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OVA 9.8 "Crashing Into Kiyone! and episode 7.5 forgotten but not really.

A long time ago before OVA3 confirmed kiyone didn't exist there was a pc game known as OVA 9.8 "Crashing Into Kiyone!. which most sites have forgotten and heck even the fandom really. but it still exits online.
there was also Episode 7.5OVA 7.5 "Here Comes Hakua!:
this introduced hakua a green haired gp cadet and kiyone to the ova cannon and linked the mihoshi special into cannon. so obviously it had to be forgotten.
these were at one point considered canon by fans but really werent.

this is a back up of all the shitty geopages dedicated to it so it never fades from memory

from :

Page 1
OVA 9.8(PC-FX)
This is the 1st page of Snapshots taken from the PC-FX game TENCHI MUYO! OVA 9.8, by AIC Spirits.

This was certainly a hard game to get, and even harder to get the console machine to play it.  The 
PC-FX may be a great hit in Japan, but it was never released in America or any other western countries.

This was because 90% of the games were anime-based, and this was many years ago before the western anime boom.  Even though we're in the middle of it now, the 
PC-FX still won't be brought over here, since it's pretty old and rather outdated.

However, it's the 
only machine that shows the long lost OVA episodes 7.5 & 9.8, so that's more than enough reason for a TM! fangrrl like me to hunt one down, ne?

Let's start off with the opening movie!

page 6
This is the 6th page of Snapshots taken from the PC-FX game TENCHI MUYO! OVA 9.8, by AIC Spirits.Back here on Earth, Tenchi comes back in from toiling in the fields.  The house is all fired up because... it's Aeka's birthday!  Yay!

A party is set for tonight, and 
Sasami decides that Tenchi (you) should take Aeka out shopping for just the right present.  After agreeing, Ryoko tries to get you out've it by claiming that she has her... um... triathalon!  Ryoko has her triathalon (yeah, that'll do), and she needs Tenchi (you) to rub her down n' oil her up for her run.

However, before you can give a suspicious raised eyebrow, 
Washu pops up!  Mommy is ever willing to help her daughter succeed... and even has a great device to tone her up at record speed!  It does involve painful electricity, though...
Well, with 
Ryoko dragged off to Washu's lab, Aeka happily daydreams of her shopping date with Tenchi... until the gang all agree to accompany you two (it'll be fun!).
Meanwhile, Kiyone has docked with Mihoshi's orbitting mothership, and is checking out her crib when suddenly... a creature emerges from the shadows!


theres lots more but im lazy... i just want to remind the net that it exists.
Phallic? Not at all!