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GXP 1 Chapter 4

4 "Dirty mist, sorrowful rain"

 Onnainin announced that they were nearing the galaxy academy. A spherical basket formed of rings like multiple silver threads floated in the flood of starlight like fireworks.  The GP ship had finally reached the Galaxy Academy after a long detour. it had taken 3 days.

they got word from the docking station that it was full and they couldn't dock.they had been scheduled to arrive just before captain pike's ship, but something in the scheduling system had malfunctioned, onnainin asked them if there were any other docks available. it seemed there wasn't but it was faster to go from the ship to immigration via linear line anyways. So that's what they did.

all around seina, the crew had perfect pictures of ryoko that they were carrying down with them. they wanted to get to the galaxy academy as soon as possible to show off the pictures like treasure.   The average wait time that day  to get to immigration was 15 hours. seina didn't mind, he wanted to go to the gp academy as soon as possible. He thought about what he had said to ryoko.

at ryoko's welcome party, seina had been standing in front of  a surprised ryoko.
"Seina was the one who entered the random jumps that had captured all your friends." alan told her

she introduced herself to him and he introduced himself to her. she figured that he must have had some sort of special abilities like mitoto.

She asked seina to join her as her underling. She felt there were plenty of people more deserving of his powers effects then the pirates. alan and the others were excited by this but seina silently declined.

she stepped closer to him and offered to let him be captain of her ship. seina was again unresponsive towards her offer.   the crew men accepted her offer but she she hadn't offered it to them and she advised them to keep silent, she only wanted seina.

she was asked him to be a space pirate and he politely refused. "were the conditions I offered not good enough for you?"
"No that isn't it.I made a promise with Seto, and besides I don't think piracy was a good thing. There's no future in it"
"Fine, but the next time we meet, it will be as enemies."
and then she left.

after she left he was staring at the photo they took to commemorate the visit. Seina's ship had  already made the final jump to the academy. Her adjutant asked her if she wanted to add seina to the pirates enemy database.  Ryoko hadn't decided yet. seina was still inexperienced and he was from a primitive civilization so she told the adjutant to give her some time to think about it.

To the adjutant, Ryoko was like a daughter. Her parents had died in a accident and she was left with him. he brought her up and trained her to be a space pirate captain. but it seemed that in making her a captain he unknowingly took away her ability to express her more feminine feelings.  he hesitated to put seina in the database when he noticed her subtle unhappy look. as a surrogate parent he only wanted his pseudo daughters happiness. he told her he wasn't reporting it to the daluma and asked her if that was ok. she said yes and thanked him.

 Meanwhile Seina was amazed by the rings of the galaxy academy in front of him. he was so close that all he could see was a solid almost completely white wall standing in front of him in outer space. the docking area was 10 times larger than their ship. it was the size of 3 high rise apartment complexes glued together.

"The outer circumference of the ring we saw earlier is about 360 kilometers it's about the size of your planet's entire solar system." onnainin told Seina. He couldn't believe this was the galaxy academy, It wasn't. It was just the relay station which was something similar to the academies customs office.   all the people who entered the academy received immigration inspections first 

"...... This huge thing is just an registration office...?" seina said. the ship's operators announced that they were sensing something jumping out of hyperspace at them. They tried to avoid it but they couldn't. a ship came out of subspace behind them that was 10 times larger than them.  the ship hit them and exploded, seina blacked out.

He woke in a hospital. That was a very normal thing for him so assumed that he had dreamed the whole ordeal of going into space.

He noticed a woman was holding his hand and he thought it was kiriko but when he looked up it was Amane.    He shot up in a panic and noticed that he was clearly in a space hospital. He checked his face for lipstick but there was none.
"I'll give you cpr again if you really want My lipstick on you that badly." she told him

Seina told her that she should quit being so childish. Amane thought of something very adult for them to do.

She asked him if he wanted to have sex with her.
Seina panicked.
Amane was just kidding with him though and she made sure to let him know that after watching him panic for a while and she apologized.

"thank you for coming to check on me amane" He said. she was surprised he even remembered her name.

Shortly after the doctors re-examined him, Seina was released from the space hospital.  he was taken to a giant rail station by onnainin,mitoto,and amane.

they got into the cramped rail car. amane squished her boobs into him on accident, but probably on purpose.
Mitoto noticed seina's tent. she giggled about how straightforward seina was. Onnainin was shocked, not because of seina but because seina knew amane.

he was a big fan of hers like the crew was towards ryoko. Seina wondered if amane was similarly famous. Onnainin explained that Amane was the number one model for the kaunaq fashion line, At least until she retired a year ago and joined the gp. As soon as she had enlisted applications to join the GP went up by 20%. because of the increase in recruits Onnainin was promoted to captain.  He was surprised that seina had charmed ryoko, seto, and now amane.

Seina was confused, he wasn't quite sure what the barometer of beauty was in space. ever since he had gotten to space, all the women he had met were ridiculously pretty.

onnain told seina that the reason he had ended up in the hospital was that a ship of camouflaged pirates were sneaking in .Thanks to seina the pirates had been kept from getting into the immigration office. They had been trying invade the station by camouflaging their ships and raiding the place.

amane was in charge of the investigation and that's why amane had visited him. Seina apologized.  They rejected his apology.They considered it a good thing.

Mitoto told them they had to go get seina's baggage. but it seemed that someone else was going to have to get it at a later time because the replacement ship that Onnainin was given was too small to carry any baggage.

seina wanted to see the damage and they agreed to show him it but they made sure to remind him that it was not his fault. they changed the destination of the car.


 The GP Ship was damaged worse then it had been damaged when seto found them. seina was horrified. he ran into an old man wearing a maintenance crew outfit. It was Mitoto's father minami.  he introduced himself to seina shortly after confirming seinas identity.

seina recognized minami's last name but couldn't place where. Seina felt a trembling hand behind him holding onto his shirt. minami yelled orders to seina to move to the right with implied urgency. Seina turned around.  mitoto was behind him. she apologized to her father for hiding. he yelled at her over her disappearance for a while.

seina remembered that he still hadn't called kiriko. he apologized to minami and mitoto and told them he had to leave.
he ran off  but a hole in the floor opened up beneath his feet. he fell down to the floor below him.

The math in this situation was simple to guess: (Falling Seina) × (a crash into the control panel directly beneath him) = catastrophe.

the gp ship dropped  from the crane hand that was holding it over the nanomachine filled water that was repairing it.  The dock where mitoto and minami were standing was flooded by a huge tidal wave. 

an hour later Seina and Onnainin were in the rail car again. Seina apologized to onnainin for causing the ship repair to go astray.  his apology was again dismissed by onnainin. they passed through an area where they could see a huge garden like area all around them through the rail car's windows. it was a space colony in the immigration station.he explained that the rings are a sort of border around the galaxy academy which is inside of them. The rings themselves are a sort of coalition state owned by the galactic federation and the galaxy academy and they acted  like the berlin wall to keep people out of the galaxy academy who shouldn't be there.

There were also facilities related to the Galactic Federation in the rings. the outer rings were the longest structure of the galaxy so they were also used for shopping and logistics centers.Since it was only necessary to get audited to enter the academy, many people came to the rings to go shopping and sightseeing. it was comparable to going to visit the great wall of china.

They arrived at the immigration office. Seina wanted to call earth. It seemed they have plenty of time, and there was a phone nearby. he  had gotten a cue number to see his immigration officer and had plenty of time to wait. the waiting area was a huge park. he couldn't reach kiriko when he called....  he only got her voicemail. Kiriko was the only thing that could put the breaks on his hopes of being in space. To him she was the only thing equivalent to journeying to outer space. His inability to call her was beginning to affect his desire to be there.

When His turn had arrived, onnainin dragged him to the gate to see an inspector. They put his documents down on a transfer plate. Seina was thinking to himself  about his promise with Seto. He hadn't been paying attention but when He looked up and he saw the woman behind the partition.

Seina ran to the partition and stared at the inspector as he pressed himself to the glass. It was Kiriko. She was supposed to have been working in Tokyo. He didn't believe it. he wondered if there was just a person who looked like her in space. Obviously genetics could only produce so many results. he was having trouble grasping that it was actually kiriko until she called his name .  she asked him if he was ok. she had been worried about him. he asked her what she was doing in such a place.Was she also a special case like him?

she got up from her seat and went up to the barrier door that separated themWhat about Tokyo? Why was she in space? was Kiriko also a special case? Since when? For what reason? How did she get a brochure?

But Kiriko did not reply to seina's question at all. when she got up from the operator's seat she slowly walked forward towards a transparent door that separated her and Seina. seina ran to her and bumped into the door and hurt his head.  she asked if he was ok from behind the door. he was fine. she asked him to please return to earth. the universe was far more dangerous than seina knew. but his mind was made up.

"You know, inspector, there is no defect in his papers ,and I think that the issue of where he's from has been overridden by Kamiki · Seto · Jurai ... ..." Onnainin said but kiriko was the inspector it was her decision. she reminded him that this was a personal matter and told onnainin to fuck off. onnainin scurried away in fear.

Kiriko told Seina that she was his guardian now and that she would  taking over for Onnainin, whom she dismissed. onnainin had to obey. he left. she pleaded with seina some more to return home.    "Kiriko-san, I ... ...."

amane came in and cut him off. kiriko yelled at amane for disrupting the immigration process. amane came in behind kiriko. she pressed a button on the operator panel.

"There now it's done you're admitted." the door separating them opened
Kiriko yelled an angry aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhh.

Amane was happy. now she had 200 referral points so she should get a free trip to a luxury gp recreational facility that had was known for it's great spas and hot springs.

"I have two tickets you know, you can join me if you like" amane told him

kiriko got even angrier and yelled at amane about  how Seina's current predicament was all her fault .

"What did you want to press the button yourself that badly? I'll just let you have the next one"

Tyro Elius, a new entrant to the theater academy came through.    amane left kiriko to do her job and grabbed seina's arm and lead him out of the inspectors office. Kiriko wanted to go after them but her innate seriousness kept her doing her work duties.

seina told amane that he still had to talk to kiriko. Amane took him through a dense city area. everyone around him looked at him weirdly. he remembered that amane was a famous  model. That was a very dangerous fact for Seina.  he didn't know where Amane's fans were lurking and so he was like a lamb walking in a group of wolves. It was suicidal behavior.

"Let me go, I can walk on my own." he begged her

The eyes that stared at him just increased.
 "Wait!" The Messiah appeared! Kiriko who had finished her duties had followed him.he was saved ......!Seina was relieved.

After all, it was always Kiriko who helped him. he was glad that even in space this fact hadn't changed, but the stares only doubled. he wasn't saved at all. It seems that Kiriko had her own fan club, at least from the voices of men around him swearing grudges. Amane and Kiriko began to argue. more people began watching. Seina tried to calm them down. they fought some more.  He told kiriko that amane giving him the pamphlet was an honest mistake, She had only done it because he was at tenchi's. Their fighting still continued. amane grabbed seina and pressed her breasts into his shoulders again.

"I've known him since he was little you don't know the first thing about him"
"I know he is responsible for the largest capture of pirates in history."

"... ... Both of you, please stop!" a voice rang out from an emergency display screen that had popped up in front of them.

amane and kiriko saluted the old blond woman on the screen.

It was mikami. she gave them orders to go to see Airi immediately.

Airi's office looked like a greenhouse floating in space. it was the size of two school gyms and the floors, at least.
the parts that weren't covered by trees were pure obsidian.   This room was certainly amazing to seina, but not as exciting as the Mikagami was.

"Did you like the scenery here?"

" oh yes."

 "Nice to meet you, Seina Yamada, I am the principal of the GP Academy, Mikami Kuramitsu."

she was minami's sister and mitoto's aunt. Seina unconsciously straightened his posture upon hearing her last name.

She introduced the woman next to her as Airi masaki, Chief Executive of the Galaxy Academy. The lady next to her who was introduced as airi looked like she was in her late twenties. Airi smiled at Seina.* (*she is around 727.) 

Seina felt something nostalgic about her smile. The two women asked for Kiriko's opinion on the matter. Kiriko felt that contacting early stage civilizations was forbidden by galaxy law. As an inspector she could not accept violations of the law.

Airi informed her that Seina had gotten a special case exemption from seto.

they called on  amane to give her opinion.

 "Because you were careless and misidentified him, you invited a pure Earthling to the GP ... what was the intention of your solicitation?"
"Even if I told you my intention ... uhm I mean I saw something special in him, I had a feeling." 

"That's so irresponsible" yelled kiriko, mikami glared at her 
"……Excuse me"

"Besides, he was in" that place "; But, more than that, I  felt he had some talent, that would be wasted in that place. i just had a feeling."  Amane said. Airi and mikami knew that Amane's intuition was sharp, she has a record of never encountering pirates and an 98%  shooting accuracy rating without computer assistance. her intuition was very well regarded for it's sharpness.

"Okay ... we understand ... ...."
kiriko still complained but airi told her that they had seto's permission and even his families so kiriko's complaints were invalid.

but ultimately it was seina's decision. he chose space. The matter was settled but amane was barred from her promotion to first class detective.   she was made an instructor at the gp academy, When she objected, she was given the option to help mitoto clean instead. she settled on being an instructor.

Then they dealt with kiriko, They knew about her visit to seto.
After seina had come to the mikagami kiriko had actually caught up with the 7th defence fleet. 

"Minaho!" Kiriko shouted. she looked she was in a hurry and she had ran to the repair site of the GP ship. minaho greeted her. she was there earlier then minaho had expected. kiriko asked where seina was. He was in bed but minaho told her to wait a moment. Minaho grabbed kiriko to keep her from running off and told her it was late and seina was tired from seeing seto.     

Kiriko understood how seina could be tired after having an audience with Seto. Kiriko painfully understood, she had no choice but to withdraw silently. minaho asked her if she would like to talk to Seina in the morning. Repairing the ship would take a while. kiriko noted how terrible the Gp ship looked. Minaho told Kiriko that Seina had captured 489,000 ships.  Kiriko turned pale when she heard that number. the situation was the embodiment of her worst nightmares. seina was only alive by pure coincidence. minaho told kiriko that seina seemed happy to be in space. kiriko was surprised by this. Seina had wanted to see stars since he was young. kiriko seriously considered asking them to erase his memories in his sleep and bringing him back to earth.
"given seina's bad luck, that would be dangerous to do." minaho reminded her. She asked Kiriko to help her process the data on the captured pirates. she did and she fell asleep while doing it. When she woke up Seina had already left.

She caught up with him when he was docking and he got hit by a pirate ship. she went to go to the hospital to see him but she was sent to the wrong one. when she got to the right one he was already discharged and so on and so on. when she heard he was at immigration, which was where she worked, she messed with the system to get him assigned to her.

mikami scolded kiriko for messing with the system like that but she knew that seina was like a little brother to Kiriko.

"You think of seina as a child you must protect. and earth is his cradle. but he is not. It is not Seina who needs the cradle truly....... It's You." Mikami told kiriko, kiriko shuddered what mikami had said because it was true. She tried to make a rebuttal to mikami but mikami cut her off 
"You will also be giving you resignation, so you can become an
instructor like Amane."

"What ...?."
"We need good personnel to help him grow please help him out."
Kiriko tried to object.

"I will not accept complaints, and I have a message from Seto-sama," Treat him firmly and make him into a man"  said mikami
Kirko had fallen right into seto's trap.

Start of episode 4 of the anime


 The woman before seina was a Wau, an alien with facial features like a lion's.

seina was surprised, he hadn't met any non fully humanoid aliens before. "I will introduce you, Erma,  this is our  new student, Seina Yamada ." Airi said

Erma had heard of him and looked at him with interest. it seemed his name had become familiar in the academy already. Erma pointed out that seina was staring at her strangely. he apologized. she thanked him for the apology and nuzzled his face with her face. he had deja vu and felt like this wasn't the first time he had met her. he asked her if they had met before.

she apologized for her forwardness. cheek rubbing was just how the wau greeted people.
she let seina know that if he wanted to go out for a date with her she was free anytime. she waved goodbye and left.

"Oh my what a charmer you are." airi remarked.
"I feel like I know her from somewhere."

"I thought I would guide you through the Academy, but after all Seina, you should have a young hottie like Erma ..." 
 "That's not the case Airi, I want you to be my guide ... ...." This made airi happy. she began to guide him. she boasted about how much she knew about the academy and the places in it. Since she was the president of the academy, she could show seina anywhere she wanted to show him. she was determined to give a month long hot spot endurance tour to help him with his training. She told him it would be a physical challenge, but she would be able to show him all the famous spots. it would take hundreds of years to see the whole place though and Airi made it clear that she was more than willing to do it. She told him they could be together forever.

The Seina spacecraft was about to be swallowed by the Airi black hole right when a school official who had been appointed to  monitor her from afar decided it was time for him to step in. The official said he needed airi to sign something and gave seina a nod.

mikami had foreseen airi going a bit boy crazy over seina. Airi assured seina she would finish handling the paperwork quickly. Other staff members surrounded seina to ask him questions. They consisted of a wide variety of races. there were humanoids, Waus and people who were part machine or possibly fully machine and there was even one who was green.  They asked him a bunch of questions, but they suddenly stopped and backed away from seina. a shadow of a man stood in front of seina. Seina greeted the man. he ignored seina and lectured seina bout how earthlings didn't belong at the academy.  It was Seiryo Tennan

Airi threw a file folder at seiryo's head it got stuck in his hair at the corner.

" don't intimidate new students you idiot!"

"oh airi your looking as pretty as ever"
Seiryo said he told seina he was looking forward to teaching him and ran off.

airi explained who seiryo was and how tenchi had defeated him.
he asked her about tenchi and how he was involved with all this.

" You know about Jurai ... .... The planet that Seto-sama lives on. It's the strongest military power in this galaxy."

"I heard that."

"Yes, so, the royal family of Jurai has four houses: the Kamiki family like Seto, the Amaki family, the Tatsuki family, and the Masaki family"

"Masaki ......"

"Seina, have you met Tenchi's grandfather?"

"Yes, I know him well" When Seina was a child, the shrine was like a playground for him. 

" He is the son of  the Emperor of Jurai, Azusa. Yosho Masaki Jurai, is his real name, but on the Earth he goes by Katsuhito"

"That old man ... ....?"

" Tenchi is a direct descendant of Emperor Jurai. " Seina had trouble seeing how all that could be connected. he asked how kiriko was related. 

"They are also descendants but descendants of Yosho, not only Kiriko and Kai, but all the people who live in that village are more or less descendants of Yosho's."

Seina now understood why people kept referring to him as a pure earthling. Kai's village was very ordinary now, but seina had heard that it was quite a closed off village before the war. That made sense, everyone had the Masaki surname and were descended from aliens.

The faces of people in the village crossed his mind . All of them are aliens ... Seina was strangely excited for some reason. he asked why kai hadn't believed him when he said he was in space.

Airi told him that children in that village weren't usually told till they were adults.

"So kai doesn't know?"

"I don't know ... Hey ... there are a variety opinions in the village on how to do it, I enjoy suddenly teaching the truth to them as children and just bringing them into space unexpectedly, weren't you surprised when you got on the spaceship? "
Airi said "Either way you should probably avoid telling Kai."

"So then... how are you related to tenchi?"
 "I'm yosho's wife!" she showed him her wedding ring.

 "so then you're tenchi's grandma?"

"don't call me grandma!"

her face changed to that of a demon.

he apologized.

"a word like grandma is unfitting for a young pretty lady like myself don't you think?"
 She put her hand around seina's shoulder. Seina wondered why she was being so sexually aggressive towards him if she had a husband. Seina asked her how minaho was related to her

"Oh, that girl, is my daughter. she is a nice girl but she's having a bit of trouble finding someone to marry."
she laughed. he laughed.

"Well.. It's time to get going."

they went to the Academy 's Clothing Bureau. It was a place where they provided and adjusted uniforms and various accessories.   seina tried on a gp uniform.

"Surprisingly ... it's the same as Earth clothes,"

The Civilian clothes he had seen so far were designed like those seen on the earth. he Hadn't see any glossy silver sci-fi space outfits like he had expected. 
 Airi told him that all the outfits had a button that would resize the outfit to fit him.

"That's certainly the technology of the future." Seina exclaimed

she told him there some clothes that could create a force field around their wearers and that a few of the outfits could even change their textures,colors and designs with programming, and ones that absorbed sweat.

Seina accidentally touched the adjustment button, his uniform contracted way too tight on him. he called out for airi but she didn't notice him. she was signing the receipt for the outfit. he blacked out. he woke up after Airi resuscitated him. he apologized. airi assured him that what had happened to him had been rumored but never reported. it wasn't not something he should have apologized for because now they knew for sure the risk of it happening wasn't zero. she resumed his tour.

seina asked her if he would be taught by seiryo tomorrow. she told him he will be fine and that it was ok to be a little late to his classes.

mikami came up and Criticized her for saying something so unprofessional. airi asked mikami why she was there.  She wanted to know why they had't taken him to his dormitory yet. Airi told her they were on their way there.

It was not long before Seina was introduced to the dorm. airi and him got ready to part ways. girls were forbidden in the men's dorm. seina thanked her. she let him know that he wouldn't have his own private room no matter how famous he was. the gp didn't believe in special treatment.    he understood. he had actually wanted roommates because he didn't know anything about where he was. Airi told him that tomorrow was the entrance ceremony before she got in a car and drove off.  Seina breathed a sigh and smiled. he was happy that space wasn't all that different from earth   

Yamada Seina, Earthling. Earth age: 15 years old.

Registration is completed as a freshman of the GP Academy freshmen as of today.

his special Feature · Special skill · Special ability · and Weak point, are all the same "bad luck"

End of chapter 4

18:58 minutes into Episode 4

GXP Volume 1 · finished

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 kajishima says he writes these afterwords as a sort of fan service. and explains the book. he says that is a novelization of the first four episodes so he could put down the emotions of the characters that could not be actually drawn in the frames of a 22 minute episode. and further explain the setting of the world of tenchi. he says to please check out the dvd as well. originally this novel series was only going to be one volume. it was going to go up to episode ten of the animation but when they got there he had already added so much to the story because something like because this was meant to supplement the animation it made no sense to just roughly trace it. he added quite a lot and they though that for now that should they should just keep the first volume at 4 episodes length because what they ended up with was about 800 pages and if they published that as one volume it would be more like a small loaf of bread then a paperback. it would be thick enough to smack someone in the head with it and kill them. if it's too thick it makes trouble for the bookstore and they won't put it on shelves. then it goes off on a tangent about the publisher and some other stuff that isn't interesting. anyways this is the first kajishima tenchi novel in a while. those who have finished reading please reread slowly again and if you are a weirdo who reads the post script first without reading the book please carefully enjoy it.