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OVA 4 Initial Plot novel

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GXP 7 Chapter 11 Short version

11 "Production"

Later on after the luncheon, Seina was taken on on a small boat to an island

"I am sorry, I know this is a slow way to get to where we are going, but it's the only way to get there."

"I Don't mind, It's nice to take things easy for a while..."

"I wonder what our next assignment will be... The Kamidake can't be used anymore,so I wonder ..."

 Kiriko said uneasily, The island city the were being taken to was one that normal people weren't allowed entry to.

"you know how Ryo-Ohki recently came to Jurai on washu's behalf right?"

"Yes, what about it?"

"What she brought with her is related to your next mission, and from what I've heard Hakuren's team will be removed from your crew."

"But were Seina's escorts!"

 There was somewhat impatient in Hakuren's voice. It was due to personal feelings, not due to her sense of duty.

"There's no reason to be w…