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The final chapter of paradise war is done

Paradise War Final Episode final part

"Okay, We've successfully suprised them! Everyone, go get them before they can react!"

"Yes! "

 Shou had just jumped out in front of the enemy fleet armed with enough weapons to take down the fleet, but they weren't allowed to destroy the enemy ships.
Therefore, there strategy was to use banjo island as a decoy, to attract the attention of the enemy, and in the meantime the Dirds were going to storm the bridge of the enemy ship

"Dird, Alea, Apuesta. your gaurdian units we equiped you with are old but it should help you so long as you don't receive a high-power rifle blast at close range, so avoid battle as much as possible, and when you fight, fighting only enough to get away is preferable. "

"roger that! "

 The Dirds said to Palty's cautionary warning. They were ready.

"Shou! we will be back soon!"

"It's a pain we cant blow them up but we got this!

"Shou ...... were going now!"

"Go on, Shou!