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Notes n quotes from gxp 15

copied from

i dont know much so far but himik is the new HIMC, maya from recepshi shows up again as well as kuisu panta (i think maya might be the missing rara from seina's older girls ring of waifus)

the new characters are ナガトNAGATO

藍蓮 カリユーク AIREN Krayuuku  蒼蓮・カリューク・花櫻 Souren Kariyuuku Kaou cat thing: unknown at the moment but the text seems to call them cat fairys i think カグヤ ラヴェル Kaguya Raveru 砂樹・ジュメド Sajyu Jyumedo

this is obviously the first google revision i dont know alot of the new characters names and im pumping this out fast so if you see a name that never comes out right let me know so i can correct it

THIS BOOK IS 11 chapters it is huge and double the length of the other novels.

so if anyone reads this please summarize what you've understood here.

faps notes so far:  the first chapter doesnt start on seina's perspective.

renza appears to legitimately have magic due to a plant that grows on it or something

the plant outputs magic energy and som…