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GXP 15 notes

I am unable to do a good summary of this volume at this time but i have picked out and notated all the lines of interest: 
faps notes so far:  the first chapter doesnt start on seina's perspective.
renza appears to legitimately have magic due to a plant that grows on it or something
the plant outputs magic energy and some people have developed organs to harness it.
Nagato is the lieutenant officer of technical maintenance for the Kaou family who doesn't really appear to have any power and they are a royal family in name only.
the light nights seems to be very high generation verions of zinv there probably royal trees like 5th generation.
error:Seina water cavalry is the southwest naval cavalry

this seems to take place on barium a frontier planet in renza.

chapter two starts out with maya from recepushi airi and seina
seina's mission is approved officialy and as such hes getting payed the racepshy meets up with them and stores the kamidake for them so they dont go startin…