, and on when the day ended they would celebrate by gathering all the important people and presenting the new tree and owner to the citizens. usually though the tree wouldn't be shown off  until after transplanting the trees to the unit and assembling the exterior of the ship, officially showing off the tree ship was done with second generation or higher trees at least one week after the ceremony. However, in this case,they needed to prepare the tree for the transplant right away so it was urgent.
  "Thank you, But please excuse me i must be going."
 Kiriko, Funaho, and Seto deeply bowed to Syūzan, as he headed straight out to ask azusa.
   Kiriko and Funaho were at the gate in the studio above the Imperial Tree room. This was the gate where the Trees were all taken out of the chamber. The reason for that was that it took time to set up the second generation or higher tree's core units, because they never knew what kind of tree would come out. The unit was customized according to the size and shape of the tree. It took time to make the interior as well, it was a special custom made item. In the case of the third generation, candidates were determined in advance, so preparations were possible.
   mizuki's unit was made using only basic parts because it was urgent. The biggest problem with that was the size of the terminal which accepted the neural light used to control the external unit. In the case of mizuki since the power of it's nerve light was weak, there was a possibility that couldn't control the ship well if they used a normal sized terminal. So they installed a terminal of the smallest size, with a variable metal arm.
  " ordering interior parts is impossible until an adjustment of the terminal has been completed, i'm sorry but mizuki-chan must have patience for a little while longer."
  "I'm sure it won't mind"
  "Let's get started."
   Funaho and Kiriko placed them-selves  away from the central ring plate.
  "Please let's begin."
   at Funaho signal  a ring shaped plate divided into several layers and started rotating. It was like a puzzle and a circuit diagram emerged like magic. the central space began to distort, as if to respond to it further, then the schematics  of a tremendous number of force field circuits were activated at the top of the plate many times, the light flashed in rainbow colors and a black dot on the ground spreads like a circle.
   this was different kind of space where the roots of the  royal trees stretched to absorb energy. The force field circuit diagram launched in front of them kept it fixed and it suppressed the outflow of energy to the outside.  if suppressed the energy  out only glowed faintly but if  it leaked out, the energy was enough to destroy a one hundred light year radius around jurai.
  "Mizuki-chan, can you hear me?"
   ─── kiriko, Kiriko. Is that you?
  "Yes, Good to see you again"
   The upper part of the center space fluctuated, and the fragrance of the royal trees came out of it. the spirally distorted mizuki slowly descended  on some ring-shaped parts. Mizuki 's roots part  were covered with something like black mist in some places, were it was assimilating and drawing in the black space.
   ─── aaa!!
  "is it All right!?"
  kiriko asked worried
   ─── owch aaaaaah!
  "Okay, it's just experiencing the ripples caused while stabilizing the space"
  "... ... ... please don't worry me with surprises like that. "
  the rings stabilized around mizuki

 the black space disappeared at once in the opposite direction in which it appeared. space un distorted and the force fields dropped one after the other.
  "are you ok?
   Kiriko and Funaho walked towards Mizuki.
   ─ ─ ─ yes, I am alright.
  "good, then let's adjust the receiving terminal, do you know how to do that?"
   ─── ......uhmmmmmm.
   Rui Ki released a nerve light towards the terminal, The metal arm started to move hastily, but the position of the terminal was fixed in only tens of seconds.
   ─── yay we did it kiriko.
  "Thank you. you did Great,"
  "Let's scan this position to and then get to making the decorative unit, and then we have to make the key ... are you ready?"
   a monitor was launched next to Funaho. Kiriko was  familiar with the old old carpenter who worked exclusively for the Masaki family.
  "I've never worked with a young tree as small as Mizuki-sama, I don't know what to do in this circumstance."
   A workman twisted his neck while looking at the scan of mizuki's data. a Tree and its master make a decoration called a key with a branch cut from the tree so that a spiritual link can be made even if the distance between them long. usually jewels made from amber from the solidified sap are added. With ordinary size trees, there are many branches to choose from, but it is difficult with young trees like mizuki. it's trunk was thinner than normal and so were the branches  that would normally be cut.
   Noike's "Kyoko" was even younger than mizuki, but Kyoko had no official key yet, it's mobile terminal substituted for the key. However, with mizuki there was no place to put that that terminal body.
  "Oh! Wait a moment. "
   Old craftsmen noticed something and began looking at past materials. And, it seemed that a solution has been found, he immediately raised his face with a bright expression.
  " in the young second generation trees we can use the part where it used to link to the parent tree, we just need to find where it was attached when it was a sapling. Then I might be able to use it. "
  "But wont that make it impossible to link with the parent tree? Is it okay to do that?"
  "the defense of the parent tree is no longer necessary once it's transferred to the unit so it's not problem. usually it gets incorporated back into the trunk as it grows, but mizuki is still so young that it should be there still. "
   ─── Kiriko. here, it's here.
   mizuki sent a nerve light from a leaf, like a signal.
  "... .... oh, this?"
   In the vicinity there was a half branch with no leafs coming rom the trunk, it was encrusted in shining amber droplets.
  "that seems to be it."
  "Mizuki-chan, would you please give me this?"
   ─ ─ ─ ─ oh! yes. please take it.
  " alright ... Thank you, please be patient a bit longer"
   Kiriko cut the trunk around the short branch
   ─ ─ ─ah!
  "I am sorry, did that hurt?"
   Kiriko asked while stroking the cut surface, funaho moved kiriko's hand down quickly
  "Try not to touch it too much"
   In front of Kiriko 's eyes, a thin purple sap flowed out from the cut surface.
  "The sap comes out from the cut surface and it is designed to stop the invasion of bacteria so it's better that you don't touch it."
   ─── Kiriko. Don't wory I am alright.
  "really?... that's good."
  "I have all the things we need now, so I will get the branch processed,  Kiriko-chan  stay and talk with mizuki-chan."
   Funaho took the branch and headed for the transfer gate.
Kiriko relaxed and sat next to mizuki.
  "Hey mizuki, aren't you lonely now that you are away from your mom and sister?"
   ─ ─ ─ a bit, thank you for asking kiriko. 
  "no Thank you. just wait till tomorrow, I'll introduce you to my friends."
   ─── your friends?
  "Yeah ...there a bit different from you mizuki-chan, their seina yamada's ships terminal"
   ─ ─ uhm uhh... I'll get to visit when we come back home right?
  "Oh, yes, that's right,"
   Kiriko remembered when Kamidake arrived at Jurai and the trees greeted fuku.
  "I'll make sure we come back soon."
   ───  this seina yamada person, do you like them?
   ───  aaah!?
   Rui was surprised and screamed at kiriko's surprised
   ─── Kiriko ... ... are you alright? did i do something wrong?
  "oh no hahaha!I was just a little surprised, I'm not angry with you Mizuki-chan."
   Mizuki needed a bit of time to be able to accurately grasp the subtitles of it's Master's behavior. 
   ─── Really?
  "Yes, Really. would you like some water."
  Kiriko stood up in a hurry, she scooped the watering pail from the gardening items she had brought.
   The soil on which the  tree is planted is supplemented with an adequate amount of water from the canal around it, so there is no need for watering, but because Mizuki was still a  small tree, it was fun to be able to water it, she remember asking Noike, who was also the master of a young tree about it.
   she poured the water on top of Mizuki, the water poured and out emerged a small rainbow, Mizuki  also puts out the nerve lights that looked like crackling fireworks.
   ─── yay.
   Kiriko was relieved to see Mizuki happy.

  "Thank you for the meal"
   Seina and Fuku   finished dinner 

  "It was really delicious, do all royal people like Noike and Sasami cook so good?"
   Ayeka was the exception, but instead her garment sewing was comparable to a skilled craftsmen.
  "not everyone is good at it, but it's Seto's policy that we be taught well."
   Ringo seemed to be happy while cleaning the dishes.
  "Oh, please let me help"
  " there is not much to do, if you want to help, please wait for me to be done, then you can help me give Mikage a bath."
   After finishing dish washing and removing her apron, Ringo entered the living room and held Mikage.
  "Seina, can you help me?"
   Seina got up and went to the bathroom. the bathtub was filled with hot water that was steaming up. There were no partitions in the room, but the flow of air was controlled so there was no humidity.
  "It's fairly wide"
   The bathroom was quite large compared to the size of the house, a veranda was placed just outside past the bathtub. the outside was not very well maintained still the view of the scenery outside was breathtaking
  "wow that's a good smell."
   The interior was all wooden and smelled good.
  "uhm how are we going to manage this?"
   Looking around suddenly, he realized he couldn't make sense of how they were going to bathe Mikage. The bathtub was quite deep so someone would have to hold her and another would have to assist
  "what's wrong Seina?"
  "Oh, Ringo. Actually I'm confused, how do we put a baby in this bath?"
  "Oh,that's odd there's supposed to be a small wash tub her , but ..."
   Ringo also searched around with Mikage, but she couldn't find such a thing.
  "There isn't anything like that here ...."
  "what about in the kitchen............ ?"
   Seina and Ringo imagined washing Mikage at the same time as running the sing disposal.
  "... .... No way!"
   they shook that idea from their head
  "uhm... maybe you should do this without me?"
  "Yes, please, Fuku come with us"
   Seina alone went back to the living room. But as soon as he left he heard Mikage crying. a drenched Fuku came to call Seina.
  "Oh, what's wrong?"
   he followed after her and asked at the entrance of the room
  "Mikage-sama won't stop crying. Please help  me out here a little, it's okay to come in."
   Ringo said, Seina breathed heavily and entered inside. Ringo wore a bath towel around her body and was immersed the bathtub.
  "uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ............ waaaaaaaaa ~"
   Mikage  was crying but stopped as soon as she Seina's face, she reached for him.
  "I think she was missing you."
  "is it ok if i get in"
  "yes .... but please get dressed like i am"
  "I understand"
   With no room for confusion, Seina headed for a clothing  room, took off his clothes, wrapped the bath towel around his waist and got in and was handed mikage.
  she started crying again
  "Well ... uhm maybe she want's me too as well"
  "... It can not be helped then, can it."
   ringo scooted up next to Seina, Mikage looked at Ringo and Seina and started laughing.
  "that's weird it seems she crys unless there are two people with her in the bath."
  "Maybe she's worried. Or maybe ...."
   Ringo felt shy. she noticed it was possible that Kanemitsu and Yuzaki always bathed mikage together
(oh wow the two of us here like this is just like them)
   ringo blushed in embarrassment. Fortunately, Seina didn't notice and chocked it up to the hot water. Except the bath towels, they were naked, but her swimsuits in Imium exposed more then them. Without that experience, she would have fainted from too much embarrassment.
  "ms. Ringo, shall I wash Mikage-chan?"
  "sure i think the waters the right temperature."
   Seina got out of the bathtub with Mikage, Ringo picked up the contents from a container of the nearby baby gel and starts washing Mikage. As expected, Mikage was struggling, but she seemed to be in a good mood. she soaped her up then rinsed with hot water then they got back in the tub
  "aaah ... ...."
    Mikage seemed to feel comfortable.
   In the dressing room with only Ringo, Mikage didn't cry, after she changed her clothes she fell asleep.
  "seina I'm going to go put her to bed please make your self comfortable."
  "here you go"
   Ringo brought cold tea to Seina which is cool on the edge side.
  "Thank you"
   she had on a thin yukata and her hair was wet, combined with the smell of the boiling water she was twice as pretty as usual. Ringo was an attractive woman, even though it was not as intense as with Amane and Gyokuren. she was still quite a woman.
  (Calm down ...... calm down)
   seina looked over to Mikage and Fuku who were sleeping to ease the tension.
   Like on Imuim, Jurai's starry sky was  beautiful and without air pollution. there were only a few lights lit up on tenju it seemed like a huge Christmas tree. 
  (Calm down ... ... calm down)
  in countries like Jurai, few people had experienced battle more than Seina. Especially those born in the last 100 years, which had been a comparatively peaceful age. And above all,  seina was a man who had defeated Yuzaki in a ceremonial battle.
   Although ordinary men and women are likely to be connected with this momentum, Seina had yet to make a decision about his romantic life and Ringo was a princess of the Royal Family. this felt a bit like trying out a relationship with a royal family member before committing to anything.
   ─ ─ ─ it wasn't half bad.
    "Tenju is beautiful at night isn't it ... ... do you see the imperial palace on the top?"
  "the place slightly below it is the place where the kamiki family lives, although the other royal houses can not be seen from here, they are at about the same height .Kiriko should be arriving back in the  Masaki area right about now ''
  "oh, so the ceremony for choosing trees has finished successfully then?"
  "Yes, Kiriko-sama's tree was named mizuki, the link will be done with Fuku-chan tomorrow. I regret to say but it seems her ceremony will be going unannounced this time..."
   Ringo looked Tenju.
  "This time?"
  "her tree was a second generation, Tenju would have been illuminated full of parades and festivities that would have gone on through the weekend"
  "is getting a second generation such a big occasion?"
   Seina looked curiously at the sight of Ringo who was enthralled with the idea.
  "Of course! the average ship is a third generation. If someone gets a second generation or higher, they get top priority to become the Juraian Emporer. If it's a first generation, its unconditional He is the next Juraian Emperor. "
  "so Kiriko has a right to inherit the throne of Jurai?"
  "There are currently six people, including Kiriko, who have the second-generation trees, and yosho who is on Earth has a first-generation tree. Prior to that, Azusa  the current Jurai Emperor got his when he was still very young  ... ... so the possibility isn't zero. "
  "……Is that so"
 Seina felt as though Kiriko had suddenly gone far away from him.The light was shinning above Tenju in the Imperial Palace. The distance between where Seina was now and the Court of the Masaki family seemed like the difference between himself and Kiriko.
  "You can see her tomorrow."
   Ringo grabbed Seina's hand.
  "Well,  I guess that's right."
   The warmth of Ringo's hand swept away Seina's depressed mood in a matter of seconds. he could not deny feeling a slightly unscrupulous feeling, but you could chock that up to his youth.
  "Oh, that reminds me, what happened to Amane?"
  "their communication with the outside is blocked so no information  has come in. Honoka is unable to tell me anything... ...."
  "is something stopping your ship?"
  "As long as the Tree doesn't endanger the life of it's Master, it must follows the will of the higher generation , perhaps Seto is ordaining an information blackout through Mikagami,  ... Seto-sama,how dare you make Honoka do strange things! "
   Ringo grasped her fist  with anger.
  "……That's too bad"
  "Ah ... yes... but from the information I've gotten, I think there probably in Tenju's basement"
   Ringo replied smiling, hiding behind her fist a bit shyly.
  "Considering that Kanemitsu and Nene are also with them, I think they wont be back here before tomorrow, so we can enjoy this situation. judging Yuzaki-sama's expenses i think she likely dumped them in the tourism athletic course in the basement."
   Ringo seems to have inferred from the flow of money. Moreover, her prediction was correct, it was difficult to keep that secret using seto's budget.
  "will they be ok there?"
  "Although it's a full-fledged uphill course, with Bio-Enhancement, it's not a difficult course, so it's like hiking  the only one with anything to worry about is Neeju-sama. But since Kanemitsu is on escort duty, i know there will be no problem, it will just take a while to climb, actually it will take quite some time. "
  "so everything's ok ...?"
  "there you can see different view their entirely, if you have the opportunity check it out,it's the place where the name jurai came from."
  "really? i would love to see that ... ... wait what's going on."
   When Seina said that, the majority of the lights that were on Tenju disappeared.
  "we have to restrict the amount of light to protect the plant growth cycle."
  "oh i see ..."
   seina thought about it carefully, this was only a one bedroom. Moreover, it had only one bed.
  "I'll sleep in the living room, Ringo please sleep with Mikage and Fuku in the bedroom. I can sleep anywhere as long as i have blankets and a pillow."
  "... OK. sounds like a plan, ."
   she handed a futon over to seina and began to get ready for bed.
   Returning to the living room, Seina began spreading out the futon.
  "... ... as much as I hate to have to use this it's amazing"
   The mattress was pure white with no spots, it was soft and fluffy. the outer material had stunning Juraian pattern on it, even seina could tell this was an expensive item. it made him nervous to sleep on it.
  "Now that we've locked the door ... we are trapped in here, just me, Mikage and Ringo "
   Seina got up quickly, went out to look around the outside in the unlikely event that that wasn't the case.
  "... what is seina doing"
   Ringo, looked at the sleeping face of Mikage and Fuku, and noticed Seina looking around outside. Ringo first thought that Seina was going for a walk. Ringo knew that this was a secure place, the meaning of Seina's actions could not be immediately understood by her.
  "Is he ...?"
   But from him looking around she soon realized that seina was looking around to make sure everyone inside was safe.
   Ringo felt the inside of her chest getting hot.she was driven by the impulse of wanting to embrace seina ... ... but desperately she diverted her eyes from him and looked at the face of sleeping Mikage and took a big deep breath.
  "hey now, woah ............"
   Ringo somehow pushed the impulse and bowed to Seina for gratitude and thankfully jumped into the futon.  thinking that Seina was protecting them,  made her feel relieved and at the same time, her chest was so warm and beating so fast she couldn't  sleep. she was happy with things as they were now and she seemed to almost be crying. In any case she need to calm her mind to sleep. It seemed necessary to divert her consciousness from Seina which occupied most of consciousness.
so  Ringo began rechecking the accounting status of this quarter. now it was time to think about how to avoid waste instead. It was a sad occupational illness, but it was better then Seina occupying her consciousness. after looking over a few accounting items, she came up with a good solution, Ringo fell asleep with a satisfying smile -
  "...... uwaaa uwaaa uwaa"
  when she fell asleep Mikage woke up and started crying.
   Mikage wanted milk and started crying when Seina finished checking outside and had just settled into his futon. 
  "aaaah... ...!"
  Seina got up with a splash from the duvet, but hesitated entering Mikage's bedroom.
  "Mia! Miah! Mia!"
    Fuku  came into the living room. fuku jumped and grabbed onto the sleeves of Seina's sleepwear, and desperately pulled it, Seina lifted Fuku up and headed to the bedroom.
  "ms. Ringo what's going on!"
  he came into the bedroom where Ringo was holding Mikage.
  "Sorry, have you woken up, Mikage wanted milk."
  "Oh, I'll go get some"
  seina headed to the kitchen immediately,  and came back with a baby bottle. Mikage stopped crying and began to drink the milk.
  "I am sorry to have kept you from sleeping, but sorry to trouble you."
  "Oh no, Fuku came to wake me"
  "Fuku, you were worried about Mikage, weren't not you?"
  "Miah ......"
   Fuku was watching Mikage drinking milk.
  "you must think of her as a younger sister don't you? but Fuku you were born later, your actually the younger sister Fuku"
   Seina talked to Fuku while stroking fuku's chin with his fingers, but Fuku kept watching Mikage.

   Ringo gently tapped Mikage's back, after she had finished drinking milk, she burped. Seina took the baby bottle and tried to head to the kitchen,
   Mikage reached for Seina Fuku  desperately pulled on Seina's sleepwear hem.
  "fine I'll take you with me"
     ringo handed mikage to seina, and began to leave Mikage began to shake and cry and, Fuku began to pull ringo's hem.
  "maybe it's the same pattern as when she takes  a bath?"
    Ringo approached Mikage as a test, she stopped, the two looked relieved.
  "does that mean ... ... is she scared of the night time?"
  "Maybe so, won't you stay here until Mikage sleeps?"
  "Of course"
   Seina and Ringo laid Mikage on the baby bed, and sat in the bed looking up
   Mikage gladly laughed and looked up at Seina. Fuku also lay down next to Mikage and looked up the same way as two of them. the Mikage slowly closed her eyelids.  Fuku soon fell asleep too.
   Seina confirmed they were asleep and took the baby bottle and gently tried to leave the bedroom ...,
   Fuku cried, and soon Mikage woke up and began to cry.
  "Fuku ... ... Don't wake Mikage-chan"
   Seina hurriedly returned to his original place  to appease Fuku and Mikage.
   And after a long time.she went back to sleep. And then seina waited for a bit and left again tiptoeing this time.
   Fuku cried like a high-sensitivity warning device, Mikage got up and burst into tears.
  "Fuku ...... damn it"
   Seina and Ringo sighed
  "I understand,  fine I'm not going anywhere anymore"
   However, she was was wary him leaving so Fuku was not going to go back to sleep very easily. after they laid in the center of the bed, fuku stared at Seina and Ringo as if she had something to say.
  "... ... Maybe, your saying you want everyone to go to bed?"
   It seems that Seina's answer was correct, Fuku smiled.
  "alright Seina,  better do as fuku says."
   Ringo said smiling. if ringo was ok with it seina was ok with it. there was no escaping the situation. they had resided themselves to their fate. 
 fortunately because it was the adults around them that created such a situation.  Ringo would have no trouble of being accused of a chastity problem for this. Of course there was also no doubt in there minds that this situation was ridiculous. but the immediate problem was ... ...,
  (how can i sleep in this situation?)

   their hearts beat so fast they could hardly hear their thoughts.