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GXP 4 Summary

Ringo enters the slums of the outer ring of the academy and finds herself dodging muggers with ease as she traipses through the ghetto.
alan's group, now homeless after spending all their ryoko cult money on wine and women and going into debt, now find themselves in one of the ghetto alleys that Ringo moves through. they decided to try to appeal to her for help but are chased by wild dogs.

Ringo arrives at the office of Ian northern.
she arrives and persuades his company to give over the rights to handle dismemberment of widows estates assets. she gives them a recommendation to join the MMD. ian figures out that the recommendation is a test and destroys it, seto getting notice of the letters destruction decides to do business with ian's company.
ringo later as a favor for getting the account requests that washu tell her what MMD stands for and is surprised when it's revealed to mean basically, "LISTEN EVERYONE! REMEMBER, DON'T WASTE MONEY!" and actually it was engraved on a plate but when they went to unveil it prof. ikuma shoved a pen up naja's butt in public so they hid it away so no one would see it and recall that indecent.

seina and the girls arrive at the shopping center shortly after seina is informed that his data was what caused the outage
amane causes a scene when she attacks seiryo who shows up to stalk her and then kiriko causes a scene when she's teased about being lovey dovey with seina while shopping. their kicked out of the store and go to naashisu to eat. while there seina's told to go "tell granny to come take our order"

seina goes and does this and it's airi who now runs naashisu so she punishes him for calling her granny.
seina is told about washu's pore which can be sen from the restaurant and knowing he isn't allowed to talk about the masaki family keeps himself from acknowledging that he knows washu. seiryo shows back up ruining their meal and is sent packing literally by being knocked out and sent through a package system to the farthest delivery location possible.

kiriko learns that amane's apartment won't have robot maids and gets a bad feeling which is confirmed when they get back to find the seto scouts dressed up in maid outfits claiming to have been assigned to live with them as maids. she takes them aside and voices her concerns with the arrangement she particularly mentions that she doesn't want gyokuren alone with seina because she in particular has an ability that causes a sort of sexual mania in men. she cites an indecent when they were on a couples honeymoon cruise and her presence caused at least 5 men to breakup with their new wives.

airi finished working in naashisu's delivery warehouse and checks her mail to find messages from  raireza. she gets a call from minaho before she can check it. minaho gives her a gift of traditional Japanese foods that funaho wants airi to deliver to seina. airi finds mikami spying on her conversation and after confirming with mikami that she  wants to join in on the race to get with seina the two of them go over to seina's to bring dinner and funahos gift.

seina goes to look for information on washu and notices that his friends left porn and sex doll morph data for nb on his nb. he doesn't open the folder to check that that's what's inside for sure but he has a bad feeling so he goes to open a window to search for info on washu and a malfunction occurs causing windows to open all through the house. erma rushes in to help him close them and tells him the best resources for learning about washu. through their conversation seina finally starts to understand that he is no longer a normal human and will live for a very very long time.

she then finds the porn folder which she calls a friendship folder and she puts some parental controls on it.
they head back into the main area of the house and the seto scout maids introduce themselves as if he didn't already know them, gyokuren gets overly flirty with him and is escorted out by kiriko and amane uses the opportunity to transition to bio-enhancement training with seina.

afterwords amane and erma decided to take him to the bath to get a sports massage.
kiriko sneaks into seina's room and tideys it up for him.
she starts crying and thinks back to the day she left earth with minaho and the relief she felt which she feels guilty over and how she tried to fill the emotional hole that she gave herself.
she tries to consult her hand over her conflicted feelings but there's no response she just resolves to help seina get on his feet in space the best she can. she goes back into the living room to find seina erma and amane missing. she goes to the bath to find the two of them trying to awkwardly give seina a massage, she throws bucket at seina's head and leaves.

airi and mikami show up and they all have diner and airi and kiriko get really drunk.
mikami, with a drunken airi's help fixes seina's nb which is stuck from Kenneth and rajau's botched registration as airi comes onto seina. while fixing it they come across the porn folder. airi is upset that there aren't any older women represented in it. they back it up and restore it after the instillation of nb's software. Nb reinitialized with airi's voice and starts calling seina master. he finds this very unsettling. seina goes to bed and airi starts trying on maid outfits and asks mikami if she thinks seina would like it if she woke him up in it. she's escorted out of the house by the seto scout maids. mikami excuses herself and leaves to follow her down the elevator but instead of leaving they get on another elevator and go to the buildings secret basement which was actually one of washu's old labs filled with the mineral material she used for ryo-ohki.

they meet up with seto and washu and discuss business, the brain remodeling is the same as mihoshi's but from an earlier stage of development. and it seems a lot of people were rigged up to work as double agents but whoever did it was no longer in charge. washu refuses to use her goddess powers to figure out the specifics of what happened to them and who did it to them, its the shank guild though obviously. airi tells them about Raireza locating kirche and making her a part of his secret security escorts.
 airi leaves and washu asks when widow's soul is going to be delivered so she can use it to make a sister ship to ryo-ohki. washu is told it will take about 24 hours after her trial. she gets the approval from seto and mikami to make a new ryo-ohki ship.

erma and amane decide to confront the maid-scouts over their reasons for being stationed there by seto, but they wont reveal anything and instead they begin questioning amane about how long she has known seina, amane tells them but also comes to the conclusion that maybe it was unfair to kiriko that she had brought him up into space. the go to bed for the day after that.

the next morning kiriko wakes up seina and finds he has morning wood. airi and erma and gyokuren come in dressed as maids and ask him to decide which maid he wants to take care of his morning wood. Kiriko slaps him while smacking the other two out the room she drags them out of the room.
kirko yells at them meanwhile karen makes seina his breakfast and he notices that she is a bit like kiriko. erma begins to tease kiriko at breakfast over the awkward silence between her and seina and then she tries to feed seina which upsets kiriko. amane comes out nearly naked and dotes on seina's injuries and then also begins trying to feed him. kiriko throws an apron over her which makes it worse.

This is a reference to Aggaruter and the "naked apron". kiriko gets really mad and then airi comes in and offers to show seina how a naked apron should look on a woman and kiriko again beats her up and asks her to leave. the two of them get ready to leave together for work and kiriko begs karen to make sure seina is kept safe because she is the only reasonable one, she addresses gyokuren one on one and grasps her hands with painful pressure and threatens her against making a move on seina again.

airi fills kiriko in on kirche being in nb when they sail away.
amane notices seina's nb has airi's voice and she decides to hack into it and change it's settings. she finds the porn folder but it's empty, amane finds this odd so she decides to put in a folder that her friend gave her when she was  a model. she gives NB a funny accent.

airi asks kiriko if she deleted the folder and she denies it, she also asks her what she thinks about letting seina date miki and she doesn't like it, but she suggests that miki looks a lot like her mother. she realizes that was what she was noticing about her but couldn't verbalize. she then notifies the girls that it will be a while before seina can go back to the dorm because the amount of double agent spies are way higher then they thought.

ryoko balta shows the information to komachi kyo who confirms it's tarrant shank's doing. after they cut communications seto is revealed to have been watching. she and komachi talk it's revealed they have a special diplomatic relationship with each other and are busy negotiating giving prison bound asylum in jurai to pirates who would otherwise be extradited and put to death by various countries.

after teaching classes, Kiriko is visited by ringo, she gives her the bounty on widow to manage for seina, she also tries to figure out where seina lives, kiriko, not wanting to tell her, gives her the nanomachine drugged tea and she passes out, she puts her in a cold storage shipping container and ships her to seto.

right after words miki walks in scaring her, kiriko takes to talk somewhere more private.
amane again block trains seina and afterwords throws him in the bath for a massage, but this time karen gets roped up in the action and stripped and thrown in the tub by force.
mid conversation with miki, kiriko checks on seina and see's this she goes rushing off after them.

gyokuren answers the door and seiryo walks in. she teases him into barging into the bath, amane kicks him so he goes flying out the glass window and all the way to the highway where he hits kiriko's car and ends up wiped off by the windshield wipers.

seina is cut by the glass shards and karen licks him to heal him because her race has healing accelerating spit. kiriko and miki walk in on this without explanation. they both get angry in the same way.
suddenly amane's father and mother  walk in furthering the confusion, gyokuren goes to make tea.
her father begs her to return back to a life of modeling and she refuses.

erma, after encountering kenneth rajau and miki's roommates miranda and kaliche find out that miki went with kiriko to amane's house she hacks nb and sees whats going on, kiriko notices airi is controlling nb and yells at airi for hacking nb as erma watches, airi explains that kiriko needs to get back to teach classes so she runs off. kiriko takes miki back to school, amane ignores her parents and takes seina to do more training as her parents watch. karen explains what kind of person seina is. but NB starts explaining things that happened that day out of context and karen hurries to correct it. her parents realize she loves seina and wont be coming back so they leave.

as her parents drive off amane explains to seina that she joined the Gp to excel in something on her own ability, as opposed to modeling where she was number one not just for her skill and beauty but because her father owned the industry and insisted she be given priority. she uses seina's head to comfort herself and seiryo barges back in and challenges seina to a dual for her, amane knocks him out
she has gyokuren put him in a cement block and throw him in the deepest trench on the planet.
kiriko and erma go to analyze data in mikami's office, while doing so they come across miki's file which reveals that she is actually a Pinocchio, An AI in an android body. she also learns that miki's father never had a spouse.

Ringo arrives back at seto's and grills seto over the extra money that was added to seina's reward for widow.
3 weeks after he starts training seina is finally ready to go back to the academy, erma takes him in her car and a crowd shows up to greet him, they are trampled by the wild boars that dragged seina into the forest in book 2 so they have to set up a medical treatment center nearby.

miki's father works diligently to help the students recover and miki introduces seina to her roommates kaliche and miranda.
kiriko watches hiroshi work with great interest and is teased by erma, over her worrying that hiroshi is actually her father but kiriko insists he is just a friend of her mother. she leaves and heads for mikami's office.

seina, miki, and the rest of their team go and get lunch miki shows seina how to activate a secret warp to their destination, one of the floating islands on the academy. seina asks if this is her secret hiding place and she asks him if he wants her to show that to him.

over lunch its revealed that miki has been assigned to the decoy division and will be going away the next day to apprentice there and wont be back for half a year. the assignment is a rather dangerous one and she will be on a ship used as pirate bait.

after class seina gets informed of a secret meetup with miki by one of the fan club owners.
airi however intercepts it and assigns kiriko and amane to stop them. they launch a full out assault plan called the "Seina and Miki's Last Goodbye Meeting Interference Operation". but their plan fails when miki, being aware that nb can be used for spying, sends nb back to them, they rush to find him anyways out of fear that seina and miki will have some goodbye sex like airi and yosho did.

miki takes seina to another secret warp place and shows seina the process for activating it.
she takes him to a private area with a huge lake covered over by bio luminescent aquatic plants in bloom. they go into a cave and up some stairs to a romantic view. they notice a juraian house in the distance. miki asks seina  to take care of her father for her while she's gone. the next day he see's her off. a week later as seina is talking to nb, it malfunctions and begs for help in mikis voice, it starts to change into her shape but freezes up. erma quickly pulls seina away from it and rushed him out of the room.

as he's taken to school erma breaks the news to him that miki's ship was attacked by pirates who killed everyone on board including miki.

in the after story extra we find out that seina had called tenchi's place earlier to complain about airi's sexual harassment but he finds out from sasami that they aren't supposed to talk to him so he ends up complaining to ryo-ohki.